Kim & Dave, part 1

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Kim & Dave, part 1
Dave was at the airport to pick up Kim. He parked his SUV, then stepped out and began walking to the gate where she would be arriving.. He checked the message board and saw her plane was on time and he hurried to the gate just as the plane was beginning to unload. He checked all the passengers as they walked by until he finally saw her, waving to her as she caught his eye. Dave smiled and thought, “My God, she’s gorgeous.” She was wearing a navy blue business suit, with a white blouse that accentuated her 36D bustline, and a skirt that ended at mid-thigh,showing off her shapely legs. She came over to him and they embraced and kissed with open mouths, tongues intertwining as they felt each others bodies for the first time. They had two whole days to spend together and they expected to make the most of it. Dave took her laptop and they held hands as they headed to the baggage carousel to pick up her luggage.

They made small talk as they waited, then Kim spotted her bag and Dave grabbed it and they headed to the car. When they got there, Dave put her stuff in the back seat, then grabbed Kim again and embraced her, as they grabbed each others ass and pulled their hips together. Kim could feel Dave’s hard-on against her tummy and it made her wet with desire. Dave reached between them and began to squeeze one of Kim’s big tits and she moaned lustily. Finally they broke the embrace and Dave said “Let’s go.” Kim took off her suit jacket and Dave hung it on a hook in the back seat as Kim climbed in the front seat and Dave shut her door, then walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in.

“Take your panties off, Kim, I’m going to finger-fuck you while we drive , and unbutton your blouse and let me see your tits, don’t worry, the windows are tinted to the max allowed by state law, and no one will be able to see your bare tits but me.” Kim began to unbutton her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt, then pulled it open so Dave could see her sexy demi-bra, which barely covered her nipples. It had a front closure and she unhooked it and took it off, turning toward Dave to let him see her massive globes. Dave reached over and began to squeeze one of her distended nipples, twisting it into erection. as she pulled up her skirt and reached under, lifting her hips as she began to pull down her thong panties , rolling them down her legs and pulling them off past her heels. “That’s it, baby, spread your legs and show me that hot cunt.”

Dave was having a hard time steering as they left the parking garage, he couldn’t keep his eyes off Kim’s near-nakedness. She put her left foot up on the seat and leaned back against the door, thrusting her big tits toward Dave. As they approached the parking attendant’s booth, Kim made no attempt to cover up as Dave rolled down his window and gave the guy his ticket. The guy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw Kim, and he stammered as he told Dave what the parking fee was. Dave paid him and drove off.

Dave reached over and began to rub Kim’s pussy as they approached the Interstate. Her cunt was dripping wet as Dave inserted a finger in her, causing her to moan. Kim said, “I’ve got to have that cock, NOW,” as she leaned over and began to unzip Dave’s slacks. She reached in and pulled out his hard cock and immediately put it in her mouth. Dave adjusted his position so he could rub Kim’s ass and reach between her legs to again finger her cunt and thumb her hard clit. Kim began to bob her head up and down over Dave’s cock and began to play with his big balls. This play continued for about five minutes with cars whizzing by them, oblivious to what was taking place in the SUV. Dave got to the exit ramp and drove to the top to a red light. As he stopped, Kim sucked him hard and he exploded in her mouth just as she came all over his fingers in her pussy. Kim sucked every last drop of cum out of Dave’s cock, then pulled his right hand to her mouth so she could lick her cunt-juice off his fingers.

“Oh. wow, baby, welcome to town.” Dave grinned down at Kim as his cock wilted in her mouth. Dave told her they needed to get dressed, he was almost to the place he wanted to take her first. He pulled into the parking lot of an adult bookstore/theater as Kim finished getting buttoned back up. Dave told her not to put her bra or panties back on, and she stuffed them into her purse as he pulled into a spot, got out and went around to open Kim’s door. They walked in the store which was nearly deserted, just a few guys over in the video section.

“May I help you?” said a female voice from behind the counter. She appeared to be about 35, great-looking, with the biggest set of tits either of them had ever seen, easily G-cups or bigger, encased by a tube-top, showing her massive cleavage.. Dave said yes, she could help them pick out some nipple clamps and a strap-on dildo. She led them to the novelties section, and showed them a set of silver nipple clamps with a silver chain between them. Then she showed them some strap-ons with various sized dildos. She explained her favorite which had a small dildo attached which would fit into the wearer’s cunt. Kim liked that, and Dave asked her if she could show them how they worked and if they had the right sizes and would fit right. She explained that she could help them but they’d have to go in the fitting room which had sex videos showing and they’d have to feed in quarters, kind of like paying rent. Dave said okay, and they went back to the counter and Dave got ten dollars in quarters and the lady led them to the fitting room.

Once inside, Dave strode over to the far wall and started feeding quarters into the video machine, then checked out the rest of the room. The two side walls were glass from floor to ceiling and there was a large massage table in the center of the room. The lady said she was Ann and asked what they wanted to try first. Dave told her he wanted to see how she used the nipple clamps, and she didn’t hesitate to pull down her tube top, letting her giant tits flop out. All natural. Dave said the clamps would probably work best if her nipples were hard and she agreed. Dave picked up one of her boobs and began sucking on her nipple as Kim picked up the other one and did the same. After a few minutes of this treatment, she stopped them and began to attach the clamps. They had a screw-type device so you could make them as tight as you wanted. Dave explained to Ann what had happened on the drive over and that he just had to eat Kim’s pussy now. She said okay and that she’d check his anus for the proper sizing for the dildo. Dave laid on his back on the table, and Kim opened her blouse, hiked up her skirt above her hips, exposing her bare ass and pussy, straddled Dave’s face and he began to suck her cunt. Ann unzipped his pants and pulled them off, then pulled Dave’s legs up toward his chest, She began to rub her tits all over Dave”s ass and then spread his cheeks and stuck her tongue deep in his asshole.. She stopped and explained to Dave that the strap-on should be a perfect fit, and Kim told Ann to come and lie down in front of her.

Ann pulled her pants down and got on the table in front of Kim, who began licking Ann’s shaved pussy with abandon. Kim pulled on the chain between Ann’s tits, stretching her nipples out painfully. Kim was ready to come from Dave’s oral attentions and she continued to lap furiously at Ann’s cunt even as her own orgasm approached. Kim came first, flooding Dave’s mouth with her orgasmic secretions, then Dave slid out from under her and began to lick Kim’s asshole, since her butt was high in the air. As Dave looked around, he noticed that there were a bunch of guys watching them through the windows. Most of them had their cocks out, masturbating. Two guys were masturbating each other. Dave continued to tongue-fuck Kim’s lovely puckered brown hole as she continued to tongue-fuck Ann. Finally, Dave couldn’t wait any longer, and got behind Kim and slowly began to insert his hard cock in her asshole. He began to pump her hard and slapped her ass cheeks as she and Ann were both moaning and groaning. Dave then reached around and began mauling Kim’s tits. Dave pumped a few more times and then exploded a load of cum deep in Kim’s anus just as Ann had a screaming orgasm from Kim’s oral ministrations. Dave pulled his cock out of her ass, then bent down to watch his semen drip down toward her pussy. He watched her anus contract back to normal size, then began to lick his cum out of her asshole and pussy. Ann got up and came around to help Dave suck and lick Kim’s pussy and anus clean, enjoying the taste of Dave’s cum and Kim’s pussy juice. Ann undid the nipple clamps and put her pants back on and pulled her tube top up to cover her nipples. Kim finally noticed all the guys jerking off and watched with glee as a number of them shot their wads on the glass as she watched excitedly. Kim buttoned her blouse back up, and they followed Ann out of the room, as they were met by loud applause and cheers from the guys who had watched. They went back to the counter where Ann rang up their purchases. Dave paid, leaving an extra $20.00 tip for Ann, who told them to come back anytime, she really enjoyed their kinky activities. They left the store with their purchases and one helluva memorable experience.


This is my first post, would love to read comments. Thanks.

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