Krystal Watson in her dorm

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Krystal Watson in her dorm

It’s Friday night and I’m alone in my dorm room. I’m actually sick of parties so I chose to stay in. Since starting college, I’ve rushed head on into one party after another. I’ve stayed up nights and gotten drunk. I even made out with guys I had known very little about. It still came as a shock when I heard that some people consider me to be a slut. I just like sex and parties are just an excuse to get drunk and make out. My so called friends were probably the same people who started the rumors. I guess they don’t like me very much. Now I’m holed up in my dorm listening to the loud music all around me and wishing it would all just stop. No such luck since these parties go on well into the morning.

I sigh and sprawl on my bed, starring up at the tiled white ceiling. I’ve already tried to read but the noise is just too much of a distraction. I glance around my room, neater than all the other’s I’ve seen. I have a small cupboard where I have my clothes neatly folded or hung. My desk and bookcase are equally neat and tidy. I have grown to like that since stopping all this nonsense with drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

Despite it being late at night, I am in a pair of jeans and a nice blouse. I guess I’m ready in case one of my friends comes to call and wants to chat. That didn’t happen the week before or even the one before that but I keep hoping. I guess it is kind of pathetic in a way to be waiting for friends instead of going out there and finding some. I was just thinking about changing into my pajamas and trying to get some sleep when I hear a knock on the door. I waited to see if I was mistaken but there it was again.

I quickly get up off the bed and open the door. It wasn’t any one of my friends from class. It was Brian, one of the guys I had supposedly made out with.

“Oh, hey Brian,” I greet him.

“Hey Krystal, how’s it going?”

“I’m good. Just hanging around I guess,” I reply, taking a step back and trying to think of an excuse to get rid of him.

“You are looking good. Are you going out? I was thinking maybe we could… umm… talk,” he says as he invites himself in. I guess I should have blocked the door. Too late. Now I am going to have to talk to him.

“Talk? About what?” I glance at the door and see him closing it behind him. I suddenly feel very uncomfortable, claustrophobic even. He takes a step closer and I can smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Brian I’ve stopped drinking. You know, it was just too much for me,” I start, just wanting to tell him to go away.

“Really? That’s okay I guess. You don’t need to be drunk I hear,” he says and I catch a hint of something in his voice. He sounds edgy. Almost angry. It’s as if he is holding back.

“What do you mean?” I ask, wanting to get to the bottom of this. What does he want to talk about? Sure I made out with him but that was because I didn’t know what I was doing. He really isn’t my type. I wonder how I could ease that news to him.

“I’ve heard you have been busy around campus. Apparently you have given it up to others”. His tone is accusatory. I am confused.

“What I want to know is why I am so different?” he goes on. He genuinely looks hurt for a bit but then he seems to shrug it off. I was shaking my head, ready to tell him that it was all lies. I’ve not slept with any of them. I’ve not given it up to anyone.

“Brian , I didn’t – ow!” I wince as his palm connects with my face. Did he just slap me? I am so shocked by it that I don’t try to stop him as he shoves me back. I don’t even notice the tears until my vision blurs with them. I gasp as I find myself on my bed, sitting down with one hand rubbing at my face where he hit me.

“Brian …” – SLAPS-

“Shut up!” he shouts. “Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!” he comes closer and slaps my face again.

“You little slut! What? Am I not good enough for you? Is that it? Am I not good enough for a slut like you?” he shouts, spittle flying out of his mouth. I am scared but but oddly aroused. I try to remain calm and controlled.

“Brian! Get out! You can’t come in here and hit me. Get out! I want you out of my room now!” I stand up and tell him as calmly as I could though I can feel my voice shake.

He turns his head to look at the door and I think that he is coming to his senses. When he turns his head back I know I am in trouble. He is grinning at me. I am frozen as he extends his arm and slaps me so hard that I fall on the bed. My face is burning but I know I have to get up. I scramble to get up but he pounces on me. Brian’s entire 6 foot frame is on me. He presses down on me with his weight, pinning me to the bed and forcing the air out of my lungs.

“Brian no! What are you doing? Get off me! You’ll get into trouble for this. Get away from me you freak!” I scream at him, hitting him with my fists and feebly struggling to get out from under him.

“I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing. I’m going to show you what a freak I really am. You SLUT!” he spits the words in my face, his face contorted with rage and malice.

“Stop! Stop it! Please….” I implore, panicking now. What is he doing?

As if to answer my question, he squirms his way between my legs. Boy am I glad I have jeans on. I can feel him though and I screech as he presses his crotch against me. There is very little doubt what he wants to do. He is nodding his head as if in agreement.

“That’s right. I’m going to give you something you deserve.” Before I could say anything else he is ripping my top off. I scream in response but he slaps me again and again until I decide it is better to keep quiet. He is going to hurt me real bad if I resist. I pretend to sob as he leans down and then kisses my neck roughly.

“You know you deserve this. This is your fault! I bet you will enjoy it, you fucking whore!” he whispers into my ear. I’ve never been spoken to like that before and I never thought Brian of all people would be like this, but I like it. In a way I feel guilty because I had been out of control when I was partying.

“Please, don’t,” I whimper, moaning as his hands moved down to my jeans. I feel him unzipping them and I start to push at him with my hands as he pulls my jeans down. He has them down to my thighs when he stops and takes a hold of my wrists. I am whispering “please stop” repeatedly as he forces both my arms up over my head and hold them there using one of his hands.

“Please Brian, don’t!” I cry out again and again as his other hand goes back to removing my jeans, his eyes locked on mine, almost daring me to stop him. He has managed to force them past my knees, bunching them around my ankles. I can feel him grinding against me, and I feel myself getting wet at the thought that he is taking pleasure from my helplessness and terror.

I twist my body under him but he slides between my legs, using my jeans to stop me from kicking at him. I am pushing against his arms in a weak attempt to free myself before it is too late but he only laughs at my attempts. At this point I know he is going to **** me.

Now say “I’m a slut. Please fuck me!”. Playing along, I spit at him in response. That was a mistake as he uses his free hand to slap me so hard that I am dazed for some time.

When I come to, he has my panties down around my knees. He must have taken his cock out too because he is rubbing it up and down my slit.

“Come on slut. I know you want it. Get wet for me so I can show you what a real fucking feels like,” he says, poking his cock into me a little at a time. I can feel myself becoming soaking wet, especially when he exposes my breasts and latches onto one like a hungry baby, adding to the wetness. I am totally aroused by him and his behavior, but screaming at him to get off of me to no avail.

He grins and pushes in, forcing into my waiting pussy. “I am about to get off! In you slut!” he laughs. He slides in without any resistance. I start to cry, in pleasue but plead with him to stop it while he thrusts his cock deeper into me. He starts to groan, closing his eyes as he presses deeper. I am gasping and sobbing as he bottoms out inside, his balls slapping against my buttocks.

“You feel so good. I am going to fuck you good now,” he tells me as his hips start to move. He moans into my ear, his free hand roaming over my chest and stomach as his cock assaults my helpless pussy. He drives it into me again and again, not giving thought to the fact that I say I don’t want this. He is r****g me but he doesn’t care, only concentrating on his pleasure. I feel powerless as he takes me. Surprisingly he has good stamina and he ****s me for over 30 minutes as I grunt, moan and cry under his thrusting body. I watch the large hand of the clock moving as I try to come to grip with the fact that a friend is r****g me. I continue to sob and cry as I feel how sloppy my pussy had gotten from the constant stimulation. He is moving so easily now, sliding out and ramming into me hard. I feel ashamed. Did I invite this? I did open the door for him. I had teased and flirted with him. I deserve what he is doing to me!

His breathing is short and he has his eyes closed in pleasure as he uses my body. I turn my head away. He simply starts to suck on my neck, his hips moving up and down between my forced open legs. I groan and lay there, wishing it to never end as it goes on and on. I hear his grunts increasing in frequency, his hips moving faster and faster as he lets go of my wrists. I can feel him snaking his hands under my arms, gripping my shoulders as his body rams into me. It is then that I realize he is going to cum. I lose control, cumming on my r****ts cock.

“Stop, Brian. Please pull out,” I whimper but feel him gripping me tighter. “Oh God,” I whimper as he shows no sign of pulling out. “Please Brian! Please don’t cum in me,” I whimper some more, tears trailing down my face as he keeps on moving inside of me. “Please Brian, don’t! Don’t cum in me! Please get it out!” I push against him grinding my cunt to meet invading cock.

“Why? You let them cum in you? Am I not good enough for you? Is that it? You don’t want me to cum in you because I’m not good enough?” he finally responds, sounding furious as he starts to slam his cock into me as if trying to get deeper yet. “You deserve this. You want all my sperm deep inside you. I am going to fill your womb with it. I’m going to mark you with it. You’ll love it,” he tells me, not missing a single thrust.

“Please no! You can’t. Please I am not protected! You mustn’t” I cry out, my arms scratching and beating at his back. He doesn’t seem to mind and continues the pounding.

“It’s your fault for being a slut— No one would believe you were ****d — If you get knocked up — you deserve it for sleeping around,” he says as he thrusts in and out of me. I can’t believe the things he is saying, I never took him for such a man. How could he be so cruel, and I never knew it. I sob helplessly, taking his thrusts and knowing that he is going to be the first of many to cum in me unprotected. I keep pushing back to meet his thrusts.

I whimper, mewl and cry as his pace changes. He is thrusting deeper and taking short strokes. His grunts and moans of pleasure increase as I match it with my whimpers of distress. “Ugh! Ugh! I’m gonna cum now! I’m gonna cum! UGH UGH! UUUUGH!” he grunts loudly and I feel his cock bottom out in me. I moan in ecstasy as I feel it twitching inside of me, a strange liquid warmth spreading inside of me. I climax again as he empties himself, locking me in position until he is sated.

“That was a good fuck,” he groans and starts to extricate himself from my ****d body.

I lay there silently as he watches me while dressing.

“If you weren’t such a slut this wouldn’t have happened. Anyway, the night’s only begun for you,” he leers at me. I don’t know what he is talking about. I just wish he’d keep fucking me.

Once he has finished, he goes to the door, opens it wide. To my horror there are people peering into my room, some that I’ve never seen before.

“She’s all yours boys. Use her well. Cum inside of her, she loves that!” Brian yells so everyone could hear. I can’t believe he’d do something like that. He just incriminated himself. Surely they won’t think that I liked what was happening would they? Everyone is quiet as Brian leaves, their eyes never leaving me.

“Please help.” I sniffle. The guys seem to have been turned to stone. I trace their line of sight and see they are looking right between my legs. A chill runs through me as the guys all pile into my room. Before I can get up off the bed, they are on me. I moan as two or three pairs of hands hold me down and I see one stripping off his jeans and underwear. I keep on weakly struggling.. They don’t let up. They keep me pinned to the bed as a naked man makes his way between my legs. I scream as he lines his cock up against my ****d pussy and shoves it in.

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