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The black satin dress still clung to my body as master told me to get out the car. My ass felt stretched and full with the plug still inserted and my nipples ached where the clamps still bit hard into them. We were in a car park at the edge of a wood and although there was no one around, there were a large number of cars and vans parked with no one in them.

Master told me to stand with my hands at my side and produced a blindfold from his pocket. He moved behind me and covered my eyes, securing it behind my head. He run his hands across my hips and down onto the cheeks of my ass, squeezing playfully. ‘Are you the Slut of my dreams?’, he asked, his mouth at my ear as he lifted the material of the dress up over my hips and held it at my waist. I gasped at the idea of my smooth shaven pussy so visible and on show and the cold evening air made me shiver. He snaked a hand around my waist and brought it to my pussy. My hands still at my side, I opened my legs slightly and moaned as I felt him run a couple of fingers from the moistened lips of my pussy upwards until they rested on my clitoris. He pressed them hard into my clit and I squirmed with a shudder of delight, feeling his cock bulge in his jeans as I leant my back in against him.

‘Well?’ he insisted, ‘are you the Slut of my dreams? Can Slut take all that Master wants to give her?’

I nodded, trying to gyrate my hips to increase the friction of his fingers at my pussy.

‘Good Slut,’ he said, sounding pleased, ‘because once this starts there will be no stopping until I say so. Do you understand?’

I nodded again and he viciously plunged three fingers into my wet and willing pussy. He pushed them into me hard, three, four, five times and, just as I began to build a rhythm, letting him finger-fuck me, he pulled them out completely, leaving my pussy open and empty.

‘Please,’ I begged him, ‘let me cum.’

I felt the sting of his hand as he smacked me across the ass, the sound resonating in the quiet night air as I gasped at the pain inflicted.

He smoothed the dress back down over my hips and ass and I heard him move in front of me where he grabbed the leash that was still attached to the choker around my neck. He pulled me forward, and I tried not to fall, my heels clicking loudly on the concrete before I felt soft ground beneath my feet. Stumbling blindly, Master walked me quickly through what appeared to be a soil path. My stilettos fortunately only sunk slightly into the frost-hardened ground.

We slowed down and I was sure I heard a number of male voices muttering as Master brought me to a halt. We were still outside but the temperature appeared to have risen ever so slightly. I could smell the unmistakeable scent of male sexuality all around me and this was confirmed as Master opened my dress, the buttons flying off as he pulled it apart. The sound of cheers filled the air and I sensed there were many men present.

Master removed my dress completely and pulled my leash hard as he urged me forward.

Still blindfolded, I tried to cover my naked breasts and pussy with my hands.

‘Put your fucking hands by your sides, Slut!’ hissed Master and, without thinking about it, I obeyed immediately. There was a shrill of wolf-whistles from all around me as Master grabbed my wrists and slammed cold, steel cuffs on them. Before I had time to protest, I felt my arms being lifted high above my head and secured there. Althoiugh unable to see, it felt like a rope had been wound around the cuffs , lifted and secured to a tree branch high above my head. I was stretched until my feet, even in my six-inch heels were almost off the ground.

‘Gentlemen,’ I heard Master announce loudly, ‘I have brought my Slut here tonight for your enjoyment. She is a submissive Slut who simply loves cock and I’m sure that between us all, we may, just, be able to satisfy her.’

I felt my already rouged cheeks naturally crimson further but my pussy got wetter as his words continued.

‘she loves cock in all her holes and will easily satisfy you all, possibly even more than once before the night is out so, I will take the butt plug out of her ass and two of you can step forward.’ He pulled the plug from my ass quickly and left it feeling wide and gaping.

Within minutes, I felt a cock slip easily into my pussy whilst a second nudged at my asshole. My ass felt empty following the removal of the plug and whilst my vaginal muscles clinched hard on the cock inside me, I pushed against the cock at my ass until, whoever was there plunged into me also. I was full and the pain of being so stretched was delicious. I gasped for breath as both men enveloped me and began to find a ryhthm, pushing into me simultaneously, pulling out a littlle and slamming back inside me. I was unable to resist as they fucked me, standing there, blindfolded, my hands secured above my head as I was double stuffed.

As the brutality of their fuck began to ease and the pain of being stretched so open in both holes began to dissipate, I felt myself buffeted between the two men, beginning to enjoy the fuck and begging for them to fuck me harder.

‘Shut the fuck up, Slut,’ hissed Master, ‘ and let them fuck you.’

I gasped at the harshness of his words and felt both cocks, rammed deep inside me, pulsate wildly, nearing ejaculation. Suddenly, I felt the guy in my pussy explode and knew instantly that he did not wear a condom as he spurted his cum deep into me, yelling out as he did so.

‘Fuuuccckkk,’ screamed the guy in my ass as he too exploded, filling my tight little hole with another healthy dose of semen. I felt him shake and thrust forward into my ass as the guy in my pussy did the same. I was squashed between two hard male bodies as they shot their loads into me.

My hands wanted to grab them, hold them inside me but I was unable to move as they withdrew and, in seconds two new cocks had filled both my holes. The guy in my ass this time was huge, really thick, his girth making me cry out loudly as his companion filled my pussy before the last dose of cum had any chance to ooze out of me.

I felt full and horny now and began to move in time to both men, despite my restraints. I lifted my feet from the ground and wrapped my legs around the waist of the guy with the cock in my pussy and this had the effect of letting the guy in my ass push into me up to the hilt, his bolls slapping against the cheeks of my ass as he mowed into me. I thought I was about to explode but was beaten to it by the guy in my ass as he sprayed a full, healthy load of cum into my bum as the guy in my pussy held me under the thighs and ploughed hard into me until he came too.I now had two loads of cum in both my holes as a third duo took up the assault on my senses, ploughing into my wet soppy pussy and ass as soon as the previous two withdrew. I wanted to be held and kissed as they fucked but no one did as their cocks just plunged hard into me, stretching me further and making me weep with pain, desire and frustration all at once. Master moved in at the side of me as the third duo of the evening took their turn and whispered, ‘Well, Slut. Too much cock already?’

I shook my head vigorously and gasped, ‘Not enough, Master’, just as I felt cum-load number three fill my ass and pussy at the exact same time, shaking violently now as both cocks pushed as far into me as they could get.

‘Good,’ whispered Master, ‘because we are just beginning.’

Suddenly, both my holes were empty and felt wide-open and raw, both feeling as though they were flexing open and shut, gaping wide for more. I felt my arms being released and still blindfolded, Master released my handcuffs and re-secured them behind my back as I felt cum ooze from my ass and pussy, running copiously down my thighs and the backs of my legs.

Without warning, I felt two men lift me from the ground, holding an arm each and grabbing me roughly under each thigh, pulling my legs apart as they lowered me onto a lengthy, erect, hard-as-a-rock cock, making me squeal with delight as they plunged me down onto its length until my knees straddled its owner and hit the ground. Before I had a chance to get my breath back, a second cock again filled my ass and I was being DP’d once more. Someone grabbed me by the hair, and with force pulled my head forward until my lips met a third cock. It pressed against my closed mouth and Master told me to open wide like a good little Slut.

I obeyed as the cock in my pussy threatened to meet the one in my ass, so stuffed full was I. I formed a perfect O with my mouth and almost gagged as a huge cock was forced deep to the back of my throat. I was air-tight and felt thrilled and afraid, all at once. I was unsure how many cocks I had already taken and how many were still to come but I made the most of the moment, boucing gently on the cock in my pussy, my hands still cuffed behind me as my ass was ploughed hard.

The cock in my mouth was huge and I had to relax my throat muscles to allow it full access without gagging and just as I was beginning to enjoy all three cocks, the one in my pussy exploded, filling me with more cum.

With a cock still in my ass and the one still in my throat, I felt two men lift me gently and slowly off the wilting cock in my pussy and held me there until the guy removed himself and someone else slid beneath me. I was then lowered once more onto a fresh and eager rigid prick and as I slid down its length until impaled on it, I felt my own orgasm shake me from the inside, trying to keep all three pricks inside me as the pit of my tummy contracted, fluttering and spasming as I came. I realised I was perspiring profusely despite the night air.

I had lost control and for a few seconds wanted to collapse but was unable to as the three guys still inside me built momentum again, using me as a depository for their cum.

Master’s breath was close to my ear as he asked, ‘You done yet Slut? Had your fill of cock, yet?’

I with the cock in my mouth twitching, ready to blow, I mumbled, but my answer was not clear with my mouth so full. Instead, the cock now ejaculating into the back of my throat. Whilst swallowing as much of that sticky seed as I could, I shook my head. My hands were hurting, the steel cuffs digging into my wrists behind my back, my pussy and ass felt brutalised and stretched beyond any limit previously known but I was ready for more.

Swallowing as much cum as I could, the cock withdrew from my mouth and before I had time to even take a gasp of air, a new one was pushed between my lips and I began to work it.

I had lost all conception of time, and was lifted from one cock to the next. My ass was filled with a fresh length as soon as the previous cock left a load and I swallowed every spurting penis placed in my mouth. At one point, I could hear, despite the grunts and groans of the men fucking me and above the sounds of my own squeals, the unmistakeable sound of men wanking very close and all around me and soon, I was being sprayed with a hail of cum. Wave after wave of cum was shot over me, my face and hair, my cheeks and chin covered with sticky, gooey load after load. My tits were given an equally generous coving and I came again and again as the copious loads of cum slithered down my breasts, over my nipples and onto my tummy and thighs as I swallowed, and took load after load of cum into my pussy and ass.

I was almost ready to pass out. The assault on my body by all of these men had taken its toll and just as I felt ready to collapse, in a heap across the guy I was currently straddling, I felt him cum at the same time as the cock presently in my ass. I realised that I no longer had a cock in my mouth and also realised that my jaw ached.

I felt the cock withdraw from my red, raw and ravaged asshole, cum spurting freely from my ass as the cock pulled out. I was lifted from the cock beneath me that had filled my pussy and it too dribbled, I’m sure, a full pint of cum as the final cock was withdrawn. My whole body was covered in semen and the men who lifted me up almost dropped me, struggling as they were to get purchase on my arms and legs to help me stand.

My hands were still cuffed behind me as Master took off my blindfold. My eyes adjusted to the moonlit night and it was only his face I saw as he took my panties that had been discarded earlier that evening and wiped my face clean of the cum that clung to it. He kissed me softly on the mouth and pulled back smiling.

‘You really are the Slut of my dreams,’ he said, opening my mouth with his fingers and shoving my own knickers in, before closing my mouth again. I felt my legs shake and thought I was going to fall but Master held me up. He looked down at my naked body and my eyes followed his. The cum that drenched me all over was so profuse and layered so thick that even the cold night air was not drying it. I could still make out the words that Master had written on my body earlier. ‘cum slut’ emblazoned in red across my breasts, still visible beneath the gooey cum. The words ‘Bitch’ and ‘Whore’ equally visible on each thigh.

The smell of sperm was overwhelming in my nostrils and the taste in my mouth was acrid. My stomach churned with the quantity of the stuff I had swallowed and it was taking me all my concentration not to puke with my knickers in my mouth. Master tugged the chain of my nipple clamps hard and pulled me forward. This took my mind off any thought of retching and I teetered unstably on my heels as he marched me quickly towards a tree stump.

He sat down and hauled me down across his knee. My tits hung freely and my ass was raised up as he grabbed my cuffed hands and held them painfully up with one of his hands. I let out a muffled cry as, with his other hand, he clenched a fist and viciously forced it into my wet and sloppy, cum-filled pussy. Thrusting in hard until he was up to his wrist inside me. He stopped there and left his whole hand inside me.

‘Now Slut,’ he said, ‘You are to be hit across the ass by every man who has had you tonight. I want you to count in your head every lash you receive from the riding crop they will use and, when they are done, I will remove your gag and you will tell me how many cocks you have had. Is that understood?’

Abjectly, I nodded, unable to move for fear of being torn open by his fist in my pussy.

The first swish of the crop came and it was a gentle, almost playful swipe. The second and third were the same but the fourth hit me with a sharp, stinging force, bringing tears to my eyes as Master held me firm. The crop across my ass dealt me blow after blow and, whilst I could not see, I was sure that blood had begun to be drawn.

Finally, the last blow was dealt and letting my cuffed hands fall back to a more natural position behind me, Master removed my panties from my mouth and asked me how many cocks I had had.

‘I have had the cum of 63 cocks, Master,’ I gasped, astounded at my own endurance, turned on by the number of men I had successfully satisfied and as the large gang, still assembled, cheered and applauded, Master viciously twisted his fist in my pussy and, shamefully, I felt myself spasm again with yet another orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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