Lifestyle Resort Breeding, PART 3

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Lifestyle Resort Breeding, PART 3
Eagerly Waiting
From a corner of my eye I saw Gloria, flanked with two beautiful black men coming over. She sat down at the table but the two black Adonis’s remained standing towering above us. They were not ordinary men, they towered above us with their bodies were ripped, hard, practically bodybuilder’s bodies and black as night. Their long, thick, veiny and fully engorged c**ks simply swayed at my eye level.
Gloria looked straight at me and with a twinkle in her eye said “Hai, Michelle, you seem to have a smile of a woman who’s very, very happy”. “Yes I am, and your man staff put it there”. “Thank you” she answered and turned to Janine. “Do you still want to celebrate and become a real C**kolding wife and join this lifestyle?” Janine looked into Anthon’s eyes for a long time and said nothing. “Don, you know it’s for the best. Will you be OK?” he did not take much time and answered “We are strong together and you are my princess and deserve the best”. Then she turned to Gloria “We are ready and I want to be bred”.
“I hoped you’d say that. Janine, you had made many women jealous. I told them and the couple from the Genius Sperm Bank, that they simply will have to wait for a few days”. She continued “I’ve asked Anthon to be your primary stud and the “Best Man” and Brendon is his second. I looked at Anthon and this gorgeous black Adonis’s steely blue eyes locked onto Janine. He walked over to her and without moving his eyes off her face, softly k**sed the palm of her hand and said:

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”
“Oh my God” I thought to myself, “he’s quoting Romeo, and he’s so suave”. When he k**sed her hand, every part of her seemed to tingle. A small moan escaped her lips and looked totally lost in eroticism. Gently, with fingers barely touching her face, he bent down and k**sed her with a power that fused his lips with hers. It made her feel cherished, desired, as if she was the only woman left in this world. She melted into this erotic state of being where her chest was heaving and her nipples were as hard as most precious jewels. After few long moments of a severe lip lock they broke, both looking stunned and breathing heavily. Gloria seeing all this said “It looks like Janine approves of the “Best Man”, and this is just make sure that your p*s*y can take him”. Then she took a generous dab of L-Arginine stimulating gel and rubbed it under the hood of Janine’s clitoris and labia. “Now, its best that we start the Affirmation”.
She motioned for us to stand as if for a wedding ceremony. She covered Janine’s head with a white bridal veil and placed her center. I stood as her maid of Honor; Don took groom’s place and Anthon stood as the Best Man. She gestured for other couples and their friends to join us. As soon as we were surrounded with a wonderful gathering, Gloria said “Friends, please gather we’re here to celebrate Janine’s celebration as C**kolding wife”, and continued “Janine and Don, are you ready to assert and demonstrate your deep love and commitment to one another here to today?” “Yes” they answered. With that Don turned to Janine, lifted her veil, k**sed her on her lips and returned the veil to cover Jeanine’s face.
“Michelle,” Gloria handed me CB6000 and continued “please lock Don in this Male Chastity Cage”. I knew how to do it and considered this as a privilege. First I lubricated Don’s penis and testis. Then I took the bottom portion of the ring and put it around his testicles and penis and inserted the top ring with its guiding pins. While putting on the other top half I pushed his penis into a down position. As the last element, I inserted his penis into the cage and connected the cage to the ring. After assembling the ring, guide pins, locking pin and spacers to the cage, I attached the brass padlock and locked it with a key. Then ceremonially, I hang the key with its keychain on Janine’s neck as if it was a necklace.
Gloria turned to Janine and asked. “Do you Janine declare your rights as a C**kolding wife, and Don is to be C**kold husband to cherish and control?”, “Yes”, Janine answered.
Gloria continued “Do you Janine promise to pursue and use other men as studs and to enjoy yourself with anyone you desire? And promise to be a good slut for black c**k and Hot-wife to your studs?”, “Yes”, Janine answered.
Gloria faced Don and said “Don do you promise to accept being Janine’s C**kold in body, mind and spirit?”, continued “You understand that Janine has complete freedom to have sex with whoever she wants while you must remain completely faithful to her?”, “Yes” he answered.
Gloria looked at him sternly and continued “Don, do you promise to find expert black studs for your wife Janine that will provide her with the sexual pleasure you cannot. Don answered: “I do”
“Anthon”, Gloria said in a very friendly tone “do you as Janine’s stud promise to please her sexually? Also, you understand that your c**k is to be used for Janine’s sexual pleasure and you cannot make any claims to this woman as your own? “Yes” Anthon answered.
“Now, Janine, you are a C**koldrix, you are free to be pleasured and be bred by REAL MEN”. Gloria said and pointed to the Anthon and his ‘second’ who all this time was standing quietly at Gloria’s side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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