Lisa Pool Room Adventures – continued

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Lisa Pool Room Adventures – continued
Well after losing my virginity to the man in the pool room this 13yr old girl suddenly began to feel very grown up, although my first time had not been the romantic passion filled swept off my feet sort of thing something inside my body had been awakened and I suddenly began to eye up the punters coming into the pub.
This particular night mid way through the school holidays had spent the day working in the local cafe waitressing for the tourist trade had a few offers from boys trying their luck but all in good fun.
That night i was in the pool room nobody there so I was just potting the balls and generally feeling bored and horny, when I heard a voice ask if I wanted a game, looking around I saw this man about 35 in his shorts and t shirt drink in hand and very cool looking. i recognised him from the cafe that afternoon he had been sat outside alone reading a book whilst having a couple of cups of coffee, he had smiled several times at me and we had exchanged a bit of small talk nothing much but he did interest me.
So back to the night in question I agreed to play the game and we began to talk and play pool, nothing much at first just the usual , where you from what you do etc, then he asked about boyfriends , my friends, I had my own questions it turns out he was just here for a midweek break was divorced and he was just having he called it ‘me time’.
As we chatted I became aware of his eyes undressing me, little touches as we talked hand on my leg , this made me feel nice , flirty , sexy , we carried on playing for another few games , the night was quiet and there wasnt many people about , as we played more the conversation became more liberated , he remarked what a nice figure and breasts I had , did I like boys etc, i knew where he was going with this although still a school girl I knew when a guy was trying it on so to speak.
So we carried on chatting he talked about me and what a great body I had , this definately had an effect on me giving me chance to show off my tight ass when I leaned over to take a shot, then as I leaned over I felt his hand on my rump a little sqeeze obviously he couldnt resist , he apologised straight away seemingly embarrassed by the incident, I just giggled a little after all I was younger than him a still a c***d. But it made me more flrtacious getting me turned on a little then i could feel my nipples hardening against my bra, it was a summer bra not really there to support any thing and this showed off my erect nipples through the light material.
His eyes were now like saucers he couldnt take his eyes away from me the devil was beginning to take hold of him and I could see his shorts starting to bulge. Then as we moved around the table our paths crossed and this gave his chance to put his hands around me as to move me away, as this happened our eyes met and I instinctively knew he was going to kiss me, our lips touched and it felt good a few pecks at first then a lingering kiss, his tongue entwined with mine for a few seconds his hand held mine, I was loving this and felt my little pussy becoming wet as the hormone s began to kick in. He stopped and moved away again apologising he was sweet , charming and hot, his shorts now bulging and my eyes aghast with curiosity. I looked at him saying nothing moved towards him backing him into a corner, looking up again at his eyes he seemed scared and a little unsure before again we kissed but this time with more vigour , he ran his fingers through my hair as we kissed, it felt good more like it should be not rough as before.
I could feel his cock against me and noe his hands started to move down my back and up my t shirt with one hand he unclasped my bra all the time kissing at moving his hand up and down my spine sending a tingle through my young body.
My hand moved towards his crotch, rubbing him through the outside of his shorts, then to the top of his shorts un buttoned his fly and put my tiny hand inside, I could now feel his cock and i began to rub up and down his shaft, he was breathing heavy as so was I , i could feel my heart beating faster as I felt he hands on my small but perectly firmed breasts, sqeezing , rubbing my nipples between his fingers, we moved back towards the pool table as one like a waltzing couple, eventually my bum resting agaist the side, still my hand was inside his shorts rubbing his hard cock , slowly as if unsure to do this i felt as his hand went lower toward the top of my thighs rubbing me through my jeans then to the button at the top he undid this and unzipped me exposing my little white panties, they were wet and you could smell the excitement, he asked me if everything was ok , I didnt say anything just carried on kissing, his hand now inside my pants finger at my vagina rubbing the outside of my slit, I moaned a little as I felt him touch, it felt good better than anything, my eyes closed with the pleasure I was feeling. Hands hooked into the top of my jeans he pulled them down without hesitation stepped out of them leaving my jeans and pants on tyhe floor, heart beating every faster he began to finger me gently putting a finger in and out my clit felt hard, hands were now up his t shirt gently gabbing the slight folds of skin, moving down first kissing my tits then belly, then between my legs, exstacy was the feeling , never ever had anybody done this, kissed my forbidden fruit, his tongue probed into me, my clitoris was swollen and i felt as it would burst so was the pleasure I felt, fingering ,kissing, i shuddered this was the feeling when I masterbated myself dreaming of sex, now somebody else was making it happen,I felt wet and began to moan quietly as I felt my orgasm happening, he didnt stop his other hand pulled down his shorts this was it , he lifted my legs my ankles now on hid shoulders as his cock entered me, slowly in out in out partially at first but each stroke further in until he couldnt get any more in, heavy breathing heart pounding I began to moan louder , his hand moved over my mouth and a finger into my mouth, each stroke becoming faster , harder , I could feel him his cock throbbing in me, orgasm no 2 was on its way, my back began to arch and my ass lifted off then table as I began to squirm in peasure, then he pulled out cock in his hand his milky sperm on my stomach and squirted onto my tits, instinctively I began to rub my hand up and down his shaft, 2 or 3 times his cum spirted onto me , he began to rub his juice into my tits, then his finger with a drop of sperm rubbed against my lips, a salty taste my first taste of a man.
His cock began to soften and the deed was done, this i had enjoyed, a real man, my first orgasm during real sex, the taste of sperm, everything was swimming in my mind, the wild c***d in me had been well and truly awakened and now I wanted more , this school holiday was to be my sexual awakening.
He stood up and began to dress, i also pulled my top back down and pulled on my Jeans, we kissed again and held each othe rit wasnt love just lust on my part, I saw him next day in the cafe he read and drank coffee, we spoke but he seemed distant a little bit embarassed or guilty maybe, that night i wanted for him to come back to the pub but he never came in, unlucky him I had so much more to find out xx.

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