Me at Home Wife in Thailand Part 2

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Me at Home Wife in Thailand Part 2
Moments later the phone rang, and the wife’s face appeared, “you better go to the vets and check on the dogs” she said, keep the arrangements for the cleanup crew and your buddy can host, he knows your other buddy right?.

Not a lot I can do I said, No but we are packing and coming back tonight. Leaving for the airport in 10 mins.

Ok, leaving the house about 20 mins later, the hour trip to the Vets seemed like a lifetime. The practice was in a very big Victorian house, set in its own grounds; the reception let in me to the holding area where the dogs had been set-up in large cages with what looked like human medical devices monitoring the condition.

After texting the wife to say “at the vets”, seconds later Madge’s face came into view and wanted to see the dogs before they needed to go through security. Be back in the morning grumbled Madge.

6 months after the incident with the dogs, I sat in Madge’s home office, Madge offered a drink and smoke while we waited for the wife to turn up. Madge explained that she was getting changed from her work clothes.

5 minutes later the wife came into the room and sat, without saying a word, next to me. Looking across to the wife I saw her for the first time in almost 5 months, her face drawn and with her hair tied back and no makeup, she looked older. I reached across to hold her hand she smiled but didn’t say anything.

Madge stood up and tossed the cock cage key at me and said, you can get that thing off now unless you have grown to like it. I held the key and said I do it at home if it’s all the same.

Madge looked at the wife and said, poor judgement on your behalf meant that a beautiful a****l died, I told you to ditch that fat cunt Steph, but no you said she was OK. Still, both of you did your penance and your still here. Ready to come back into the fold both of you? Asked Madge.

I’ve had 6 months to think about my answer to that question said the wife, At first, I agreed to the penance because I knew it was my fault that you lost a good pet / lover to a stupid act of v******e by my friend, whom I have no idea where she is. You took away my job, and benefits, made me join the clean-up crew, and I’ve been working 10 hours a day 7 days a week cleaning up all the piss and shit that your clients leave around, some of it directly from the clients themselves, I’ve been tied up pissed on and fucked, every which way, by clients and by the crew themselves for the entertainment of your clients, my arse has tears where its been stretched out, my cunt is swollen and sore all the fucking time, but I’ve spread my legs taking it all for 6 months I’ve had 2 STD’s. You basically made me a dirty cock craving whore; I have a itch in my groin which I need to scratch with cock any fucking cock. I wasn’t late because I needed to change, I needed cock, and one of your security now has empty balls, and I’m sitting in cum leaked from my slack cunt.

“Come back into the fold, and I’ll make sure that itch is scratched with a good fat cock, You can have the benefits back. Said Madge. If you want we can get that cunt and arse fixed”?.

I sat and listened to the wife’s statement, knowing that she had a hard time, moving out of the home a month into the six, was difficult for both of us. I didn’t leave the vets until knew the girls where on the plane I walked back into a gay orgy, my 2 other buddies had turned up and the clean-up crew had worked its magic, my SF buddy was fucking a very petty lady boy on the sofa while my mate was being topped by a heavy titied lady boy. Not feeling very horny at first, the lady boys worked on my cock and arse until my cock responded and I got to fuck some sweet arse. The lady boy with the big cock was fucking my HK buddy hard and spunked up his hole, making his cock drip with cum.

My spunk planted deep into an arse, felt good after the days events, and the fun continued late. I woke early, arse cheeks stuck together to the sound of my phone, telling me the girls had landed and was expected to be at the vets in 2 hours. Lots of Coffee – Shower I drove to the vets, got their before the girls. In the office at the vets Madge outlined her thoughts on what should happen to us, didn’t leave any room for mistake. The wife crying while not getting an answer on Steph.

The first month trying to live a normal life with the wife, travelling to London every day not home until late or not at all. drunk when at home to try and forget her friend, fucked during the day as part of the work, she came home sweaty and smelt like a men’s public toilet, dropped off by the crew, picked back up the next morning. The crew harboured some resentment as the wife used to one of their bosses, and this was their chance of getting their own back her as much as the clients, and if the lady boys had the stamina, she would get used, abused and fucked through the night. I also know in her mind the constant worry that Steph had been killed was there. I tried to calm her fears but I didn’t say anything, but I knew from the lads who took her away, that Steph had been crated and shipped via Lowestoft – Marseille and Port Elizabeth to a brothel in Soweto, specialising in white cunt for those that could pay. One of the lads explained that nobody came back from that trip. Her lifestyle made it easy for the locals not to miss her or care.

My own penance was to be locked up in a cage for the six months. Tough at first, but cheap scotch helped dull the senses. My dog made a full recovery and walking him helped.

“I’ll let you know in the morning” the wife said, “Of course, take your time, maybe book a holiday somewhere”, said Madge.

Driving back home, we said very little, the dog happy to see his mistress, took no time in expecting a lot of love. Pouring a couple of drinks, the wife said she needed to change and went upstairs. I walked into the downstairs loo and undid the cock cage. My shrunken cock needed a rub to get back to life, felt limp and weak as I pushed it back into my pants. Lighting a smoke, I walked outside and sat under a patio heater.

Wife joining dressed in a housecoat, sat, downed her drink and wanted another before she lit a smoke. “What’re your thoughts she said?” “Barbados” I said, “we leave on Saturday 2 weeks”. The dogs in the kennels it’s all arranged. “What about my problems,” the wide said “That’s OK your get big fat cock in Barbados if you’re lucky”. I said. “How’s your cock out of the cage?”, “getting there” I said, “will need work” !!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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