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Part 4

How I came to meet my GF, and eventually her Daughter and Stepson……who now live with me

Lisa and I found ourselves home alone quite often and I looked forward to the mornings when she would wake up and walk into the kitchen in her nighty. The moment I saw her I would get a raging hardon. It became a regular thing for us and I listened for her bedroom door to open and I would be ready with my cock out for her. Sometimes I would be naked on the sofa when she came out and it was quite a thrill for me. She would sit down beside me and rub my cock and balls for a while before giving me a blowjob, then run off to take a shower. I waited a few minutes till I heard the water running then went in to join her in the shower. When I pulled the curtain back and stepped into the shower she was rinsing the shampoo from her hair, her head under the shower spray. I reached around grabbing her firm breasts as I pressed against her back, my throbbing cock slid between her legs and across her pussy. With one hand she reached down and massaged my cock against her hairy pussy as it slid back and forth.

She leaned forward pushing her ass against me as she pushed the tip of my cock into her wet pussy and said “Ooh Daddy your cock feels so good, fuck me Daddy, fuck me good with your hard cock.” My hands slid along her body down to her hips as I thrust deep into her from behind. I pumped furiously as she rubbed her pussy and my cock with her hand untill I was ready to cum, shooting my hot load inside her as she moaned with pleasure. When I finished she turned facing me as we washed each others bodies then rinsed off. We got out of the shower and dried ourselves and went to our rooms to dress.

We enjoyed taking showers together and took advantage of every opportunity we had to do so. Several days later as I lay in bed one morning I heard the familiar sound of her entering the bathroom. I listened in anticipation for the shower to begin as I tugged on my stiffening cock. As soon as I heard the water running I got up and walked to the bathroom and quietly opened the door. Without saying a word I pulled the shower curtain open and stepped in, holding my rock hard cock in my hand.

I started to say “Good Morning Lisa”, when after seeing the figure in the shower it quickly registered in my brain…THIS WAS NOT LISA! Before me stood a beautiful young girl about 5’4″ with blonde hair, a slim body with a nice tan. I had brain freeze for a moment before I could speak, then managed to say “Oh I’m so sorry to barge in on you like this. I thought you were…” and she cut me off as she smiled at me and said “You thought I was Lisa didn’t you. My name is Tina, but everyone calls me “Tiny”. A second later the shower curtain opens and Lisa steps in, “Morning Daddy, I see you’ve met Tiny, and by the looks of things you must like her.” Looking down I realized I was still holding my stiff cock in my hand.

Lisa began to explain “Tiny spent the night with me. You had already gone to bed when we got home so I didn’t have a chance to introduce her properly.” I said “Well I certainly got quite an introduction didn’t I.” Lisa grinned and said “Tiny and I talked for hours last night and I told her about all the fun things you and I have done and she told me how much she would like to have some fun too. So I made up this plan letting her get in the shower first, knowing that you would likely come in thinking it was me.”

“Well your plan worked didn’t it. What can I say but Thank You for the pleasant surprise.” Lisa pulled the shower curtain closed and turned me to face Tiny as she began washing my back. Until now Tiny had stood with her arms across her chest covering her breasts. When she lowered her arms to her side I got my first look at her and was stunned at the sight of her beautiful slim body and the most amazing pair of perfectly round hard tits the size of tennis balls perched on her chest. They were absolutely mind boggling, so firm and perfectly round with the sweetest little nipples pointing straight out. My cock jumped as she began sliding her hand along the length of it and down to my balls. With both hands I cupped her tits and rubbed them gently as she stroked my hard cock. Meanwhile Lisa was pressed tightly against my back rubbing her tits on me. I reached one hand back rubbing her pussy as I bent down to suck on Tiny’s hard nipples.

We played together in the shower for nearly twenty minutes then decided we needed more space. We dried off and made our way to Lisa’s room where they had me sit on the edge of the bed as they got on thier knees in front of me. Together they began stroking me and teasing my balls. Lisa was the first to take my cock in her mouth sucking me slowly as Tiny licked at my balls. Lisa pulled my cock from her mouth with a pop. She looked at Tiny and said it was her turn to suck me. Without hesitation Tiny pulled my cock to her lips licking on the tip as she slid her mouth over my throbbing cockhead. Down my shaft she sucked taking it deep in her throat, bobbing up and down repeatedly.

I was consumed with the incredible pleasures the girls were giving me but I was ready for some pussy and Tiny was going to be first. I reached out lifting her easily and sat her on my lap as I slid back on the bed. I drew her body closer to suck on her tits as she rocked back and forth rubbing her pussy against my cock. Lisa moved up behind Tiny and was rubbing my balls, Tiny raised up and Lisa guided my cock towards her little wet pussy. Tiny began lowering herself down onto my shaft slowly, easing it in inch by inch utill it was buried deep inside her. It felt as if my cock was in a vise, her tight little pussy squeezing me so hard. I couldn’t believe how tight she was as she started grinding on me, moving up and down then around in circles as I thrust myself into her. In a few short minutes I was ready to explode as my body trembled I let out a gasp with delight releasing my load deep inside her.

Tiny got up and rolled to the side next to me. Lisa immediately got onto the bed taking her place and mounted my still hard cock and began riding me hard. In just minutes she was screaming “Fuck me Daddy make me cum!” as she pumped her pussy on my cum covered cock. I felt her body tense as she plunged down hard on me, “I’m cumming!” she said and squeezed her pussy tight on my cock. I felt a bolt of electricity shoot through my spine as my cum started squirting into her.

She collapsed on top of me and sighed “Oh Daddy that was so good.”

After we all had rested for a few minutes we made our way into the shower once again, washing each other clean and having fun. I told Tiny it was a pleasure meeting her and she was welcome to visit anytime. We finished showering and the girls got dressed and left for the Mall leaving me home alone to bask in the memories of the morning and enjoying a nice long edging session. That afternoon when Lisa returned home I was a bit disapointed the Tiny wasn’t with her, I was hoping for another round with her. Lisa said Hello as she walked past the TV room and down the hall to her room.

I walked to the door and knocked, “Lisa, about this morning, I’ve got a little problem.” She opened her door with a puzzled look on her face, “Daddy what’s wrong? What kind of problem do you have?” I smiled at her as I reached into my shorts and pulled my stiff cock out, “Just look for yourself sweety, it’s been like this all day long since you girls left.” She smiled real big and said “Ooh, poor Daddy. Come here and let me see if I can fix your problem.” and she reached out taking my dick in her hand and lead me to her bed.

Needless to say after a very delightful hour of Lisa doing everything she could my problem was resolved, at least for the time being. We’ve had a discussion about her method of introductions to her friends and we both agreed that it had been fun and from time to time she would try other ways she thought of. I’m trying to keep myself prepared for anything…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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