middleageminx adventures in a hotel pt2

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middleageminx adventures in a hotel pt2
‘Seriously Jim, whats all this gear about, and that cameras no toy either’ exclaims Greg.’Seriously Jim, whats all this gear about, and that cameras no toy either’ exclaims Greg.

Jim looks up from filming your gaping maw, which is pouting like a goldfish after having that big dildo up it.

‘You know I work in tv, well I have a little side line; I have my own porn site, specialising in bdsm, thats how we got online so quick, this is some of my tools of the trade. Help yourselves and I’ll make porn stars of you all’

‘Whoa, you sly old dog’ I’m in. ‘And me’ choruses everybody else.

You are still sitting on the edge of the chair with your legs apread wide, waiting.

‘Look a plug in vibrator, I’ve seen these on porn flicks’ Greg says. He plugs it in and immediately presents it to your clit. ‘Jesus she clamped those legs together fast, must of hit a sensitive spot’ everybody laughs.

‘You’ll find some straps in the bag, fasten them round her knees and pull her wide open, tie them behind the chair’ instructs Jim, without once stopping his filming. After a bit of fumbling you are now tied wide open, the vibrator returns. You can do nothing but squirm and twist but you cannot get away from the incessant torment of your clit, suddenly you stiffen your body so much the chair nearly topples over. ‘Hey she’s having an orgasm’ someone shouts, we all cheer.

Jim is missing none of it, filming expertly getting angles and close ups like the pro he is.

‘Do’nt forget her tits boys’ Jim suggests, ‘there’s clamps and rope in there for them’

More scurrying around the bag, whilst someone begins pinching and rubbing your tits, someone else is pulling your cunt lips apart, ‘Look at these guys, cunt lips like dumbos ears’ Demonstrating by pulling them wide,’Damn they must be 3inches long’

‘Clamps for them too if you look’

‘OK I’ve got the clamps, here goes’

You jerk backwards as first one then the other nipple have alligator clamps attached brutally to them, then you try to lean forward, to no avail, to relieve the pain. ‘Oh she likes this, she’s not complaining at all’ Greg laughs. ‘Hey do these attach to the clamps Jim’ ‘Yes there’s various weights in there, go stretch those nipples’ always makes for a good shot.

With no finesse the heaviest weights are clipped too and dropped from the clamps, no amount of jerking and squirming can relieve the sensations of your nipples being stretched and your movement only makes it worse as the weights swing with you.

Peter moves between your legs, after all your pussy can’t be neglected for to long, ‘Do these attach to those straps on her legs Jim’ he asks. ‘Thats right, clip them to her lips, reckon you’ll get 3 clamps on each then pull apart clipping the chain to those clips on the straps’

Peter gently strokes his fingers around your very gaping cunt, moving up and down your slit, teasing your pulsing clit, oh so nice to have someone gently. ‘Give us a hand mate, pull these lips straight so I can get the clips on’ so many volunteers, we all get in the way lol. You feel your lips being pulled, so much for gentle! Then a tight biting feeling as first 1 then 2 then 3 clamps are placed on one side, you try to move with it as your lip is pulled to the right, but you are too tightly bound. Then its repeated on the other lip, you can only imagine what you look like.

Tits being pulled down by god knows what and now your cunt must be wide open, and oh Christ, I’m being filmed too. Your whole body quivers, almost like its vibrating, oh I cant be having another orgasm just by thinking of the situation? Hell I am, what do they think of me!

‘Oh look a rabbit hole, and I’ve just found the rabbit, better let him go home’ Greg grins, and slides the vibrating rabbit into you inviting maw. ‘Hey it barely touches the sides’ he laughs. ‘Whoa, look at her quiver when the ears tickle her, think she must like this lol’

You suddenly shoot up from the chair, someone just ripped the clamps from your nipples, the pain must of been so intense, poor Greg gets knocked over from the shock of your movement.

‘Bloody hell you could of warned me’ he grumbles.’Yer, sorry mate just thought it would be more fun doing it without warning’

‘She does’nt know whats happening anyway’ ‘oh yer I forgot, still I can tie her tits up now, always wanted to try this, any tips Jim?’

‘Pull the ropes really tight, and thats it really’

Greg is now letting the rabbit back into its burrow, fits so easily.

‘Er mate can you stop that a while, can’t get the ropes in place with her squirming about’

‘Give us a hand here someone, thats its, really tight you say, ok, thats one. You can’t believe the pain, what is happening, you feel you right tit going hard, with something wrapped round it, now the left one too. Oh they’ve tied my tits up, please please stop it hurts so much.

‘They soon get hard and blue don’t they’

‘And sensitive’ says Jim, ‘ theres some paddles over there, try slapping her nipples, and see her jump, slap her cunt too, always comeas as a surpise’

We all take turns and Jims not wrong, your nipples are now twice the size they were starting out, and are and easy target to hit. You nearly turn the chair over in your efforts to get away, but it is being held in place by some burly blokes. Slap, your pussy gets and almighty hit from Peter’s paddle, you nearly double over, or would of done if you could move that far, and again and again.

‘Hey can you really lift someone up by there tits Jim’

‘Yes, try it, you’ll have to have two guys, loop the rope around your shoulders and lift, not for too long mind’

Quickly the ropes are arranged and you are lifted, chair and all off the floor by your tits alone. Oh god, please stop this is too much, it hurts.

As you are lowered Greg has found the biggest dildo in the bag, and positioned it so that it slides up your cunt as you are lowered back down, oh god thats going to rip me apart, but no it slides in and out with Gregs assistance with ease, he keeps ups a steady pace as your tits are untied, the relief and the giant dildo bring you to another massive quivering orgasm.

‘Thinks she liked that guys, cant think this cunt is any good for fucking now though, we wont touch the sides, look at it’ Greg invites.

‘Yer, lets do bukkake then, cover her in cum juice’

‘Always a good way to treat a slut’ pipes up Jim ‘Theres a plastic sheet somewhere, spread that out and get her spread open on it, tie her to the bed legs spreadeagled, and open her eye slits’

You lay there still spread wide and looking through teary eyes at five rampant cocks, including Jim, the professional, cock in one hand camera in the other, being wanked in unison to flood your body, the first spurts hit your skin, if you had’nt seen it you would’nt of known as you are numb all over. Closely followed by each and every cock emptying over you.

The guys all look a bit sheepish now, wanking in front of each other, Jim takes control and tells them to get dressed and bugger off, he’ll look after you.

As the guys all leave Jim unties you and gently sits you up, removimg the mask and giving you a glass of water. ‘You were great, make a fortune as a porn star if you’re interested’ did he just say what I thought he said?

‘I usually pay £500 for a session to the lead girl, I’ll pay you for tonight if you wish, not intending to insult you just recompense for time, or just chalk it up to experience and walk away’

Really, he did, me a porn star. I can’t be thinking straight, I know I’m not.

‘Here’s your dress, go and sleep on it, I’ll be at breakfast tomorrow at 8, if you want to chat.’

And with that he ushers me out of the room, barely decent, smelling of cum and sweat and on shaky legs. Damn what just happened to me, I can barely think, everything hurts and aches but I am so high too. What to do?

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