Milk From My Neighbor 1 by loyalsock

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Milk From My Neighbor 1 by loyalsock
“Please wait!”

Sam heard a feminine voice as he entered the elevator. He turned and saw his neighbor Kaye, carrying a bag of groceries on one hand, and on the other, a baby girl. He knew her casually; they sometimes exchanged hellos and small talk. He lived across the hall from her; they occupied apartments on the 4th floor of their building.

“Had a good day?” Sam asked, as the elevator door closed and they started to ascend. No other person was with them.

“Oh, the usual,” Kaye replied. “A bit tired, I guess. You?” She laid the bag of groceries on the floor, and shifted the baby to the other arm.

“Yeah, I guess I’m tired too. Got the usual crap from work.”

“Still working on those programs, huh?” Kaye knew that he was a computer programmer in a small firm downtown.

“Yeah, just one of the boys,” he said. As the elevator stopped, he took her grocery bag and carried it for her. “I’ll walk you to your door.”

“Oh, you needn’t,” Kaye said.

“It’s nothing. What’s a bag of groceries? Besides, you’re carrying the baby,” he added.

“Alright. Thanks.” She smiled, and they walked towards her unit.

Boy, she sure is cute when she smiles, he thought. They reached her apartment, then she searched in her purse for her keys. “Where are my darned keys,” she muttered. “Ah, there they are!”

They entered the apartment and she invited him in. “Could you put the groceries in the kitchen table, please?”

Sam went to the kitchen and laid the grocery bag down. It was the first time he entered her apartment, and he noticed that it was slightly larger than his place. And it sure looks a lot prettier, he thought. This was a two bedroom unit, while his had only one bedroom. He wasn’t a slob, but he was a bachelor and just needed the bare necessities, namely a bed, computer and TV. He was making a modest income as a programmer and wasn’t fussy about clothes or food.

“Are you alright there?” Kaye asked. “You can grab a drink from the fridge if you want. There’s juice, and some beer.”

My, is she full of surprises, he thought. I thought new mothers weren’t supposed to drink alcohol. Or is only pregnant women? He grabbed a can of Bud, opened it, and took a long sip. Then he went to the living room to continue the conversation with Kaye.

As he approached the sofa, he saw that Kaye was breastfeeding the baby on the sofa armchair. Her white blouse was partially open, and the baby was sucking on her left tit.

“Oh, sorry,” he said. “I didn’t know that you were…”

“It’s ok. I don’t mind if you don’t,” she said mischievously, dimples showing. “Have a seat. It’s nice to have company.”

Sam sat down on the couch, watching Kaye feed the baby. His eyes took in everything – pouting lips and auburn hair; the graceful curve of her neck was exposed since her hair was in a bun. He found that he liked everything that he saw, he even liked the small double chin. Her full, milk-laden breasts were white and from that distance, a few freckles were s**ttered on the upper portion of her chest. I wonder where else she has them? he mused. Stop thinking of that, you perv! his conscience added.

“How’ve you been doing? I haven’t seen you for quite some time,” she said.

“Yeah, I’ve been working overtime the past few weeks. We had problems with the new system we were setting up, and our client wanted it done before the end of the month. We finished the installation today and I was able to leave at 5, for the first time in a long time.”

“Must be tough being a genius, huh?”

“Not really. I’m just a small fish in a big pond of geeks,” he quipped.

They continued talking, with Sam on the couch and Kaye on the single chair. Sam’s breath stopped momentarily when he saw Kaye shift the baby from one nipple to another. He stared lustfully as Kaye adjusted the left detachable cup back in place, then freed her right breast from its constraints. The baby latched upon the new teat hungrily.

Kaye knew that she was putting on quite a show for Sam; it was actually the first time that she fed baby Micki in front of a man. Since she lived alone, no one observed her breastfeeding activities; when she fed Micki at her parents’ house, she did it in the privacy of a bedroom. She felt deliciously naughty since she knew that Sam’s eyes were on her.

Her conscience bothered her; she was recently widowed, but she set it aside since she had been without a man for more a year, and it has been a while since she felt attractive. She gained 20 pounds after her pregnancy, and she hadn’t shed most of them yet. She longed for the days when she had her svelte figure, but she wouldn’t exchange that for Micki. Her baby was all she had of Mike, her high school sweetheart who died in the recent “war against terror”.

“Are you busy tonight? Would you like to have dinner here?” she asked Sam.

“No, I’m not busy. I was just going to hang-out at home. Are you sure it won’t be a bother?” he inquired.

“No, you’re not a bother. Besides, it would be nice to have company. I’m often alone with the baby and I’d love to have some adult conversation,” she replied. “Nothing fancy, though. Just mac and cheese and a salad.”

“Hell, that sounds good to me. I was planning to order a pizza. Do you mind if I go to my place for a bit? I need to drop off my things. Do you need anything else?”

“No, I don’t. Everything’s fine. Come back in an hour. I need to do a few things too. I’ll leave the door unlocked for you.”

As Sam left the apartment, she finished feeding Micki, burped her, then went to the smaller bedroom to place her in the crib. She then went to the kitchen to put away the groceries. She took a brief shower, taking care not to wet her hair, then put on a pair of navy blue shorts and a white tank top. Underneath it was her nursing bra. She thanked the heavens that it was spring already; no need to wear all those layers of clothing. It was difficult last winter since she was in her third trimester. Thankfully her delivery was normal and her labor was relatively short.

She released her wavy hair from its bun, brushed it, then let it tumble on her shoulders. She liked keeping her hair long, but usually arranged it in a bun when she reported for work. She applied gloss on her lips, then set out to prepare their meal. It was just leftovers from last night. Since she lived alone, she tended to cook in bulk and store the rest in the fridge.

As she was preparing, she became misty-eyed when she remembered Micki’s birth. Her parents and her younger sister Jackie were with her at the hospital, but Mike was not. He died overseas when she was just five months pregnant. Fortunately her parents and Mike’s were very supportive and comforted her during those difficult times. She almost lost the baby when she received the news that Mike was not coming back from his tour of duty. Her friends and family helped her recover, and reminded her that a new life was growing within her.

“I’m back!” Sam’s voice broke her out of her reverie.

“I’m in the kitchen,” she answered.

“Need help? What can I do?” Sam asked as he approached her.

Kaye saw that Sam had showered and changed too. His dark brown hair was slightly damp and he was wearing a black T-shirt, old jeans and sneakers.

“I’m just tossing the salad,” Kaye replied. “Could you set the table? The plates are over there,” pointing to the dish rack.

Sam chose some plates and utensils and placed them on the small kitchen table. The kitchen had a bright, airy feel to it. The same thing could be said about the whole apartment. It was evident that Kaye had devoted a lot of time and effort to make it a comfortable place to live in.

Kaye placed the salad as well as the macaroni & cheese dish on the table. She chose to drink apple juice, while Sam took another beer. They sat down and began to eat.

“Mmm, this is really good,” Sam remarked. “The first real food I’ve had in days.”

“Thanks for the compliment. It’s nothing special really. How’s the salad?”

“Great. Everything’s great. Compared to my cooking, this is cordon bleu!” he joked. “So, what’s the name of your baby and how old is she? She’s real pretty, just like her mom.”

Kaye blushed at the compliment. She wasn’t used to receiving them anymore, since she felt fat and she didn’t have anyone to reassure her otherwise. “Her name’s Michelle but I call her Micki. My husband’s name was Michael. She’s six months now.”

“Was?” he asked. He knew that she lived alone, but he thought that she was separated, or that her husband worked far away, since she still wore her wedding ring.

“Yeah, he died almost a year ago in Iraq.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said.

‘It’s ok. I’m quite used to it now. I’ve had to talk about it since I started working part-time two months ago.”

“So what happened, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“He got hit when a bomb exploded near the building that they were guarding. They said he died instantly, that he didn’t suffer. This was when I was five months pregnant.” Her eyes had a distant, far-away look.

An awkward silence followed, then Sam, to break the tension, quipped, “That must have sucked. But now you have a baby who sucks you.” Oops, wrong thing to say, he thought. “A baby who’s real pretty like her mom,” he amended.

“You’re sweet,” she said as she smiled at him. “But enough of me. What’s your story? We’ve been neighbors for what, a year now, and I know so little about you.”

“I’m just your ordinary Midwestern boy. I grew up in a small town, studied hard, then got a part-time scholarship at Northwestern. I took up programming and worked part-time. After graduation, I got hired by my SVC Technologies. I’ve been there for three years now.”

“So you’re what, 25 or 26?

“Twenty-five. You?”

“Just turned twenty-two. I got married when I was twenty. Pretty young, huh?”

“Not really. Some of my classmates got married right out of high school. You didn’t?

“No, not right out of school. Mike enlisted for two years, then we got married. We’ve just been married three months, then he enlisted again. He said that his buddies were joining up again, and he wanted to be with them. I knew that I couldn’t stop him. When he left, I didn’t know that I was pregnant. And now here I am, a young widow.” She was again lost in reverie.

“You said you worked part time? Where?” Sam asked to gain back her attention.

“Come again?” She shook herself mentally. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be boring you with my story. You were asking?”

“I asked you about your work. What do you do?”

“I work as a clerk in a doctor’s clinic during afternoons. I was managing quite well with Mike’s benefits, but I was pretty bored staying here all the time. So I got a job, just to meet people again. My mom takes care of Micki when I work.”

“So your folks are from around here too?”

“Yup. They live on the other side of town. I was born and raised here. My younger brother’s a sophomore at Northwestern, he’s on partial scholarship too. My sister’s on her last year of high school. They’re both smart k**s, and even smarter smart-asses,” she joked.

Their conversation continued until dinner was over. She found out that he was an only c***d; his dad was a mechanic, while his mom was a clerk at a local store. Both did not attend college, so they were inordinately proud when Sam graduated and was doing well as a programmer. She found him attractive in a quiet, unassuming way. He was a bit geeky and on the slender side, but he had a self-deprecating sense of humor which she appreciated. He was of medium height at 5’11”, his brown hair was in need of a haircut and his jeans were quite worn. He was the opposite of Mike.

Mike was blond, louder and more muscular at 6’3″; he played football and baseball. He could have gone to college on a football scholarship, but he wanted to serve his country, so he said. Enough of Mike, she told herself. He’s gone, and he wouldn’t want you to be alone forever.

She recalled that he knew what he was getting into before he left that second time, and always told her to live life to the fullest. They’ve known each other since c***dhood. They lived on the same block and were friends; eventually they became sweethearts in high school. She knew that Mike would want her to move on.

After eating, Sam offered to wash the dishes, and Kaye objected. She said that he was a guest and shouldn’t clean up.

“It’s only right that I do the dishes,” Sam reasoned. “You prepared everything, so it’s only fair that I clean up. It’s what I do best in the kitchen. Just relax and watch TV.”

“Ok, if you say so,” she chuckled. “I don’t want to deprive you of the chance to show off your dishwashing skills.”

“Yeah, and I have a gold medal to prove it. Now run along and let me do these.”

“Yes sir!” she said with a mock salute. She left to check on her sleeping daughter, then headed to the sofa.

She really is very pretty, he thought. Throughout dinner, he was sneaking peeks at her cleavage, and was inevitably drawn to the freckles at the top of her breasts. And her legs were so shapely, he mused. He never really thought much about her before. Sure, she was cute, but the first time he saw her, she was heavily pregnant and he thought her to be off-limits. They didn’t see each other often, but he remembered wondering if she had a husband or boyfriend, since he didn’t see a man coming from or going to her apartment.

She was friendly and had a nice smile, with dimples on both cheeks. He liked the way the light caught red highlights in her auburn hair. She was of medium height; he guessed her to be around 5’6″. He was glad that they took the elevator together today, and was able to get to know her better.

Upon learning that she was single (well, widowed), he immediately thought of dating her. Better go slow, he thought. She seems too nice for a casual fuck. He had his share of fuck buddies in college; although he belonged to the geek crowd, he later found out that there were girls in need of tutoring in math and science subjects, and were willing to exchange body fluids with him.

During his first year at work, he got involved with Denise from Accounting. It ended badly when he discovered that she was not bedding him exclusively and was also fucking Jerry from the HR department. It was a good thing that his buddies Nick and Jim told him of the news; apparently everyone else knew that Denise was two-timing him. Since then, he vowed not to get involved with anyone from the office. Being the object of office gossip was not something he wanted to occur again, not to mention the pain and humiliation he suffered.

Sam found Kaye very attractive with her full, milk-heavy breasts and luscious body. He had always been a sucker for full-figured women. Earlier he noticed pictures of a younger Kaye and Mike, as well as those of Micki s**ttered around the house. Kaye was slimmer then, but he preferred her body as it is now.

When Kaye got to the couch, she turned the television on and surfed channels. She finally settled on HBO, and gave her attention to watching the film. She heard footsteps behind her, and looked up to see Sam standing behind her. She smiled, then invited him to sit beside her.

“What’s showing?” he asked.

“The Sixth Sense. Seen it before?”

“About a dozen times. Gotta love Bruce Willis!” he quipped, and they both laughed.

As they sat beside each other, Sam was treated to the beautiful sight of Kaye’s boobs. He was enjoying the view much more than the movie. Fortunately Kaye did not notice his distraction. After a while, he placed his right arm around her shoulders, wondering if she would object. When she laid her head on his shoulder, he became more confident and held her tighter. She just smiled to herself, and snuggled closer.

It’s been so long since anyone held me like this, she thought. When Mike left, she was still unaware of her pregnancy. She told him over the phone, and he was delighted with the news. It was a pity that he didn’t live to see his beautiful daughter. As she snuggled beside Sam, her lids grew heavier as the events of the day caught up with her.

Sam was pretending to watch the movie, then took a peek at Kaye. He saw that she had fallen asleep. It’s good that she’s sleeping, he thought. Being so close to her was giving him a hard-on. Not to mention that her left hand was resting on his thigh. He adjusted his jeans to take care of the mild discomfort, then continued watching Bruce with the Osment k** while lightly caressing Kaye’s shoulder and arm.

Even after the movie was over, Sam continued to watch TV. He was enjoying the feel of Kaye’s soft body and her gentle, floral scent. He would have been content to stay like that, when he heard the cries of Micki from the bedroom.

He gently shook Kaye awake. “Kaye,” he said. “Micki is crying.”

She blinked, then yawned. “Hmm…I must’ve fallen asleep.”

“Yeah, you did. Listen, Kaye, I have to go, I have work tomorrow. And Micki is crying in the other room.”

“She probably needs changing. Thanks for waking me up.”

“You’re welcome.” They both stood up, and Kaye walked Sam to the door.

“Thanks for dinner, it was great,” he said. “I had a nice time tonight.”

“I had a nice time too. Feel free to knock if you want some company. I’m just here with Micki.”

To his surprise, Kaye reached up and kissed him on the cheek. “Good night, Sam,” she said softly.

“Good night,” he replied. He wanted to see her again soon, and came up with an idea. “Listen, what if I brought dinner tomorrow? So that we’re even.”

“You don’t have to repay me, but sure, come up tomorrow,” she answered. “Same time, around 6:30?”

“Right. Chinese take-out ok? You know I can’t cook.”

“Chinese is fine. See you tomorrow.” They both heard the cries grow louder. “Now I must tend to my very wet and angry baby. Good night, Sam.” They exchanged smiles, then she closed the door.


Sam buzzed Kaye’s door at precisely 6:30. He was carrying bags containing egg foo young, spring rolls, chop suey, beef with broccoli and other goodies. It was a Friday and he hoped that he would get even closer to her during the weekend.

“Hi, come on in!” Kaye said cheerfully as she opened the door.

She was a sight for sore eyes. She was wearing a jeans miniskirt and a light pink tank top covered her upper torso. He was happy to note that her full breasts were very prominent.

“You look great!” he said, then dropped a kiss on her cheek. She blushed, then led him in.

He followed her to the kitchen, appreciating the view of her round ass and shapely legs. This woman is determined to test my sanity, he thought. In the kitchen he saw Micki on a k**’s high chair. Kaye was apparently feeding her solid food when he interrupted her.

“Hello, baby girl. How’s my pretty one?” he asked Micki, then made funny faces at her. To his delight, she gave him a toothless smile.

“She sure is pretty. She’s gonna break hearts when she grows up,” he told Kaye.

“Don’t remind me. She’s already a heartbreaker at this stage. She’s got all of my dad’s cronies wrapped around her little finger,” said Kaye. “By the way, do you mind fixing the food on the table? I have to finish feeding her.”

“Sure, don’t worry about me. Take your time.”

In the midst of arranging the food on the table, he remarked, ” I thought you were breastfeeding her?”

“Yeah, I am, but I’m also beginning to feed her some solid food. She’ll be teething soon. So far she’s been eating well, but today she’s being fussy. I can’t get her to finish her food,” she lamented.

“Tell you what, let me try.”

“Really?” she asked dubiously.

“Really. You take care of this,” he said, referring to the Chinese food.

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