mom 3rd part

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mom 3rd part

Hello my friends.
Mom & s*s taking charge of sex in our home.

As most of you know that I , s*s and mom fucked with s*s’s friend’s help

One day after we had supper. We were just relaxing and chatting.

Mom said you should go to church with me.

s*s and I said we are not into religion as you know by now.

Mom said the preacher is very good he explain thing in details.
No other preacher explain the way he explain. Just one time you should go, please.

I looked at s*s. We both kind of agree that we should go with mom. She has done so much for us. Now is the chance to do for her.

I said to mom ok mom we will go one time with you to church.

Mom said thanks k**s. I know you will enjoy going to church.

Mom went to her room. s*s said what are going to in church? All those older folks be there singing. I rather stay here and get fucked by you. I said I agree but we should do for mom. s*s agrees to it.

On Sunday we got ready to go to church with mom. The service was to be on 10am. We went there 15 minutes early. Mom introduces us to preacher. He was nice looking man. He must be about 30-40. s*s looked at him and liked him. We chit chat for little while. Then we sat in the hall.

Preacher came on stage with bible in his hand. He greeted us all.

He started to talk about Jesus. He was speaking and looking at the people and making eye contacts. Mom was sitting between I an s*s. There were many people in the hall. They all
Looked at us. They greeted us. We felt at ease in that hall.

The sermon finished. Many men and women shuck my hand and kiss mom n s*s on the cheek.

Mom said to us how was the sermon? Do you have any questions that you need to ask?
Mom said He asked me to stay back he wish to talk with us. So we just mingle with other people. There were many young people there. Some girls were very beautiful. Guys were nice too. I and s*s stay together mom went to talk with other people. In about 15 minutes the hall was empty. Preacher locked the front door and took us in the back where he stays.
Preacher’s name is John. Very fitting name for him.
There came one lady she must be close to 40 and boy about 17.

John said they are my helper in cleaning and tidy up the church.
Mom kisses the lady on the cheek and hugs the boy.

We all sat in living room. It was kind of big room. Every one took chair. The lady sat on 2 seatar with boy.

I said to John thank you for giving the sermon. It was very nice. s*s also said same thing.
I said it was mom’s idea and it was worth it.

The boy who was sting with his mom. He put his head in his mom’s lap. John asked the boy if there is any thing wrong. No he said I just like mom’s lap it is so comfy.

s*s and I looked at boy and mom. John said that is good boy feel at home.

We looked at mom but mom looked away to John. They talked with their eyes.
The boy put one of his hands on her mom’s breast and other in her lap.

We were kind of shocked that boy is not shy at all. His mom started to fondle his penis.
John got us( I thought he is going smack the boy. But John went behind the lady and started to massage her boobs.
Our mom got up and came to me and started to kiss me deep. s*s and I were really shocked to what is happing. This is church not fuck house.

s*s looked in room with lust in her eyes. She went to John and started to kiss him. With one hand s*s massage John’s dick.

The John said to every one listen we are here to have fun. Every one stops doing what they are doing and take off your cloths and pair up.

Every one got naked fast. Every one looked at others.

John said to me take the lady. Then he said to boy Take sam’s mom. And I will take this girl.
Every on the floor and do what comes naturally.

John and Boy had bigger dick. Fist ladies got on their knees and started to suck their partner’s dick. We men stood in line to get our cock sucked. Suck they did. The lady name Marry boy name was Jim

Ladies suck our cock for 5 minutes.
As the girls were sucking our cocks. I asked John was it preplanned? John said yes it was also it was your mom’s Idea to get you involved in our group. Your mom is best in sucking and her pussy is very warm she can grip cock with her pussy. I said I know that
She is the best.
I said to Jim your mom is good too. She has great lips she suck good.

John said I got the best cock sucker here. At that time s*s bit John’s dick. John said ouch.

John said now ladies on floor with their legs up and apart.

Ladies got on floor of what a site when they lifted their legs apart.

Marry said come guys fuck the hungry girls. Ram you dicks in our cunts and fuck the shit out of us. We pushed our dick in their cunts as we were told.

I asked mom who was next to me, is this what you were learning in the church.

Mom said yes soon after your dad died one of my friends from work told me to go to this church. The preacher John is very nice.

I asked so John has fucked that lady too? You bustard John you use church to fuck ladies.

John said we all need comfort one way or the other.

John said now change the position. Ladies ride dick.
We men were on floor with our cock up in the air. Girls sat on our dicks and started to ride dick. We men were massaging their boobs as they were riding us. All 3 of them had organism their cunt juice were on our dicks.

John said so ladies do you want us to cum in your cunt or on your body.

My mom said shoot in my cunt.
s*s and Marry said they want it on their body. John and I took our dick out of their cunts and shot our cum on them

When Jim shot his cum in mom’s cunt she screamed with pleasure. She hugged Jim kept him on her for 2 minutes.

Mom said to Jim you fuck great you will make nice husband to some girl.

We all washed our self.
We made tea coffee and sat and talked what has happened.

Marry said about 4 years ago my husband died in accident. This is my church so I came here for comfort. That time the preacher was older male. He moved to different city. Then John came in. He was very nice to all people. I started getting closed to him.
John was new here. I gave him the information about this town. John did not made and advance toward me. He comforts me in my sorrow. Slowly we started to get close to each other. I opened up to him telling him my desire. John was very sympathic to me.
One day after cleaning the church as we were sitting and talking. We were on the sofa.
I just could not resist any more. I kissed him put my tongue in his mouth. First he did not respond. He sat there next to me for about a minuet. That was the longest minute for m and John. Then I kissed him again, and then he opened his mouth and took my tongue in his mouth. This was long kiss with my hands exploring his head. My fingers were massaging his hairs. That led us to bed.
John is very nice man. He does not tell any one about what we are doing.

I asked how big is the group that you get together.

Mary said there are about 20 women and 25 men there are 10 teen girls and boys. We meet all of us every six months.

That many people in group and no outsider knows about it

We guard our self. They all take oath not to tell. Your mom was coming here for 6 months before she open up. She wanted sex very badly but she did not want to have stranger bad guy. After she got into our group. Some suggested her to approach her k**s
For help. But she thought that is wrong .When she seen others are doing she was more willing. But she was not ready.

I said this is good thing that Mom got into it. We would like to be in your group if that is ok with you. Marry said it is up to John.

John said they already been enrolled in the club by her mom. She let her k**s do the work for her.

s*s said is that why u left dildo in the open? Mom said I had to do that. I did not knew you girls were already fucking each other till you girls blind folded me and got me fucked by my son.

Now we can holy union in the church. We rent lake house when all want to go. We stay 3 days there it is all fuck suck and more

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