Mom pays the price

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Mom pays the price
Elizabeth had c***dren at an early age. Now in her late thirties she decided to become the mother she never was. She took in her son Brian and her two other daughters. The c***dren’s resentment was clear and she had no control over any of them. Brian was the worse of the lot. Because he was a man (just turned 18) he felt he could do whatever he wanted and whenever he wanted. She was not going to let her c***dren run the house.

One night Brian and his friend Jose were about to leave when Elizabeth stopped them. She was not going to allow them to come home drunk and high like they had been doing Elizabeth told them if they returned under those conditions she was going to lock them out. Moreover, she wanted Brian to find a job so he could help pay bills.

Brian did not want to hear any of this. He just wanted to have fun with his friends. More importantly, his mom was disrespecting him in front of his friend Jose. She had no room to talk and has not right to speak to him in that manner. Elizabeth and Brian got into a heated argument with both unleashing hurtful insults. They dredged up the past and held nothing back. By the end of the argument Elizabeth was sobbing heavily into her hands and Brian was more furious than when it all began.

Finally, Elizabeth confessed.

“Yes, I’m a bad mother. I was not there for you and you suffered. I just couldn’t help it. I needed to be with a man. I just couldn’t handle all of you. I needed someone to make me feel pretty, to make me feel wanted, to make me feel like I’m a woman,” she cried out.

“You selfish bitch, you made us suffer because all you wanted was some dick?” Brian lashed out.

“Yes. I’m sorry. Yes,” sobbed Elizabeth.

Brian got an evil idea what he heard his mom say that. He looked at Jose, who knew what he was thinking. Brian stepped up to his mom looking down at her as she sobbed on the sofa.

“You never took care of us because all you wanted was some dick huh,” he told her. “You just wanted to be gagging on some fat cock instead of taking care of us. Well, now you’re going to get all cock you want mom,” he said.

Elizabeth couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She took her face out of her hands and when she looked up Brian was standing in front of her with his cock inches from her face. His fight dick was throbbing and the mushroom head was staring right back at her. Brian grabbed his cock and slapped his mom on her face with it.

“Come on mom, you know what to do with this,” he told her.

He slapped her face again with his throbbing cock. Brian grabbed Elizabeth by the head and shoved his dick into her mouth, stuffing it deep in her. Elizabeth took the cock without gagging. She was used to deepthroating and took her son’s dick without a problem.

“That it you cock sucker. Make up for all those years you were gone. Show me the slut dad said you are. Suck my fucken dick and make it good,” he told her.

Elizabeth looked up at her son as she swallowed his cock.

“I should not be doing this. I must stop it. I’m his mother. This is so wrong,” she thought as she sucked and swallowed.

Her body betrayed her. Elizabeth’s mind keep telling her to stop but her pussy was on fire. The harsher and dirtier Brian talked the hotter Elizabeth got. She devoured his cock and moan with lustful pleasure. Since she could remember, Elizabeth loved when a man took control and used her body. This is why she had so many c***dren and this is why she did not know how to be a mother. Elizabeth loved being a whore.

Brian sat on the couch and pulled his mom to her hands and knees the whole time keeping his cock in her mouth. When they were both in position, Brian motioned over to Jose. Jose got behind Elizabeth and began to strip her of all her clothes. Elizabeth had always had a curvy body. Even though she is a little on the chucky side, her full 34dd and round ass still makes your cock hard. Jose was looking at Elizabeth from behind. Her white thick ass was waiting her him and as her full big wavy black hair was on Brian’s lap as she sucked his cock. Jose dropped to his knees between Elizabeth’s legs and began to run his cock up and down the slit of her pussy. He shoved it in easily.

Jose grabbed Elizabeth’s big milky white thighs and he fucked his best friend’s mom. Growing up Jose had fantasies of fucking Brian’s mom but he never said anything because he thought Brian would get mad. Not only is his fantasy coming true, but it was Brian’s idea. Jose mauled and spanked Elizabeth’s ass as he fucked her. Harder and deeper, Jose fucked her with every stroke of his hard cock.

Everything was surreal for Elizabeth. She was on her hands and knees sucking her son’s fat cock and fucking his best friend. Even though she was not tight any more, Elizabeth knew how to squeeze a cock with her pussy. Elizabeth used her muscles to tighten and gripped Jose’s dick making him moan. Grinding and moving her hips, Elizabeth fucked that young man’s cock like professional. She sucked and fucked without missing a beat on either end.

Elizabeth’s son was fucking her face hard and deep and she wanted more. She cupped her huge tits in her hands. Moaning, she pinched and pulled on her nipples as she sucked her son’s cock and fucked his friend’s cock. Then she placed her tits around her son’s cock and started to tity fucked his dick. The louder she moaned the harder she fucked and sucked. Both the men were in heaven. They were letting her do all the work and she was doing it better than any other woman they had fucked.

“Fuck dude your mom fucks good,” said Jose.

“Man she sucks really good too. We should have done this a long time ago. No wonder my dad kept coming back to her. She’s a real slut. ” replied Brian.

Brian pulled her big black wavy hair from her face so both of them could watch her gobble up his dick. Watching his cock with a cock in her mouth was the most erotic thing Brian had ever seen. He rolled her over to her back. Elizabeth keep sucking and fucking. He could now see his mom’s pussy getting fucked. Both men reached out and played with her full big tits. Jose had her legs spread as wide as they could go as he fucked her hard and fast.

“Trade,” was the only word Brian said as both men switched positions.

Brian crawled between his mom’s legs and put the head of his cock right at the entrance of her pussy. He grabbed each ankle in his hands, raised and spread them above his head. Elizabeth was ready to feel her son’s cock deep in her pussy. He looked into her clear blue eyes and he pushed his dick deep into her hole. She watched as her son’s dick disappeared into her hungry pussy. Her head titled back and she let out a soft low moan.

Jose waited until Elizabeth’s head as titled back. When he heard her moan, he shoved his cock into her mouth. He again reached for her tits and began to m***** them with a lustful passion. Slowly her started to fuck her mouth but picked up speed in no time. Elizabeth did not gag. She had sucked too many fat dicks and swallowed Jose’s cock without any trouble.

Brian too was picking up speed as he fucked his mother. His hips pushed in faster and longer, shoving his dick as far as he could. He watched his best friend feed his mom a thick dick and was amazed at how well she took it. Jose’s balls kept hitting Elizabeth on the forehead every time he shoved it in. Elizabeth sucked and swallowed playing with Jose’s dick and balls. She was enjoying every inch of that fat dick.

Jose watched Elizabeth fucking her son. Her hips were moving in circles and she was grinding hard and fast. Brian looked like he was fucking a cheat slut they picked up at a house party. Elizabeth’s mouth was giving Jose the best blow job he had ever had. The whole situation was too much for him to bear. His body tensed up, he grabbed her head and shot his first load deep into Elizabeth’s throat. Then he pulled out and a second load of cum all over Elizabeth’s face. The third and final shot hit between her tits. Jose had covered her with lots of warm gooey sperm.

Brian watched his mom swallow his best friend’s cum. He kept fucking her until Jose was done. Brian shot his heavy load deep into Elizabeth’s pussy. Before he could shoot again, Brian pulled out and scrambled to her face to shot another load, just like Jose did. Grabbing Elizabeth by the hair, Brian shoved her face on his cock. He made her swallow his last load, before he smeared his cum covered cock all over his mom’s face.

Both men started laughing when they were done.

“Dude you mom is such a whore,” said Jose.

“Yea, told you that’s the only reason guys talk to her. The only thing she’s good for is fucking and sucking,” replied Brian.

The young men dressed and left for their night out on the town. Neither one of them noticed Jessica at the top of the stairs. She had just watched her brother and his friend fuck her mom. Being her mom’s daughter, Jessica was a little slut herself. Her panties were soaking wet. The entire time she was watching them fuck, Jessica wished it was her instead of her mom between the two men. She wondered when she would get her turn.

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