Mom thought I was Dad

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Mom thought I was Dad
I had never had much sexual experience until one night when I was a little under 18. I was always nervous around girls and kept to myself, playing computer games and watching porn. I knew what sex was and how it was done in porn but never experienced it myself. This is where the fascination with i****t came from. The first time I saw it I came harder than every at the thought of having sex with family members. I used to fantasize about aunts and cousins but never about my own Mom. I don’t know if it’s uncommon but I had never even heard my parents have sex before, I was always a deep sleeper and they were obviously very good at keeping quiet…until one night.

I had been in bed a while I was awake watching a movie when I heard my parents come up to bed, I finished the film and turned the tv off. As I was lying there trying to get to sleep I could hear them talking to each other in muffled tones. My room was directly above theirs so although I couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying I could hear them talking.
As I lay there trying to sleep I could hear a faint banging and moans, I didn’t really know what to think…should I be embarrassed? Should I be getting excited at the noises? I didn’t know but my curiosity got the better of me. I quietly got out of bed and opened my bedroom door. The noises grew louder and I snook down the stairs until I was outside of my parents bedroom door.

I could hear everything vividly now, the noise of my mothers moans, the noise of my dads cock and balls slapping against my mom. I was harder than I had ever been before as I slowly peered around the gap in their bedroom door. My mom told my dad to lay down so she could get on top and he happily obliged, the lights were off but now the lights from the street outside highlighted my moms body for me to see in all its beauty.

As I say I had never thought of my own mother that way even though I was developing quite the i****t fetish, but as I stood there looking at her that all changed. She was in her early forties with brunette hair, 34B tits and big nipples, her body was still tight for someone her age and her ass was nice and round, not fat big but mature milfy big.

I watched as she climbed back on top of my dad and guided him in to her waiting cunt. from what I could see it looked as though me and dad were about the same size, roughly 7″ erect and quite thick. She took his length with ease and started to grind on his dick. I eagerly watched as he played with her tits as she rode him. After a while she climbed off him and got on to all fours. Dad jumped in behind and slammed his dick in to her, after a few thrusts he asked if she was close, she said no and told him not to come yet, I guess he couldn’t help it cause he grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as he could before pulling out and exploding over back.

He apologised but it seemed mom was pissed, she told him she was sick of her not getting the pleasure he was and told him to get out and sleep on the couch. He smacked her ass and called her a bitch before climbing off the bed. I just managed to get upstairs before dad came out of the bedroom and stormed downstairs.

I was still incredibly turned on at what I had seen, and by my own moms body. I couldn’t think straight, all I wanted at the moment was to feel what it was like to do the things my dad had just done. I quietly snook downstairs again and peered in to moms bedroom. She hadn’t covered herself up yet and she still lay there with my dads cum on her back and ass. I don’t know where the courage came from but I slowly entered the room and moved to the edge of the bed.

As I stood there looking at her bare ass I couldn’t stop my hand reaching to touch it, as I grabbed she told me that unless I was going to finish what I start I could fuck off back to the sofa. This was perfect…She thought I was dad and that I had come to apologise. I grabbed her with my other hand and slowly massaged her cheeks before spreading them to get a look at her pussy. It was amazing, shaven but with a small tuft of hair above the clit. She moved her hands back and spread her cheeks before telling me to get licking. All I could do was try and recreate what I had seen in porn so I dived in. I knew I had found her clit when she shuddered as my tongue touched it. As I laid there lapping at her cunt I realised I should give her asshole attention too. I moved my tongue up and buried it in her shitter. She let out a big moan and told me that I must want to say sorry, apparently dad had never done that before so I went to work swapping between ass and clit until she grabbed the back of my head and forced in harder in to her pussy. I lay still as she ground herself against my face before moaning that she was going to cum. She started to shudder as she came, I could feel the difference as she started to leak her juices on to my face. I couldn’t believe I had given my own mother an orgasm.

She tried to roll over but I told her to get on her knees again, my impression of dad seemed to work as she did as she was told. I could see juices running down the inside of her leg and so I licked it clean. I got in position behind her and rubbed my dick against her pussy and up the crack of her ass a few times before she begged me not to tease her. She moved her hand back to find my cock and guided it to the opening of her cunt. I stayed still as she pushed back on to me, impaling herself with my cock. She was doing all the work as I just stayed there not quite believing this was happening. I spread her cheeks to get a good view of my dick fucking my own mother and her asshole. I started to probe her with my finger and thumb which she seemed to respond well too with a few moans and groans. She told me to finger her asshole, I did as I was told.

I was starting to get close to cumming, as I say I was inexperienced and surprised I was lasting as long as I was, I couldn’t tell her so I started to moan and pant, she got the message and told me to keep going she wasn’t ready but she was getting closer. I was still teasing her asshole with my thumb as I fucked her so I reached around with my other hand to rub her clit. This was all the stimulation she needed, it only took a few more thrusts before she was collapsing on to her stomach in another orgasm. As she did she slipped off my cock, I was still close so I spread her cheeks again and found her pussy. It wasn’t a difficult decision, this might be the only time I ever got to do this and she thought I was dad. I pumped as hard as I could before thrusting myself as deep as I could as I felt myself unload inside my mothers pussy. I had never felt anything like it before or since. I slowly slid myself in and out of her until I went limp.

As I climbed off she slid her hand around to catch the cum that was dribbling out of her before bringing it back to her mouth. I watched as my mother tasted my jizz and I started to get hard again.

She pulled the duvet over her and told me I was still sleeping on the sofa. I crept back up to bed and stayed awake all night wanking over what had just happened. I don’t know if she ever realised it was me but if she did she never said anything.

I’ll tell you what happened with my sister next time….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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