Morning Wakeup

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Morning Wakeup
This morning,my girl was really sweet.

She was turned at our bedroom mirror and windows,asleep.
The sun was coming through the trees outside. It was dark.

Her hair was fluffy and messy on her pillow.
She was hugging her pillow.Her arm underneath.
Her soft little ass was touching me.
Her leg was strait and the other fell off the bed.

I move to her and put my arm around.
I smelled her hair.
Her morning breath is a little bitter but smelled like grass and milk,like always <3 The sheets were twisted back. I could smell her pussy. It smells so good sometimes, after a night of just laying there. I love that stale sleepy smell. My dick is hard and pushing into the mattress. She is wearing the shirt she wore yesterday and her panties. Her shirt is her boat shirt,like a waffle with three buttons. Her panties are pink and they are cotton. I can smell her old sweat and her sleep sweat. I can smell the water in her hair from her boat. I move my hand to her cunt.I hold it, my hand fits so nice around her little cunt.I am hugging her, squeezing her little tit. We used to sleep like that in my car.We were young. Her thigh presses on my dick head.It presses it into the mattress. I can feel a little cum is dry on the mattress and sticks to my dick. K moves into me and is not awake yet. I squeeze her cunt a little and put my nose in her hair. She is breathing heavy in her sleep. I come a little lying there like that. She is so sexy.She is so warm and soft. When she wakes up,she moves into me and spreads her legs more. Soon, I am rubbing her pussy and squeezing her sweet ass. K moans and takes a long time to wake up. She is like a cat 😀 "Hi" Her voice is so quiet in the morning. I feel my dick move a little. K sleeps in the pillow and moans and gets so wet all morning. All I do is rub her wet clit and rub my finger in her cunt a little. I hug her close and rub her little ass. I kiss her ear. I rub my face on her sticky neck and hair. Soon she is coming so good and I know it is time rub her neck and back. I come a little on her ass.It gets wet and sticky on our legs. I lay down close again and play with her tits a little. We are lazy. It feels so good to have her warm on me, feel the little drips from my dick come out. I drank her pussy for an hour,maybe more. She was so wet and tasted so good. She smelled like cinnamon today.Sometimes in the morning she does. And she smells like fresh bread. I suck on her legs,she smells so good. She is salty in the morning. Then we went back to sleep.I woke up sweaty because K was curled up on my chest like a cat 😀 I just wanted her cunt on my face again,but we took a bath instead. When K woke up! She is so sleepy sometimes but it is sweet and she smells so good <3

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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