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My darling granddaughter, I have just received your letter this morning, and as I sat on the porch swing reading the beautiful words that you have put to paper, I can still see your beautiful face that first morning when you arrived. You looked so much like your mother, and for a moment or so I was back in time, seeing my beautiful Sadie when she was your age. The minute you walked though my front door I knew that we were in for an incredible week of passion. Yes your mother sent you here knowing full well that I would never be able to keep my hands off you. I love young girls, and while I know that my preference for young girls may be frown upon by some, I know that my love for young pussy will never die.

I am so happy that your time with me was all that you had hoped for. Your mother and I had been talking about just how we would introduce you and your sisters to our family’s lifestyle. My sweet Sadie did not have the good fortune of picking a mate that would understand to our ways. I of course lucked out the day I laid eyes on your grandmother.

We had come from very similar backgrounds. She was a little slip of a girl when I first met her. A beautiful green eyed strawberry blond with fair white skin that felt so good the first time I touched her. She had a body that most men would give their right arm for. Her father Allan had seduced her when she was f******n years old, and had been fucking her for close to three years when I came along.

Before she started sleeping with her father my Alma had watched her mother die from a lung infection. Back in those days there was very little that doctors could do for an illness like that. My Alma said that her mother’s death nearly drove her father crazy. She was so worried that he would grave himself to death. It wasn’t very long after his beloved’s death, that his sweet young daughter became a source of comfort for him.

The more then six months of caring for his wife only to loss her in the end had taken it toll on him. Your Great grandfather had gone without a woman in his bed for close to a year when he looked up one day and he saw that his little sweet Alma was no longer a little girl. She was turning into one fine woman, with all the bumps and carves to prove it. It was during this time that your Great grandfather’s needs and lust for your grandmother became so overwhelming until he was sure he was going insane.

The day Allan caught his beloved daughter swimming naked at the creak near their house was the turning point for him. He had been in town all morning getting surplices for the thirty acre farm that he owned. As he drove the red and gray pickup truck his thoughts of his Alma and the lunch that she would have waiting for him made him smile. But just as the thought of one appetite being satisfied left, the thoughts of another kind of hunger soon filled his mind. He hadn’t stop thinking about her since the night before when he had dreamed of her. The dream seemed so real, she had come to his bed, offering herself to him. He woke up in a cold sweat, and as hard as a rock. He didn’t how much longer he could take it, he needed some pussy, and he needed it now.

When he drove into their drive way he noticed that Alma was no where around. It was a hot mid summer’s day; it was perfect for a nice cool dip in the creak that was a mile from the old farm house. Alma never gave her parents one moment of worry; she was always the good girl. That’s why Allen was a bit uneasy when he came home and she was no where to be found. It took him about thirty minutes to unpack the truck of the surplices he had brought. Once the truck was unloaded he went into the house to fine his noon day meal sitting on the table, but still there was no Alma.

An uneasy knot was forming in the pit of his stomach that told him something was very wrong. This was the first time since the death of her mother that she had been out of his sight for more then an hour. It was mid afternoon and Allen had not heard nor seen his daughter since early that same morning. Allen was not going to wait a moment longer deciding to take off on foot to go fine his Alma.

His mind told him told him to go check the creak first. Walking down the long dirt road until he got to the old wooden bridge that crossed over to the creak, he suddenly stopped when he saw her emerge from the cool water. The sight of her young beautiful body made his heart race with an unnatural desire for her. But these feelings were not new to him.

For weeks he had been thinking about it. Every since that night at the bar where he met Chris Davis. Chris a man in his early forties, who had moved into the small town with his wife and two teen aged daughters. Allen and Chris seemed to have hit it off right away, talking about their work and families. Over the course of a few weeks Chris and Allen became good friends quite fast.

Then one night when they were in a relaxed mood and the Irish whiskey was flowing freely the subject of women and sex was added to the mixes. Allen shared the fact that he had a wide ranges of lovers. He had crossed the color line more then once, and that if he just had to chose who has the best pussy, then it was a tie between African-American, and Asian women.

Allen went on to say that once he had met his wife, and they had married that he had become a happy in their life together. It saddens him to talk of her recent death but it could not be helped, it was a fact of his now lonely life, a fact that he could not get around. However, Chris did notice a gleam in his eyes when he began to talk about his beautiful and lively daughter. Allen had confided in his new friend the hardship that he and Alma had gone though watching his wife slip away from them. But he was so grateful for their daughter, the only bright spot in his life.

Chris listens to his friend quietly, all along thinking that he knew just what his friend needed. The subject however had to be carefully handled as not to bring trouble to himself.

“Your girl, how old is she?” Chris asked as he nursed his third shot of whiskey

“She’ll be f******n in a few days.” Allen answered as he gulped down his beer, along with his own whiskey shot.

The look on Chris’s face turned almost gleeful at the thought of a young girl’s tight pussy and all he could do with one so young. With his palms sweaty and his mouth dry just from the thought of banging a young girl, the thought of what she looked like popped into his head.

“Say do you happen to have a picture of her on you? Chris asked.

With a slight cocky smile Allen reach into his back pocket to retrieve his wallet. He found the picture that she had taken only a few days ago. He lay on the bar and the instant that Chris laid eyes on the slim green eyed beauty he know he had to have her. He also thought that Allen and his daughter would be perfect new members to the club.

Licking lips as he gazed at her photo thinking of all the sweet nasty things he wanted to do to her lovely body. But Allen did not seem to be the type of man that he was use to dealing with. When it came to things that he was into he knew that some men could be really squeamish when it came to these things, Chris knew he had to be very careful.

“Do you have k**s?” Allen asked. This was his opening. Chris thought to himself.

“Yes, two daughters.” Chris answered as he pulled out pictures of two beautiful girls; both looked to be in their mid teens.

Chris laid the pictures on the bar. He studied his friend’s very carefully for a reaction. The inward smile told him that he was on the right track, because of the look on his face told him just how pussy hungry Allen was.

“SWEET JESUS.” was all Allen could say at that moment. He had almost forgotten how a beautiful young girl can turn a man’s head. The girls in the pictures were having a real affect on him. He couldn’t remember the last time he got an instant hard on from just a picture. He wondered what it would feel like to have one of these young girls under him, fucking her brains out.

“So you like what you see?” Chris inquired.

“Ye man, who wouldn’t, I mean they are beautiful girls.” Allen said as his mind raced with lustful thoughts.

“Yes my girls are very beautiful, and believe me they know just how to please their dad.” Chris said with a wink

Allen had a feeling Chris was going some where with this, but just where he didn’t know. It was something in his voice when he talked about them. Or maybe it was the hint of lust that Allen saw in Chris’s eyes when looked at his own daughter’s picture.

“I’m sure they do, girls at that age often want to please their fathers.” Allen commanded.

“Well my Kern and Kate know how to please their daddy in every way. Every since their mother walked out on us, my girls have made sure that every one of my needs have been taken care of.” he said with a wicked sneer.

There it was again, that look that said that there was much more going on here then just a simple conversation between two very proud fathers, Allen knew that Chris was trying to tell him something so much more then just how proud he was of his girls.

“Man, are you saying what I think you’re saying?” he asked,

Chris sat back and took stock of the man that he was about to share the most intimate secret of his life with. But could his new friend be trusted, that was the question.
Leaning in and looking Allen straight in the eyes, he confessed his shameful truth.

“When a man have beautiful young daughters like ours its up to us to teach them what being a real woman is all about. And there is only one way I know to do that, I take my girls to my bed and fuck their little pussies for all their worth.”

Shocked but curious, up until that night Allen had never given much thought to the subject of i****t one way or another. But the minute Chris made his naughty confession; Allen just knew he had to know more.

“Wow that sounds exciting, how long have you been do…” his voice trilled off as if not to seem overly excited about what he was about to hear.

Chris picked up the picture and gently caressed the face of the first girl. “My Kern just turned eighteen but about two year ago my wife and I was having troubles, you know the usual husband and wife shit. There were lots of fights in front of my girls, I mean we tried to hide as much as we could from them, but sometimes things would get out of hand. Anyway I think they knew more then my wife and I suspect. The fact that the bitch stop giving up the pussy months before she walked her fat ass out on us was something I thought we had hidden from them. Then one day I came home from work to fine my wife had packed up and walked out, come to find out later that she had been shacking up with some guy she knew back in high school.” Chris said as they order another round.

When Chris picked up his story your great-grandfather was more then just slightly interested. He wanted to hear more of Chris’s story, because he knew what he was thinking and feeling about his Alma could be a real possibility.

“Once my wife was out of the house my Kern and Kate really stepped up and became the women of our house. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed before then but they were not my little girls anymore, they had grown into beautiful young desirable women.”

“While my wife leaving hurt I knew I had to pick up the pieces of my live and move on. It was around this time that I started noticing my oldest daughter Kern. She was sixteen and had the sexist little body I have ever seen. And she was not shy about showing it off. She likes wearing next the nothing around the house, it seem that she has really taking a liking to wearing my shirts and nothing else.”

“By now I had began missing the fact that I no longer had a woman in my bed. I have never been good at the dating thing, so I wasn’t about to try that whole thing again. By now I only had eyes for my sixteen year old daughter. The thoughts and dreams I would have of her were as nasty as they come. The first time I dreamed about fucking her I woke up with such a hard on that the only thing I wanted was to jump out of bed run down the hall to her room, and bury my cock so deep inside her tight little pussy and fuck her for days.” he continued his confession.`

Chris’s story was taking on a hopeful feel for Allen. He wondered if maybe one day he would be that blessed to have that kind of closeness with his own daughter. He had been thinking about it even before the death of his wife. Allen listened as Chris continued his story.

“My Kern and I have always been close, even as a baby I was the one that took care of her most of the time. When my wife left us it was Kern who stepped in and reassured her sister and me that everything would be alright. She was so sweet and so grown up. She might have been just sixteen but she proved to me the she was able to handle whatever life’s hardships throw her way. My love and respect for my sweet angel grew beyond my wildest dreams. I have no question that I fell in love with my daughter during this time.”

“I believe if Kern hadn’t taken the bull by the horns and made the first move then I would not have the wonderful life that I have now. I knew I had felling in love with my sixteen year old daughter, but I was at a lost as to what to do about it. For weeks I would look at her and wonder what if? What if I make a move on her, and she rejects me? Or thinks that I’m just a dirty old pervert trying to get in her pussy? I wanted her in the worst way, and there was nothing I could do about it.” Chris said as a faint smile crossed his lips.

“Then one Friday night I came home late from work to fine Kern waiting for me. My youngest daughter Kate was spending the weekend at one of her friend’s house, a fact that I had somehow forgotten about. That night when I got home Kern had a bath and a nice dinner waiting for me. She looked so hot in one of my dress shirts and what I would discover later very little else. After I had cleaned up and had a good meal, I thought I would spend the rest of my night relaxing by reading my newspaper or listening to a baseball game on the radio, but my sweet angel had other plans for us.”

“Kern had come into my den where I was tying to fine something good on the radio. I heard the door open and close, and I turned around to see my daughter leaning against the door. It was at that moment that I realize my attraction to my daughter might be more then the fact that I wanted to bed her, and that maybe she wanted the same. She stood there looking so sexy; all I could think about is how good my cock would feel buried deep in her young sweet pussy.”

“Kern never said a word as she stood there against the door. She just smiled and winked as she started to unbutton my shirt that she was wearing. At first I could not believe what I was seeing; my beautiful daughter was exposing herself to me. When she got to the last button she slowly removed the shirt, letting it fall to the floor. With my palms sweaty, my mouth dry, and my dick hard, I approached her. Both of us knew what was about to happen, and I don’t think either one of us wanted to stop it.” Chris beamed.

Allen could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand as he listened to Chris recalled the first night that he made love to his own daughter. “Her skin felt like soft silk, and her lovely green eyes sparkled as I caressed her shoulders. Letting my fingers slide down her lush tone body, it was almost as if Kern could read my thoughts as she pushed a lock of my hair from my eyes let her fingers softly caress my face. I touched her soft sweet lips with my fingertips, looking into those big beautiful cats like eyes that seemed to be bagging me to kiss her that is when I gave in to my sexual need for my daughter.”

“Our first kiss was so hot it was like we had opened a door to an inferno. My hands were all over her sexy curvy body. I could feel the lust in me take over as I found great pleasure in exploring her sweet young body. The fact that this was my own daughter meant nothing to me that night, the only thing that mattered is that this was the sweetest thing that I had had in a very long time, and I was not about to blow it.”

“Her mouth was sweet, her body even sweeter as I found one of my hands between her soft creamy thighs as she was still pined against the door.”

“You want to fuck me, don’t you daddy?” she asked in a low sexy moan when she broke our kiss.

“Oh sweetheart you will never know just how much I want you. I have dreamed of having you in my bed for months. Night after night I would wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming that you were in my bed, and that I was inside you, and that sweet pussy belonged to me.” I said.

“Daddy why didn’t you come to me and tell me how you felt?” Kern asked.

“Because honey I didn’t want you to be afraid of me, or think that I was some low life pervert who just wanted to get into his little girl’s panties. Sweetheart, I’m not like that, I swear I’m not.”

She took his face in her hands and captures his eyes with hers. “Dad I know you’re not like that. You have just been so lonely since mom left. But its okay daddy, it’s okay if you want to take me to bed.” Kern declared.

Needless to say Chris was speechless at her bold declaration. “No honey we can’t…” before I could get the next word out her sweet lips covered mine as we shared another fiery kiss. Before I knew what was happening, my hands had taken full control of her young tone body. I lifted her in my arms and carried her to my bed. I knew there would be no stopping it now, once we had crossed a certain point, there would be no going back.”

“I placed my sweet girl on my bed. She looked so beautiful sitting there in the middle of what would soon be our bed, as she watched me undress. By now my manhood had come alive, and the old boy was more then ready. As I stood before my Kern so pound and needed as I watched the light in my daughter’s eyes come alive. She was ready to give herself to her father. I crawled onto the bed and I took my daughter in my arms again. She was soft and beautiful I just could not help myself as I laid her back on the pillows as I got on top of her.”

“Kern opened her legs as my fingers found their way touching the smooth surface of her womanhood. I had almost forgot what a beautiful young woman smells like when she is about to be fucked for the first time, and while I wasn’t so sure at first, Kern had assured me that I would be her first lover. When my fingers found her tight slit I knew that I had to take great care of the rare gift that I was about to receive.”

Allen never thought that one man’s story could turn him on to the point to where in his mind he saw himself taking Alma to bed. As Chris continued his dirty hot tale the room was at a stand still as the men around him wanted to know what came next.

“My god she was so wet, my fingers was dripping with her sweet Juice as I took a sniff and a lick. They were finger licking good alright. I found myself on top of Kern with my cock hard and resting right outside her gate. As I looked down on her lovely face her smile told me that she was ready. The head of my cock grazed her small tight pussy and I knew I had to go slow. At first I thought I might be to big for her small hole, I never saw my nine inch cock as a problem until that night. I knew my daughter was scared, but she put on a brave face, because she wanted to please me.

“I started to push inside her, giving her a little at a time. Yes it was hard work, but well worth it as I carried on pushing myself inside my daughter’s amazing tight pussy. It took awhile but then suddenly her body started to give in to what she craved. Her pussy unfolds and I felt myself sinking into the warmth of her love. As I started to fuck my sweet girl for what would be the first of many times to come all the pinned up anger that I had felt over my wife leaving me started to surface.”

“My cock became a weapon that night, a weapon I knew I could use to punish my ex. But it wasn’t my ex wife that I was punishing, I was taking out all my anger on Kern. Once I was inside her I couldn’t hold back any longer. I put a pounding on that sweet little cunt; it was one that my Kern will never forget.’’

Thinking back to that night when he heard that it was possibility to be a good father while lusting after your own daughter, Allen knew he could not hold out for very much longer. He was still a man, and after going for nearly a year without a woman in his bed, the need for a young thing to share his bed had reached a critical point. And the only one he wanted to fill that position was the young woman that was swimming naked in the creak.

She played carefree in the creak. Alma loved the feel of the cool water on her bare skin, she smiles as she thought of all the ways she has change over the past few months. While she missed her mother, Alma was very aware of how much her mother had suffered though her sickness. Her mother knew that her time was short, and she knew that she had to prepare her only daughter for the years that lie ahead. She remembers the talk her mother had with her just days before she passed on. She wanted Alma to take good care of her father, and to make sure she took care of all his needs.

She was aware that her mother’s dying wish would change the nature of her relationship with her father. While she knew that her father loved her mother deeply, he was still a man that was in need of a woman to share his bed.

Alma knew that he had been watching her from the creak bed. He had been watching her for weeks. His wife had only been dead a few months, but Alma knew that it was time that her father started living again.

She emerges from the water, her body wet and in need. She could see him standing there watching her. In the past few weeks Alma could feel her father watching her. This was not the first time that he had seen her naked, she knew that her Papa had watched her undress one night, when she thought he was in bed.

As he stood there on the creak bank he remembers the first time he saw his young daughter naked. Allen had turned in early, but like most nights since his wife died it had been another restless night. He decided to take a walk in order to clear his head. After dressing he left his room and walk down the hall, when he came to her door he had plan to knock and tell her that he was going out for awhile. However, when he peeped into the half open door, the sight of her naked body sitting at her dressing table brushing her long blood hair made his body react in away that he knew it shouldn’t have.

She had gotten him hard alright; his f******n year old daughter had his cock so hard that he knew he would go insane if he didn’t get a piece of pussy and soon. Allen knew he should have turned away, walked away, hell maybe even ran away, but he couldn’t because something deep inside of him wanted her. He closes his eyes and he imaged what it would feel like to hold her soft silky body next to his, and to look into her beautiful eyes and to see that she wanted him. In his fantasy he saw his Alma coming to him not as his daughter, but as his lover.

He felt her soft warm lips on his as she initiates their first kiss. He could feel himself picking up her thin frame up into his arms and carrying her to his bed. He could see her standing naked before. His feelings for her was a fur cry from fatherly, he has wanted to be inside her for so long until his body aces at the very thought of having her.

“Papa Papa.” the sound of her voice snapped back to reality as he looks to see his beautiful naked daughter standing in front of him. Alma had got out the water while her father’s mind was in a haze of lust. The thought of making love to his Alma was so captivating that he did not see her come from the creak.

“Are you alright Papa?” she asked in a soft sweet voice.

“Yes c***d your Papa is fine.” he answered as he tried to clear his voice so she wouldn’t hear just how nervous he really was.

She looked at him and while he was still a very fine looking man, she knew the death of her mother and the unbearable fact that he hadn’t been inside of a woman in over a year was beginning to wear him down. She took him by his hand and interlaced her fingers with his. They were stand mere inches away from each other, and at that moment Allen knew that it would be now or never.

“Papa, Mom said that she wanted me to take care of you after she was gone. Please Papa won’t you let me take care of you?” Alma softly asked.

Looking into her beauitful eyes Allen could no longer deny himself the pleasure of a woman’s body. Even if the woman in question is his own f******n year old daughter. As he takes her in his arms for the first time he lowers his mouth on hers. The sweetness of her lips is as inviting as he invaded her mouth with his tongue.

A few minutes they found themselves quietly walked hand in hand back to their house. The sight of his daughter’s naked body moved him in such a way that no words could rightly express what he was feeling. In all the years that he had been with her mother, or with any other woman before her, he had never felt such joy at the prospect at being with a woman.

When they reached the back door of the small farm house Allen bent down and scooped Alma up in his arms and carried her to his bed. He knew he wasn’t thinking clearly, and at that moment that was just fine with him. Because if he were to start thinking with his big head, then that would mean that his little head would loss out, and he wasn’t about to let that happen.

He lay on his bed, her beautiful naked body laid out before him just waiting to be taking. As he look down upon her his mind goes back to the first time he saw her, just a few minutes old. He remembers thinking about all the things he wanted to teach her. His sweet little Alma, his pride and joy. But that was when she was a baby, and now she going to be his fuck toy. He quickly undressed exposing what she had done to him.
She looked at him, and with her big beautiful green eyes, and a sweet sexy smile. She opened her legs for her father as he slid between her legs. His hands found pleasure in every inch of her soft skin and curvy frame.

Starting at her forehead Allen covers her face with soft sweet kisses as he worked his way down from her cheek to her neck and shoulders, and then to her mouth watering breast. ‘’Oh honey your tits are so beautiful.’’ she heard him say, as he began to ravage her hard sweet nipples. Alma felt her father’s hardness resting on her stomach as she gently took his manhood in her hand and she gave a gentle squeeze. At that moment Allen nearly lost it as his daughter massaged his cock to nearly perfection. ‘’Oh my god baby.’’ he screamed out as her soft hand stroked him, and stroked him over and over again.

For a moment she wondered if she was doing it right, after all this was what her mother said he liked. By now Allen was nearly out of his mind with lust. With his mouth, hands, and tongue he discovered every inch of her sweet young body. It was the first taste of her sweet pussy that sent Allen over the edge.

‘’Oh sweetie your pussy is wet, and your clit taste so good and juicy.’’ he declared. For the next twenty minutes his daughter’s pussy became the center of his world.

As for Alma a whole new world was opening up for her. She never dreamed anything could feel as good as what she was feeling at the moment. The love of her father had always been important to her, but what he was doing to her at that moment in time was the most significant thing that has every happened in her young life.

After he had satisfied his oral needs, it was time to move on. His need to be inside her was great. However, knowing that this would be her first time, that he would be her first lover he had to be careful as to not to harm her in any way. When he was eating and fingering her he could tell that she was still intact. The very thought of taking her cherry send waves of pure lust though him. As he prepared to entire her he hoped and prayed that he would not loss control.

‘’I want you sweetheart. Your Papa is going to take you. It’s going to hurt at first, but once I’m inside you and we’re making love, it’s going to be so beautiful.’’ Allen said as he placed his cock at the opening of her sweet love hole.

He told Alma to brace herself as he claimed her mouth once again. They shared another passionate deep kiss as Allen began to push his nearly nine inch cock inside his f******n year old daughter. Allen could feel her pussy as it began to give way to the pressure of his cock.

Alma was scared but was willing to do anything to please her Papa. As she lay under him she could feel her body wanting to give in to the pleasure that she knew awaited. She wrapped her long beautiful legs around him as the final push came. One two three, and the gates to Allen’s paradise opened. Alma’s screams of joy and pain was carried though out their small farm house as her father hit his target over and over again.

“OH PAPA, OH PAPA, OH PAPA.’’ was all she could say as Allen Ray fucked his only daughter as he had never fucked another woman before in his life.

It was so much more then just fucking a good piece of pussy. Allen had been emotionally closed off for months. The feelings that he had once had for his wife was starting to fade away, now the love that he felt for Alma was beginning to take on a sensual tone, And that night just conformed what he knew to be he truth, he was in love with his own daughter.

Father and daughter made love all though the night. Allen had so much to teach his sweet lover about herself, and how to use the most important thing that God gave her and all women their sexually.

The next morning when Alma awoke to fine her papa gone, and for a moment she thought that maybe it was all just a beautiful dream. However, when reality began to set in she realized that it was all true. The soreness in her body, and the flashes of memory of her papa being inside her conformed what her heart was telling her. The memory of his bloody cock withdrawing from her body, and the feeling she had after she had sucked his cock for the first time told her that their relationship had indeed changed, for the better.

Well my sweet darling granddaughter that is a small part of our family history. Of course there will be more stories in the fortune about our lovely time together, as well as your sisters.


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