My Doctors Exam

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My Doctors Exam
Many years ago, I was experiencing a burning sensation when I urinated. It would come and go. Sometimes it wasn’t that bad and other times it was really irritating. because I am self employed and work a lot, I put my little issue to the back of my priorities list and hoped it would just get better. It didn’t!

Finally, I decided that I needed to see a doctor. The problem was that because I hadn’t been to a doctor in years, I didn’t know who to go to so iasked my wife who she saw. She told me about the doctor who she went and how good she was. That’s right, she said “she”. I decided that I needed a good doctor more than I needed a man doctor so I made the appointment.

I got there early and filled out all of the paperwork. This doctor must be good, I thought to myself because the waiting room was packed. When i was finally called, I was led by a really hot nurse back to an exam room where she took my blood pressure and a medical history. When she was done, She told me to take off all of my clothes and put on this tiny paper gown. Before she left, I asked her if she wanted all of my clothes off and she said yes.

I disrobed and put on the tiny gown. Being 6’5, the gown barely covered me and I was feeling more than a little uncomfortable. To add insult to injury, it was cold as hell in that room and my cock was shrinking out of sight.

After what seemed like forever, there was a knock on the door and than it opened. A very large woman wearing a white doctors jacket came in an introduced herself. Doctor Robins was her name. She sat down on a little stool and began looking at my medical chart. As she was checking out my chart, I was checking her out. She was, like I said a large woman but not obese, just large. She had very short reddish hair and a pretty face. The part that stood out the most was her enormous tits. She could hide them for nothing.

As we talked about my problem, I sat very uncomfortable trying to hide what was left of my cold shrinking cock under that gown made for a c***d. She discussed what might be my problem and insisted that why I was there, she perform a physical since it had been so long since my last doctors visit. She was very aggressive and forceful so I decided not to argue.

She checked my heart and lungs, had me run in place which was fun considering I was basically nake with a napkin on. I sucked up my embarrassement and did as she asked. Finally she said that she neede to check my prostate. She had me ly down on the bed sideways and she lubed up her fingers. Without notice, I felt her penetrate my ass with her finger and she went all the way in. She moved her fingers around even pulled out and re-entered twice. After the initial shock of her invasion was over, I was fine and to my surprise, my cock was no longer shrinking. It was actually statring to grow.

When she was done, she told me to roll over onto my back. I did so very slowly trying to conceal my hardening cock. As I was rolling over, she announce that she was going to check my testicals. before i could even answer, she pulled the paper gown up to my chest and totally exposed my cock and balls to the room. In a very weird way, she grabbed my cock, now in a semi hard state and held it to the side as she fondled my balls. Playing with my balls and holding my cock in her hand wasn’t helping the situation or my embarrassment because my cock was liking the attention and very quickly grew to its full 7 inch potential in her hand. I tried to apologize but before i could get the words out she chuckled and said, “looks like someone likes my examination.”

Now I don’t know how long a genital examination usually takes or if it is normal for the doctor to hold ones cock during the exam but I was getting worried so i finally spoke up. “Is everything ok down there?”

In a low tone, almost a wisper, she said, “everything looks wonderful.” I took a sigh of relief that my package was good but she continued examining me. My paper gown had was bunched up on my chest so I moved it slightly and peeked down at what she was doing. I noticed that she was really focused on my cock and her face right there next to it. She had her left hand completely wrapped around my hard cock and her right hand was massaging my balls as opposed to examining them. It was feeling really good.

At this point, she knew i was watching her and she starting massaging the head of my cock with her thumb and forefinger. That little move caused me to gasp and when she heard that, her right hand started moving up and down on my cock. I couldn’t believe it. My doctor was jerking me off.

I laid my head back on the table and was enjoying the sensation as i dealt with my guilt, after all I am a married man but I resolved my guilt by telling myself that it was my wife’s fault. She sent me here!As I debate the situation, my thoughts were broken up by the doctor beginning to moan as she stroked me. Than I felt a warm wet sensation. I peeked down to see this large woman, now up off her stool, taking my whole cock in her mouth. She was sucking my cock like my cock was food. She sucked it and licked all over it like her lips were sending signal directly to her clit. Before I knew it, her jacket was open and she was fondling her big fat tits while she devoured my cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A line had already been crossed so I said “fuck it.” I reached down and grabbed at her tit that was closest to me but she was too far away. She immediately stopped sucking and moved closer to me but before she continued sucking, she pulled her top up and completley off exposing here gigantic bra covered melons. She left the bra on and immediately put her back into my crotch, deciding to now taste my balls. As she licked and than sucked my balls into her mouth, I was fascinated at the amount of flesh that was falling out of her bra. Her nipples were so huge that half of them were peeking out from the bra and they were hard and erect. I had to touch them so I grabbed the bra and pulled it down. Her tits spilled out landing on the table and i quickly got a hand under the left one and took that hard nipple in my fingers pinching it roughly. This really set her off and she sucked my entire cock into her throat.

She sucked me wildly for who know how long but like all good things, it was about to end and I had no control. With very little warning, she hit a spot on my cock and I shot an enormous load of cum right down her throat. I pumped exactly 10 jets into her and than spasmed at least 5 or 10 more times and she never stopped sucking. When she did finally release my cock from her lips, there was no sign of cum anywhere. She got it all!

It didn’t end there though. With my cock still in her hand, she stood upright, her big fucking tits dangling on my chest and reached her hand down into her pants. She stood there stroking me with her hand in her pussy getting herself off. I decided to help her so i grabbed her fat tit in my hands and guided her plump nipple to my lips and sucked as much of that oversized nipple in as I could. I sucked it, chewed it and bit it. As I did, it grew even more. That was one big fucking nipple and it was fun sucking on it. However, that did it for her she came really quick. I thought she was going to fall over from her orgasm because her knees were shaking and she had a hard time steading herself.

When her orgasm finally eneded, she put her tits back in her bra , got dresses and fixed up her appearance. As I lay there watching, she turned arounded, smiled and said, ” it appears you have a mild prostate infection. I will write you a prescription for an anti biotic that will take care of that and I’ll need to see you back here in 10 days.”
Before I could answer, she said good bye and walked out of the room.

I got up, dressed myself and left. When I got home, my wife asked how things went. I told her about being naked, wearing that little paper gown and how the doctor finger fucked my ass. I than told her about my infection and that I needed to return in 10 days.
I left out the part about the biggest fucking tits I ever seen or sucked and the best fucking blow job I ever received. I decided she didn’t need to know about that.

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