My Dream For Double Dick

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My Dream For Double Dick

Hi my name is swathi. This is my very first story which I am going to share. . I noticed everyone sharing their real story here, so decided to share my one too. I am 5’3’’ and weight 49kg and my body size is 34c-29-36. I have black hair and black eyes. My husband Rakesh is 5’6’’ and 60kg with dark hair and black eyes with a 7’’ cock. We have been married last six years we have a k** age 4yrs. This is my real story which is happened last summer when my husband out of town for two weeks for some business works. Rakesh basically from a semi developed town so he dreams big.

For that reason he never gives lots of time for me in bed. But I want more sex in my life so I watch porn movies in my free time or when husband not in town. In this way of life one day I found a movie where two guys fucking a lady. Fucking two cock’s at a time it make me horny I dreamt about to fucking double penetration and masturbating lots of time at night. I was not satisfying my life. But soon it’s been possible to fucked two guys at a time and nobody leak it out to others people. When last summer Rakesh was out of town that time his two elder brothers Rahul and Prakash came to our house to discuss some land related issues with Rakesh.

Actually Rakesh called them to meet him by Sunday but they didn’t make it and Rakesh left for his business tour on Saturday evening. On sunday afternoon they reached to our house. I welcomed them and tell them everything that my husband said to tell them. After resting two or three hours they want to leave for village. I forced them please stay for today you both have came from long journey please rest for the day and visit town, leave tomorrow.

They agree after some urge and I showed them our guest room. At the evening I left out for marketing some vegetables but when I came back I was stunned they were drinking whisky, “I asked them where you get that from” they said “we brought it nearby shop” I not asked not more than that then I went to kitchen place all vegetables in the fridge. I was tired and sweat so I must need shower. I enter our bathroom I found someone used our bathroom no wonder Rahul and Prakash used it. But they forgot to bring out their briefs, watching their inner cloths some electric shocks go through in my whole body. I don’t know but I touch their inner and I smell it for some time. They are really arousing me and I am too happy to touching it, smelling it, as well as rubbing it in my pussy.

My pussy totally wet and I slowly trying to finger fucking. After taking shower I throw it in wet floor because if they found that I rubbed those inner in my pussy, it’s really embarrassing me. In our bathroom I made a plan for fucking myself with two men’s at a time. I desperately want to fuck with them because I know they have well build body and some big cock too. After taking shower I made some food as I promised later afternoon for good food. Now I reached drawing room where they are watching tv and drinking. I know if a men taking alcohol he needs sex too. So I asked them ‘anything you want? Which I have to give? They said “they want more whisky”. I said you already taken one bottle whiskey, I hope it’s enough. They replied “we want little, just little”. So I bring a half bottle whiskey which Rakesh brought in last week.

Suddenly Rahul asked “Is Rakesh and You drink together”. These questions make me nervous in front of them but I said yes occasionally we sit and drink because when we go for anyone’s party we have to take it. “Please sheela join us” said prakash. I said no no you take I am good and how I take in front of you, although I have to change my dress so I am leaving. I leave them but when I leave I saw rahul watching my ass very eagerly. I went from there and I wear a black nightwear no bra just a black panty inside. When I was come back they made three pegs of whiskey. Both of them watching me not even blink their eyes. I can see some hardness in their lower area. And I came there for making them ready to fuck me so I planed shows them some good things. First I planned to show them my 34C boobs so I bent towards them and asked them who this third glass is?

They again asked me to have it and join us. I will take it but you will never share today’s story to my husband. They agreed and promise me that they never gonna tell rakesh about this. Now the show time I have to arouse them for sex, I said let’s play cards if anyone lose he or she have to dance. They agreed and I brought playing cards and sat on the floor with them. Make them great advantage and freely to talk with me because that will make them comfortable to touch my body. I know they can easily beat me by no time.

When rahul start shuffling cards I said intentionally anybody who loose will dance for winner. Prakash said it is going to be really fun rahul bhaiya. Let’s play….after some time I lost and take that peg of whisky and change the channel in Mtv and start dancing after two three minutes I asked rahul bhaiya please join me, after getting my offer prakash also gets up and start dancing like bhangra and some bollywood moves this was happened because of whisky. Everything happening as per my plan.

In dancing time I take my glass in my hand and when he came near me and closing my gap with dancing suddenly I acted like I misbalanced and I fall down, prakash caught me I made first contact with him and intentionally I touch lower area to check his cock, It’s already hard. I want his touch in my boobs accidently prakash touch it, prakash immediately said I am sorry but I never mind because I want they touch my body which make them arouse. Again they start game…. I said prakash bhaiya are so naughty, I feel my dress little wet with whiskey I have to change my dress. Prakash said ok get it done quickly and join us for next game. I said ok I am coming and I went to my bedroom when I am entering my room I didn’t close the door totally I want they can see me through that space I start removing my nightwear in meanwhile heard some sound to walking towards my door. Now I know they are staring my body from backside.

Slowly I remove my nightwear in the floor and now I am only my panty which surely makes their cock hard I remove it slowly now I am naked for a minute I stood there to get them better view of ass and back body. Now I did not wear anything inside, just wear a transparent nightwear for a great view of my body can see everything. Seeing this they again get back to their places I join again time is now 10:30pm I said lets have some food bhaiya. Rahul said just one game and finish your peg too. Prakash said now who lose he or she have to do something special for winner. I understand that words because I now know both are found me naked which I want it.

Again I lost my game prakash said me to something special to me which you never did in your life. I said no bhaiya I did all my wishes in my life which I want. I just avoiding knowingly then Prakash said I have a wish to dance with you and feel you and prakash came near me and grab me in his arms I said what are you doing bhaiya I am your brother’s wife please leave me, I am not trying to free from his arms its really feel good after my husband another man touch me like that way after a second I feel that another hand touching my ass from backside I said rahul bhaiya please don’t do this but I know both of them are now never stop because alcohol and my naked body made them wild now four hands touching my body all over. They remove my nightwear in a minute and now dance. I am naked with two men what I dreamt about a year.

I feel wetness in my pussy. I wonder how will be two cock fuck me one in my pussy and one in my asshole. They remove their clothes I surprise when they remove their lungi I saw their cock they are too big for me. Both have 8’’ dick and totally erect. They order me to suck it; you want it desperately all we know. You have no way to get out from here. I replied them I don’t want to get out from here I want both your cock make me satisfy tonight. I kneel down and start sucking one by one.

After 10 minute they lie down me on sofa and start sucking my pussy and my boobs. When rahul sucking my pussy same time prakash sucking boobs continues change their position after 5 minutes. After sucking my pussy and boobs they order me to suck their ass I was stunned they behaving like I am a slut and they buy me for whole night but I start sucking their ass, after 5 minutes I said them please fuck me, I want cock in my pussy and ass too. Fuck me like your wives; I want to feel your cocks and cums.

Prakash came and point his dick to my cunt and start rubbing it for a minute and slowly insert his cock, half of his dick inside my pussy but pain is too high I said please prakash bhaiya let that out for a minute but he is not listening and start stroking I said again please bhaiya let that out for a minute. He replied stop calling us your bhaiya now we are your saiya and you are not our wives, now you are our maal we gonna make you a complete women from a girl which your husband failed to do. I surprisingly watching his face again prakash said I know your husband never fucked you properly that’s why you are watching porn movies at night and after six years of marriage you pussy still tight means you never face this kinds of cock too. Tonight we will give you full satisfaction and make your vagina women’s vagina. Started slowly but after some time I feel that he is trying to insert his total dick I said no bhaiya please….. But he never stops and inserts his 9’’ dick just one powerful stroke.

I want to shout but rahul block my mouth and prakash bhaiya fucking like wild a****l after a minute my pain was gone and now I feel like I am in heaven. My pain now gone take that place my moan ahhhhhhhhh uuuuuuh fuck me………. fuck me harder, Whole room full of sound of fucking like thap thap and I am happily cooperating them now I feel good when cock get in and out. After 10 minutes of devils fucking I said I need rest. But rahul said now is my turn, how can you rest now both of us fuck you at a time. I said I am not ready for that. But who cares Rahul sat on sofa and order me to sit on his cock, I do what he wants because I don’t have any choice to say ‘no’ and he start fucking after some minutes prakash trying to insert his dick in my ass now it really painful for me. But both of them inserted their 9’’ dick at a time.

Rahul said ‘After taking a break you wanted to show your body to us’. I stunned and asked how you know that things… after devastating fucking of 20minutes they changed their places and again start fucking me in same position another 10minutes. Then both sit sofa and ordered me to suck their cock they have to cum my mouth. After finishing our fucking session we went for dinner three of us now naked walking inside the house. I want to wear my clothes but prakash said I have another 5-6 hours to finish. I was shocked that both rahul and prakash wants to fuck me whole night. Rahul said to start DVD but play which we found later this evening. DVD still inside the player I run it, both make a place between them and we were watching porn movies for half an hour. But they ordered me to blowjob for time to time.

After half an hour they start fucking me, time was 12:15am and its stop around 6:00am in the morning. Both hard rods sandwich my pussy and asshole. Nonstop fucking made me so relax and happy. They made me that day satisfy. Whole night we can’t get sleep. What I dreamt about I fulfill that day. Actually that day I truly change from a girl to women and it’s painful though they worship my pussy that day. They stayed for next two day and we fucked lots of time. Still they came and fucked me whenever they are in town.
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one peg to keep your words rahul bhaiya, and I take it just one shot. Prakash said why you making hurry just relax and drink. He made another peg for me….after taking one peg I am really want another peg so I take my glass again now I start drinking slowly and watching a family tv serial. Rahul said please sheela change to a movie channel, in zee cinema Aitraaz movie showing that moment. In the mean time they fill my glass again. Suddenly prakash said sheela you don’t have new movies on DVD. I said yeah I have just wait, when I want to rise that time I feel my head is spinning round round. I am drunk not much but its drunk. Rahul catch me and asked me “are you ok?” You sit I will start the DVD. You take this water I said it’s ok now I am fine.

When rahul catch me, he rubbing my backside to check out whether I am wearing anything inside me or not? I sat on the sofa, Prakash on the DVD but he can’t start it. I asked for the remote and started the DVD I was stunned movies started on DVD is my porn movies which I forgot to remove from DVD players. Two men fucking a lady at a time I just want to stop it but it is not stopping I feel embarrassing in front of them, and ashamed. Rahul asked “you too do it also?” I don’t have answers just lower my head and movie is running, I still trying to stop it but remote is not working. Prakash said don’t stop I know you both husband and wife watch this movies. If I am not wrong you want us to fuck you like in these men are doing. When I enter the bathroom I understand that you are the one who throw our innerwear on wet floor. Now I am very much exposed to them and I really want to do sex with two people but how can I say to them. Suddenly rahul and prakash came near me and remove their lungi in front of me and said me like those two men in the movie suck our cock too.

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