My Driving Classes

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My Driving Classes
This is a true incident happened in my life. This may because of the open life style we maintained. We moved to Mumbai from north due to mu husband’s job. We were staying in the western suburb of Mumbai. I was scared of driving for which my husband always teases me. At last we have decided to learn driving and met a driving school person near to our house. I wear revealing dresses as husband likes it. I was wearing a sleeveless and low cut black to and a knee length skirt when we went to meet the driving school person. He is a very young unmarried person not very handsome but not too bad also. We have agreed to meet next day morning 7.30 am at my place after leaving the c***dren at school and it is for 1 hour every day. Next day I got ready for the classes and wore salwar kameeze and a dupatta to cover my chest as all my dresses are low neck. He was on time we have started from our house.

He made me to sit on the driver’s seat and he took other seat next to me. I told him this is first time sitting in driver’s seat. He said don’t worry he has control of the brake and the clutch at his side too. Before starting the vehicle he explained me how start and how to check the gear before starting etc. I saw he is touching too much on my body than required however I didn’t react and concentrated on the instructions what he was giving. After the instruction he told me to start the vehicle.

I was literally scared and don’t know how to start also so I told him I don’t know how to start. Then he guided me and told me to check the gear by taking my hand in his and put it on the gear and lifted my thigh and put the left leg on the clutch and lifted right leg and put it on the accelerator and took my right hand and shown me how to start while doing so his elbow was pressing my breast he was deliberately rubbing I was uncomfortable but didn’t say anything as I thought the starting will be only once so this won’t be repeated. I started the car he told me to change the gear and press the accelerator I did so but the vehicle jumped and I turned the steering to one side. He immediately put his hand on eth steering to keep under control in this his hand got stuck with my dupatta . He said please remove the duppatta as it will be inconvenience by saying so he removed himself from my shoulder.

As I told you all my dresses are reasonably low cut half of the cleavage was visible and I was feeling shy. He said you have a very beautiful figure why are you keep it covered. I told him let us learn driving and I am here for that. I again started the car and tried as he said vehicle moved a little more this tie mi was struggling to control and he again came to my rescue and controlled the vehicle like this we tried for few more time and I was also enjoying at the back of my mind.

But never wanted to proceed further with is man. we moved away from our home and we were on some other road which is less traffic and due to morning hour no one was around. While I was trying to drive he was enjoying my thigh and the moving his hand all over the place below. I told him I am not comfortable with it for which he said he never go for the teaching it was because of you only I came and I like to feel your body saying this he put his hand inside the kameeze and started squeezing my breast then he said if you don’t like this then one of his staff will come for the teaching. Then it was almost a hour and we were about to wind up he again held me tightly and kissed me and said you are very sexy and I like to make love to you. Your yesterday’s dress was really killing.

He dropped me at my house and told me if I want him to come tomorrow then I have to call him today before 3 pm and he should be allowed all freedom. He was very blunt in saying so. I reached home. I never thought I should call him to feel my body though I was also enjoying the same I thought he will come. But he made it very clear that I should tell him to come. I thought anyway I have time till 3pm. But one thing was sure I was getting hot by 3 pm I left my c***dren for the tuition and took his card which he gave me in the morning. I dialed him he picked up I introduced myself to him. He said sorry for the behavior in the morning but he could not control himself so he is arranging some of his staff from tomorrow. He wanted me to say you come and do whatever on me, I told him since I am new I wish you If you come then I will learn fast. He said it is not matter much who teaching you.

He wanted me to say you come. So I said why you don’t come. He said if I come I will behave the same manner which you don’t like. I said no problem you come. He was not ready to spare me, asked it means it is ok with you what I did in the morning. I said ok with me. He asked did I enjoy I kept quite. He again said if you have not enjoyed then there is no point for me to come and do something to you. I said I enjoyed. He asked what all you enjoyed I said all. He again asked be very specific what did you enjoyed the most. I said I and feel shy to say but I enjoyed a lot. Then he asked ok if I come tomorrow what all I can do to you. I again kept quite he asked again please tell . I said whatever you like. He asked sure is said yes. He said then please wear some more revealing dress tomorrow like the one you wore when you come to my office. I said ok I will wear then he asked me whether I am keeping clean shave I said not clean only trimmed. He said have it clean shaved tomorrow. I want to feel it. I said ok let me try. We spoke a lot what are the liking and dislikes.

Went to the bathroom and removed all hairs from eth pubic area with the help of hair removing cream and made my leg and all area smooth for the encounter tomorrow. I was dreaming for tomorrow. Morning as usual c***dren left for the school husband to leave by 7.45 am I have to leave by 7.30 am for the driving classes. I wore skirt and the low neck t shirt and a jacket just cover till the time get into the car. Husband asked why skirt. I said this is convenient for using breaks and the clutches at the learning stage. By sharp 7.30 am he came I went to the car he came out and made me to sit on the driver seat.

He got into the car and as the car started we moved from our colony. he asked by didn’t you wore some other top this is fully covered I pulled down the chain of the jacket to show him that I was wearing a very narrow strap and low cut top below this. He remove the jacket and kissed me and put his hand on the cleavage and started rubbing we stopped the car in a deserted area. He took my face in his hand and kissed me on the lips I opened my mouth to him his tongue was playing with mine and his hands were inside the skirt and reached to the panty he slid the panty and felt the softness of the clean shaven pussy . Other hand was inside my top and pressing my breasts one after another. I can’t remember eh sequences as I was in the seventh heaven. He put my hand on his hard dick it was hot from outside I rubbed for some time then I told him this is not the right place for this. He too agreed and said we will drive down to National Park and spent some time in the car itself I said if it is a safe place then ok. He sat on the driving seat and drove the car to national park all this time of driving his hands were inside the skirt and he could feel that I am wet inside. We parked it on a secluded place. He kissed me and told me to come to the back seat.

We sat on the back seat and we were exploding each other body by hugging and kissing he started kissing my thighs by raising the skirt reached to the pussy he removed my panty which was wet and started licking. I was enjoying and started rubbing his dick over the pants after some time he got up and told me you are very tasty. I kissed him and got the taste of my come from his lips. I tried to open his zip for which he helped me and I inserted my hand in this undergarment and pulled out the dick. It was erected and long I kissed and licked then started sucking the same I suck his balls also which he liked the most. Again I sucked and he was about to come he told me would you mind if I come in your mouth. I did not say anything but kept on sucking which gave him a indication that I like to come in the mouth. He said I am coming and he came in my month which I drank in full without wasting a drop of the same. I got up we kissed hugged and we complemented each other and agreed that this driving session is going to be most memorable one. We have decided to meet at my place tomorrow after my c***dren go to tuition

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