My family reunion trip – Discovering the forbidden

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My family reunion trip – Discovering the forbidden
This is the story of a very exciting, and very strange summer I had some years back. The events that took place that summer, were quite extensive. Which I think is a great excuse for naming the chapters. So, here we go:

Chapter 1 – Discovering the forbidden fruit

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my remote family from Eastern Europe. Years in fact. For the longest time, because of operational reasons, I was not allowed to go where they lived. And they could not visit us due to a practical reason. They lived in a village on the border of two formerly Soviet republics, and the farthest they’ve ever gone were cities within these two countries. They spent most of their time taking care of their crops, garden and a small amount of farm a****ls.

By western terms it would probably look like a very small farm, but it was enough to keep them well fed, and well provided for. Most of what they produced, they sold. They lived in a small, one story, country house, in the middle of the plot. Unlike the residents in most neighboring villages, and even quite a few residents of that village, they had most modern facilities, running and warm water year round, modern toilet and shower, and basic cellular reception.

So, shortly after my travel related bans were lifted, I had made the long trip to the remote airport, changing planes twice. Now all that stood between me and them was a simple “route car” ride to their village. Luckily I speak good Russian, and that was enough to ask and get an answer in the local, and very unusual for me dialect, as to where the “route car” I needed was departing from. I found it, paid the driver something like 2 US$ (using local currency) loaded my stuff in the mini-bus that was significantly older than me, and took my seat.

It was late morning. There were few people on the bus, and after a few minutes it left with more than half the seats vacant. Everyone kept to themselves, and after 3 stops it was my turn to get off. My relatives were waiting for me at the stop. My mom’s youngest sister, who was now looking a bit more mature, was the first to hug me. She had an average build, just a bit fuller than the last time I saw her. Same blonde hair and the strong yet soft hands of a country-girl. I hugged her back and held her as hard as I could.

– “It’s great to see you auntie. My lovely beautiful Tania, I missed you so much!” I said in a an accent that was funny to them. For a few long seconds we couldn’t separate, until she reached up, held my head and gave many small kisses on both chicks, like she always did.

– “Olka, Marichka, you two, come on…” I said. My two cousins that were now both taller than her, joined in for a group hug.

I really did miss them a lot. Olya – Olka – Olga was the eldest. Some years younger than me. Her noticeable features brown eyes, great figure, and a smile like her mom’s. Marichka (Or Marina) was younger, and she changed a lot since we last met. Still petite, she was changing from the tomboy who always wanted to play catch with me, into a stunning young lady, who I expected was the focus of all the local boys’ attention. With long blonde hair and a tiny nose and mouth that looked too perfect to be real. The youngest sister, Lia, was staying with her father, Tolik, Aunt Tania’s ex husband, and my uncle in law.

We hugged, and kissed, and hugged some more. Once we calmed down from the excitement, we made our way to their home. They settled me in, giving me a whole room to myself. Olya was temporarily sleeping in Marina’s and Lia’s room, in Lia’s absence, and I got her bedroom. We had a great early supper, and spent the whole evening talking and catching up. It was fun. The wait for using the shower was quite long, sharing a home with 3 ladies. The girls retreated to their bedroom first, and Aunt Tania and I shared some Red Wine I brought from home. As I was tired from the trip, I made my to the bedroom and got ready for bed.

Olya’s bed was a small old fashioned bed, tight and cozy. I lay in my boxers, resting but not yet sleepy. It was too warm to use covers. Suddenly aunt Tania came into the room in her night gown. short stature, long blonde hair. In the moonlight coming from the window, I could see her beautiful face, and her green-blue eyes, sporting a coy smile. Her dress was not purely sexy, but outlined her shape quite well. No longer the skinny girl with the big tits and great figure, but still attractive in fact. She came closer to me, her skin glistening in the moonlight, still a tiny bit damp from the recent shower. She was in decent shape, but the first thing you notice was the divine boobs that needed a custom tailored bra, prominent, full legs, and tiny feet in fuzzy slippers. I was shamelessly scanning her body, head to toe. Just barely concealed in the thin dress. It was very wrong, but I wouldn’t look away. She was no longer wearing a bra, and I could see the shape of her very big breasts, not confined, yet looking spectacular, resting nicely atop her soft belly. She sat down on the edge of the bed. The bed was small, so her butt was pressed against my legs. It was big and soft. We talked some more, while she was petting my chest, shoulders and arms. It felt nice. As time progressed, her fingers moved, petting to my legs and thighs. It was a bit strange. But I didn’t want her to stop.

The door screeched a bit. Aunt Tania noticed it was not properly shut, and fixed it. She got back to her place sitting on the bed. I lay on my side so she has more room. She used the opportunity and petted and scratched my back. When she reached a certain point in my lower back, I got really ticklish. I laughed, and twitched. In the awkward position, she fell on top of me, her amazing boobs pressed against my stomach and crotch, her head pressed against my chest. Instead of moving, she stayed in that position. Instead of just waiting for her to get up I held her with one hand, touching her back softly with the other. She kissed my chest, and touched my face with her free hand. I moved down and grabbed her ass hard. The big soft cheek felt awesome in my hand. She moved up a bit. I started pulling her nighty up, petting her thigh. And found my way to the inner thighs. Auntie Tania was as hot as a cooker. I don’t think she had any panties on. I now really wanted to check and confirm my theory.

Suddenly aunt Tania got up. Her face was red, and mine turned red too with this realization. I think she could also see how horny I was, looking at the tent in my boxers.

– “Sorry dear, I don’t know what came over me.” She said

– “We’ve always had a close bond,” I said

– “Well, this goes a bit beyond a close-bond, I’d say. Come on, you’re my nephew. My favorite nephew”. She continued.

– “It’s alright, nothing happend.” I recovered quickly. “Heat of the moment. Come on, you can sit back down. I missed you so much”.

She sat on the bed again, calmer. A minute or so of quiet, and then we were chatting again, about this and that. At some point she turned her body to me, putting her hand was in my hair. It was so pleasant. “My favorite nephew”… she whispered softly. And with her free hand she took my hand, and put it on one of her tits on the outside of the gown. Even with the clothing in the way, the feeling was diving. I tried to grab as much of it as I could, trying to find her hard nipple. I kept on playing with both boobs. I finally lowered the shoulders of her nighty and discovered the beauty of her perfect white mountains. Amazingly big, soft, sagging a bit, but still with good volume. She was so white! Not a hint of tan. I freed both hands and just started touching, squeezing, petting, and stimulating her proportionally big areolas. The borders were no longer there it would seem, and she lowered her body, placing the left nipple in my mouth. I locked on it hard, sucking it like a baby, with force. It seemed this was just what she wanted. She started moaning in pleasure. I opened wide and tried to fit more of it in my mouth. As I was successful, sucking it as if this was the last tit on earth. She responded, grabbing my head hard and pushing herself into my mouth. In turn, I searched with my right hand, and found her crotch. No objections this time. For now, I just touched her bare skin. You could feel the heat! “No way this is happening” I thought to myself. “Yes, way” I responded in kind, inside my head. My sweet county-girl aunt, almost naked, on my bed, her ow so tasty nipple in my mouth, as I was exploring her intimate area. Her nipple and boob really did taste great. Right out of the shower, fresh, and clean, and smelling great.

She wasn’t clean shaven down there. But the hairs that were present, were sparse enough to make it feel really nice. I reached into the soaking wet, warm vagina, and found her clitoris whilst messing around there. I gave it the focus it deserved, and her moans, became all the more excited, and far too loud. Luckily the two bedrooms didn’t share a wall, but if the girls woke up, they would certainly have an idea as to what is going on. Not too long into my session of masturbating my auntie, during which I switched my oral focus to her other nipple, sucking hard and fast, I started feeling her juices on my hand. I was sorry that in the awkward position, I was not able to taste her fluids. In a few more moments the loud moans changed in rhythm a bit, as she was cumming. Her orgasm really lasted. I was happy to see her satisfied. She collapsed on top of me, for a short while. Her magnificent body touching my skin.

What came next, was truly pleasurable. She faced the other way, positioning herself on the bed, on her knees, on both my sides, facing the end of the bed. Her awesome ass up in the air, not in a 69 like position, but just high, and again covered with the night gown. She got my dick out of the boxers, and trapped it in between her soft love mounds. This was so pleasant. I was worried I might just cum then and there. She played a bit, sort of daring me to hold on. I lifted the bottom of her gown and grabbed her big ass. I petted, and played, and spanked her bum. I massaged her inner thighs. They were still wet with her vaginal love juice. I wanted to lick her pussy clean, after her orgasm, but couldn’t reach. After a short while, she took my cock from out of her grip, and took it into her mouth. She sucked, and licked, and sucked again. A couple more spanks on her ass, and a minute or so after she started, I was firing at full strength. It was a great, unbelievable sensation. She swallowed it in a few quick gulps.

Aunt Tania got up and looked at me. I had hoped she would sit back down. Maybe even go further and steal a kiss. The taboo ship has sailed for sure. Even if we fell asleep together in the small bed I’d be happy. But she didn’t. Her face was red with embarrassment, again. This time, unlike mine. I embraced the chaos, the taboo. I could conform to some rules, sure. At time, many rules and strict orders inf fact. But if it felt so good, it was good. But I mentioned all that to myself, in my head. I was silent, speechless. So was she. Aunt Tania opened the door and went out the room without a word.

To be continued…

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