My first affair

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My first affair
It was a beautiful Saturday summer evening. My two boys were down at the pool, and I had just opened a nice bottle of wine to enjoy as I watched them swim. My wife was out of town taking care of some continuing education classes she needed for her job.

The sun was just starting to set, but the pool water was warm from the heat of the day. I had planned on sipping on this bottle of wine until dark, putting the k**s to bed, and relaxing.

I owned several wine stores, and it was a common practice for me to trade wine to customers who had traveled overseas or to another market and brought something back not available to me. I recognized the number on my phone as one of my stores…


“Hey Bob, this is Katie from the big store and some guy just dropped off a bottle of wine for you and a note. What do you want me to do with it?”

Katie was a 23 year old clerk that worked for me. She had been interested in wine from her travels to Italy as a c***d with her parents, and started working for me right after turning 21 as the law prescribed. I hired attractive woman as clerks to run the registers because it attracted a lot of college guys to my store, and even older men like me enjoyed the young college beauties. I had just turned 42, but looked a bit younger. I had always kept in shape, and working around college k**s helped keep me young at heart.

I would have hired Katie even is she didn’t know the first thing about wine. She was small about 5’ 2”, long blond hair, blue eyes, massive DD natural boobs, and had been a cheerleader all through high school. In word, gorgeous! You could tell she had a bit of a wild side to her with her dyed hair, eye piercings, and tattoos. Although she looked a bit wild, she always carried herself in a polite manner and interacted well with my uppity clientele.

“You can put it outside my office door. I just opened a bottle of wine myself , and my wife is out of town, so I would have to come get it and I don’t want it that bad tonight. I’ll just get it in the morning. How’s business going tonight?”

“We have been slammed! The guys in back asked if I could help with the beer cooler because they have been so busy.” I smiled when she said this because I knew the only reason they ask her to help was to watch her nipples get hard from the cold air.

Like I said she had been working for me for a couple of years, and we had gotten to know each other pretty well. She had been our ‘cart girl’ the past 2 years for a local golf tournament which had just been held, and she got drunk…..or should I say “we got her drunk’ …..and we convinced her to go topless for some of the holes. The marshal saw and made her put her shirt back on with a warning to us. We tried to get her to take off her shorts and straddle the hole while putting, but the best she would do was pull her shorts and panties to the side while we putted. We still go to see her whole pussy, but didn’t have to worry about ‘being caught’ so it probably worked out for the better. When I drove her home after the tournament she was still drunk and was trying to get into my pants literally. I drove a small convertible at the time I was afraid someone would see this and tell my wife so I just wanted to get her home. I was thinking I could walk her inside to see what happens when I got her home, but for now I just needed her out of my car.

“You know they only reason they ask for your help is to see your hard nipples”

“I know. I don’t care. The customers at the register like them too. If I remember correctly you liked them and my pussy at the golf tournament.

“Yes I did. I can’t wait for the next tournament.” I said.

“Maybe you won’t have to.” She replied.

“Well let me know if you’re coming out this way, and maybe you can drop it off after work.” I looked at the clock when I said this and she was schedule to be off in an hour and a half at 11:00 p.m.

Sure enough at 11:15 my phone rang.

“Hey Bob, its Katie. Do you still want that bottle of wine tonight? Paul, Megan, and I are finishing up here at the store, and we are going to a party not far from you so we could drop it off.”

By this time I had finished the bottle of wine I had opened, and had opened a beer hoping she would call. They knew where I lived because of all the employee wine tastings I had hosted at my house.

“That would be great. I’ll share it with you for bringing it out to me. I’ll see you in a bit.

By now it was nearly midnight at my two boys were upstairs sound asleep in bed. I was looking for their car lights so they wouldn’t ring the doorbell and wake the boys. Around midnight a car pulled into the driveway, but only Katie got out of the drivers side with the bottle of wine.

I met her at the door. “Where’s Megan and Paul?”

“Oh they decided they weren’t that interested in the wine, and they just wanted to get to the party so I dropped them off but I’ve got the wine!” she added.

I let her inside, and we headed towards the kitchen. By now I was feeling pretty good having finished a bottle of wine and a beer, and Katie was in full view. Short denim shorts, a white t-shirt, and sandals. Her legs and arms were lean and strong from years of cheerleading. They were nice and tan from many hours at the pool.

“Just you home tonight?” she asked.
“No. My wife is gone until tomorrow afternoon, but both my boys are upstairs in bed.

“Maybe we should go downstairs so we don’t wake them.” she said. She was aware of our finished basement including two bedrooms from the wine tastings she had attended.

“Can we go out on your back patio and smoke this?” she asked holding up a joint. “The wine is good, but this works a lot quicker” she said with a smile.

We headed downstairs, and then outside through the basement door onto the back patio overlooking the pool. The moonlight lit the night sky just enough for me to get a clear look at her ass and legs. Tight, tan, and tone. Her breasts full under her white t-shirt.

“Do you have a light for this?” she asked holding up the joint.

“let’s go down to the fire pit. We can light it there.”

The fire pit was pretty secluded from the house. The bushes around the pool had grown in nicely, and you had to walk down 3 steps to get on the patio area so it was quite a bit lower than the surrounding landscape affording more privacy.

The fire pit is gas with an automatic light so I turned it on real low and lit it. The flames were just high enough to add a glimmer of light, but no real heat. Between the fire pit and the landscape lighting I could see Katie well.

I lit the joint, took a drag, and passed it over to Katie.

She took a huge hit, held it long, and slowly exhaled. “Oh that’s good” she said.

“You know I liked all the attention I got at the golf tournament last week especially from you. Sorry about the way I acted in the car on the way home. I was a little drunk” she said

“That’s alright. You surprised me with the way you were acting. That’s not a side I see at work.

“It would be if you let me come to work drunk.” She quickly replied.
“I like having you as my boss. You’re cute and I like how you boss me around. You’re always nice about it, but you make it clear its needs to be done quickly and correctly.”

“So you like being told what to do by me?”

“I never really thought about it, but I guess I do”

Alright then stand up and take off your bra. You can leave on your t-shirt but take the bra off underneath.

She did, and instantly her nipples were showing through her top.

“Are you turned on by me right now?”


“Then pull your panties to the side, insert your finger in your pussy and then let me suck your juices off your finger.”

She scooted her ass just a little on the loveseat freeing up her shorts and inserted her finger. I could hear her juices as she inserted her finger. Her nipples were in plain view popping through her shirt and her breaths were heavy.

“Is your finger wet?”

“Yes” she whispered in a heavy voice.

“As you pull your finger out let it rub over your clit, and then let me taste it”

Her panties were pulled well to the side by now, and she had her middle finger inserted all the way in her pussy. With her other hand she pulled her panties exposing her clit. Her finger glistened with her juices as she rubbed it over her clit. She raised her finger to my mouth, but before she was able to put it in I stopped her hand and said, “If you want me to fuck you tonight, put your finger in my mouth and let me taste you” I then let go of her hand.

Her eyes had been half shut, but she opened them and watched as she slipped her wet finger into my mouth.

My mouth clamped firmly on her finger and I swirled my tongue over it while keeping my mouth closed. With her finger still in my mouth I asked “Do you want me to make love to you tonight or fuck you hard”

She looked right into my eyes and said, “ I want you to fuck me hard”

“Take your shirt off “

As she did, I leaned over and unbuttoned her shorts and loosened her zipper. Her tummy was smooth and I could see the top of her pink panties. I scooted back on the loveseat, grabbed her by her hips and pulled her down so she laying on her back. Her nipples were rock hard and well exposed. Her areolas were small giving a fine outline around her nipples.

I grabbed one breast and slowly licked the underside of the other purposely staying clear of her nipple. I pinched her other nipple with my hand that was full of her breast. She let out a low moan and sucked in her tight belly allowing easy access under her panties. I knew I was going to fuck her hard, but not yet.

My mind was racing. Here I am with a gorgeous college co-ed about to fuck her in my own backyard. My boys are asleep, right? They won’t wake up will they and come looking for me ? My cock was throbbing and I could feel my precum inside my boxers. My heart was pounding and my breaths were short. Do I stop or do I go on? I had already told her ‘no’ once after the golf tournament . I may never get this chance again.

My hand took long strokes from her breasts, over her tummy, and down to the top of her panties. Slow and deliberate. I leaned down over her face and kissed her. As I pulled away I bit her lower lip.

She looked up at me. “I’m ready to be fucked”

I sat back and grabbed her shorts with both hands. She raised up and I pulled them and her panties back with one movement.

She lay there naked with the flames dancing off her smooth skin.

I stood up and moved towards her face.

“Grab my cock and make love to it.”

Her first movement was a long lick on the underside of my cock so I could see her well. She looked at me and smiled as she licked the precum off the end of my dick.

“That tastes yummy” she said.

For the next several moments she sucked me off exactly as I instructed her. She listened and obeyed my every command including when I told her to rub her pussy with one hand. She sucked me off slowly as I played with her tits and squeezed her nipples. One hand guided my cock into her mouth and the other rubbed over her clit and then finger fucked her pussy.

“Get up and bend over. Grab the cushions so I can fuck you doggy.”

She did as she was told, and when she stood up I saw her in full view for the first time. Her breasts were full. Nipples hard with a few goosebumps I could see in the soft light. Her frame soft with curves. Legs and ass firm.

She bent over in front of me. I reached down between her legs and inserted my finger inside her. I could feel her juices on the exterior of her lips, and I could feel the warmth as I entered her with my middle finger.

“That feels good but I want your cock”

I pulled my finger out f her wet hole. My finger glistened by the firelight. I spread her cheeks and used her own juices to lubricate the area around her ass hole.

Her head was down into the loveseat. “I like that”

I plunged my finger back in her pussy. She accepted it with a moan. I pulled it back out and further lubricated her asshole.

“Fuck me . Fuck me in my ass now”

My cock was about to explode. I inserted the tip in her pussy, Her warm velvety juices felt inviting. I slowly entered her fully allowing her juices to warm my cock and cover it fully.

“Pussy or ass?” I asked.

“This feels incredible, but I want you to ass fuck me”

I pulled my cock halfway out. I rubbed her juices off my cock and lubricated her ass while doing so. As I slipped my cock back in her I inserted my finger as well. I pussy lips stretched to take both in, and her ass tightened.

“Oh I like that” I pulled my cock back out of her, and reinserted my finger once again covering it with her own juices.

I lubed her ass one more time, and then stuck my cock back in her pussy one last time. I pulled my cock out, and rubbed the head against her ass hole.

“Put that in my ass. I’m ready. Fuck my ass deep”

Just then I slowly inserted my cock covered in her juices into her ass. She reached back and spread her cheeks allowing easier access. I put my cock half way in. I took a second and then buried myself into her as deep as I could. My balls touching her ass. She tightened up a bit and I could here her blow out a few breaths.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes. Just take it slow at first. You feel great in me. “

I pulled out slowly and then re-entered slowly pushing myself all the way in her. I did that one more time. I noticed her relax with the second thrust.

“Reach down and play with your clit” I told her.

She reached back and I could feel her hand rubbing against my balls as she played with her clit.

“Are you ok now?” She let out a confirming moan.

With one hand on her ass, and my other hand reaching down to her breast I ass fucked her for the next several minutes. With each thrust she seemed to like it more relaxing and taking me in her wholly.

“I’m getting close” she said.

“Me too”

“I want you to cum in my ass” she said and then her moan turned to a sigh. “Oh Bob…..oh…..oh”

With the change of her tone I knew she was cumming and I let myself go.

Her ass puckered and tightened on my cock elevating my sensations. I could feel my cum filling my dick, and then came the release.

She and I came together with both bodies shaking under the sensation.

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