My Friend And With Her Best Friend Too

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My Friend And With Her Best Friend Too
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n In the evening we were talking about her boyfriend. Neha was in relationships from 1 year and it was just three month passed when I loosed my virginity.

We used to roam in our society and talked to each other. She asked me what I did of condom and lubricants. I told her everything what I did. She was shocked to know that I am not a virgin any more inspite I was not in relationships.

I told her that I made them fuck my ass and pussy.

Then she told me about her boyfriend that he always tells me that he wants to have sex with me but fears a lot. So just to make he feel better I told her to try with me. She told me I never thought about lesbian activities. So I told her to call me in afternoon when her mother would not be in home.

After 3 days she called me to her home, I went to her house and entered. She told me I want to have sex with you.

We went to her bedroom and we sat on bed and kissed her she responded too. Then I told her to remove her top. She was feeling shy so I removed her top and removed my too. Then I pressed her breast she said it feels awesome and told me to press more. I kept pressing her boobs and she was mourning and breathing heavily.

Then I removed her bra and pulled her nipples it grew and pinched them slowly. She liked it so much and told me to do more and more. Then I push her to bed and climbed on her and smooched her and kissed her neck and licked her navel. I bit her nipple and sucked them she was breathing heavily.

Then I got up and removed my shorts and bra. I was only in panty then I told her to do what I did. She did it properly and she liked my boobs and pulled my nipples. Then I kissed her on her stomach and belly button.

Then I came between her thigh and spread her legs wide and kissed her thigh and touched her pussy from panty. It was little wet then I removed her panty. Her pussy was just beautiful and I gave a lick on her pussy.

Then I stretched her pussy lips and starting licking her pussy and sucked her clits she was mourning heavily and breathing heaving and pushed my face on her pussy.

I licked her pussy for 20 mins and she orgasmed so much and mourned. She was turned on so much and she pushed me on bed and sucked my navel and nipples and pressed my boobs harder. Then she removed my panty and fingered it. And started licking it, I orgasmed within 10 mins. Then we got up and dressed neha told me that she liked lesbian sex.

In evening we were taking a walk in our society and neha told me I can have oral sex with my boyfriend. Then she called he boyfriend in our society, he reached within 20 minutes and he went to parking lot at the end and were talking about relationships. I explained neha’s boyfriend to be in relationships sexual activity is not required but he was still on his point that he want to have sex with neha.

I suggested him to have oral sex as a last option he agreed on the condition and even neha was happy. Then they both hugged each other , I told them this is not a correct place and took them to parking lot at the end and went behind the car.

They both kissed each other and he was pressing neha’s breast at same time. They stopped after 15 mins n they were ready to leave and I stopped her bf and told him that neha is in shorts and you can take advantage of it in parking lot.

Neha looked at her bf and blushed then her bf pushed neha in car door and raised her top till her boobs and unhooked her bra and started sucking her nipples I was watching them and enjoying. Neha’s nipple got erected and he was biting them and she was breathing heavily.

After 10 mins neha wore her bra and put the top correctly. Then he got on his knees and dropped neha’s shorts and panty till her leg neha was covering her pussy by her hand , I told her to remove hand from there.

His bf bought her mouth and started to lick her pussy in no time neha stretched her legs widly, her bf licked her for 30 mins and she was breathing heavily and moaning and I was pressing her boobs. She orgasmed 4 times and her bf licked everything.

Then neha wore her panty and shorts. Then he removed her dick out it was long and erected , he told neha to take it in her mouth neha got on her kness and bought her mouth to his dick and stopped. She just kissed her penis tip and stroked it by her hands.

She was not ready to take his penis and told him it is too long I dont know how to take penis in mouth. He started forcing neha to take it, then I stopped him and neha and told if she doesn’t know then why are you forcing her. He was not ready to leave neha so I told neha to watch me carefully how I take a penis in mouth.

Then I got on my knees and hold his dick and opened my mouths wide and slowly took his penis and neha was watching. I took her bf’s whole penis in my mouth. He was impressed and neha was surprised then I got up and told neha try to take it little then half.

After 5 mins he ejaculated on the floor. Then he thanked me and took my number. Next day I got a message from him. He told me to meet me then he came to our society and I asked him where is neha? He replied I don’t know and said he had some work with me and he took me to his home. We entered and no one was there in his home. I sat and he offered me coffee.

Then he told me that he like when I took his penis in my mouth. He told he want to have sex with me and will never force neha to have sex. I told him she is my friend and I can’t cheat her. He told me it is not cheating and told if its cheating then you have cheated her before by taking my penis in mouth. I kept silence and he kissed me without telling me and grabbed my breast.

Then he took me to his bedroom and locked the door and I sat on his bed he came to me and kissed my neck and pressed my boobs hardly I told him its paining and and he did softly. I was turned on and he took advantage and removed my top and kissed by boobs from bra and he told me its much beautiful and big then neha. Then he removed my shorts and even his clothes he was in his shorts only.

He then pushed me on the bed and unhooked my bra and licked my nipples and cleavage it felt awesome . He then hugged me tightly to feel my erect nipples in his chest.

Then he removed his shorts and he was naked in front of me and I was only on panty. He started kissing my nipples and came down and spread my legs and kissed my thigh and then pussy from panty and then he removed it. I was naked too and he started licking my clits and pussy, in 10 mins I orgasmed and he licked everything.

Then he told me to take his penis on my mouth I did and sucked for 10 mins and he ejaculated on my mouth. Later he removed a packet of condom and a packet of birth control pill. I told him to wear a condom but he refused and said he wants to feel my hymen and put his penis without condom I told nothing and he placed his penis on my pussy and pushed it in.

Slowly it went inside completely, he was surprised and he removed his penis. There was no blood he asked , I told him I am not a virgin I had lost my virginity with my friend. He then wore a condom and again inserted his penis in my pussy and fucked me I orgasmed thrice in 20 mins then he ejaculated and disposed the condom. He told me its feels so good then I told him to fuck me again without condom.

After 30 mins he was again erected and entered my pussy without condom it was feeling awesome and more pleasurable then condom. He kept fucking me and I was going to orgasm and told him to keep his penis inside and I released my juice on his penis he said he liked it and said its full of pleasure and warmness. Due to orgasm my pussy was lubricated and he started fucking me again in 15 mins he ejaculated inside my pussy. His semen was warm and full of pleasure I loved it so much.

Then I told him to wear condom and that idiot got extra dotted condom he wore it. And I took three cushions and lied from front and told him to insert in my ass. He said its not possible to get in ass. I told him to try then he stretched my ass and bought his penis tip and pushed inside slowly his penis went inside. He was surprised. I told him that I made my friend fuck my ass too. He then fucked my ass it felt good due to friction of the dotted condom in my ass.

After 10 minutes he ejaculated an disposed the condom. I was exhausted and wanted to return but he said he wants to fuck me more and started eating my pussy and clits.

After 30 mins I orgasmed and he was erected. He sucked my boobs and pressed it was pleasure then he lied on bed and I came top of him and sat on his stomach and bend toward him . My breast was hanging on his face he pressed them and even pulled my nipples it was painful.

Then I lubricated his penis by taking his penis and guided his penis on my pussy and was moving up and down then he hold my waist and fucked me in that position I orgasmed after 20 mins and even he ejaculated in my pussy.

We then rested for 30 mins and he said it was pleasurable fucking me and gave me a pill . And he said he would not tell neha about the sexual activity and he drop me at my society

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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