my friend wife

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my friend wife
I am S***y 5.9 medium built fair, handsome, jolly. I had a friend who was not so close to me but we did met each other in the town’s restaurant for a small drink. Once during our drink session he asked me to come to his house the next week end for dinner but I refused and told him no, let us have dinner at a restaurant and it will be a treat to your family from my side and he agreed to it. Any way the next days passed by and on Sunday he called me and reminded of the treat. I told him I will be there on time.

Wow my cock responded immediately after looking at his wife. She was damn sexy I mean too sexy with medium sized lips, height of 5.5,fair in color, shoulder length hairs, aged 41,medium built, black eyes. I could not measure her other stats as she had covered her self with her sari pallu. She also greeted me with a smile. We sat down ordered for hard drinks and food for the c***dren and for her. Well her name was r***i. I was trying to look into her eyes where she also tried to look at me but was afraid from being caught by her hubby. After two drinks her hubby went to the look and in the mean time I had the chance to talk to her and asked her name, where I also praised her of her beauty that friend wife one can not make out that you have two sons and believe me you look so young. She smiled back and was about to say something but stopped her self, because she saw her husband coming back to the table. Then we had dinner and sat there chatting about other things, I paid the bill and we all stood up to leave. There was a large crowd in the restaurant, as we were getting out I was behind friend wife and did not missed the opportunity to touch her ass with my hands which I did and said sorry to her, she smiled back at me. When we reached the parking her husband asked us to stop there and went to bring his car. In the mean time friend wife said next week we will treat you but I said no friend wife I will not be here next week. Then she said no worry you tell us when will you be free, I said I don’t know about that. She said I think you are a busy man any way give me your number and I will call you and will find out the timings to meet again. I gave her my number .she thanked me for that. All of a sudden she pulled her cloth down so as to readjust it and look I saw a pair of big melons hidden beneath her black blouse, my eyes were fixed to it. She knew I was looking at her but she adjusted it and smiled back to me. In the mean time her car came they all hoped in it and left away for there house.

I also drove my car away. On the way back I was thinking of friend wifewhether she will allow me to have physical relation ship with her or not. Any way I thought if she calls me then only I will make a move or else I will forget her.

For the next few days I waited for her call eagerly but she did not call me. Even after a week I did not get any call from her and by that I time I had given up the idea to have sex with her.

Any way 2 months passed by but no call from her. In these two months her husband was posted to other town which was 25 km away in a bank thus he also did not get any time to meet me for drinks.

One day while I was in the market purchasing some clothes I felt a tap on my shoulders and I found a surprise when I turned around. Well there was friend wife standing in front of me smiling. I said friend wife how are you, where is your hubby now a days and all other questions which came in my mind. She also answered and asked me where had I been all these days and why did I not called them or visited her house. I said friend wife how can I come unless you invite me and why did you not call me. She said oh oh I had misplaced your number that is why I did not call you. After 5 minutes I took her to a coffee house had it and asked permission to leave. She said ok and took my number again and we went our ways.

On next Wednesday I got a call from her and I was too happy to receive her call. I greeted her and thanked her for calling me. She told me the reason for calling me and told me that next day I have to come to her house to fix her hanged computer. I said I will and next day I was there at 8 am well dressed up and without my underwear on (hope u readers will understand).she opened the door and I saw her dressed in black saree and a sleeve less blouse. We shook our hands and she led me to her drawing room. She said yahan baith jaoo .main abhi aati hun thora ghar ki safai karma hai aur abhi bache aur unke papa duty gayan hai. I said bhabi koi baat naih rahne do main computer thik karke chala jaunga tab aap kar lena.she smiled and said ok but wait I will bring tea for you. After tea she showed me the comp and I switched it on but there was no supply to it so I found out that the plug was out of order and asked for a screw driver she said go and bring it from the table in her bed room as she was in the kitchen. I went there and looked at the messed up bed on which clothes were lying and suddenly my eyes got the sight of her black panties I picked it up and smelled it and wowow what a smell. My cock sprang to its height I took it out from my pants and rubbed her panty on my cock and wow my cock was twitching due to excitement. Any way I kept it back took the screw driver and asked bhabi to help me out by holding the computer so that I could repair it. She stood and stretched her arms to hold it and loooooo her pallu slipped down to reveal her fair arms, cleavage and hair less arm pits. I went behind her tried to pull the wire below the table but was not able as it was stocked under the comp. I told her to lift it more but she said bhari hai, I said achha laoo main help karta hun and stood right behind her and lifted it and in the mean time she had felt my hardness on her ass. After pulling it out I fixed it and started the comp. During this I was standing and she could see the bulge in my pants. She said thank a lot. I asked her can I leave but she said nahin bhaiya please aaj yahin rukk jao naa main bore ho jattin hun so baad main chale jana.miane kahan agar main yahan ruka toh main bhi bore ho jaunga.she smiled back and said not to worry.

For next 10 mins we were sitting on the sofa where she had pulled her pallu down. I was staring at her breast without any fear and she asked what you are looking at. I said you know very well and went near her and pulled her to her feet and kissed on her lips and she also kissed me back and said bhaiya bahut der laga di tumne. I grabbed her full body and kissed all over her face she had closed her eyes and was enjoying it. I pushed my hips forward to press her cunt with my cock. I kneaded her breast took her hand and kept it on my cock she felt my throbbing cock and said haii daiyaaa kitna mota aur lamba hai. And shook it vigorously. I said bahar nikal ke dekho naa. I unzipped it and took it out to let her see my 9 inched cock with a big fore head and pink in color. She was so much aroused that she was unable to speak and pulled my cock and led me to her bed room. She sat on the bed and looked at my cock astonishingly her eyes were glued to it I shook her and said kiya hua bhabi. She said I hadn’t seen sucha magnificent cock in my life and nor in the xxx movies. It is so clean, nice, big, thick and tight as a rod. I pulled her neck so that she could suck it but unlike my cousin bhabi of the previous story she was also not able to suck the big forehead. Any way pre cum had started to flow out of it. I asked her to be nude and in a minute she took off all her clothes and stood in front of me and said bhiya mujhe apna bana look mujh main sama jao, main tumhari iski (cock) ki dassi hun,main pagal ho rahi hun. I rubbed my hand on her cunt which was covered with dark pubic hairs, I squeezed her cunt lips and pushed her down on the bed to see her 40,28,32 body figure which was white as milk. I spread her legs apart and fingered her pussy and ass hole. She said haii maja aa raha hai,apna lumba lund dalo naa, please der mat karoo. I said don’t worry I will make you come at least 6 times before I discharge my self. She opened her eyes and said haan thik hai.

I placed my tip of cock on her cunt she lifted her ass up so as to take it inside her. I bent forward and pushed hard and wow it was in side her hole. She screamed ahhhhh bhaiya chor do please dard ho raha hai. I said salli nakhre karti hai 41 saal main bhi lund nahin lee pa rahi hai.uff bhabi appp ka bahut tight hai. She said han 41 saal main pahli bar itna mota lund ghusa rahin hun bahi.aur meri chut tight nahin hai woo to tumhara lund hi itna bara hai ki mujhe bhi muskil ho raha hai.after inserting my cock I didn’t move at all and where she was telling me to push hard.i said wait don’t move I will make you cum without moving.she kept quiet and closed her eyes. I started flexing/twitching my cock and believe me ruchi bhabi started screaming ahhh, kitna maja aa raha hai,peheli bar aisi chudai ho rahi hai,aaaaaaaaa.i said hilna maat just concentrate on my cocks muscles.but she was lost areeeee aaieeeeee, hilaoo naa apna mota lund and loooooooooooo she cummed so voilently that the orgasm made the upper part of her body lift from the bed.she opened her eyes for a moment and I pushed her again on the bed and started to fuck her now and friends my cock was making the sounds of puch,puch,fachak,fachak in her wet chuuuut.the moment I gave her my fifth push she shouted yaaaaaaa,eeeeeeee keya lund haiiiiiiiiii, ummmmmmmmmmm, haiii, and in my 8th push she again reached her orgasm.she was breathing heavily and opened her eyes,smiled and closed her eyes again.i did not stop and after my 12,13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21st push she cummed again.she opened her eyes smiled and closed and said bhaiya tum kitna achha kar rahe hoo aur appna paani daloo na mujhse nahi raha jata abb.

I bent forward and smmoched her lips and began pushing hard she screamed ummmm,uf uf ufuf ah ah ah chodo naa meri chut ko bahut accha chod rahe ho apna maal pani dalooo na and she gripped my waist with her legs so tightly that her lower part was also getting lifted up when I had to pull out of her cunt to fuck her time and again.finally main bhi jharne walla tha main bola bhabi tumne to meri cousin bhabi ka record tor diya hai ,tumhari chut bahoot achhi hai,kitna mja hai,saali raandi,nakhre karti thi,main teri gaand bhi maroonga,aur un un un un un un em em em em em em,hai ruchi ,she also screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and held me tightly and said daloooooooo naaaaaaaaa giraooooooooo and I said lee saliiiiiiii and wowowowowowo I floded her cunt with my semen.the first few drops made her cum again.i kissed her on the neck while still cumming,the moment i kissed she cummed again and gripped me like a vice.i kept on dropping my semen for a minute.she had gone wild yarr.after my last drop i pulled out my cock and lied next to her and she had still closed her eyes and was pleasuring her multiple orgasm.after 5 mins she opened her eyes and said bhaiya kiya hua hai mujhe main itni baar to pure week main bhi nahi jhari thi par tumne to pata nahin kiya kiya tumhara lund main dum hai.saying so she put her right leg on my stomach and i pulled her upon me and wowowowowo my pelvic area was getting all over wet due to the fluid …

..coming from her cunt.

I said bhabi phir karna hai kiya.she slapped lightly on my cheek and said arree hatoo meri umar ka khyal rakho main to sara jhar chukin hun abb aglee week hi aanna tab tak main thik ho jaunggii. We laufghed at it and i got up dressed up kissed her on her cheeks and thanked her.she also thanked me for such a nice time and invited me for the next week where she and one of her friend will have fun with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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