My Mom and I

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My Mom and I
I had a strange relationship with my mother. After she and dad divorced she became less inhibited around me. Maybe because she thought since I was an adult I didn’t mind seeing her naked, which I didn’t. She would walk around after her shower without any clothes on, and she was very playful around me. She would walk around and flash me or just be plain naked for no reason. She loved showing her body to me, and I loved seeing it, but I knew this wasn’t a normal thing.

But who was I to fuck with a good thing? After a few weeks she started talking about sexual matters with me. And that didn’t mean she was asking me if I was having sex or giving me the protection speech. She asked me how often I masturbated and she told me how often she did. She had a smoking body. I began to desire to be up her pussy. I knew it was normal for a man to be sexually attracted to his mother but I was lusting after her.

She would be walking around naked and I would accidentally brush against her and hold her hips for a quick grind. She loved it, but I was afraid to go any further. Until finally after groping as much of her as I could without blatantly asking her to fuck me I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine.

So after I took a shower I came out of the bathroom naked. I glanced to the couch where mom sat naked. I strolled out of the bathroom into the kitchen trying to be cool but the excitement gave me a semi-erection. My mom was surprised but tried to hide it. She didn’t say anything, but her eyes were glued, and I mean glued, to my dick. I poured myself a glass of juice, and mom got up and walked by me. She brushed very close against me and I turned so my dick touched her ass cheeks.

She stopped, and I took a deep breath and I ground my dick into her. I was very hard now, almost humping her ass. She didn’t move, and I cupped her breasts with my hands.

“Should we?” she asked.

“You’ve been teasing me for weeks,” I said. “I know you want it. And I want it too. So let’s just do it.”

Mom turned and grabbed my dick. It throbbed in her hand, and she eagerly felt it up and down. She got on her knees and began sucking on it. I had to keep my knees from buckling as my mom sucked me off.

It felt so good. I grabbed her head and began guiding her on and off my cock forcing her to deepthroat me. She moaned as I fondled her tits, until I couldn’t take it anymore and I grunted heavily. Mom knew I was going to cum. She took me out of her mouth and I shot my cum all over her face. After I had finished, she continued blowing me, my cum still on her face, until I got hard again.

“I want you to fuck me,” mom said to me.

I complied and leaned her back against the table. She spread her legs showing me her cunt. I guided my dick to her tight, wet pussy and slid the head into her. She tilted her head back and sighed as I spread her tight pussy with my penis and slowly filled her up. After I was buried in her she groaned and caressed my chest. I grabbed her tits and began fucking her. Her moaning and squealing was really getting me off. Before long I was about to cum again. I was frustrated that I hadn’t lasted very long, but mom just smiled.

“Cum inside me,” she said, grabbing my balls.

I grunted and closed my eyes tightly as I released my semen into her. I crushed my body against hers as I fired into her. She held me softly as I came, and it felt like I came twice as much as before. After it was over I was exhausted. I pulled out of her and she told me to lie down.

We went over to the couch and she got on top of me, my cum oozing out of her pussy. Somehow I was still hard and for the next five minutes we fucked like that. She came three times, and finally I felt myself start to cum. This time mom pulled her pussy off me and she jacked me off onto her stomach. It was really sexy, and she seemed to love it. We were both tired and we relaxed for a while. Mom let me touch her all over, and I explored her pussy and fondled her tits until I was satisfied with her body.

Over the next few hours mom had me fill her pussy with my cum over and over. We fucked and fucked until she couldn’t hold any more cum in her belly. I couldn’t get enough of her pussy. My cum was all over her; on her face, on her stomach, oozing out of her pussy. She’s my cum dumpster now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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