My New Job – Part 12 – Conference Day 1.1

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My New Job – Part 12 – Conference Day 1.1
I’d been sitting in my room reading when there was a knock on the door around 6pm. Ron answered and it was Tyler, which I thought was odd since we were in adjoining rooms and I’d figured he would have just walked in through those doors. Then it occurred to me that Ron wasnt aware that Tyler and I met earlier and that he was just playing along with my wishes to keep that aspect just between us. Bravo Tyler, and thank you for doing this.

I heard them talking, essentially catching up on when each arrived, good flights, enough rest, etc. Ron then called my name and asked me to come out to the sitting area. The conference registration and cocktail hour was soon tobegin, so I was dressed for the event, though I wasnt wearing my shoes or jacket. I jumped off the bed and headed out there.

“Stephen, this is Mr. Edwards, he’s the man I told you about, he’s in the adjoining room; we’ve known each other for a long time and were planning to both help you acclimate to the ins and out of the conference scene.” Well, so nice to meet you Mr. Edwards! Ron is right, I have heard so much about you, and thank you so much, I’m really looking forward to this conference and spending time with both of you.” Same here Stephen, I’ve heard lots about you as well, please call me Tyler.

When did you arrive Tyler? Did you have a good flight? Where were you flying from? “Whoa Stephen,” Ron interjected, “hold those questions. Why dont we all go downstairs and check-in, then get a drink and start the show.” Haha, sounds good Ron, I was just so excited to finally meet Tyler. “I know, I know, it’s all good. Go get your shoes on and let’s get going.”

Just before I turned the corner to enter my room, I looked back and said, hey Tyler, now that we met, for now on, just come through the adjoining door, no need to knock on the front door. I put my shoes and jacket on and was just about to say I’m ready, when I overheard them talking and decided to silently stay behind the wall and eavesdrop.

“Ron, you were right, your boy is very cute. Are you gonna share?” asked Tyler. “Are you going to help him?” “How do you want me to help him?” “I told you, he works for Elaine, in fact, he is her son-in-law. She and I agreed to send him here so he can meet some of the players and perhaps gain some new accounts as well. ” “So what do you need me to do?” Tyler asked. “Spend some time with him. Talk to him, get to know him. When people see him with you, they will know that you respect him and will want to meet him as well. Give him an entrance in and he will have to figure it out with them….and maybe consider giving him an account too.” “Hey Ron, you didnt answer my question.” “What question, I thought I just told you what I want you to do,” said Ron. “You did, I want to know if you will share him?” Tyler inquired again. “He’s really bright and quite good at the office…be nice to him ”

I rounded the corner and they both smiled at me. I smiled back and said, “let’s go to work.”

We checked in, got our name tags and materials, grabbed a drink and some finger foods and took a table. Ron sat with us for a bit then excused himself. Tyler was asking me questions about myself, my education, previous employment, etc., but when Ron walked away, he says, “how many account apps did you bring with you?” 20, I respond. “Wow, that’s quite optimistic.” It was Elaine’s idea, not mine, I have my own goal. “I see, and what is that?” he asks. I just wanted to bring one app. “Haha” I’m serious, just one. “Why?” I want to sign you, you are the only one that matters to me. “Hmmmm, why, do you think my contribution can change your firm? Dont you think more could be better?” Yes, more could be better, not necessarily, but perhaps. I do think you would be a major asset to us, but you matter the most to me and I will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. “Why is that,?” Tyler asks. Because Elaine could not! I’m not trying to beat her or one up her. No, I want to do it for her, because I know she wants you to be with us and it would make me very happy to get her what she wants, especially after she has been so helpful to me. “Young man, hmmm, Ron was right, you are bright and special. I like your attitude – a lot! And [he uses his finger to signal move closer to me because I want to say something so that no one else could hear] and I like your ass.” You’ve had it, I liked it. It’s there for you, but you have to help me, I reply.

“I made up my mind earlier that I would sign with you and test the waters.” I immediately jumped in and started to recite the reasons why it would be a good fit, but he cut me off quickly by saying, “I know, I have followed Elaine, I know her philosophy would work well with my objectives. As I was saying, I made my decision earlier when we were all in your room and you told me that I should come in through the adjoining doors and not knock on the front door. That sent a message to me that I liked. So, for the rest of the next two days, I want you to rest easy with me knowing that you will have my account; I haven’t decided how much yet, but we will figure that out together But now I want to know, do you want to get those other 19 forms signed?” Fuck yeah! I say “I’ve been in this situation before, and just about everyone who was in your position Stephen, failed me. Why should I believe that when I introduce you to others around here that you’re going to do what’s needed? And when I say, ‘what’s needed,’ I’m referring to what you and I did, and will continue to do?” Well Tyler, that’s easy. I’m poor, I’m motivated to please the women in my life [my wife and mother-in-law], I’m young and horny and eager as hell!

He says nothing, just smiles at me. “Stephen, look to your left, do you see that guy a few tables over wearing the yellow pants and green jacket?” Hard to miss him Tyler. That’s Markus. Markus is a rainmaker. He and I are the same, but we play different, but our goal is still the same, you know what I mean?” he asks. Honestly Tyler, I do not understand. “Let me put it in simple terms. Sit a little closer to me, it’s getting more crowded in here and I dont want to talk too loud. So here’s the deal: Markus and I are gay, which I’m sure you realized. The difference is that I look like a softball player and he like a polo player. I’m more rugged and he more sophisticated. I dress more casual and he more flamboyant. But, like I said, our goals are the same: we both want to score. [he smiles as he says that]. You Stephen, are a rare breed. No matter who looks at you – the rugged or the sophisticated – you’re so desirable. What do you think so far?” he asks. I respond, perhaps a bit sarcastic, I like his pants. “He’s not going to be wearing them if he invites you to his room.” I dont care. “So this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to walk over to him and he and I are going to say hello. You stand next to me, slightly behind me. Smile if appropriate, make eye contact. He will undoubtedly ask who you are and I’m going to say, ‘Ron’s friend, but he likes me better’ or something like that. Something funny and intriguing. Let’s see how he reacts. At no point will I tell him that you are looking for new accounts, because that’s a given. And the purpose of me introducing you is also a given. The challenge that I think we will get past really quick is whether he’s attracted to you. Ready?” Yep. “Any questions?” Nope. “Ok, one final heads up. If he’s attracted to you, he will suggest some reason for leaving. The three of us will go to his room and I will be there the whole time while you play.” Why? “Because he likes to make people feel that he can take whatever he wants.” This is complicated, I respond, and we both walk over to his table.

When we get there, Markus stands up and greets Tyler like a long lost son, he truly seems happy to see him. He asks who I am and Tyler introduces me like he said he would. Markus extends his hand to shake and at that very moment, for no reason other than they were dry, I licked my lips [timing is everything]. Markus turns to Tyler and says, “hey, did you guys see that orange sports car outside by the fountain?” “No, is it yours?” Tyler jokes. Markus says, “come on, let me show you, I want your opinion. He then turns to the others at the table and says, “it was great catching up, will see you all later on.” He then says lets go and we walk out together. I am actually not behind Tyler, rather, he is behind me, as Markus is talking to me, asking questions about what I do and where, I work, etc.
We get outside and there’s no car. Tyler comments that they must have moved it. Markus says, “there never was a car Tyler, I made it up. My room is on the other side of the courtyard. He turns to me and says, “young man, I’m rarely this quick to judge but you are special. I would like very much to show you the view from my room” [and he points to the scenery] I’d love that, I say very cheerily. Thanks so much for offering. He turns to Tyler and says, “You want to see it too?” “Sure” he says, not nearly as excited as me.

We’re walking there across the yard and I just cant help myself, I say to Markus, I love you pants, where did you get them? Tyler gives me a dirty look as if to say what’s wrong with you, lose the sacasm, dont blow this. But I’m really serious. I think Markus realizes this. He’s all excited in response too. “You like them?” Yes I do. “Me too, I just love the color, it’s so bright and unique.” I ask again, where did you get them, who’s the designer? “I’m not sure Stephen, but after you take them off, you can look.” And he puts his arm around my waist as he opens the door to the building.

I like this guy, seriously, something about him is very is very attractive to me. I think to myself. I’m not softball and I’m not polo. I’m really more of a runner, but I guess if I had to pick a ball sport, I’m beach volleyball, for whatever that is worth.

We’re now in his room. There’s no pretenses as to why we are there. I’m caught starring at his pants, his bulge. “You do like these pants dont you?” Markus says. I’m feeling really good about myself right now. Markus asks me, “do you mind if Tyler sits and watches us?” I reply that I’d rather he play in the sandbox with us rather than watching from the bench. Interestingly to me, Tyler looks to Markus for approval…and he gets it. In a second, they are converging on me. They are groping me and unbuttoning my shirt. Someone’s hands are squeezing my ass. A familiar song comes on the radio and Markus takes my hand and says lets dance. we’re in the middle of his suite, slow dancing. He’s about the same height and he’s looking into my eyes, his hands are roving, mostly finding their way to my ass. “You like this song,?” he asks and I say yes and he says, “I can tell, I feel your excitement.” I cant help it, I’m quite expressive, I say. Tyler has retreated to a chair, he’s drinking some liquor from the bar, while watching us, I see him touching himself through his pants.

Markus is looking at me really intensely. I see Tyler rubbing himself and I’m more than a bit excited. Markus’ face is moving closer to mine, I know this position, I know what’s going to happen, but before he can do anything, I put my hands around his head and pull him into me and I kiss him. He kisses me back. One of his hands is grabbing my cock through my pants. I’m lost in this moment. I am so turned on. We are like teenagers at the prom, His tongue touches my lips and I open wide. I’m not sure if I stepped over the fence to the gay side and I dont care, I’m turned on by this 47 year old man. With my lips on his, I reach down and unsnap his pants and reach inside and rub him. He breaks off the kiss and asks what I want. I say really? Yes, what do you want. I want you to put your dick in my mouth and let me taste you and at the same time I want Tyler to stick his dick in my ass and let me feel him, then I want you to change places. I’m saying this while rubbing his cock. He looks at me then he looks over at Tyler. “You heard him Tyler, get undressed, let’s give this beautiful guy our cum.

Tyler gets up and strips quickly, as do Markus and I. Tyler takes my hand and walks me to the couch and pushes me over. He slaps my ass hard five or six times. Gets on his knees and spits in my crack. His fingers are massaging his saliva around. His fingers are going in and out. He spits some more then spits on his cock . He spanks my ass again and Markus says “easy,” and Tyler responds the hottie loves it.” In seconds, my ass is filled with his cock and I let out a really loud moan. Markus walks around to the other side of the couch where my face is and asks what I want. I say, I want to taste you, I want to feel you, I want you inside me, face fuck me, own me, give me your cum. I let out another moan as Tyler really pushes into me.
Markus is standing in front of me, he’s slapping my face with his cock. “What do you want?” I want your cock in my mouth. And I got it…

Both of them inside me at once, a first. I was so horny. They were trying to get a rhythm, sometimes pushes in me at the same time or alternating. Tyler moved so slow, I could feel every inch of him sliding in and out. Markus wasnt much different. They were both very vocal and so was I when Markus pulled his cock out, screaming for both of them to cum in me. Markus is picking up his pace. I feel he’s close. He’s shaking, he hands on my head. He grunts, and pushes in some, I feel him spurting in me. After a few spurts, he’s done. He pulls out and tells me to lift my head and show him my mouth. Tyler is still slowly fucking me. It’s not that easy to move and show my mouth. Markus gets on his knees and he kisses me on the mouth. “Share,” he says. Snowballing is something I’ve done with my wife and I love it, but she is giving it to me, whereas now I am giving some to another man, his lips are soft and we are kissing. That sounds Tyler over the edge and he is thrusting into me with abandon until he grabs my hips and pushes inward, his cum seeding me; this time there was no condom. I could feel that he is dumping copious amounts of cum in my ass. I’m squeezing my ass muscles, trying to milk him, letting him feel how much I loved having him inside me.

I was so weak and tired, I fell asleep on the couch, between two naked men. When I awoke, I got dressed and Tyler and I walked back to our rooms. As we walked, he says to me, “I think he likes you, what do you think?” and he starts laughing because he’s being facetious. I pretended he was serious and said, I think you are right…but no one cums like you Tyler. “You inspire me cutie.” And we were silent the rest of the way back to our rooms.

It occurs to me that I’ve been in Arizona one whole day and I’ve sucked three different cocks and had two men in my ass on three occasions. I feel I should feel like it’s wrong, but I dont. In fact, I cannot wait to feel more dick inside me, making others feel good, and reaping the benefits. I also notice and remark to myself that I havent cum yet. I tell myself, you are a whore

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