My real sister asked me to draw her naked

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My real sister asked me to draw her naked
My sister loves the movie Titanic, I guess she was watching it recently because she texted me last weekend and asked me for a favor but only on the condition that I agree beforehand. I was a…bit..skeptical at first but when she told me I realized it wasn’t because the favor was something I wouldn’t want to do…but because she was testing my dedication, obedience, love..and affection, testing if I would do anything for her no matter what.

Her request was to, like in the movie, draw her naked. I’m a halfway decent artist, doing digital art professionally and what not. I began to wonder if my sister had been wanting to do this for a long time but had never gone through with it because she never dated an artist or trusted one enough to draw her naked. My sister has let me see her naked for years now and has gotten comfortable with the idea of me seeing her that way. I got so hot by the idea of my sister just posing in front of me buck naked for an extended period of time…just staring back at me all sexy like…jesus. After I agreed, she sent me a message saying to come over to her house after her work on Thursday, when her roommate would be gone for the night.

I arrived at her house on Thursday with sketchbook in hand, Im not sure why I was so nervous…after all we have had incezt once before and drawing her naked shouldn’t be that nerve racking in comparison. When I got to the door their was a small posted note, my sister lives in the bottom floor of her house and has her own door you cant see from the street, the note said, “M***, I’m showering and getting ready. Go into my room and play with E*** (her new kitten), Ill be there soon xoxo.” I took the hide-a-key out of its hiding place and unlocked the door and went into her room, the bathroom light was on but the shower wasn’t running, I could hear quiet music coming from inside the bathroom. I made sure to close her bedroom door with enough noise that she would know I had arrived and was waiting for her.

I opened up my sketchbook to a blank page and pulled out my pencil, shortly after I could hear the music from the bathroom turn off and the bathroom door open. My heart began to race and I started to overthink what I should be doing at that moment, not wanting to just sit their staring at the door like a weirdo…so I started drawing random circles in the page. When I heard the bedroom door open I slowly looked up from my page to meet my sisters eyes, she was holding a single scented candle and wearing her bathrobe…her face was made up and her hair looked nice but not made up or sprayed etc. I awkwardly told her how amazing she looked, and she giggled as she moved to set down the candle on her bed side table, she went to dim the lights in her room and said “just you wait…” Once the lights were dim she moved her computer chair into the middle of the floor and told me to sit their instead of her bed.

After I moved to the computer chair with my sketchbook she turned on some of her music, and turned the volume down so it wouldn’t distract me too much while I was drawing. My sister came over and stood in front of me in her robe while I was nervously sitting before her. J***** looked at me intensely and said, “If I do this…you can’t take any pictures with your phone…drawing only okay?” I nodded my head repeatedly and took out my phone and gave it to her, at this point I was about to tear off her robe…the only thing on my mind was getting her naked ASAP. She took my phone and put it on the table next to the candle…so much for my original plan of filming it in secret…but I could tell she was going all out for me as it is and I didn’t want to push my luck haha.

My sister returned to standing in front of me, she pushed her hair back behind one ear and took my hand with hers and put it on the strap of her robe and waited for me to pull it loose. I pulled on the belt of the robe until it separated and I let it drop to the ground, my sisters robe had loosened but not come apart…I could see a small vertical line of skin slowly appear and immediately noticed something written on my sister’s stomach which read, “brother Fucker” and below it said “Incezt Slut.” What was really cute is I could tell my sister had a hard time writing it on herself haha but made it all the more special…I finally understood why my sister cared so much about me using my phone to take a picture or two.

My sister slowly lowered the robe off her shoulders and let it slide down off her body, she blushes and smiles not able to look at me in the eye while I am absorbed by the image of my hot real sisters naked body standing in front of me…the candle light making her skin look like a supermodels and create amazing shadows around her breasts. She backs up and sits down and curls her legs up on the bed, and looks at me for a moment before saying, “so what position do you want me?” My mind went to sooo many places in that moment but my stupid mouth said, “whatever you want…” She started to move around until she got comfortable and stopped in a pose for a moment, quietly gazing over at me working. I got halfway into sketching that pose until I started to relax myself by getting her to talk to me and more specifically answer questions I knew she would be more vulnerable to in that moment. “Sometimes I think you want mom to catch us…haha.” She giggled and paused before replying, “I get turned on by the danger of the idea I think…she would be more mad at me anyway…” I quickly responded to her statement without stop sketching her, “Why do you say that?” There was a long pause and I looked up at her, her eyes were looking down as if she was deep in thought, “I think she would assume I was seducing you.” I laughed and stopped drawing for a second, “You are seducing me…” My sister giggled and changed her position to something very specific as if she already had it on deck. “Do you not want me to?” I started to tease her a little more knowing she was opening up. “No no I want you to…I just wish you could do more sometimes.” My sisters voice changed and became more stern, “What? Fucking you wasn’t enough?” I quickly started to backpedal in my brain and my confidence quickly left my body lol. “I wish I could have done that sooner, I wanted that more than anything and still do…” She smiles and tells me to get back to my drawing, I drop my head and go back to work on the new pose.

“Did you know you sleep like a rock?” I picked up my head and was flustered by the sudden random question involving me sleeping. “Why do you say that?” She begins to shift her weight around and slowly caress her legs with her hands, “Ohhh…there is just something I did to you while you were sleeping, Im curious if you know what it was…” I was very interested in where she was going with this…”Not that I can remember…When and where was this? At Mom&Dads?” My sister turned on her hardcore teasing voice at this point, “Nooooo….it was at Aunt *****’s when we were younger…” I needed to know more…my sister did something…and my mind was jumping to conclusions I had dreamed about…I hoped she had sex with me but unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky…”How much younger?” My sister replied by saying it was when we were in our early teens (Id rather not give specifics), I remembered back then sharing a sleeping space with my sister when staying at our Aunt & Uncle’s house…pretty much a basement lounge area around the TV and couches. “So…what did you do?” My sister started to get really embarrassed all of the sudden, “this is too one sided!!! You have to get naked too if you want to know.” Without another word I put down my sketchbook and started to strip off all my clothes, after I was naked I sat back down in the chair and covered my junk with the sketchbook. My sister reluctantly brings herself to say, “well…when I was **, A*** (a close gf) and I had watched this porn video online (this was awhile ago back when porn was slow loading shit) and I had never seen anything like it before.” I interrupted her story for a moment to say, “Was it a sex video?” My sister went back to her story, “No, no…it was a woman giving a guy a blowjob while massaging her pussy…at that age I had only seen pictures of dicks in sex ed and in a Playgirl once. The video freaked me out though because A*** had seen it before and started to masturbate halfway in, I was frozen on the sofa but when he came all over her face I had my very first orgasm…I was so embarrassed I freaked out and ran out of the room.” At this point I was like WTF? so I asked her, “and…this has to do with me because…” She was a little ticked off because I shot her a rude tone of voice with the question, “Uuuuhhh…it has to do with you because I sucked your cock at our cousinz house…” I started to laugh…”what!!??!”

My sister got all embarrassed again and changed her position on the bed to something a tad more conservative, “Well…I got really turned on after seeing that video and when we went to Y***** it was all I could think about. You were sleeping and I could see your erection through your bball shorts, I poked you a few times but you didnt wake up or move at all. I pulled down your underwear and immediately put your cock in my mouth, I gagged at first but then I really started to like it.” I asked seductively, “Did you make me cum?” My sister giggles, “Of course…I wanted to recreate the video I saw remember? That was the main reason I did it. I sucked your cock while rubbing my little pink pussy until you shot cum all over my face and hair…I ran to the bathroom because I didnt expect it to be so hot and gooey…but I also had to taste it. When I came back your pants were still down and I hurried to pull them up before throwing a blanket on you, I was so scared you would wake up and be like WTF?” I was really taken back by my sisters story, I was also fully erect at this point and my sister could see it. “Will you suck my dick right now?” My sister laughs and says no. 🙁 “you’re supposed to be drawing me remember?” I felt slightly defeated, “what about after?” My sister thinks to herself in a non serious taunting kind of way, “If you want to cum on my face you’ll have to work for it.” I quickly responded like she wanted, “What do I have to do? :/” My sister started to pretend think again, “Ummmm….ill think about it, but you can start by jerking off for me…” I looked at her realizing this was a serious request and started to put the sketchbook down, my sister stopped me by saying, “Uh uh…you have to cum on the sketches of me.” I laughed and looked at her in a teasing kind of way, I sat on the chair and started to stroke my cock with one hand and held my sketchbook with the other, all while staring seductively at my sister who lays naked on her bed giggling at me and slowly rubbing her tits and clit. She opens her legs a bit and stretches her pussy lips with her fingers and pushing one of her fingers in her vagina…I can feel the cum rise up from my balls and I know I’m getting close, I tell my sister, “Oh fuck J*****…I’m going to cum…” She begins to full on masturbate now while watching me with one eye open in a half squint, her fingers and moving in and out of her pussy so fast I can hear the sound of them fucking her wet pussy.

My sister begins to moan out of control, knowing that we are alone in the house…she lets her volume run wild. Before I have a chance to cum, my sister yells out nearly at the top of her lungs, “OH MY GOD M***!!!!” My sister cums hard and convulses in pleasure on her bed, shortly after I bust my entire load all over her sketches and drop my sketchbook to the ground exhausted. After a breather I start to put my clothes back on and my sister makes her way to the bathroom and cleans up / puts her robe back on. She returns to the room in a euphoric state and gives me a hug…”MMMM thank you little brother…” I give her a kiss on the lips and she walks me out, I tell her to not forget to take the sticky note off the door and she laughs realizing she totally forgot about it. I give her one last hug and kiss, grabbing her ass firmly while she grabs mine, I whisper into her ear, “Goodbye my little incezt slut…” she laughs and I start walking to the gate, she yells my name, “Hey M***!” I turned to look back and she smiles while pulling her robe apart to give me one last look, the last image is burned into my brain, of my sister standing in the doorway across the yard naked and glowing with the words “brother FUCKER INCEZT SLUT” written on her belly. I love my sister…

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