My sister

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My sister
My s*s, Angie and I had always been close so we usually hung out with the same group of friends. She is a little more than a year older than me and the summer before she would be a junior and I would be a sophmore was when it all happened.

I have to tell you I’d read my share of porn mags and been with girls and done some heavy petting and all that but I’d never got past kissing and feeling them up. I’d always end up going home and jerking off after that.

It was a couple weeks after the 4th of July and a bunch of us were gathered at a small lake near town and decided we should try and get some beer and find a place to party for the night. Angie and I always had to be home by 11:00 and it was already 7:00 so I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. About then an older friend that was old enough to buy beer came cruising by with his girlfriend and Angie hollered at them and they stopped to chat with us. I wasn’t really sure how she did it but Angie managed to get him off to the side while his girlfriend was talking to somebody else and asked him if he would buy us some beer before he took off. I was sure I heard him tell her “No I really shouldn’t cause if I’d be in big trouble if you got caught with it and anyone found out I bought it for you.” After that, they weren’t talking loud enough for me to hear what they were saying but all of a sudden he told his girlfriend he’d be right back and took off by himself. He returned about 10 minutes later and talked with Angie for just a few seconds before telling his girlfriend he was ready to go and they took off.

As soon as they were gone, Angie announced that she had talked him into buying us some beer and he had left it by a tree on the other side of the lake so we wasted no time getting it and going to party at a secluded sand pit. It was 10:30 or so when Angie said we better get home before our cerfew. When we got to the house, Angie was going in and I remembered I was supposed to check on the dogs and shut them in thier kennel before I went to bed so I told her what I was going to do and would be right in. I petted the dogs for a little bit before putting them in so I was there for a while before I headed back to the house. On the way, I was sure I saw somebody right outside Angie’s bedroom window and was about to yell at them before I recognized that it was Jake, the guy who had bought our beer. He had’nt seen me so I just laid low to see what he was doing. I saw all but the dim nitelight go off in Angie’s room and then saw her open the window and take the screen out and Jake crawled in. Holy shit I thought. Our parents bedroom was upstairs while Angie’s and mine were on the main floor so I went up and tapped on thier door like I was supposed to and let them know I was home and inside now. Then wanting to know what the shit was going on, I quietly listened at Angies bedroom door but couldn’t really hear anything so without a sound, I opened her door just enough to look in. The dim nitelight was just enough for me to see that Jake was humping Angie. It’s a lucky thing I was there cause I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and silently closed the door and just in time acted like I was headed down the hall to the bathroom. In a voice that I knew was loud enough for Angie to hear I said “Hey mom, are there any of those brownies left? I’m kinda hungry.” “Yes, there’s a couple” she said. “I was just coming to say good night and tell you that your dad and I are going shopping in the morning.” Then she walked past me headed for Angie’s room and I thought shit was going to hit the fan. She opened Angie’s door and just sticking her head inside said “Your dad and I are going shopping in the morning Angie. Good night.” “OK, nite mom” I heard Angie say and saw mom head back to her bedroom. Shit that was luck I thought to myself as I grabbed a brownie from the fridge.

I couldn’t help but wonder how mom didn’t see Jake so I quietly opened Angie’s door again just in time to peek in and see Jake climb between Angie’s spread thighs and easily shoved his cock back where it had been before. It wasn’t long before I could tell he came inside her. They lay there breathing heavy for just a bit before I saw him lift up and pull his limp dick out of her. I quickly closed the door and headed to my room and watched out my window. It was just a minute or so before I saw Jake sneak toward the street.

Having just watched Angie get screwed, my dick was like a rock and I started to dig out my hidden Penthouse to jerk off to. As I was digging for it under my mattress, I suddenly thought bullshit. If Angie can get fucked by Jake, she can just as well spread her legs for me too. I don’t know how long I gently rubbed my hard cock before building up the courage to head for her room. I snuck into her room and closed the door behind me. I could see in the dim light that she was sleeping and was covered only by her sheet. I carefully lifted the sheet and crawled underneath with her. I’m not sure if she really didn’t wake up or if she just pretended to keep sleeping but she didn’t move at first. When I reached over and put my hand on her belly, she acted startled and then quickly realized it was me. “What are you doing? You gotta get out of here” she said.

“Yea, like shit” I said. “If it wasn’t for me, mom would have caught you and Jake.”

“You knew he was here?” Angie said.

“Yea, what’s the deal anyway? Letting Jake sneak in here and fuck you?” I asked.

“How do you think we got the beer tonight” Angie said.

“Yea, well I guess if you can get yourself fucked by him you can have my cock in your pussy too if you don’t want me to tell mom about it.” I said as I started caressing her breasts.

“That’s blackmail. Besides you’re my brother and I really don’t think we should be doing this” she snarled.

“Well I think I need it just as much as Jake and if you don’t want mom to know you’re a fuck bitch then you better quit trying to put me off. I shot back as I ran my hand down across her hair covered mound. I feeling her still oozing pussy I realized Jake must not have used a condom and said “Shit Angie, you still got his cum dripping out of your pussy. Aren’t you worried about getting pregnant?”

“I’m on the pill stupid” she said half giggling.

“I thought you had to have your parents permisssion to get the pill” I said almost as a question.

“Well, dad signed the permission paper for me but mom doesn’t know” she replied.

“Why would dad sign for you?” I asked

“Cause he’s the one who fucks me most of the time if you need to know the truth” she whispered. “A couple of years ago when you and mom went to visit grandma I heard dad kinda moaning one night and peeked in his room. I could tell he was asleep and probably dreaming cause he was just laying there on his bed with his big cock standing up but he wasn’t touching it or anything. That’s when I knew I needed something in my pussy besides my fingers and I tried but couldn’t stop myself.

“I went in and before he was awake and knew what was really happening I was on top of him and barely had the head of his cock inside me.

“He woke up and just stared at me for a minute then pushed me off and I ended up on my back on his bed and he was standing there just looking at me.”

My cock was starting to throb as Angie told me this and by now she was thrusting her gooey pussy up against my probing fingers.

“Continuing on as I pushed first one and then two fingers inside her she said

“Then he got back on the bed and got on his knees between mine and leaned over and without a word started kissing my breasts.

“He did that for a little while with his butt up in the air and all I could feel was his tender lips and tongue on my breasts.

“My nipples got so hard I thought they were going to pop and he lowered his chest down on me and that’s when I felt his cockhead on my pussylips again.

” For a little bit he slid the soft head of his cock up and down my pussylips and my whole body would shake every time it slid across my clit. I didn’t think I could take it any longer and I reached up and grabbed the cheeks of his butt at the same time I tipped my hips up to where I knew his cock was aimed perfectly for my aching cunt opening and lifted my hips as fast as I could.”

Suddenly I realized that I was on top of Angie and my throbbing cockhead was in her hot, cum dripping pussy. I had been so engrossed in what she was telling me that I was almost unknowingly doing exactly what she was saying dad had done to her that night. A shivver ran through my body and every muscle devoted itself to thrusting my raging cock inside her.

“Yesssss” she said. “He buried his cock in my pussy. It felt like a hot poker had been shoved in my cunt all the way into my belly as his shaft ripped through my hymen and I almost screamed. He held himself there, tight inside me and the only movement I could feel was his chest breathing heavily against mine and his balls moving slowly in their sac that was resting against the cheeks of my ass. After laying like that for awhile he told me he shouldn’t have taken my virginity and started to lift himself up but I held on to his ass and started rocking my hips up and down, forcing his cock to move in and out of my burning cunt. Thats when he grasped my shoulders tight in his hands and started moving himself. I knew he couldn’t stop now. His strong arms were pulling me, forcing my body to take his thrusting cock as he pulled out a little more with every stroke of his raging shaft until I could feel the head almost come out before he rammed it back in. Faster and faster he went and all of a sudden I was cumming, my cunt was squeezing his thrusting cock and he buried himself in me as deep as he could get and froze there. Our only movement was his cock surging inside my throbbing cunt as I felt jets of his cum shooting inside me.

I felt the muscles deep in my ass contract again and again as I pumped my own load of cum inside my sister. It was like slow motion as my thick cream surged through my pulsing shaft, almost burning as it spewed through the tiny hole at the tip and into her waiting body. It seemed like forever before my heart stopped pounding and I caught my breath again. I felt my throbbing cock slowly go limp and her cunt felt all squishy as she squeezed the last drops of cum from my deflated rod.

Our sweating chests pressed tight together, Angie hugged me hard and said “When I woke up the next morning dad was standing there handing me a pill to take. He said it was a next morning pill and we would go to the clinic that afternoon to get me started on the regular pill. I guess that was his way of telling me that he expected to be pumping his sticky cum in me on a regular basis. I took the pill and when I moved to finally get up I felt the gooey puddle of our cum that had leaked out and run between the cheeks of my ass and smiled at dad as I reached down to feel the crusted cum in the hair around my soggy pussy. He’s been sneaking in my room at least once a week ever since then.”

I must have dozed then because the next thing I knew, Angie was whispering in my ear “I guess you better get back to your room cause I think I heard somebody in the bathroom upstairs.” I lifted up, pulling my limp cock from her clinging pussy and had barely stood up when I heard one quick knock on her door before it opened.

There I stood, my cock still glistening with juices from my sister’s cum filled cunt. Mom turned completely red and said “Your dad and I are going shopping. We’ll talk when I get home” she said in a commanding voice before turning and closing the door behind her. I slowly turned to look at my sister. There she lay; legs spread exposing her gaping pink pussy surrounded by her matted curly bush and creamy juices still oozing out and trickling down the crack of her ass into the puddle of our mixed cum on the sheet.

My knees felt weak and I sat down on the bed and said “Ohhhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttttttttttt!!!!”

After we heard the car leave, Angie got up and pushing me back said “Maybe you better lay back down for a little bit. I slid up on the bed and found myself laying with my ass in a gooey puddle of cum but before I could move, Angie had climbed on the bed and straddled me with her ass toward my face, leaning down to lick the crusted juices from my cock. Looking up, all I could see was her cum encrusted bush covering a puffy mound with a seeping slit. I smelled the strong distinctive odor of mixed cum and reached up and grasped her hips as she lowered her sweet pussy to my face

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