MY Wife Had No Clue!

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MY Wife Had No Clue!
After months of planning; tonight was the night Kip my best friend of fifteen years was going to fuck my hot twenty nine year old wife without her knowing. You see I’ve been making my wife wear a blindfold for the last couple of weeks, telling her that this has spiced up our sexy life. As for my wife Kerri she thinks it’s a weird fetish but I never heard her complain about the outcome in the end. Kip on the other hand has always gone out of his way to tell me how sexy my wife is and that he wished he had a woman with her body to fuck!

So this was it just moments away from the show. I tied the blindfold extra tight tonight preventing her from opening her eyes much less seeing anything.

I watched as Kerri tried to move her hands, but it was useless. Her black satin bra had previously been removed and used to bind her wrists to the side of our large wooden bed frame.

Kerri took a moment to assess her situation and found herself lying, well more like kneeling on her front across the width of the bed. Her shapely tight little ass was bluntly presented upwards, as I placed a number of pillows under her stomach. Her lower body, despite remaining at least partially dressed, must have felt completely exposed.

Before tonight’s festivities I picked out my wife’s lingerie for the evening: a dark purple satin g-string, black satin bra, and black stockings held up by a sexy black and purple lace-up garter belt. The finishing touch I asked her to wear a pair of black stiletto shoes.

Now Kerri’s upper body was naked, although she was lying on her front prevented her beautiful 34b breasts from being revealed, but she was completely vulnerable. My wife had absolutely no control of the situation in which she was in. However that didn’t bother her because she thought it was going to be me fucking her the whole time.

I quickly pulled my cell phone from my pocket took a few pictures and sent a photo text to Kip (who was waiting out in my backyard), letting him know its time. I sensed him enter the room, and I motioned for him to undress as I sat down in the chair next to the bed. My heartbeat increased rapidly as Kip approached the bed and stopped in front of her.

As Kip moved softly around the bed, Kerri turned her head, but must have realized there was little point, being that she was unable to see anything.

My wife gasped, as the mattress moved when Kip put his weight on it. It must have startled her by the unexpected shift in her weight. I noticed that there was a pause in her breathing until she relaxed a bit, once Kip got behind her.

I watched in amazement as my best friend moved his hard dick closer to my wife’s half naked body (fortunately we have the same build). I bet she must have felt the warmth of his body against the back of her thighs. I watched as Kerri bit her bottom lip, I expected contact any second, but I was unsure how or where on her body he would touch first. After a few long moments it finally came, as Kip placed his hand firmly onto the rear of her left thigh.

Kips hand rested briefly for a moment, before continuing to move upward and inward. From my seat next to the bed it didn’t look like his touch seem rough, but at the same time it didn’t look gentle either. I heard my wife gasp again as Kip’s hand slid between her legs, stroking the inside of her thigh, and against her dark purple satin panties.

Kip was smiling as he continued his stroking, and rubbing of my wife’s pussy on top of her g-string. As I looked at his face, as he whispered to me; how wet Kerri was becoming with each stoke of her cunt, along the moistening panties with his middle finger.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, as my wife spread her legs apart, giving my best friend greater access to work over her body. Kip took this invitation to work her pussy lips apart, and began to rub the small triangular gusset of her wet panties up and into that lovely little pussy of hers. Once again my wife moaned slightly, and began moving her hips in sequence with Kip’s hand movements. Kip’s hand reached further under her body, his middle finger must have been rubbing against her clit because she slammed her pussy against the heel of Kip’s palm.

As quickly as it had begun, Kip removed his hand, and my wife began to protest as having had the pleasure she was experiencing suddenly taken away. Kip stood up, and slipped off the bed while my wife Kerri’s breathing was heavy.

Unaware that Kip had moved in front of her, he tugged on her hair sharply pulled her head upright. As she opened he mouth to yelp, my buddy quickly forced his cock into her open mouth. I was in a state of shock as I watched my lovely wife choking on my friends cock!

She initially couldn’t breathe, as the bulbous head of Kip’s cock filled her throat. Gagging, she began to struggle. Kip withdrew his cock sharply, just long enough for her to take a deep breath before thrusting his dick back into her gasping mouth (forcing as much of it into her as he could get).

I was a little woozy watching my wife being abused, I wasn’t sure if it was because of who I was watching or if it was because my dick had never been this rock hard! I wanted to stop what was going on but at the same time I wanted to watch more.

After the process of Kip’s cock choking my wife had repeated a few times, Kerri regained her composure enough to begin sucking on Kip’s dick each time it was thrust into her mouth. They settled into a rhythm where she was able to breathe in between Kip’s cock thrusts invaded her throat.

My wife began to moan around the thick shaft in her mouth, gobbling as much of it as she could into her throat, and I’m sure by now tasting Kip’s salty precum.

I watched as he quickened the pace of his thrusting, fucking my wife’s mouth with shorter strokes. My wife had to of been using her tongue to lick his shaft, because you could see how coated his cock was with her saliva, especially once it began to dribble down her chin. The deep throat-fuck had turned into a sloppy affair, as Kip fucked quickly inside her mouth forcing Kerri to tighten her lips around his shaft.

Suddenly Kip pulled out, leaving my wife gasping for breath, as she panted, I watched as the residue from Kip’s cock covered her chin. Quickly Kip got back behind my wife moving his long stiff dick to her exposed rear. Kip knelt behind her and began pulling her ass cheeks apart jerking his cock between them. My sexy little wife must have felt the rapid movement of Kip’s hand as he stroked himself. Kip occasionally rubbed the wet tip of his dick against her ass cheeks and to my amazement my wife thrust her sexy little ass back at him, eagerly wanting him to enter her pussy. From my vantage point I could easily tell that was obviously not what was planned for my wife.

Kip was breathing very rapidly and suddenly groaned, I witnessed as he fired a small single shot of cum on the spandex panty sting that crossed over my wife’s asshole. He pulled away clinching his teeth and squeezing his cock, as he tried to hold back the urge to cum a few moments longer. This could only mean he was building up the pressure and cum supply for a big orgasm. Not more then two minutes later Kip still with his hand wrapped around the shaft of his dick he slammed his cock tip hard against my wife’s panty covered pussy lips (making her jump). He began to make small circles kind of like a drilling motion forcing my wife’s pussy lips to spread apart as he pushed her panties deeper. After a few seconds there was an enormous eruption and grunt. Kip started to fire his seed; saturating the small thin triangular material of my wife’s panties that covered the lips of her pussy.

I caught sight of it, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that my best friend’s impregnatious seed would shoot through her dark purple satin panties and go up into her unprotected pussy!

My wife Kerri cried out, moaning with anguish that Kip’s dick had not been delivered into her hungry pussy before it came. My wife was breathing heavily and continued to moan as the generous helping of cum drained from her pussy lips, further saturating her already wet panties.

Kip continued to rub his cock head over the cum-covered gusset of her purple g-string, until he was drained. As he backed away I was blown away, when he used his fingers to scoop all of the cum covering the fabric of her panties, pulled them aside and shoved his cummy fingers into her pussy.

Kip was now spent, and moved off the bed to get dressed and leave. Once he was gone I looked over at my tied up blindfolded wife. She was left there on the bed with saliva and precum covering her face, and a pussy full of my friend’s seed. I quickly pulled out my cell phone again and took a few more picture of my wife’s pussy bathing in her now cummy panties.

I desperately need to cum, I quickly stripped naked and got behind her on the bed. When I pulled her panties to the side it was like a dam giving way. I couldn’t believe the amount of cum pouring out of my wife! The site of that caused my cock to stir and before I could grab it and slide it into my wife’s pussy I began to cum hard. I must have shot several times on her back, and then after my orgasm subsided I untied Kerri and we fell asleep in each others arms.

Its been about three weeks since that night and I’m hoping my wife is not pregnant, I got about a week to go before she is due for her cycle otherwise I’m a dead man!

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