Mystic kiss

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Mystic kiss
The summer was crimson ,my teacher was marking me easy, but why did I need summer school? I thought. I was always a a student.such a bummer being here. In summer school. Misserable( I thought)*
what was I doing in summer school. I was always good. A honner role student. A average. summer class was upsetting enough. Without a teacher having a problem with me.
‘ why’ I asked myself.
When ms black asked why I was in summer class’ make up’ I responded.
Ms black was the only bright thing. She was my winter teacher, and had many classes with her. We had become close over the years..knowing how bright I was. So when she asked me to see her in the office I was happy to see her.
entering her office, seeing her was comforting.
She was always looking out for me..

‘ sit on the coach ‘ she said. ‘ how are u doing with everything ‘ ? She asked. Knowing a death in the family had occurred.’ Fine’. I said.

as I saw her breasts rise in her blouse.. growing firm and hard.

.i felt her fingers curl up my dress. Pressing deep in me. Soft tenderly. As she began to finger fuck me slow. Wrapping her finger pressing slow deep inside my vagina. Twirling her finger up my vagina.. with soft precision. Deep.hard.long. As she massaged between my legs. Her finger circled my curls. Rubbing…
finger fucking me slow. .. deeper deeper.’hush.’ As the fuck grew harder.
Fingers deep hard inside me. Cupping and caressing my curls. Fondling me slowly.. stroking my nipple ‘ ure beautiful”ms black said. Gazing at my now my nude body.
Leading me to the edge of the coach.. . Licking my nipple slow.. rubbing.
soft.finger fucking me slowly…

deeper and deeper.massaging between my legs.
Suddenly, her mouth locked to my vagina. And she suckled me hard.
suckling my vagina deeply. Giving me hot oral sex.caressing my breast. ,kissing between my legs. With a dark touch. Fondling my breast. ‘ your beautiful ‘ she said. Fondling my nipple between her finger..
kissing me passionately as we had oral sex for hours.
My body swayed.and she watched.hugging my curvy hips.laying me on the coach her finger caressing my vagina slow. Massaging.. pullling, Twirling ..her fingers.. higher ,higher and deeper harder up my vagina.
‘ hush’ as the finger flick grew dark. Harder. Deeper.
Locking her lips to me..suckling my vagina deepthroated me slowly.. tenderly.

as she opened my legs wide,fondling my breast. And nipple..
caressing between my legs. My Clint now wet. Munching on my vagina…
deep long.
.. Suckling me slowly..slowly..deeply. ..
grazing me with her firm hard breast. Subtle soft kisses higher up my vagina blew.
I opened to her orgasm. As we had oral sex over and over. For what seemed hours.

her finger teased between my nipple: massaging my breasts slowly.’ Your intoxicating ‘ she said. Finger fucking me slow.
’open’ as she gazed at me. Entering me slowly. Fucking me hard.and orgasming between my legs again and again.
as I lay on the coach,, her hands massaging my breasts.. slowly..grazing between my legs her lips vagina gently.caressing.
And we fucked hard. For hours.her breasts shone.hard firm as I kissed her.layed back on the coach and surrendered myself to her hot oral sex .her orgasm dripping in my mouth and between my legs..
fingering with hot kisses.. touch burned as she fingered me slow.deep long.
suckling me deep.
Deeper deeper..her lips locking on my moist breasts nibbled gently. ‘ open’ as I opened my legs…
..she fucked me slow and deep.
Lifting to her kiss wrapped myself around her hips.and we fucked hard.
I gave myself into her orgasm thundering in me. Her orgasm bubbling between my pulsating vagina.. shaking .
.. kissing between my thigh and caressing my vagina. Massaging be deeply between my legs.
‘ intoxicating..’ she whispered.. deeper deeper and deeper.
her hot kiss. Surrounded my vagina. Kisses…came hot Inside my legs blew..
hot breaths..
deep higher up my vagina. Circling me slowly with kisses . Caressing my vagina and circling it with hot kisses.
we fucked slow.hard
. The Oral sex was fabulously hot. Demonic. ( lasting hours)
we hugged
‘ I’ll see u in class’ ms black said.
’ Can’t wait ‘ I grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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