Neha Bhabhi In Goa

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Neha Bhabhi In Goa
I am presenting one of the incidents from my life with my Bhabhi Neha which happened with me when we were in a trip to Goa. That time I was staying with my brother and her wife Neha in Pune. They were married 4 years ago and still didn’t have any k**s.

There was a long weekend so they made a plan trip to Goa and also asked me to join. I was a bit hesitated to join them as I didn’t want to spoil their stay but they insisted and I also agreed. It was a 4 night trip and they booked 2 hotel rooms in cottage kind of area in Goa after reaching there I found that place was awesome.

It was small cottage on the sea shore and very lonely place. It was a summer time. That day we roamed around Goa in bike whole day and had a nice time. I had no issues drinking in front of them but my brother doesn’t use to drink. So next day morning I woke up around 8 and went to my brother’s room. I saw he is getting ready for someplace.

I asked her what happened, where are you planning to go. He said that he had a urgent issue in office and has to go for tonight at least. He said he will be back by tomorrow evening and can extend the trip for one more day. I said then we all can go back, but he said that as we already paid for everything you guys be here and he will try to wind up everything and come back as soon as possible.

Then he left leaving Neha Bhabhi and me there. I told Bhabhi what kind of person brother is? She smiled and said “yeah, I know. But he is like that. Office is his first priority. But don’t worry we can have good time here. I did not have any bad intention towards her but she was an awesome beauty. She was around early 30s but had maintained herself like a 24 years girl. She was very fair and her face was very pretty.

She had an awesome figure may be 34-28-34, and being a modern girls she use to wear very trendy clothes. She used to look awesome in tight fitting dress. She had a very proportional figure. So coming back to the incident we thought of to go to beach and try some water sports. We got ready and went out. She was wearing a loose top and a track up to her knees.

She was looking amazing, I told her “Bhabhi you are looking great.” She smiled and thanked me for my compliment. We took a bike and went for a beach. She was seating at my pillion seat and I was ridding the bike. She was seated crossed leg. All of a sudden there was a k** on the road and I braked hard. When I did that she slammed into my back and her boobs brushed my back.

It was a strange feeling but I liked that. Her perfect size melons were so soft and round. I said sorry to her and she said “ahhhhh its ok abhi.” I felt good and while on the way deliberately applied brake a few times and every time her soft boobs crushed on my back. I was enjoying the ride now. Then in some time we reached the beach. Being a summer time there was not a huge crowd there.

As soon as we reached beach, there were some water sports guys came to us and started convincing us for some water ride. We selected the banana ride. As there were not very huge crowd so we both and the expert were on the banana ride. I asked her that whether she knows swimming. She said “No I don’t know swimming, is swimming required for this?” She was a bit nervous about my question.

I said no no, it’s not required. Also you are wearing the life jacket so you will not get drowned and I know swimming very well so don’t worry. She was a bit relived to hear that. Then all of a sudden as expected they turn the boat upside down and in no time we were in water. As she didn’t know swimming she was gasping in air and screaming. I went to her and in that moment she grabbed me with all of her force.

Her boobs were pressing on my chest and she was holding me as tight as she can. I said her “Bhabhi don’t worry I am here.” I reply she said in her scary voice “Abhi don’t leave me, I am very scared now.” I put my hand around her thin waist and said “look at me, I am here.” When I hold her waist her top was not there and my hand touched her bare thin waist. And still her boobs were pressing against my chest.

It was a strange kind of feeling but I was enjoying touching her now. I know she was close due to that fact that she was scared but I was taking advantage of that. I was getting a bit hard on my cock also by now. After some time she was getting a bit relaxed and was able to float. But still she was holding me. I was also not leaving her and was putting my hand on her waist and pulling her in to me.

Then I asked her “Bhabhi how are you feeling now? She looked at me and said “I was almost dear when the boat flipped. If you were not here then I don’t know what have happened.” I said nothing would happened to you bhabhi, and anyways I am here only. Then she started to get more relax and was now enjoying the float. She also let go me for a second and again hold me tightly as she was going down.

This time she holds me around my crouch area and in that move her hand brushed my cock. When it happened my cock was now in full attention mode. I slowly took her up again and literally she was in my arms now. I said to her “Look I am going to teach you how to float ok.” She nodded her head in affirmative. I asked her to release her legs and try to float.

She was not able to do that. I went to her side and put my hand on her stomach. Oh my god her top was not there and my hand came in direct contact with her naval area. It was so soft and awesome. I raised her with my hand support and ask her to try to remain on the water. She was already scared and must not have noticed that was I was touching her.

She was still having difficulty to raise her so I put one hand on her thigh and was now holding her on the water. My hands were brushing her lovely tight thighs now. I readjusted my hand to get her float and put my hand on her chest area. I didn’t did that intentionally but my hand was directly on her breast. It took time to realize that I was touching her boobs. When I understood where my hand was I quickly took that away and said sorry to her. She was also in a bit of awkward situation when that happened but said “it’s ok.”

Then after some time we came out of water. I looked at her and she was all wet. The clothes were so stuck to her body. Her boobs were clearly outlined from the top of her t-shirt. I can see the bra through her wet top. Also her nipple was erected from her top. The pant was also skin tight and I can see her panty line from her back. She had such a nice and round ass. First time I was seeing her like that and that was making me very hot and horny.

We were on the beach for some time and I had great view of her whole body. I was now feeling lucky that my brother left me with his awesome wife. Then afternoon we came back to hotel. She said that they have already had an appointment in a massage clinic and already paid. So she asked me to accompany her and also have a massage session in place of my brother.

I was more than happy to accompany her. She changed into a jeans and a red top. The jeans was so tight that her whole figure was displayed. Her ass was so round in shape and her pussy was so well shaped. Also the boobs were bursting thorough her red top. Seeing her now was making me erect.

We reached the massage center and it was very ethnic one. We went to the reception and told about the appointment. They took us to a room with two massage tables. I think they were mistaking me as her husband which I didn’t mind. They gave us a dress to change. I looked at Neha bhabhi and she said “Can you go outside, so that I can change.” I did the same and went to washroom and I also changed. Mine was only a boxer and I removed my underwear also.

I came back to the room and saw Neha bhabhi wearing a loose gown up to her knees. I was thinking she also must have been removed her bra and panty by now. She looked at my bare body and gave me a smile. Then two lady in middle age came inside the room and closed the door. They asked me to lie down to a massage table and she also lied down next to me. Then the lady started to massage my legs and also the other one was massaging Neha bahbhi’s legs.

She was putting her face on the other side so she was not seeing that my eyes were struck on her super sexy legs. The lady was putting her hand inside the gown and massaging her thighs also. Seeing that I was getting erected now. Then the lady lifted her gown more up exposing her thighs now. Oh my god, what a scene that was. I was seeing my bhabhi super milky thighs now.

I don’t know how she was feeling but I was on the 7th heaven now. The lady was putting her hands inside the gown and I can see her hands touching her ass and massaging there. My heart started to beat like a train. She was putting her both hand on her thighs and pushing it all the way towards her ass and coming back. I can see her round shaped ass been crushed my the massage lady. I was wishing that I could be the massager.

Then the lady lifted her gown a bit more up, I can see the start of the roundness on her ass. Then I saw the lady took some oil and started to rub in between her ass cheek. She was massaging her ass crack now. I can hear Neha moaning slowly like aahhhhh” She was massaging her ass crack all the way down her to her pussy slit. Oh Neha was jerking her body when she was being touched in her private part. Oh what a scene I was witnessing now.

Then after some time like that the lady asked me and her also to turn around. I turned but there was a huge bulge in my pants. My cock was like a tent now. The massage lady looked at that and smiled and said something to the other lady in their local language. They started to laugh and hearing that Bhabhi also looked at me and saw the huge bulge. I was so embarrassed that time. I saw her eyes were struck on that for few seconds and then she looked at me and gave me a smile.

I was feeling like running away from there. I was so embarrassed that time. Then the massage lady put a towel on top of that and that made the bulge down. Then she started to massage mu chest area. Neha bhabhi again turned her face on other side. I saw the lady unbuttoned some button of her and put the hand in her chest area. Oh my god she was massaging her boobs now.

I was getting so excited now. I started to look her hands and I can see that she was massaging all over her boobs now. By chance there was a gap there and I saw just a glimpse on her boob now. Oh what a milky white boobs she had. I was desperate to see her boobs now but can’t do anything in that position. The lady keep on pressing the boobs and I was watching that. She was cupping her boobs with her hands and also massaging her nipples.

It was so arousing for me. In between I was getting view of her naked boobs also. What a day I was having now after 1 hour or so the massage was done. I was also feeling very relaxed but was blown away by my bhabhi’s body. Now I want her and I want her naked now. We took a shower and I jerked thinking about her. Then we left the place. Bhabhi asked me “How you like the massage?” I said “Bhabhi, it was awesome. I really feel relaxed now but the fact was I was blown away by her body which I can’t say.

It was almost 8 in the evening. The night was just started and I asked her what to do now. She said we should go and party some place. I was happy hearing that. We went to a disco. It was a awesome place and people were drinking and dancing all over the place. We got a corner and stood there. I took a beer and asked her what she will have. She looked at me and smiled and said “what ever you are having.” I was bit shocked as I never saw her drinking.

I got one beer for her and asked “bhabhi do you drink also?” She smiled and said “yeah, but don’t tell this to your brother. As he doesn’t drink so I also don’t drink in front of me.” I was happy as she was sharing something new with me which brother doesn’t know. After 2 drinks I asked her can we go to the dance floor. I was getting courage by the drinks I think.

To my surprise she said “yes, why not dear. Let’s hit the dance floor maybe she was also enjoying the absence of brother with me. The dance floor was not big and lots of people were dancing there. I got behind her and started to move. She was enjoying the music and also moving nicely. I was amazed by her dancing skills. I came from back and whispered in her ears and said “bhabi you dance so nice.” She turned around and put her hand on my shoulders and smiled. She said “yeah there are lot of things I enjoy but due to your brother can’t do. Make sure this will remain in between us.”

I nodded my head and put one hand on her waist and started to move. She also didn’t resisted and I was really getting very close to her. She turned around and took my hand with her and put that on her waist. I was standing behind now with my hand around her and my cock was very near to her ass area. She was moving her waist like a professional dancer. I came a bit closer and now my cock was rubbing her ass now.

She was also moving her ass on my rock solid cock and giving me a complete feel of her roundness of her ass. She turned around and gave me a strange smile. I was moving slowly and my face was rubbing her back and shoulders now. I can smell her and she was so nice. My cock was now in between her ass crack now. Oh what a ass she had. We had few more drinks there and dance like that for quite some time.

I felt her body very nicely in the dance floor and she also allowed me to do that. Then I found she was very drunk now. She couldn’t stand properly now. I said to her let’s go. It was around 20 mins walking from that place to the hotel but she was so drunk that couldn’t walk that much. I called a taxi and put her in the cab. She was so drunk that she fell on my lap.

I put my hand on her head and was caressing her hairs and head while we were going to hotel. Then when we reached there she was not able to stand properly. I paid the taxi driver and put her arms around my shoulders and gave her support. Doing so her boobs were in crushing on my side of the chest. Oh my god what a soft boobs she had. I was having a real nice time there. I supported her like that and put the other hand on her waist region.

She looked at me and gave me a smile and said in broken words “you are such a sweetheart abhi.” I gave a smile back and started to walk towards my cottage. While walking her boobs were crushing on my chest. I was also making sure that I get the best part of her boob on my body. I also moved my hand from her waist to her ass now. I put my hand directly on her ass cheek.

Oh what a round ass she had. I was slowly trying to grab her ass with my palms. She was not resisting a single bit now. May be she was nor registering that also. Then I opened my cottage and put her on the bed. She immediately lie down like that. I can see her boobs bursting through her red top. Her t-shirt got lifted and I can see her bare waist line. Oh she had such a thin waist line and her naval was looking so tempting.

She was a complete beauty lying on my bed. My cock was getting totally erected finding her like that. She was not feeling comfortable now and asked me to take to the washroom. I lifted her up and in the meantime she puked on me and on herself. Ahhhh it was bad. She had quite a few drinks to much to control. She puked all over me and on her too also. She was again out and sleeping in think. Now what to do?

I took her in my arms and put her on the clean side of the bed. I cleaned the bed and removed my shirt. I saw her, she was now completely drenched in her own puke. I changed to a clean boxer and thought of cleaning her now. She was in no condition to go to her cottage. I got a wet towel and came near to her. She was such a beauty and I kissed her on the forehead.

Then I cleaned her hands and legs with the towel but her clothes needs to get change as she was stinking now. I thought may be this is the chance to see her naked also is she woke up also then I can tell that I was cleaning her. I slowly started to pull her top now. I lifted her a bit to take it down from her back. More I was pulling the top more flesh and skin of her was getting exposed.

I pulled till her chest now and her awesome waist area was now naked in front of my eyes. I slowly pulled the top more up but was struck into her mountains of boobs. I put my hand inside her top and cupped her boobs in order to take the top out. Oh my god what I was doing. I was holding my bhabhi’s boobs in her sleep now. It was so perfect in size and so round in shape.

I cupped her second boob also and took the top away from there. Then slowly took it from her head and hands. Now she was complete topless now. Only a bra that was holding her breast was there. Oh my god what a scene that was. I was wishing to take the bra our and just suck the nipples but controlled my feeling some how. I took the wet towel and started to clean her up. She was so hot. I put my hand on her lovely boobs and pressed them gently.

All the time I was looking at her also as whether she is awake or not. I put my fingers in her cleavage. Oh what a soft pair of boobs she had. I also cleaned her naval and put my fingers there also. She was having such sexy curves. I was getting jealous about my brother now. Now it was turn to remove her jeans now. I un buttoned her jeans and pull the zipper down. She was wearing a red panty.

The panty was very transparent and I can see through that. I put my hand on her waist of the jeans and started to pull down. It was a bit difficult as she was sleeping on the back and also the jeans was very tight. I lifted her from her ass and pulled the jeans. As soon as I pulled the jeans from her groin area and beautiful valley of love was in front of me. She was wearing a transparent panty and I can see she was clean shave on her pussy.

The panty was live a V shape and it was going inside her pussy slit so nicely. Oh my god I was making my bhabhi naked now. Then I started to pull it down and more it was getting down more sexy thighs and legs were getting exposed. After 2-3 mins of struggle I was able to take the jeans out of her legs completely and made her naked. She was now only in her bra and panty now.

She was looking like a sex goddess lying on my bed with her bra and panty. My cock was now like a tent in my boxers and trying to come out. What a stunning piece of beauty she had. Her thighs were so tight going all the way to her tight pussy. I slowly took the towel and spread her legs a bit. I was cleaning her inner thighs and having a look in her tight pussy. Her pussy lips were closed but I can see the pussy slit going all the way down.

I looked her at her face and put my hand cupping her whole pussy area. Oh what a feeling that was. She was having such a nice opulent curve on her pubic area. Then I took her panty and lifted that a bit. That exposed me her naked pussy. Oh some drops came out of cock just by seeing her naked pussy. I put one finger on her pussy lips and she jerked her body.

I quickly took it back and saw she was still in her sleep. The touch of her pussy lips on my finger was so nice and I can still remember the touch. Then I thought of getting a dress for her from her room. I locked my room and went to her cottage. I opened her closet to get some dress for her. I saw there some very erotic lingerie there. She must enjoy wearing those. Near there I found a packet of condoms also. I was getting very excited seeing things like that.

Then I took a night gown of her and came back to my room. I saw now she was now without her bra. She must have taken that out by her self in her sleep. OH my god her naked boobs were in front of me. She had a small areola and it was kind of pink in color. Her nipples were not that huge but was pointed enough. I took my cock out and jerked there only. It was too much for me seeing my bhabi naked. I put my hand on her bare boobs and kept my hand like that. It was so awesome feeling.

I started to press them real slow, my hand was going in her soft boobs. I kept on pumping bhabhi’s boobs for quite some time. I then took her nipples in my fingers and started to rub them. It was getting erected when I was pulling them. Oh my god what a feeling that was. I then looked at her and found still sleeping. I bend down and put the nipples on my lips.

Her nipples felt so soft on my lips. I started sucking them real slow and with lot of care. I was licking all her breast now. Her nipples were getting bigger and bigger and found her boobs also growing in size. I sucked both her boobs for quite some time. I put my one hand on her pussy area now. As I was licking her lust full boobs I slides my hand into her panty now.

I can sense a bit of heavy breathing but still I think she was out. Her legs were already spread so I reached her pussy slit easily. I found this time her pussy lips were a bit wet now. I put my two finger on her pussy lips and started to rub them while sucking her boobs. I then slowly spread her pussy lips with my fingers and touched her inside pussy. I took my face from her boobs and now watching her pussy now. It was all pink inside and also very wet.

I was very exited now. I put my finger in her pink fleshy inside area of her pussy. She jerked her body when I did that. I saw some wetness was there. I then put my one finger just inside her pussy. It was so wet and hot inside her pussy area. This was the first time was I inside somebody’s pussy. The inside was so fleshy and wet. I pushed my finger a bit more inside. The pussy was very tight now. I was with my one finger was exploring her inside pussy now.

She was getting more and wet now. I bent my fingers and started to run my finger on her top pussy wall. It was so soft and wet in there. I was getting the heat from her pussy. I took the finger from her pussy and sucked that. What a awesome taste I felt. Her pussy juice was intoxicating. I again pushed my finger in her pussy and this time I pushed 2 fingers.

As her pussy was so wet that my fingers went in very smoothly. I was pulling the inside pussy area with my fingers. I saw she was getting restless now. I explored her pussy for some time and then took back my fingers and sucked them again. I thought that this is enough for to night. May be she can wake up and that will be bad for me. I then put the gown on her from the top and took her dress and put them on the washroom with her bra.

I took a shower and jerked again by sucking my fingers again. The scent of her pussy was still on my finger. Then I came back and went to sleep on the sofa as she was sleeping on a side of the bed and other side was wet and I cleaned that part where she puked. I was still licking my fingers as the scent was still there of her pussy, Then I went in to sleep.

Next morning when I woke up I saw she was not there. I quickly went to the washroom and saw her last night dress were also not there. I was quite scared now as what might she think of yesterday night. I was not getting the courage of going into her room. I was quite restless now and then after some time I saw her coming towards my cottage. I quickly went back to sleep again. I did not want to face her now.

She opened the door as she took the keys with her in the morning. I was lying on the sofa now. She came to me and woke me up. I opened my eyes and saw her in the same night gown which I put her in the night. I was pretending to be in sleep and just now woke up like that. I said morning and asked her how you are feeling. She said yeah fine now, I am having some headache and body ache.

She then asked me last night what happened? I was so drunk that I didn’t know anything. I was quite relived hearing that she don’t know what I did to her. I said that you were too much drunk and you were not feeling well so I put you here only. I was worried for you so did not take you to your cottage. She smiled and said did I puke also here as I found the stink in my dress. I said yeah bhabhi, you puked a lot but I tried to clean you.

She looked at me and smiled and said so sweet of you abhi, but did you change my dress also. Now I was really scared. I don’t know what to say. I said ahhhhhh it’s like ahhhhhh yes and I did not know how she will react now. But to my surprise she smiled and said “you so nice of you. Last night I must have been troubled you. I was thinking that the trouble which I had I wish I can have daily. I said no bhabhi, what trouble. It was my duty to take care of you.

She smiled and said you changed my clothes also did not you. I said yeah after puking you destroyed your clothes and mine too. So I can’t keep you like that. She gave me a naughty smile and said you naughty; you must have then seen me naked. I am so sorry to put you in some trouble. I was so surprise that she took that very casually. I said no bhabhi, it was no trouble. I was just cleaning you. She came to me and hit me is a funny way and said yeah I know you must have enjoyed that.

You are very naughty I was surprised that she was very much ok with that. She must have noticed that she was without her bra and I saw her naked. But for me it was like so much relived. She said don’t tell this to your brother otherwise we both will be in trouble. I said no worries bhabhi, it will be a secret between us. I was happy that she also wants this to be secret.

The she said get ready we will go some more places today. After she went I was so happy that she didn’t make any fuss out it what happened last night and also did not remember what I did also after some time I got ready and went to her cottage. She looked at me and said your brother is stuck and he will not be joining us. So we have to go back tomorrow and I was happy to hear that I have one more night with Neha bhabhi alone.

She then said why don’t you check out your cottage and come here. Anyways it is a big one. I was so happy to hear that. I agreed then only and took my entire luggage here and left my room. I was so happy now that I will be again in the same cottage with her whole night. She was wearing s loose top and a small short. She was looking stunning in that. Lots of skin of her fair body was exposed. We take the moped and went out. This time she sat real close to me.

I don’t have to apply brakes also. Her well shaped boobs were crushing on my back all the time. I was feeling so hot now; my cock was full erected all the way. We were going to an old fort that was 30 minutes drive from where we stayed. The weather was also nice and there was a huge cloud cover on the sky. All the way her naked body of last night was in front of my eyes. I didn’t knew that did she know what happened last night but whatever I was feeling so happy and excited being with her.

After some time we reached there, it was a broken kind of fort on top of a hill not many people were there then it started to drizzle a bit. It was not that hard rain but was enough to make us wet. I told her let’s find some shelter otherwise we will get wet. She agreed and we find a small place covered with some broken fort wall.

As soon we reached there it started to rain heavily outside. There was barely placed to get shelter there. We both were getting wet there. She was standing her back to the walls and I was standing in front of her. She said abhi, come closer or you will get wet and I did the same and now her boobs were touching my back now.

I started to push my back more slowly in order to get closer to her boobs. She also didn’t resist my move and her boobs were now crushing on my back. My ass was also on to her groin area. I was having real fun now with her lovely boobs on me. We were also standing in an area which was not visible from elsewhere also.

The rain intensity also increased now then all of a sudden she grabbed my arms and screamed. I quickly turn around and asked her what happened bhabhi? She pointed her finger on the wall and there was a lizard on that. She grabbed me as hard and she can and pressed her head on to my chest. When she did that her boobs crushed on my chest now.

I asked her don’t worry bhabi and I will take care of that and I got some sticks from the ground and threw the lizard away. She was still hugging me tightly with her boobs firmly pressed on my chest. I said her bhabhi look now it is gone. She said while grabbing me no I don’t want to look. I was also quite happy to hold her like that.

I put my arms around her and pat on her back and said what bhabhi, you are so afraid of a lizard. She nodded her head and put her hands around my waist. My cock was already erected and it was almost touching her groin area now. I was nervous and at the same time was super excited. I can feel her breathing on my chest now.

We were standing like that for quite some time. All the time I was pressing more into her boobs and she also didn’t resisted me and gave me enough touch of her perfectly shaped boobs. She said Abhi, I can’t stand more now. my legs are hurting. I said to her bhabhi but the rain is getting heavier, in this weather we can’t go out also. Do one thing you can seat here

She said I wanted to seat but the place is so dirty and full on insects. I can’t seat here suddenly I got an idea; I said to her Bhabi you do one thing. I will seat on the ground and you can seat on my lap. To my surprise she agreed. Either she was too tired or she was also now enjoying my touch. I cleaned the place with my shoe and sat down. I folded and legs and called her. She came down and sat on my thighs.

We both were got almost wet there and she with her wet ass sat on my thighs. I can feel her round soft ass on my legs now. My cock was like a tent now. Her ass was now inches away from my cock. I put my hands on her waist and hold her like that. She smiled and said am I very heavy? I said No bhabhi you are not and I started to make small movement in order to feel her ass now.

I wanted to feel her ass crack on to my cock but was unable to get there. I can see her wet back, she was not wearing a bra kind of thing in place she was wearing spaghetti inside her top that was coming out from her wet top now. I can see her super thin neck line. I wanted to kiss her there but controlled myself then all of a sudden she just raised her ass and readjusted her seating position when she put her ass back she directly sat on my cock. I was like in 7th heaven now.

My cock was now directly on her ass crack now. She asked me are you comfortable abhi? I said now I am bhabhi she then smiled and said you should have told me before that I need to reposition myself and I said it’s ok bhabhi. Now I was feeling her ass crack on my cock now. I was moving my legs a bit in order to feel her ass now. She was also making some small movements in order to get my cock in between her ass now.

I did not know she was doing it intentionally or not but I was having such a great time now her ass was so round and soft and her ass crack was so tight now. My hands were on her waist and I was making small movements with my fingers. She got stiff a bit when I moved my fingers on her waist. I said what happened bhabhi? She smiled and said I am getting tickling on my waist with your fingers.

I got naughty and poked her and said where, here bhabhi. She put a naughty tap on my hands and said you naughty don’t do that and I again did that and she again jerked and jumped right on top of my cock. Oh what a feeling that was. She must have registered the hardness of my cock on her ass now. She took my hands and placed it or her naval and put her hands on top of that and said put your hand naughty when she did that my hands got directly in touch of her bare skin there.

Her top must have been lifted and my fingers were directly on top of her naval hole now. I put my one finger there and she jerked her body a bit but didn’t do anything. I slowly started to put my finger in her naval now every time I was moving my fingers she was moving her body but didn’t stop me. She was kind of getting excited and I can sense her goose bumps on her skin. All the time I kept rubbing my hard cock on her ass also.

She also gave me right access to get to her ass crack. I started to move my fingers around her naval area now and I can sense heavy breathing from her now. I knew she was enjoying being touched there. I kept a casual look on my face and was making my move very slowly. More I was touching her there more she was pressing back on my cock now.

We were like that for some time then after 45 mins or so the rain subsided and she said let’s go abhi, the rain has stopped. I did not wanted to go but what to do. She stood and gave her hands to help me stand up. I took her hands and stood up. My cock was like a tent in my pant by then. She looked at my cock at a glance and gave me a smile.

We started from there still there was light drizzle and she sat very close to me now. She put her hand on my thighs as I was driving. I can sense her lovely soft boobs being crushed on my back. Oh what a feeling that was. I can also sense that she was also pressing her boobs in such a way that it gets good rub from my back.

We reached at a beach then. We parked the bike and went for the water. She wanted to enjoy the beach also. We put our belonging in a shack cum restaurant and went in the water. I went to chest deep water, then I called her bhabhi come here, you will have fun. She said that she is afraid to go so deep. I said nothing will happen come here. I am here right and I went to her and hold her hand and pulled her towards the deep water.

She grabbed me tightly in the water as the wave’s passes by us. She started to have fun in the water now. I was looking at her now, her clothes were completely wet and I can see her nipples coming out from her top. She was also not covering them and giving me a complete view of her wet body then all of a sudden a big wave came and she landed on me. Out of balance she tried to hold me and she grabbed my groin area and her hands brushed my erected cock.

I also took the opportunity and grabbed her by her boobs and also squeezed them a little. She quickly gained balance and gave me a naughty smile. We both knew what just happened right now. We both touched each other private parts now after some time we get out of the water. She was all wet and her figure was coming out from her seductive body. She was looking so sexy then we returned to our cottage like that.

I already shifted to her room I was very excited. She said that she will go for bath first. She went in and I was waiting in the room after about 15 minutes she came out of the washroom. She was wrapped in a towel from her boobs to her thighs. I never expected her to come out of the washroom like that. She was looking so seductive. Her white legs and thighs were making me go crazy. I can see the start the curve of her boob from there.

She looked at me and gives me a smile and said you can use the washroom now. I went inside the washroom. I saw her undergarments there. I took the panty of her and smelled it. I did not know why I did that but the smell was so intoxicating. I jerked there rubbing her panty on my cock. After that I cleaned myself and came out in a towel. I saw her sitting on the bed in a small gown. She was applying some cream on her legs.

I was only in towel. She looked at my body and gave me a smile. I went to the mirror and started to comb my hairs. In the reflection I saw her on the bed. She did something incredibly while applying cream she bend her legs and that make her legs open and gave me view of her spread legs. Oh my god, I can see her panty from there. She spread her legs in a way that her pussy was absolutely visible from where I was looking.

She was wearing a V-shape red panty and I kept looking at her pussy after that she stood up and I took my eyes away from there. She came to the mirror and I asked her bhabhi, what you applied. She said that is a sunscreen lotion. That helps in the sun. Do you want some abhi? I nodded my head and said yeah I want to put some on my back and I said it deliberately as I wanted her to put the cream on me.

My plan work and she said come I will put some on you and I was so happy. She put some cream on her hand and put her palms on my back. Oh her touch was so exciting now. Her hands were so soft; she started to apply cream all over my back only her touch was making me hard.

She put cream all over my back. Then she said “turn around abhi, will put some on your chest also. Now that was bonus for me. I turned around and she started to apply cream on my chest and stomach. She also put the cream on my nipples also when she did that I got some tickle and jerked. She smiled and again touched there. She was enjoying my touch now. She put cream all over me and quite a few times put her hand on my nipples and gave me a naughty looks after that nothing much happened on the evening it was now night time.

I asked her bhabhi do you want to have some drink today also? She said no no abhi, last night I made a mess and you had a tough time to clean me. I was thinking for that tough time I can do that for ever. I said nothing will happen bhabhi and we will drink in the room only so there will be no problems after some resistance she agreed to drink. My plan was to make her high so that she loses her consciousness so that I can again have her body.

I went out and brought some drinks at the cottage. I intentionally brought some hard drinks so that she can get high. We drank a lot and I made sure that she gets a lot of alcohol in her body. It was now midnight time and she said that she can’t take more. I told her to go and sleep and I said that I will sleep on the couch. She in her broken words said no no abhi, it’s a big bed you can sleep here. No need of sleeping there. I was waiting for that only. My plan was working fine now.

She directly fell on the bed and slept there only. She was still wearing the same small gown. She felt on the bed on her face. The gown was lifted to her upper thighs exposing her legs to me. It was so incredible scene. Her roundness of her ass was so nice. I quickly went there and turned off the lights and switched on the night light. She was sleeping diagonally on the bed.

I saw her face; she was completely out by now. I put a hand on her ass over the gown only and kept it there. I was checking whether she is in sleep or not. She was motion less and I slowly started to move my hands on her ass and felt her roundness. Tonight I wanted her to see completely naked but was not sure how to do it. I slowly put my hands on her bare thighs. I was slowly coming up on her naked thighs. Oh she was so soft and smooth there.

I quickly put my hand inside her gown and now my fingers were touching her start of her ass and were touching her panty now. My heart started to beat like a train. I lifted her panty a bit and slid my finger inside that. My fingers touched her bare ass now. My fingers were feeling the roundness of her ass now. I was getting so excited now. I lifted her gown more so that I can see where my fingers were going.

I can see her red panty now her fair legs and red panty was a deadly combination. My cock was almost busted in my pants. I took my fingers out from her panty and put my hand on her panty inside the gown. I can sense her ass crack from her panty. I pressed my palms on her ass cheek and her ass got suppressed by my hands. Oh my god, what I was doing. I was touching my bhabhi’s most private part now.

I went more up and got her panty elastic from her waist. I started to pull that down but it was difficult as she was sleeping like that but I made the panty down from her ass still. Now my hands were on her naked ass now. The ass was so tight and round. I put my side of my palms on her ass crack now. I started to rub my hands on her ass crack now. She was having such a tight ass, I felt so nice when my hands were rubbing against her ass cheek.

I squeezed her ass for some time. Then all of a sudden she turned and she slept on her back now. She did it so fast that I couldn’t take my hands out from her panty and my hands were now under her naked ass now her whole body was now on my palms and her ass was pressing against her ass now. I was now so much enjoying that. I started to move my finger under her ass only.

My fingers touched her ass hole and I started to make small circle there. It was such a strange thing but I was enjoying to the core of it and I saw she was still in deep sleep now, I then placed my second hand on her belly now. I kept my other hand under her ass only and was rubbing her ass crack and ass hole there. I saw her gown was having two latches on her shoulders. I took my hand from her belly and started to untie her knot on one side of the latch.

To my luck it came up very easily. Now I took one side of her gown and started to pull that down. It came down and now I can see her boobs covered in her bra. I pulled a bit more and took one boob out of the gown. Her black bra was covering half of her boobs and half was naked. I can see her cleavage there uuuuuufffffff what a scene that was.

It was kind of difficult for me one hand under her, so I pulled my hands from her ass. While doing so her panty also came down from her ass also. I thought now I should play with her boobs for some time then I will go down again to her pussy. I slowly put my hand on her boobs directly very lightly. I can feel the roundness of her boobs on my palm very lightly I grabbed her whole boobs, it was so big that my whole palm was not able to cover that.

I can feel her breath going in and out from her boobs. I pressed them slightly and they went in uuuuuffff what a feeling that was pressing her boobs. I wanted to make her other boobs also free, so I went on the other side of the shoulders and undid the knot. It came out very easily now I pulled the gown and made both her boobs out from her gown only bra was covering both of them now. I put my hand on her other boobs and started to squeeze them when I was pumping that I can sense her heavy breathing now.

I wanted to make the boob naked but the bra hook was under her. I started to think what to do next. I slowly started to put my fingers in her bra now. I can feel the naked boobs on my fingers now. I can feel the softness of her boobs in my fingers. I started to move more in and more her naked boobs now touching my hands then after some time my fingers touched some rough part of her boobs.

I understood that I hit the jackpot, it was her areoles when I touched there it became very rough, I started to itch there with my fingers. More I was itching there more rough it was getting. I then moved a bit more and touched her already erected nipples. When I did that she jerked her body. I saw she was still sleeping, but may have noticed that in dreams.

I was so happy to get her nipples now; I started to rub them with my fingers. They were growing in size when I was doing that. I pressed them in her boobs and it went in her soft boob’s ooohhh what a feeling that was. I wanted to make them naked now; I cupped my hands opposite and took her boobs out from her bra cup now. Now one of her boobs was naked completely.

I get up a bit a saw her nipples so erected and her boobs getting red in excitement. I can see her blue veins on her fair boobs going to the nipples. Oh my god, what a scene that was slowly I did the same with the other boobs and took that out. Now both her love melons were out and they both were so erected. I got up and took one nipple in my lips and started to rub them in between my lips.

The feeling was like I was chewing a large chewing gum, I kept rubbing them on my lips. Now they have grown to their full size. I took my tongue and licked the area surrounding the nipples. Then I touched my tongue just on top of her nipples. It was like 440 volt then I took them inside my mouth and started sucking that. I kept my other hand on her other boobs and started pumping that also.

Now if she woke, I was gone. But I was not able to control now. I started to suck them hard now and she was now breathing very heavy now. I sucked them for quite some time. Then I thought now I should play with her pussy now. I again lie down and kept her boobs in open only. I saw her gown was lifted up to her thighs now. I can see her fleshy sexy legs naked now.

I put my hand on her naked thigh and started to pull the gown up. first 6 inches came up very easily and I can see her inner thighs now but I was not able to pull the gown all the way up as she was sleeping on the. I put my hand inside her gown only and reached her panty now. She was sleeping with her legs spread and I put my hands in between her legs to her pussy.

I touched her panty with my finger just on top of her pussy. I got some wetness in my fingers from her panty. I understood that she was also getting excited now. I pushed my finger in her pussy from the top of her panty and to my surprise it went in also 1 inch. It was so wet there, and she jerked her body when I did that. I took out the finger and sucked that. Oh what an aroma of her pussy that was.

The scent was making me wild now. I again took my hands on her panty now. I put my fingers inside the panty line and squeezed the panty so that it gets into her pussy crack now. Now her pussy was naked and only the pussy crack was filled with her panty. I put my fingers on both side of her pussy lips and started rubbing them slowly. More I was doing more her pussy was getting wet and excited now.

I saw her, she was still lying still but her naked boobs were getting up and down with her heavy breathing. I was getting excited now, I pulled her panty against her pussy crack now and the panty went in her pussy crack. I started to move the panty in a way that her pussy gets rubbed against her panty. She started to move her groin area when I was doing that.

I then started to pull her panty down; I was almost mad now and wanted to get rid of her panty at any cost. I pulled it down but was struck on her back. I started to pull down bit forcefully and then she did something incredible. She lifted her ass a bit so that the panty can come down from her ass. As soon as she did that I pulled her panty from her ass and pulled that down to her knees.

Now her swollen pussy was naked in front of me. her pussy lips where now a bit open by my rubbing. I slowly took the panty away from her legs now and put the panty under my pillow now. I then sat up and went between her spread legs. I pulled those apart more and she also didn’t resisted my move. I lie down in between her putting my face just in front of her pink pussy.

The smell from her pussy was intoxicating. I took my tongue out and swiped her pussy with that. Oh my god what the fuck that was. It was so awesome and she also jerked her body vigorously when I licked her pussy like that. I again did the same and her pussy lips were now getting spread without my touch also now. It was getting very wet now.

I put my finger then on her pussy crack, it was so jelly kind of feeling that was. I just rubbed there for few minutes and she spread her legs more now. I didn’t knew she got awake or not but I was not caring also for that. I pushed my finger in her wet swollen pussy and it went in very easily.

She was so hot inside and also so soft. Her juice was making my fingers all wet inside her pussy now. She was very smooth inside her pussy; I twisted my finger inside her pussy and went for the top part of her pussy. I read somewhere about the G-Spot and wanted to touch that on top part of her pussy there was a small coin like area that was rough. I started itching that and oh my god, she was getting so much wet now.

It was like water coming out from a tap. I put in one more finger there and started to rub there. She was getting very wet now; I put my tongue on her pussy entrance and started to lick all the juice that was coming out. The taste of her juice was so nice, more I was rubbing her now inside her pussy more she was letting her juice out.

It was getting very hot now and I quickly removed my pants and came on top of her putting the body weight on my hands. I slowly took my cock on top of her pussy and my face was on top of her nipples now. I put all my weight on my hands while doing so. I took her nipples on my lips and started to rub my cock on her pussy now. I was trying to put that inside her pussy but it was difficult to do that in that position.

I pushed hard and it went in I think 1 inch inside, I bite her nipples in excitement now. I kept rubbing my cock on her pussy and due to that much of excitement I ejaculated all my sperm on her pussy only. Oh what a feeling that was. I kept rubbing until every drop was dropped from my cock on to her body. I was so happy and excited.

I came down and lie down on her side; put my pants back on and just casually covered her boobs with her gown. I kept the panty under my pillow and slept like that.

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