NFL Season Opener

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NFL Season Opener
Marcus Phillips opened the door of his apartment. The six-feet-three-inch, two-hundred-fifty-pound dark-skinned man looked at the slim boi.

“Come inside,” Marcus ordered.
The twenty-six year old complied and said, “Yes, sir”

It was a Sunday – the second one of September. Marcus had asked the pussyboi to come over before the game. It was the season opener for the New York Giants. They were playing the Dallas Cowboys. The sissy boi switched inside. He was five-feet-six and weighed one-twenty-two. He had a caramel-mocha-latte complexion. The game started at 4:25 p.m. It was still early in the afternoon – just after 2:00 p.m.

The cute little sissy, named Torrance, shook his ass as he walked in. He carried a backpack with his clothes. Marcus lifted his left leg ad kicked the bottom boi in the middle of the back. The sissy wailed as he fell forward.

“Damn,” Marcus laughed. “I’m pimping you out today.”
“Really, sir,” the sissy asked.
“Hell yeah! I got three niggas coming over to get in you.”
“Do they know I’m a boi?”
“One of ‘em does. You got that wig and shit?”
“Yes sir!”
“I thought I told you to have it on. Get dolled up for Daddy!”

The faggot walked right to the bedroom. Marcus followed behind admiring his slender body.

“I like how that li’l booty shakes when you walk,” Marcus shared.
“Thank you,” crowed Torrance.

Torrance was dressed in red jeggings and a form-fitting dark-green tee. Marcus was only wearing a pair of green boxer briefs.

Torrance laid down his book bag and pulled out a neon green wig. He put it on his head while Marcus disappeared.

When Marcus returned, he was wielding a Smith & Wesson SD40 standard-capacity handgun. He was also carrying a bag. It contained a gallon of E&J, two large red plastic cups, and a supersized blunt. He pointed the gun at the faggot.

“I’m pimping you out today for real,” Marcus shared.
“Really,” inquired the tiny sissy.
“Yeah, but not before I fuck you.”

Marcus slapped Torrance’s face. Then he poured both of them a drink and lit the blunt. The Smith & Wesson sat on the bed. He took a swig and puffed the weed. He passed the Kush over to Torrance.

“I want you drunk and high,” the sexy Black man scowled.
“Yes sir,” Torrance cried out.

They continued drinking. Marcus had gotten an erection as soon as Torrance showed up. Torrance looked at it lovingly with his doe-like eyes that had reddened slightly.

Marcus pulled out his six-inch fat Black dick. Then he grabbed the handgun and placed it at Torrance’s head.

“Get on your knees and suck my dick,” the thirty-four year old commanded.
“Yes, sir,” Torrance purred.

Torrance’s mouth was warm and wet. Marcus fucked his face while never removing the gun from Torrance’s head.

“Oh yeah, sissy! Suck this dick,” Marcus bellowed.

Torrance was giving a sloppy blowjob.

Marcus commented, “You do it better than my girl.”
“Thank you,” Torrance said muffled while still being a good little cocksucker.
“I’m ready to fuck you,” the maintenance supervisor announced. “Get that ass on the bed.”

Torrance complied with his instructions. He straddled the edge of the bed. Marcus spanked his little round butt and told him to get on his back. Torrance flipped over. Marcus shoved his crazy thick six-inch prick inside of the boi’s anus. It was already pre-lubed with petroleum jelly. Marcus stuffed the gun down Torrance’s throat and plowed away.

“You like me using your ass, don’t you bitch. You got me cheating on my girl. You drive niggas wild with that little faggot ass. I know you can’t talk cause this gun is in your mouth, but I just like looking at you. I can’t tell my friends, but I like looking at your fag stick when I fuck you,” Mike said. “Stroke it!”

Torrance was smaller than most any man he had ever met. His sissy clit was long though. It was a nine-inch specimen. While it was lengthy, it was actually quite thin. He began jacking himself.

Marcus went harder. His fat manhood was ripping Torrance open. He pushed the gun deeper down the punk’s throat. Torrance began to cum. His ass tightened.

Marcus grunted. His dick could take no more. He threw the gun on the floor and thrusted with another three strokes. His nut flooded in Torrance’s hole. He jumped up. His dick came out of Torrance with a noticeable slurp. Marcus laughed, “If my girl knew I was fucking you, she’d be mad as hell!

Torrance winked sheepishly and replied, “It’s our secret.”
“You better get in the shower. I got some baby oil in the bathroom I want you to rub all over that pretty slim ass.”

Torrance headed into the bathroom of the one-bedroom apartment after pulling off his wig. Marcus joined him in the shower and fucked him again for good measure. It was a soapy, wet, loud session. Marcus choked the faggot when he got ready to skeet. “Got damn, faggot,” howled the barrel-chested man.

Marcus washed up and left Torrance to finish with his own cleaning ritual. Torrance lathered and then dried off. He squeezed the oil all over himself. He rubbed it in. Then, he went back in the bedroom and took out a bright hot pink wig. He affixed it on his head. Torrance also put on a one-piece fish-net bodystocking.

Marcus walked in and hollered, “That shit looks good.” He kicked Torrance once more making him fall onto the bed. Marcus tied Torrance’s legs and arms to each bedpost. His sissy whore was now spread eagle and ready for the bruhs.

The first to arrive was Jerome. He was five-teen and one-hundred-sixty-seven pounds. He got out of his white 2007 Cadillac CTS. He carried a case of Bud Light with him up to the apartment. He knocked on the door.

Marcus opened up and said, “What’s up, b*o?”
“Can’t call it! You got that bitch in here,” Jerome asked.
“Yeah. She’s in the bedroom.”

Jerome walked straight back after handing the beer to Marcus.

Marcus called out, “Don’t forget to tip.”

Jerome saw the slut on the bed.

“Ooh wee,” Jerome remarked. “My nigga got you hemmed up.”

Torrance turned his head to the side.

“Cute too,” Jerome added as he smacked Torrance’s small bubble booty. He threw three twenty-dollar bills in the fish bowl on the nightstand. He ordered, “Suck on this dick!”

Torrance complied. As he sucked, Jerome asked “You want it in the ass?”
“Yes sir,” Torrance whined.

Jerome climbed on the bed. He pushed his eight-inch dick inside of the bitch. He reached down to feel the bitch’s pussy.

“Shit, you a dude,” Jerome screamed.
“I’m a sissy,” Torrance corrected him.
“That’s what’s up. It’s been bout a year since I fucked a punk!”
“You like it,” Torrance queried.
“Hell yeah! Take this dick!”

Jerome pounded. Torrance squealed. Jerome busted two condoms before cumming.

“That’s what the fuck I’m talkin’ bout,” Jerome commented. He pulled up his jeans and went to the front.

Marcus inquired, “You like that, bitch?”
“Yep,” Jerome confirmed. “You coulda told a nigga it was a dude though.”
“My bad.”
“It’s cool. I still fucked him. He’s a pretty li’l sissy.”

The game started. Anton and Shawn arrived at the door just ten seconds after kickoff. Anton knew Marcus had invited a faggot over.

Anton was a burly, six-foot-nine-inch nigga. He had played basketball at a Division Two college before getting arrested armed robbery. He got released from prison eight months earlier. He missed all the boipussy he got while he was locked up. He knew Marcus through Marcus’ punk cousin that was locked up.

When Marcus reached out to put some money on his cousin’s books, the mature sissy who was locked up for life told him his boo was getting out. The old sissy also informed Marcus that Anton would be moving to the same town where Marcus lived. He and Marcus met up the week prior to fuck Torrance. It had been hot.

Shawn stood at five-feet-eleven. He was dark-skinned and weighed just over two hundred pounds. He was unaware of that the bitch waiting for them was a dude. No one knew, Shawn had been fucking his girlfriend’s fifteen year-old nephew the entire summer. The sissy boi visited, starting in June, and would always watch when Shawn went to take a shower. Finally, his girl was away at the beauty shop. The young fag was watching him again. Shawn told him to get on the couch and see what he wanted. The cute boi took his dick and screamed. All summer, Shawn pounded the bottom slut.

Marcus welcomed Anton and Shawn. Anton had a case of beer. Shawn held a case containing weed and cigarillos.

The four dudes watched the game with intensity. Shawn was a die-hard Giants fan. The other three rooted for various teams not in the mix at the moment.

When the first quarter ended, Marcus marched into his bedroom. He poured a copious amount of E&J down Torrance’s throat. Then he fired up another blunt and put it in the faggot’s mouth. Torrance puffed and got even more high.

Marcus went back to the front. Anton asked, “That bitch ready yet?”
“Yeah, brother! Don’t forget to tip,” said Marcus.
“I got you,” Anton returned.

Anton stuck his seven-and-a-half-inch dick in Torrance’s mouth. Torrance sucked it vehemently. Anton fed it to him the entire second quarter.

Anton pulled off his white graphic tee and his light-washed Rocawear Attic Jeans. He mounted the sissy and threw all of his weight into him. He varied in comparison to the slut. Torrance cooed and cried.

“Fuck me like a faggot,” Torrance begged.
“Hell yeah, but don’t say that faggit shit no more,” Anton ordered. “My homeboy don’t know you a dude.”

Anton bent down close and hammered the wet juicy butt hole.

“Dis how I used to fucked them bitches in prison,” Anton announced.

Anton came in the Magnum condom and went back to watch the game after throwing fifty bucks in the fishbowl..

At the end of the third quarter, Shawn showed up. He pulled out a nine-inch dick that was rock hard. He did not waste time getting sucked. He went right for Torrance’s hole. He pushed in and Torrance hollered.

“Tight ass, bitch,” Shawn screamed.
“You like it,” Torrance inquired.
“Shit yeah, baby!”
“Do you know I’m a boi?”
“Oh shit. I ain’t even know.”

Shawn was turned on more than ever. He hefted his big dick in and out of Torrance. He slammed his fists in the back of Torrance’s head.

Torrance cried.

The other three dudes walked back to the room.

Shawn was hammering and pounding. He pulled off the condom and shot his load all over Torrance’s bodystocking.

The dudes laughed and left Torrance tied up for a train to be run on him after the game.

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