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I was sitting at the kitchen table nursing a cup of coffee when Lindsey walked into the kitchen, her hair still damp from the shower she just shared with my Daddy. She seemed a bit shocked to see me there.

“Oh Chloe, you’re up.”

“Yeah, didn’t expect you to still be here. Must have had a good time last night.”

“I guess I had a bit more to drink then I planned. I crashed out in the guest room. You’re Dad said it was alright.” She had that deer in the headlights look even as she offered up her explanation.

“Yeah Daddy is considerate like that. Coffee?”

“Oh you’re my hero! Yes please.”

As I reached up into the cabinet for a cup I felt the hem of my already too short nightie ride up over my ass but I made no effort to pull it back down. Although I had fooled around with another girl before it was just kissing and touching, no actual sex, I kind of liked the idea of Lindsey seeing me like that. We sat there for several minutes making random small talk.

“You know my Daddy really likes you.”

“What?” again that deer in the headlights look.

“Yeah he is always telling me how ambitious and driven you are. He thinks you would be a good influence on me.” her nervousness seemed to fade away.

“He has been great to work with and I have learned a lot from him.” a sly smile crept across her lips as she sipped her coffee.

“Well I was thinking that maybe we should hang out sometimes. I know my Daddy would love that and I think it would be cool. You could be like a big sister.”

“I would love to. I have to help your Dad with some work stuff today but maybe tomorrow we can get together. I’ll give you my number.” I had just finished programming her number into my phone when my Daddy finally made his way down stairs. He to seemed surprised to see me there.

“Oh, morning baby-doll. Didn’t think you would be up. I looked around for you last night but couldn’t find you.”

“Sorry Daddy. I got tired and tried to sleep but the noise was keeping me awake so I took a nap out in the pool house.”

“I see. Well I have to head into the office to finish up some things for court on Monday. I won’t be home until this evening. You OK on your own for the day?” Even though he tried not to he kept looking over at Lindsey and she at him. I was pretty sure that they were going somewhere to fuck some more and the thought of it was making my pussy wet all over again.

“I’ll be fine Daddy.” I assured him and this time it was me that was smiling. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and left with Lindsey in tow. I watched from the window as the walked to their cars, his hand planted firmly on her ass. They scanned around to make sure no one was watching and he gave her a deep hard kiss before she got in her car and they both left. I headed up toward my room to masturbate and then take a nap but I only made it as far as Daddy’s bedroom.

The bed was a mess and you could almost smell the sex in the air. My little cunt went from moist to drenched as I remembered the site of Daddy’s huge cock slamming up into Lindsey’s pussy and hearing her begging Daddy to fuck her hard. I laid down on his bed, my nightie pushed up over my tits. One hand was playing with my nipples while the other was teasing my little clit. I kept running that image of them through my mind. First it was Daddy and Lindsey. Then it was me and Lindsey. Then it was all three of us. Then it was just me and Daddy. I was furiously finger fucking myself as I imagined how it would feel to have that huge cock inside me as my own Daddy fucked the shit out of his little girl. I was lost in this fantasy when my phone alerted me that I had a new text. It was Mr. Bradford.

“Last night was amazing. You were right. You are the best fuck I have had in a long time and worth every penny.”

“LOL. I told you.”

“Well most girls your age don’t fuck like that. I want to get together ASAP”

“Well I’m home all alone. Daddy is gone for the day. 😉 ”

“I can be there in 30 minutes.”

“K. See you then.” This was an unexpected surprise. I got up and got myself cleaned up and picked out something slutty to wear. If Mr. Bradford thought I was good last night then by the time he left today he was going to think that I had invented fucking.

By the time the door bell rang I was more than ready to take Mr. Bradford’s thick again. I answered the door wearing thigh high fishnets, platform heels, hot pink thong and matching bra. As the door swung open Mr. Bradford’s smile told me that he approved of my attire. I invited him in and offered him a drink. When I returned with his cocktail he was sitting in the chair, Daddy’s chair, and there was a stack of money on the table. I guess I failed to tell him that I wasn’t really a hooker, that last night was just a kinky little fantasy of mine, but if he wanted to pay to fuck me then why not. I handed him his drink and straddled his lap. I could feel that he was already hard.

“That’s all for you. $500.”


“I was kind of disappointed that my friend got to fuck that beautiful ass last night but I didn’t. I figured if I slipped you a little more money you might let me in there.” his hands started to roam all over my ass.

I moaned and smiled but truth be told I was a bit nervous. His cock wasn’t small and would be the biggest to ever fuck my tight ass. I thought about Daddy’s big dick and wondered if Lindsey would be taking it up her ass.

“MMMM so you want to fuck my ass huh?” I winked and began to grind myself against him. He roughly grabbed my large, firm tits ad began squeezing them.

“For the next few hours you’re my own personal little fuck toy. Aren’t you, you nasty fucking whore?” his words and his tone of voice were so brutal, so rough but also so damn exciting. I could only nod.

“That’s a good little slut. Get on your knees, take my cock out.” I couldn’t wait to get my lips around that thick cock again so I complied. I pulled his pants open and fished out his already throbbing dick. It seemed even bigger than it did last night. My hands ran up and down the shaft as my tongue worked in circles around the swollen head. His head was back in pleasure as I wrapped my red painted lips around the head and sucked hard while my hand stroked his thick shaft, the other cupping his cream filled balls.

“MMMM that feel good Mr. Bradford?” I didn’t wait for any response I just swallowed his cock and took him deep down my throat. I tightened and relaxed my throat muscles around it as I messaged his balls. He may have thought that I was his fuck toy but he was actually mine.

“You’re such an amazing little cocksucker Chloe.” his hands reaching down and grabbing my head, forcing it up and down his entire length. I was drooling, giving a deep, sloppy wet blow job. As I was sucking him I reached back and undid my bra and shrugged it off, letting my big tits hang down as he fucked my mouth until he pushed my mouth off of his dick. I was on my knees, panting, with wetness dripping down my face and onto my large tits. I rubbed it into them as he watched.

“Fuck I love your tits. I’ve been staring at those things for years.”

“Really? You been checking me out you dirty old man.” I slowly sucked each nipple.

“You have no idea how many times I would make up reasons to go to your Father’s office just to look at the pictures he has of you on his desk. The one of you in that cheerleading uniform got me hard every time.” I hadn’t cheered in over a year. Daddy made me stop when my grades started to slip but I kept the uniform.

“You should have said something. I’ll wear it for you next time.” even as I was talking he moved down onto the floor with me and began kissing me as he forced his hand down into my thong, rubbing my wet mound.

“This little pussy gets so fucking wet.” I could only manage to moan.

“Oh you are one hot little whore, you want this cock little girl?”

“Yes! Oh fuck yes!” he pushed me onto my back and knelt between my spread thighs, slapping his thick cockhead against my panty covered mound making me purr. I felt him tug at my thong, first just pulling it away from my body then I felt it rip and he tore it away from me and pushed himself into me in one rough thrust ausing me to arch my back and scream in pain and pleasure.

“OH FUCK! MR. BRADFORD YOU’RE SO FUCKING BIG! TAKE MY LITTLE WHORE CUNT!” he didn’t really need my encouragement though because he was soon pounding into me with all his weight.

“After all the cock that has been inside you I can’t believe you’re so fucking tight.”

“Fuck my tight little pussy! Pound me! Pound me like a fucking whore!”

“You are a fucking whore!” he grunted as his thickness stretched my young little hole.

“Yes! Yes! Yes use my little hooker cunt!” he slowed down his onslaught on my pussy and looked me right in the eye.

“And when I’m done with this slutty pussy I’m taking your whore ass as well.” he flipped me onto my stomach and started doing me from behind, his hands slapping my ass then holding it open as his big dick rammed into me deeper and deeper. I was so lost in desire that the thought of his fat cock up my ass no longer scared me.

“OH fuck yes do it! Do it!.” I was cumming and ramming myself back onto his pole as he pushed it into me.

“Do what?”

“My ass. Fuck me up the ass!” he reached back and pulled a small bottle of lube from his pants pocket and smeared it into my asshole and on his cock. I was scared again but I wanted it so badly. I felt his cockhead pushing against my puckered hole and I braced myself. He went slow, thankfully but eventually he was buried up my ass and held himself there before slowly fucking in and out of my rented asshole.

“Oh fuck that ass is tight!” long slow strokes in and out of my ass. It hurt but at the same time it felt so fucking good to be that full.

“Harder. Please Mr. Bradford. Fuck my ass harder! I want to be your little anal whore!” he responded by driving up my ass harder and deeper. Before long I could feel his full balls slapping against my pussy. When I felt him pull out I thought he was going to cum, but to my surprise he rolled me onto my back and drove his thickness back up my formerly tight ass.

“You like this fat cock up your ass you naughty little bitch?” I was rubbing my clit as he was pounding my ass harder.

“YES YES YES! FUCK MY ASS YOU DIRTY OLD MAN!” his hands grabbed my hips and was pulling me onto his cock as he forced it deep up my ass. This time when he pulled out I was certain that he was going to shoot his load. He straddled my chest and started to jerk on his cock. It only took a few strokes before he started to explode onto my face. I was in heaven as rope after rope erupted from his cock and splattered all over my skin. After the last shot I leaned up and licked his cock clean then he watched as I scooped his jizz from my face and ate it.

We laid there for a bit chatting about sex mainly. His cock started to get hard again as I revealed to him exactly how slutty I could be. When I told him about my Glory Hole fantasy he got fully hard and I rode him to another orgasm for both of us. This time he deposited his load deep inside my pussy. As he was about to leave handed me the stack of cash and told me:

“Were you serious about that glory hole thing?”

“Well it’s hot to watch but I don’t want to catch anything ya know?”

“No of course not, but if I could arrange for that in a safe, clean environment?”

“How are you going to do that?”

“You just let me worry about that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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