Older woman who tended the chicken farm got lonely

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Older woman who tended the chicken farm got lonely

This video reminded me of her, and brought back memories.

I took a summer job with the chicken Co my dad worked for. I helped pick up eggs deliver feed and medication to farms. Many of those farms were in the middle of no where, and those who worked them were woman. Some single some widows and some married. The one woman I remember the most was a single woman about sixty something.
I worked with her picking up eggs and the first shift was at 6 am and the next at 6 pm. I arrived at the farm and she had me in for breakfast. After we walked the house taking eggs from the nest boxes. It was so damn hot in that house. Covered in dust and sweat we shined in the light. When we got the boxes loaded in the cooler she and I took a break. She ask if I minded showering in the chicken house. I was told to bring a change of clothing for after work. I agreed and soon she and i were under a made up hose shower head totally nude. I washed her back she washed mine. I took a chance and washed her tits and she washed my nuts and cock. We walked outside and air dried in the sun shine.

There were no others for miles, so we walked to the house totally naked. She gave me a towel to wrap around me, and she wrapped her bottom with one. She had out lunch prepared and soon on the table. After she would watch the news and then a tv show she liked. After that she ask if I liked sex? I said i did. She ask if I would like to have some with her? I agreed. She ask how I would like it? we could do the oral part or just get right to the fucking. I said the fucking was fine with me.

We went to her bedroom where she had a nice set of fans. No AC but it was nice there in the shade of the large trees. She laid back on the bed and opened her legs. She fingered her self and masturbated while I watched. When she had finished she looked at my cock, and I was ready for her now. She sucked my cock a bit, told me it was a nice one. She told me that we had five hours and we could have sex the entire time, could fuck for a while and take a nap, fuck some more if i wanted. It was all my call. if i wanted to stay with her tonight, I could get some then. She was open to anything, including taking it up her back side if i wanted some of that as well.

As a nearly s*******n young old teen, I wanted all I could get. I gave her what I had, over and over. She liked it and each time I mounted her, she acted as if she was getting a Christmas gift as a c***d. She loved the feel of my cock in her. She told me few men have a cock that hard, and being that hard hits places for her that brings back memories.

After nearly two hours of getting on and off, she was pretty soaked. the bed was soaked and the shower cool was gone for both of us. She wanted a nap and told me I had worn her out. I had not had much sleep the night before, so that nap was ok with me.

We woke to the 5 pm alarm and it was time to get back to work. I ask if we could one more time, she said after. We needed to get a bite to eat and get working. We walked back to the chicken house in the nude and got on our now dry clothes from the morning. That was a pair of shorts and tee shirt for me, for her a thin dress. We met at the end of the chicken house and she told me the egg total was off, we should stop and leave the other side till morning. She bent over to pick up her basket and I could not help my self. I pulled up her dress and opened the cheeks of her ass, that gave me a good look at the two holes. I went in the lower one and saved the ass for back at the house. I held her hips as I rammed meat in her and out. She had hands on the egg basket and was pushing her ass back to me. The work out made me feel good and she got up smiling. Said she feels young when I fuck her like that.

We did out showers and took our things to the house. I would spend the night and save the 28 mil drive the next day. bed time came right after we got back in the house. our chicken house showers had us cooled off and feeling good.

In bed she ask if I needed her on top, if not she would enjoy being on bottom. I entered a soaked with juice front side for a while and then ask if the ass was still an option? she said yes it is, with that she pulled her legs up and told me to just stick it in. there was enough cum for lube. When I pushed it in she said Ahh and that feels good. She obviously liked anal sex and got with it. She came anally as she did vaginally. I finished and told her she was very satisfying in bed. She said that she usually got up very early, if I wanted she would wake me with a blow job, sex or anything I wanted. I chose the blow job.

Hot day and the night seemed cooler. I woke up wrapped with her in bed. I rubbed between her legs some, and she rolled over and spread them for me, she was waking as i slid cock up in her. She looked at me smiled, then wrapped her legs and arms around me. Soon she was moaning and giving her nice sweet sex sounds. I made my own sex sounds and we were done.

We had breakfast and did the morning work. We showered and she fed me lunch, then the phone rang and I had to pick up and deliver special medication to the other farms. I had to be at the lab in an hour. That was enough time for her to give me a blow job, pack me a late snack and me to get dressed in my other clothes.

I helped her and other women that summer. She was the best sex experience of them all. She was a sexual woman who loved having a younger teen there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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