On The Beach

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On The Beach
I’d never been to a nudist beach, and going on my own seemed a little, well, pervy. I went though. A typical british summer; cloudy and just about warm. I walked along the seemingly endless path, across a few dunes, down a stretch of beach and, finally, there it was. The sign. ‘Clothing Optional’. OK, so there was more to it than that, but that was the gist of it.

I looked around. Not many about, and mainly older men; not exactly my thing.

I found a spot near the dunes (not IN the dunes, as that was discouraged) and spread out my towel. I pitched my wind break; a necessity on a British beach. I stood, hands on hips, took a deep breath, then whipped off my trunks and lay down to bathe in the occasional glow of the cloud assaulted sun.

The lack of wind behind my shelter actually made it quite warm, and as I lay, relaxed and dosing, I dreamed of nubile naked ladies and my cock got a little firmer. I stroked it gently, but didn’t want to go for an all out wank.

I dosed.

“Do you mind if we sit here?” A male voiced asked, “Take advantage of your windbreak?”

I opened my eyes and looked toward the voice. Right at the chubby groin of a woman of about 50. The round of her belly fell into the bump of flesh just above a neatly trimmed grey-brown strip of pubic hair. My gaze raised, along with my cock, to the large, pendulous breasts. They must’ve been at least an E cup, with enormous, pinky-brown nipples. The face above, when I made it that far, was healthily tanned and not at all bad looking. The hair shoulder length, but tied into a single pony tail at the side.

“Er,” I stammered, looking to the man. “Sure. I guess.”

He was a stocky fella, probably in his mid to late 50’s. Tanned all over, hairy, and a bit of a pot belly. He smiled and stretched out his towel, and lay on his front, faced turned away from me. The lady stretched out her towel between us, but did not lie down straight away. She stood for a moment, looking toward the sea. “Beautiful isn’t it?” she asked, glancing down at me.

I was at a loss for words, since she was standing quite close, legs slightly parted, and all I was looking at were the glistening, loose pussy lips protruding from her curly pubes.

She knelt down on her towel, leaning forward to stretch it out more smoothly. Her round arse cheeks were pointed straight at me, and with her knees a little apart I had a very clear view of her moist sex. My cock twitched and grew a little.

She giggled. “Was that for me?” she asked, turning, still on her knees, to face me. Her huge breasts swaying in the sunlight.

I blushed a little, and stammered incoherently.

“It’s fine.” she said, and moved a little closer. “I sometimes get a little horny out here too.” She placed a hand on my thigh and smiled, looking up and down my body. I was about 40 at the time, my belly a little bigger than it should, but I was still quite active with some muscle in there somewhere. My chest hair spilled over onto my body and down to stand around my cock.

“You look like you need some sun cream,” she said, “May I?”

I looked to the man. He was facing us now, eyes slitted open. He smiled.

I muttered something, that was basically permission to proceed.

She squeezed some sun cream onto her hands and started spreading it over my chest. Swirling her oily hands around my chest and nipples. Her breasts brushed against my belly as she reached further over. My cock was starting to stand up. Her hands ran down my belly, massaging up and around as she got lower, lower. Closer and closer to my hardening cock.

“Hmm,” she said, “can’t let him burn, can we?” and she squeezed more cream into her hands and grasped my now rigid cock. She ran one hand right to the root, squeezing the base, while the other pulled down my foreskin and started rubbing around the head. My precum was already making my helmet slick, and she leaned in to lick a small bead from the tip.

I felt her hot mouth close over my helmet, a glorious warmth and gentle sucking, as her hand pushed gently up and down at the base. I glanced to the side. The man was now on his side, watching, massaging his thick, veiny cock.

The lady turned, swung her leg over me and planted her slick pussy right in front of my face, as she returned to her sucking and licking of my swollen cock. Her pussy was right in front of me. I reached my arms up to hold her hips, and pulled my face closer. I breathed in the sweet smell; a mixture of perfume and pussy juice. I latched my mouth onto those loose, wet lips. I felt her mouth tighten slightly as I sucked in her lips, then probed my tongue down to her clit. Her juices were flowing freely now, all over my chin and nose, and I could feel her moaning without taking her mouth from my swollen member.

I felt something near my head and opened my eyes. The man had moved above me, and was straddling my head, so I had the unnerving sight of his hairy balls right over my face. My head dropped back, and he slid his chubby cock into the slick hole in front of me. I can’t say I would have chosen to be in this position, but the feel of that hot, wet mouth on my cock, and the sight of that chubby cock filling her dripping cunt point blank was very arousing.

He slid his cock in and out, grunting a little as he did, and making the lady’s mouth vibrate on my cock with her moans. Then he pulled out, and nudged the tip of his cock against her arsehole. It expanded willingly and he slid inside.

Her mouth plopped off my cock and she said “I want to fuck him.” The man pulled out of her arse and nodded.

She turned, her great tits jiggling, and straddled my cock. She leaned forward, her tits against my chin, and sank her pussy down my shaft. She squeezed the muscles inside making me groan with pleasure. She leaned forward some more, and one huge nipple brushed my lips. I latched onto it with my mouth and started to suck, hard. She moaned, and sighed “fuck me.”

I shifted my hips so that I could thrust back and forth into her hot, wet cunt. She rippled the muscles of her vagina in a most arousing way; not that, by that point, arousal was an issue.

Then the man was behind her. Standing legs apart, straddling her arse. He pushed his cock into her gaping arsehole and started to fuck gently back and forward.

It was a very strange sensation. Her pussy clamped around my hard cock, but I could feel his cock moving just millimetres away from mine as he ploughed her arse. As I fucked her pussy and he fucked her arse, the thought of this act drove my cock wilder, if that were possible.

I felt him loose rhythm, and he pulled his cock out, spraying cum on her buttocks and back. I thrust harder, harder. Faster. I could feel the pressure building on my balls, and knew I was close to Cumming. She felt it too, and plopped off my cock, spinning round to engulf my helmet in her mouth. She sucked hard, like she needed to, and I felt the semen coursing along the length of my cock. Pulse after pulse, spurt after spurt emptying into her eager mouth.

As my cum subsided, she sat up, semen dribbling down her chin. She showed the load in her mouth the to the man, and to me, then swallowed the lot.

She looked to her back, smiling and rubbing the cum there into her skin. She looked at my cum soaked, wilting cock, then leaned down to clean it up. “Mmmm.” she said, taking the last blob onto her fingers and licking them clean for good measure.

She stretched out on her towel, feet toward my head, legs parted so that I could see her moist pussy.

I dosed some more, then heard another voice. “Hi, Elaine.” I opened my eyes to see a woman in her thirties, curvy and naked. Her tits were smaller, but the nipples huge and her pubes were smoothly shaved away. “May we join you?” she said. And I saw the other man just behind.

“Of course,” said Elaine. “The more the merrier.”

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