One night touch

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One night touch
Story comes from

I’m relaxing in a luxurious motel room in Northern Florida, watching out the window every now and then and wondering what the hell I’m doing here. I realize what brought me south; a holiday trip to visit a relative in Georgia, but what made me stop here in this five-star motel on my way home? I recognize what I’m doing isn’t right, but, this time, I’m just out of control. Or I must accept that I want to be out of control. And then again, my deviant mind is poking me “if it’s so wrong, then why are you so excited about it?”

Darren had messaged quite a long time back as feedback to some writing that I had done on a website, and since then, we had started to exchange messages. Since that writing included adult and sexual topics, the discussions once in a while got somewhat intense, but I enjoyed all the bold chats with him. Honestly, sometimes our discussion turned so intensely passionate that I needed to… relieve my excitements.

As time progressed, I became more acquainted with him, and I understood what he achieved out of these wild and passionate discussions; an adventure to explore his craziest fantasies with a nasty girl who would never mind dirty talk. He even sent me an image of him and his family once quite a long time ago. It wasn’t the fact that he was devoid of any pleasure at home since he had what I remember as a charming little wife who seemed to be marvelously capable to please and pleasure him. But, he didn’t reveal the reasons of their separation lately. Perhaps, he needed that extra bite of adventure in his life, and that is the reason he was stopping by here tonight.

Me? I’m a mature lady ten years older than Darren. While I’m fit, energetic and sexually active for a woman of my age, I’m still 44. I’ve been involved with a lady for a long time and keeping in mind that I’m glad enough, I still seek to be the missing piece of Darren’s adventure. Something I haven’t had for a long time and I can desperately taste it. I want to get fucked. For real; no strap-ons, dildos, or toys, just a lively tool with more youthful enthusiasm.

All of a sudden, a knock at the entryway makes me nearly hop out of my skin. I look at the mirror and brush my short dark colored hair back as I check what I’m wearing. Very little. Only a transparent nightie that, even in the faint light of the bedside lamp, reveals the majority of my curves rather unmistakably. Oh well, I figured, no sense in trickiness now. What worse could happen? At most, Darren would simply turn around and escape this rendezvous.

As I’m trembling with excitement, I open the door after much fumbling with the chain and peek out.

“Darren?” I ask as I gaze with curiosity at the dark shape just outside the door.

“Becky? Definitely, it’s me.”

I open the door and Darren hops in, shutting the door behind him.

Obviously, I’m nervous, and I sense so is Darren. We are both edgy. Darren completes a double gape of my curves when he sees what I’m wearing. He doesn’t run or snicker. That comforts me a lot.

“Wow! That’s a sexy nightie,” Darren says as he takes his coat off. “I just have around 60 minutes – took me longer than I thought to arrive here.”

Possibly he’s searching for some excuses, but I trust him. He looks fair, decent and honest. What’s more, youthful! That’s what I’m desperately looking for. Suddenly, I start to feel highly spirited in his presence. Bigger than what I had imagined, and fit as a fiddle, he has a fresh, innocent and magnetic look about him that truly turns me on. Besides, how can I skip his red hair? I’m wondering what qualities of his would not turn me on right now.

“Take your clothes off right away,” I tell Darren. “Doesn’t make any sense to waste any time we do have.”

He unbuttons his shirt as I keep staring at his pecs. Is that a bulge in his jeans? I was so desperate to jump up and down, and I couldn’t be happier. Possibly he wants me too. Perhaps, I should check that out at first.

“I said that mine are small,” I tease while I open my nightie and allow it tumble to the floor, kneading my nipples and pulling them outward. My sensitive enormous puffy nipples over the 32D cup breasts start to stiff in excitement, as I sense the raw desire rushing through my veins. However, recalling Darren’s confessions about how he liked busty boobs, I feel a little jealous of his ex-wife who seems to have that extremely tempting pair on her chest, so there’s no way to compete her.

“They’re nice- charming,” Darren says anxiously, and he appears to like the manner in which I’m extending the puffy critters.

He’s dropping his jeans, and the bulge in his Frenchie exhibits that despite everything, he’s keenly interested in me. And what an enormous bulge it is. Adorable indeed – when I requested him to describe himself, like usual boys, he disclosed how huge his tool was. Not that it made a difference to me, however, it appears as if he hadn’t lied and joked. He had guaranteed a somewhat decent package to relieve my ecstatic adventures and it seemed as if he wasn’t k**ding. In fact, I now sense that there is a considerable piece of masculine manhood almost desperately tempted to tear through his underwear.

All of a sudden I feel myself strolling toward him. As I wrap my arms around him, I start to move him back against the wall. I feel his cock poking against my stomach. I sense my wetness. His potent tool feels hot against my skin, even through the fabric of his underwear. I crash my luscious lips over his juicy, swollen, and manly lips and we kiss. And as his kisses explore down my cheek and into my neck and shoulder, I realize that I’m burning with raw passion. My heart, mind, soul, and body are on fire inflamed by impetuous lust.

“Don’t you dare to cum until I let you to!” I command Darren, and he looks alarmed and agitated to be under my command.

Gradually, I’m en route to kneel before the man of the hour. I’m yanking his underwear down. As I reveal his potent tool, I’m astonished to see his fat, long and beige shaft. I sense my wetness dripping and making their way all along my inner thighs. I grab his shaft by the base while wrapping my lips over its bulbous head. The raw passion in my soul starts to work and guides my tongue to work on the tip. As I taste the sensitivity and warmth of his potent shaft, Darren trembles like a dry leaf in a windstorm and falls back against the wall.

I turn upward as my lips start sliding down the veined shaft. He’s watching with extreme lust and wild enthusiasm as I breathe in his shaft to reach down to the root. “Damn, my man for this ecstatic evening is hard as a rock”, my deviant mind works out as I work my wet mouth enveloping his hot tool. I was burning is a raw passion; I was moistening in savage lust. Gradually, as I wrap his tool to its full length in my mouth, I lose sight of him. The sight of his tempting eyes is blocked my eyes get buried into his pubic hair. I sense Darren trembling with torrid excitement, or possibly I was too good at my job. His moans are music to my horny ears as I feel the bulbous head of his potent rock solid tool scr****g against my throat. My hand is stirring his balls as I slide his shaft and pulling out of my mouth with a loud pop sound. I see Darren shudder his thighs as I suck hard. His slick, long manhood was so delicious that I drool on my tits while sucking him. My mind is too lost in serving my man for the evening. Sometimes I gag on his long shaft and he encourages me, “Oh! Becky, your lips feel like heaven.” His cock, his loud moans, my deep Throating, and gagging and the result is a profound bliss. I feel like I chose his shaft over oxygen.

Then, I get to my feet and shower him with kisses, and his hand is coming down in between my legs. Those kisses seal the two souls for a moment in time in burning lust. I gasp for breath and almost forget whose air I’m breathing in. His kiss is desperate, dipping, pulling me tighter. I love the electric sensation. As his fingers explore the junction of my legs, I thought he would mention that I haven’t shaved down there, but he just says, “God, you’re so wet!” Darren once told me how much he admires a clean pussy. But as he puts his fingers in my pussy to measure my wetness, I feel assured that he’s going to adore mine too.

“Fuck me, fuck me like there is no tomorrow,” I tell Darren in a shaky voice; a voice that erupts from the depths of my perverted soul.

I don’t want foreplay, I don’t need foreplay. No, not now, all I just want is to get fucked hard, again and again for I feel so empty with him inside me. And to ensure Darren gets the thought I bounce up into his arms and wrap my legs around his hips. With just over 110 pounds nowadays, I firmly believed that a big hunk man like Darren can deal with me easily.

He hesitated for a second; perhaps unsure of what I want from him or perhaps he was too startled at my boldness. But soon, Darren proves me right, and what’s feeling far superior is that I sense him reaching to down to put his manhood inside me.

“Aaarrrgh!” I groan as I feel him diving within me.

“Tell me, Becky! How are we doing it right now in your head? Deep and slow, rough and hard?” Darren gasps in my ear on the first thrust. It feels like heaven.

I reply in a shaky voice, “You’re fucking me like I have never been fucked before, leaving me unable to think, only feeling your thrusts and getting lost in the moment of orgasms like never before.”

First time in the last six or seven years feels like the first time ever in life, as his stiff manhood invades my pussy sliding in right to his balls; my wetness and my blowjob already acting as natural lubricants.

“This is what you want, Becky? You want to be my slut for the night, don’t you?” Darren inquires. “You like the feeling of my cock inside you? You want me to offer it to you hard?”

“Shhh! We’re out of time. So less talk – more fuck,” I grunt as I strive to catch my breath.

Now, Darren is carrying me over to the bed in his arms, impaled on his stiff, long shaft like a chicken on a skewer. We fall onto the bed, and when Darren crashes on me within a brief moment after I hit the mattress, his cock hammers into me so deep that I scream out loud in sheer discomfort.

“Sorry,” Darren apologizes, and he suddenly looks concerned and puzzled.

“Try not to apologize… for anything!” I murmur at him. “Do what you want to me – as hard as you want! Split me into halves if you need to! I ain’t no snobby soccer mommy made of glass like your ex-wife.”

Darren gets somewhat embarrassed at that mention of his ex-better half as I take pride in my skills to tempt him more. And when he starts pounding into me in a slow and steady rhythmic course, he’s sticking a great deal of himself into each long and deep thrust.

“Do you like that slut?” Darren asks, as our bodies slap together and the bed squeaks exhibiting our worthy reunion.

“Whenever you’re ready,” I snap back at him.

My words result in a significant pickup in speed and force, and I thought to tell him that he’s improving, yet I can’t. Within moments, I’m too busy as I experience the first of the many ecstatic eruptions of my lust.

I’m reeling and squirming as my womanhood conquers his manhood. I’m groaning so out loud that perhaps everyone in the entire damn motel must be certainly hearing me, and Darren continues his long and deep rhythmic thrusts. I wrap my legs around his hips to experience those electrifying sensations as my climax ebbs. As my pussy is somewhat sore from all his manly invasions, I’m beginning to regret my lofty words a few minutes back.

It’s too late to beg for mercy as my body craves for his brutalities even more. Besides, it feels so damn awesome that I would prefer Darren not to slow down. Gradually, my arms stretch behind me and slip into the hole between the headboard and the bedding. My men always used to love me this “wide stretched out and powerless” piece. As I watch my reflections in Darren’s eyes, I sense he too loves his woman to be at his mercy, an endless itching desire to know how much more my body can take; those raw lustful sensations that always take control of me, to make me feel and never resist.

Darren backs off a bit. Gradually, he bends his head down and teeth one of my nipples. Pulling it up a little and after that, giving it a chance to snap back. I’m enjoying this a ton and Darren notices my profound bliss. Thus he has all the encouragement to carry on. My skin, my nipples, his teeth, his mark, our ecstasy. My hips are ascending to meet his rhythmic, deep, long and slow thrusts. And when his lips leave my nipples, they head out up to my neck and down my shoulder. His lips are drawing lines of wild passion all over my skin. Then, Darren has his tongue sliding in and out of my smooth and velvety armpit, and my whole body writhes accordingly in another ecstatic pleasure.

Before I realize it, we’re both sliding off the bed, tangled and tied up in the heap of winter bedding that used to be on the bed. It’s a slow and delicate landing which makes both of us laugh and unwind. But, Darren was quick to return to work. He tosses me onto my hands and knees and pushes my chest down. And within moments, my hunky man of the evening has my face on the low-cost floor covering.

I sense Darren rubbing his still stiff and hard cock between my legs. Suddenly, I let out a terrible scream almost trembling in sheer horror as I feel the tip of his dick press against my anal cavity. I have experience of no more than a tongue or a finger in there, and for a moment I’m alarmed as I predict Darren is invading my anus. But, Darren was just teasing, and soon I feel him slip his cock again within my pussy.

“Oooooh,” I groan into the carpet. As I surrender myself to my man, I sense that he feels significantly bigger than the 8 inches he began with. “I know it’s between your legs, but I own it now slut”, Darren gasps into my ear as he starts his invasion once again. I trembled with raw wild lust as he kept on conquering me. This is what I was daydreaming about; a man claiming me, owning me, using me, like a predator claiming its prey; just like Darren using me now. Firmly grabbing my hips, he starts to pound endlessly into me. With each incoming thrust, I feel my hands and knees get scratched up by the floor mat. Gradually, we’re sliding across the room as Darren continues hammering me. Soon the profound joy and the pain have turned out to be so tangled that I can’t differentiate. Time… how long has Darren has been hammering me? I wish my readers could see my sore knees to understand.

Once, twice, thrice, Darren spanks my ass. The excruciating burning sensation catalyzes my ecstasy; for a moment I was melting like wax in my own lust. Perhaps, his blows are leaving his imprints of how I have been ravished. My head is facing a seat while I’m on all fours on the floor. Now Darren has willingly volunteered to start rubbing my anal cavity with one of his fingers. And I moan when he slides it in a little bit. As my head gets pulled back, I feel Darren grabbing my hair with his other hand.

“Had enough?” Darren asks as he remains still, his shaft still throbbing in my pit.

I respond by pushing myself back into him. I hear him laugh as he releases my hair and hunkers over me. Our bodies are dripping with sweat, glistening as we experience our pleasure rides of the highest heaven. And the vibe of his wet skin on my back is so consoling. With two hands-frees, he reaches around and cups my tits. His strokes shorter and milder at this point. His hands kneading my nipples and caressing my breasts; doing all sorts of manipulations as they hang down.

“You’re awesome, Becky, and I love your tits,” Darren gasps into my ear, and for reasons unknown, I feel my body begin to shiver and a little climax washes over me all of a sudden. Darren holds me firmly as I shake and shudder and when it’s over I’m done and drained.

“You need to come now, don’t you darling?” I ask, and Darren acknowledges.

I stand up on exhausted legs, with a throbbing and sore pussy. Then, I take Darren over to the bed. I see that his knees are scoured raw like mine, and he has a few scratches and marks on his shoulders and back. Oh no.

“Stop here,” I order Darren, and direct him to remain alongside the bed while his upper half lean over the bed with his hands on the mattress.

“Spread them,” I tell him again.

“Am I under arrest?” Darren jokes.

I’m now kneeling behind him and twisting my body so that I’m gazing toward his goodies. His balls are dangling beside my eyes, and his cock… wow, is still rock solid. I offer my mouth and take one of his balls, and then to another. And I continue my alternating oral services between sucking on his nuts and licking his sack while his groans make me shiver. With extreme passion, my mouth investigates lower down, going along the territory between his balls and his anus, licking and nibbling.

Soon, driven wild by raw lust and a****listic passion, I discover my tongue sliding between his ass cheeks. As I pray to God for his hygiene and having my prayers answered, my tongue starts teasing his small dark colored ring. I’m behind him now, my hands prying his butt cheeks apart, and my mouth is rimming his sensitive opening. I wonder whether his ex-wife did that for him, I bet she didn’t and so I took pride in my sultry ministrations. Darren buckles his knees as I offer him a close external exam. I hear him groaning, and when I stretch around and grab his cock, it’s still hard as steel and hot as well.

“Don’t,” Darren exhales. “I’ll cum!”

I stand up on my feet and push him onto the bed with his face upwards. I toss him a pillow for his head and kneel between his legs.

“I need you to cum now,” I tell Darren. “Cum in my mouth.”

I look upward as my luscious lips grasp him again. I have really messed him. With face reddened and veins throbbing in his neck, he’s panting like a wild horse after a race. As his eyes meet mine, I swallow his cock. Up and down the shaft I venture measuring its full length. My hands are working as well; I’m massaging his balls, desperate to get my man primed and ready. Simultaneously, I’m poking my finger into his ass as well. The moans he let out in sheer temptation makes me proud. I can make my man moan, I can make my man moan my name out.

His cock head is as red as his face, and after I go down on him for two or three minutes, I sense that Darren is experiencing trouble cumming. I’m doing all that I can yet he’s simply wavering on the very edge of cumming, unable to release it.

Then I remember the times when Darren shared his secrets with me; how his ex-wife never allowed him the luxury of a blowjob and denied him permission to ejaculate in her mouth. Such a large number of warnings of “don’t cum in my mouth!” is enough to stop your man from experiencing the joy of a blowjob. Never understood it, since I feel that is a definitive demonstration of caring for your man; taking your man’s seed in your mouth and drinking that brilliant offering. Why give such a lovely thing a chance to get splashed around like it was something evil?

“I need to taste it,” I tell Darren, staring at him with the best doe-like look my worn out face can manage. “You fucked me so great,” I assert between treks down his pole. “Release yourself love… shoot your load down my throat.”

My hands are squeezing the base of his pole, working him like a flute as I slide my lips up and down faster than before. I’m stating the foulest things I can think of, realizing how much he likes dirty talk, and he’s squirming around fiercely.

I’m amidst some especially nasty line when he shouts out all of a sudden and a spurt of cum shot out of him and hit my face. Rapidly, my mouth envelops his cock, and I feel his cock throb and spasm as he explodes his excitement in me. I feel several jets of cum hit my throat, and as my mouth wrestles to keep up, he continues emptying his balls. I’m making an all-out effort not to gag on his cum, which may have been quite a while arriving, but my passionate hard work resulted in efforts. I let his semen slide down out of the edges of my mouth while I massage his balls to exhaust them out totally. Finally, his cock just yanks while shooting blanks, his body shaking as it does.

“Becky…” Darren says as he gradually pulls me off of his shrunken, and exhausted tool, and I guess I’ve forgotten about what I was doing and was in my very own universe, still sucking his cock like a mad woman.

“Cut me some slack – it’s been a long time between dicks,” I say as I gaze toward him and grin, and attempt to imagine what I should resemble. All sweaty and messy, with cum drying on my cheek and dripping from the corners of my lips, I have probably been a sight. Darren doesn’t appear to mind and he has such an innocent and satisfied look all over his face that I cannot help to chuckle.

My head returns down to kiss his limp dick and I hold his delightful instrument delicately while licking the underside, tenderly giving my tongue a chance to trace the meandering vein as I relax.

“Can I use your shower?” Darren asks.

“Sure love. But don’t call it an end yet.” I reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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