Order of Protection

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Order of Protection
“All rise! The District Court of Manatka is now in session. The Honorable Judge Bauer presiding,” the bailiff said.

Freida Bauer ascended the steps of the bench and sat down. “You may be seated. Will the clerk please call the first case.”

“Khoury versus Higgins,” shared the middle aged brunette.

“Will the parties please step forward,” the judge directed. A petite blonde woman and her tall, olive skinned husband stood up and moved forward. From the other side of the room, an average height guy with red hair and green eyes walked down the aisle. “Bailiff, please swear them in.”

“Please raise your right hands,” Joe Pierre ordered. “Do you swear to tell the truth? The whole truth? And, nothing but the truth?”

“I do,” the troika replied in unison.

“Thank you, bailiff,” the mother of three smiled. “Clerk.”

Yvonne Griffith spoke up, “Will the Petitioner please state your name for the record?”
The Lebanese-American man said, “Peter Khoury. And, this is MY wife, Christine.”
“Thank you, sir. Will the other petitioner please state her name for the record?”
The wife answered quietly, “Christine Khoury.”
“Thank you. Will the respondent please state your name for the record?”
“Richard Higgins.”
“Thank you,” the clerk returned to her seat.

“Alrighty here,” the jurist started. “Mr. and Mrs. Khoury, you’re the petitioners and you’re requesting an order of protection against the respondent, Mr. Higgins. Is that correct?”
“Yes ma’am,” Peter replied.
“Your honor is fine,” the judge corrected him.
“Sorry…Yes, Your Honor. And it’s doctor not mister.”
“No problem, Dr. Khoury. So what brings you and your wife to file this petition.”

“Well, Your Honor,” began the father of two. “The defendant over here has been stalking my wife.”
“Okay, Dr. Khoury,” Freida interrupted. “That’s what we’re here to determine. Just a reminder this is not a criminal hearing and the Mr. Higgins is the respondent. He is not a defendant.”

“Fine, ma’am. But he has been stalking her. He has been sending threatening text messages and calling her cell phone repeatedly. He has been disturbing my wife and my home. I believe that my c***dren are in danger and that he is a threat to our general safety.”
“Alright. Anything else, Dr. Khoury?”
“Yes. I find it absolutely despicable that a grown man would stoop so low as to try to steal away a married woman from her husband and c***dren.”
“Thank you, Dr. Khoury. Mrs. Khoury, the court would like to hear from you.”

Christine piped up, “I have worked in tandem with Mr. Higgins for two-and-a-half years now. I believe that he has misinterpreted our working relationship as something more personal and intimate than it is. As my husband said, I’ve been receiving text messages that make me feel concerned for the safety of me and my family. I’ve had to put in a request for a leave of absence and change of work location so that we no longer have contact.”

“Mrs. Khoury, what kind of work do you do?”
“I’m a school psychologist for the Conyers Public School District.”
“And in what capacity do you work with Mr. Higgins?”
“He’s an assistant principal at Franklin Pierce High School. We conduct multiple group therapy sessions together for students weekly.”
“Anything else you’d like to share?”
“Just that I hope that we can resolve this quietly.”

“Hmpf,” huffed Richard. ”It’s too late for that.”
Her Honor chided, “The respondent will not address the court at this time. Do you understand, Mr. Higgins?”
“Yes, Your Honor.”
“Very well. Any more outbursts and I will hold you in contempt. Is that clear.”

“Now, Dr. and Mrs. Khoury, you purport to have evidence supporting your claim of harassment. Please hand it to the bailiff.” The chemistry professor gave the Black man print outs of screenshots from his wife’s cell phone. Judge Bauer looked at the paperwork. She read the first page. There were a number of word bubbles. They read:

-What’s up?
-Why the fuck won’t you answer?
-You know this is bullshit.
-Don’t try to fuck me over.
-Does he know you were sucking my dick every day?
-You’re a slutty whore. I’ll ruin you if you don’t drop this.

“Well, this is certainly interesting. But what is it exactly, Dr. Khoury?”
“Those are the texts he sent my wife.”
“And by ‘he’ you mean Mr. Higgins?”
“Okay. I’m not going to read any more right now. Do you have any witnesses?”
“Thank you! Now, Mr. Higgins…Would you care to tell me what’s going on?”

“Absolutely, Your Honor,” the also married, father of three declared.
“Okay. Please begin.”
“I do work with Mrs. Khoury. But I have not misconstrued our relationship. Over the course of us working together, we began spending time alone after work. At first, it was just coffee. Eventually, we started having dinners together. And ultimately, it lead to us becoming intimate – generally in hotel rooms before going back to our spouses.”
“So, you are also married?”
“I’m sorry for interrupting. You may continue.”
“Yes. Christine had expressed to me her unhappiness with her marriage. We bonded and it turned sexual some months later. Her husband found out and now they’re fabricating that I’m a stalker. I don’t think that’s fair. I had no intention of ruining her marriage, but now she’s intent upon ruining my entire life.”

“Thank you! Let’s stick to the facts,” Freida said. “These messages imply a rather serious tone. DId you send them?”
“I did, but only because she’s gone radio silent and won’t talk to me.”
“She’s not required by law to interact with you, Mr. Higgins.”
“I know. I’m just saying that this was consensual and now that her husband figured it out, she’s trying to make it look like I’m some crazy person chasing her around the world.”
“So, this was consensual between you and Mrs. Khoury.”
“It sure was. She told me she loved me and wanted me to leave my wife. I have text messages she sent me along with pictures,” he informed her waving his cell phone.

Joe took the phone and handed it to the judge.

“I assume it’s on the screen I need to see,” she stated.
Richard answered, “Yes. You can scroll up if you need.”
“Mrs. Khoury, are you aware of these messages?”
Christine swallowed hard, “No.”
“Is this not a picture of you naked with the words ‘Wishing you a happy birthday in my birthday suit’?
“I’m not sure,” the ther****t held her ground.
“Bailiff, please show this to the petitioner.”

Deputy Pierre did as instructed. Christine looked at the device. Peter craned his neck to see it too. A look of disgust came over his face. “Your Honor, this is a disgrace. Obviously, my wife was behaving this way because a person of authority over her was forcing her to do so.”

“Dr. Khoury, the court is not addressing you at this time. Please remain silent or be held in contempt. Do you understand?”
“Now, Mrs. Khoury? Did you send this?”
“And with what reason?”
“I felt that I had to do it or I’d get bad performance reviews at work?”
“Is Mr. Higgins your boss or in your chain of command?”
“Technically no. But, he has influence on my performance assessments.”

“Okay, Joe. Please hand the phone back to the respondent. Mr. Higgins, do you have any impact on Mrs. Khoury’s work reviews?”
“No, Your Honor. Nothing beyond giving general commentary if requested.”
“Have you had the occasion to do so?”
“I have and I gave glowing remarks.”
“Were you doing so in exchange for sexual favors?”
“No, Your Honor. I was simply giving accurate feedback about her work.”

“Your Honor! I object. I cannot stand for this. I will not let this jackal besmirch my wife,” protested Peter.
“Dr. Khoury. You have nothing to object. This is your LAST outburst. Any more and I will throw in you in jail for 24 hours.”
“But Your Honor. This is ridiculous. I demand you issue this restraining order.”
“You cannot demand anything of this court. I have warned you twice. You are now in contempt of court. You will be held at the county jail for 24 hours. And, you will pay a $100 fine. Bailiff, please take the good doctor into custody.”
“Please be silent, Dr. Khoury. Unless, you’d like me to extend your stay with the county or increase your fine.”

Joe handcuffed the professor and led him away to the holding cell. Peter glared at his wife and barked something at her in Arabic. Christine was visibly shaken.

“Now, Mr. Higgins. Is there anything else I need to know,” checked the judge.
“I don’t think so,” the educator shook his head.
“I’m going to ask this one time, Mrs. Khoury. And, I expect you to be very honest. Was this a consensual relationship?”
“Well,” Christine murmured. “I didn’t know what I was doing and where all this would go.”

“I’ve heard enough. You all are quite a ways from home. So, I imagine one or all of you wanted this case to be heard somewhere your neighbors or coworkers or friends wouldn’t easily come to know the nature of this issue. Is that accurate?”

Both Christine and Richard nodded.

“Please speak up for the record,” Her Honor instructed.
“Yes,” Richard said.
“Correct,” added Christine.
“Thank you! Can the two of you agree to have no contact with one another outside of work?”
“I’m fine with that,” the woman blurted.
“Me too,” Richard agreed.
“Mrs. Khoury, are you able to change your working environment without assistance from this court?”
“Yes, Your Honor. It’s already in process.”

“Very good,” the St. John’s University School of Law graduate began. “I’m going to dismiss this case without prejudice. This means that I’m not issuing an order, but either party can refile in the future if you are not happy with how this plays out. I caution all parties involved to behave like a adults and the consummate professionals your jobs suggest you to be. If this request reaches this court again, I will be less than happy. You can expect me to take serious action if it does.”

Freida tapped her gavel and said, “Court will recess for ten minutes.”

Christine and Richard left the area and said nothing to one another.

One of the assistant prosecutors, Elias Myers, exited the courtroom. He rushed to the restroom to relieve his bladder. After washing his hands, he was approached by a general practice attorney named Sarah Schroeder. She was nagging him about reducing the charges against one of her clients down to a misdemeanor. Elias had no desire to entertain that idea. “Look Sarah. Your client needs to learn his lesson for once. I’m not lowering the charges. We’ve given him too many chance.” Sarah started to rebut him. “I don’t wanna hear it. See you in court.”

Elias rolled his eyes and walked away. He smiled at the bailiff. “See you tonight at Murphy’s?”
“I’ll be there,” Joe answered.

At the end of the day, many of the area’s first responders could be found at Murphy’s bar. Elias often wrapped up there as well. He was an only c***d that grew up in Maine. His father was the chief of police in a small town there. His mother was a registered nurse. They were a good, Episcopalian family. As a c***d, Elias played tee ball and little league. He hated it. He also took piano lessons. By the time, he was in middle school, it was clear that he was more artistic than his outdoorsy dad.

Elias excelled in his academic pursuits. He was a National Merit semifinalist and earned a scholarship to UVM. Afterwards, he entered law school at Syracuse. It was his dream to become a district attorney. And, the thirty-one year-old was well on his way.

In walked, Joe Pierre.

“Hey,” called out the bartender. “What’ll you have?”
“Whiskey. Neat.”
“Coming right up,” the aging, balding man nodded.

Joe waited for his drink. He and his family were some of the few African-Americans living in the town. Joe was originally from Louisiana. He ended up in New England when his wife completed her residency in family medicine and accepted a position with the Community Health Center. They had decided for her to take the job so that she could take advantage of the medical student loan repayment program by going into an underserved area.

The decision had paid off greatly. And, Teresa Pierre rather liked living there. Now, Joe had two daughters, Alia and Maryam, and had been residing here for almost 25 years. He had extracted a promise from his wife that they could retire in Florida, but more and more he was thinking they should just move to Belize instead.

The five-foot-eight, stocky, brown-skinned man, took his glass and walked to the booth where Elias was sitting with a secretary from the D.A.’s office. “May I join,” he asked.

“Of course,” smiled Elias.
“Thanks,” replied Joe. “How are you, Meg?”
“I’m good, Joe. How about you?”
“Pretty good. Saw some funny shit in court today.”
“Really,” she inquired.
“Girl, yes,” interjected Elias. “These folks from across the state were in front of Judge Bauer for a protection order.”
“And it was a shit show,” Joe continued. “I bet he’s gonna beat her ass when he gets outta lock up.”
“I heard she threw someone in jail.”
“Yeah,” Joe said before sipping.

“I need to get going,” Meg shared.
“Me too,” Elias concurred. “I’ll wait till you finish your drink, Joe.”
“Bye, Meg,” Joe offered.

When Meg was out of earshot, Joe remarked, “You can go ahead and leave. I’ll be by in half an hour.”

Elias took his leave. The five-foot-ten, one-hundred-forty-pound, twink started up his pearl white 2015 Nissan Rogue and drove home. He arrived and went straight to the bathroom. He douched out his ass then jumped in the shower. Afterwards, he put on lavender scented lotion. Elias dressed in a hot pink mini dress and black heels. He waited.

Dep. Pierre paid his tab. He headed down the street to meet Elias. The fifty-four year-old really got off on getting boipussy. He preferred it to be chocolate, but there were so few Black people around him. He enjoyed doing it with Elias though. He thought back to the dark-skinned pussyboi he used to fuck when visiting NYC.

The femme bottom was called, Countess. He was barely five-two and weighed about a buck ten. His waist was slim and booty was phat. The sissy was five years younger than Joe. They met online in the early 2000s and had hooked up dozens of times until Countess decided to flee to ATL for better weather in 2013.

Countess always begged him to fuck his tight, faggot booty hole. The sex was nasty, intense, and oh so taboo. Joe relished their time together. Over the course of their relationship, they had done watersports, public sex, swinging, roleplay, and even made sex tapes – a few of them were posted online.

He wondered what Countess was up to now as he parked outside of Elias’ house. He walked up to the door which was slightly ajar. He pushed it open and walked on inside. Elias was seated on the couch. Joe began unbuckling his belt. He moved closer to girly lawyer. Elias pursed his lips and got ready to accept the rock hard eight inch member.

Joe stuck his dick in Elias’ mouth. “Suck it, baby!” The bitch boi worked his head with fervor slobbering like crazy. Joe reached down and grabbed a handful of Elias’ light brown hair. He pulled the cocksucker off his tool and said, “Let’s go to your room. I need that ass.” Jos spanked the little bitty ass the whole way up the stairs.

“You ready for this big Black cock,” the bailiff asked.
“Yes, Daddy,” confirmed the prosecutor.
“Get on your back and put it in that pussy then!”
“Yes, sir,” smirked Elias lying down.
“Ooh yeah! That boipussy is tight, baby!”
“Mmmmm! Yes, Daddy! Fuck me!”
“Dammit, you li’l faggit! This hole is good!”
‘You like fucking this sissy white boi ass?”
“Hell yeah! Take it!”
“You have the best dick, Deputy!”
“Do I? You got some good ass too!”
“Ooh, Daddy! I love it,” squealed Elias.

Joe pounded hard. He took Elias’ wiry, four-inch clitty cock into his calloused hands. He jerked it as his rod massaged Elias’s prostate.

Elias’ dicklet began squirting cum. The contractions of his anus summoned Joe to erupt. Joe pulled out and told Elias to push that nut out. Joe licked it up, held it in his mouth, then fed it to the punk bottom boy through an extended kiss.

Joe cleaned up and drove home.

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