Our First Thhreesome In Las Vegas

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Our First Thhreesome In Las Vegas
Me and my partner have decided to write all our experiences down, a bit like photos to look back on. So all True stories
I wrote this one

This is a true story which happened a couple of years ago on holiday in Las Vegas, It was our first threesome experience.

I’m 49 years old and my partner is Pam 62 a little older than me, We checked in to our hotel, and after seeing all the scantily clad women we got talking about sex, and I asked would Pam have a threesome if there was any one she fancied, I would love to watch her have sex with another man, We have played with the idea before, her answer was no, but I think she was intrigued with the idea, being so far from home.
On the forth day We got talking to John a widower from Canada he was 63 years old, and here on a short break at the tables.
We all got on well and I could see he liked Pam,
Anyway we went off touring for a few days to los Angeles and san Francisco and returned A few days later to the same hotel, for one night only then we were moving on again, after checking in we went down to the pool for a rest from the long drive.
After about an hour we meet John again, we got chatting he couldn’t keep his eyes of pams tits, she is a 36 GG and this turned me on,
It was time to get something to eat, and John had to go and meet his friends, so we said goodbye and said we may see you before you leave, as John flew home the next day.
So we went and had lunch and went back to our room. In our room we got talking about John, Pam said she liked him, I asked if she fancied a threesome with him or would she just wank him off so I could watch. You know what they say. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, She replied no, she hadn’t got the nerve to do that, although she liked John looking at her tits because she knew it turned me on. I said what if the chance came up would you have a threesome, no she said. Lets go back to the pool I said and why not go braless just put a thin top on so John can see you nipples and that would turn me on even more.
No I’m to shy Pam replied, and went in bathroom to freshen up, After a little encouragement Pam came out in a low cut top with no bra, I said you are up for a threesome then, Pam replied no, but she likes to see me turned on so she will go braless for me. You could clearly see her big erect nipples thou her top,
I got a hard on just thinking about John looking at her tits with no bra.
Pam put a cardigan on to hide her tits while we got back down to the pool, John was already there so we went over and sat with him, the look on his face was priceless when Pam sat opposite him and removed her cardigan, Pam was a bit shy and embarrassed about going with out a bra at first, because she has big hard nipples, and going braless really shows her nipples off, I had a semi hard on and enjoyed every minuet of it. John made a few comments about Pam’s big tits, which I think Pam liked because she started to flirt with John a little more and John couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits. Especial when she leaned forward to pick her drink up, he could see right down between her tits.
After a couple of hours John asked us if we would like to join him for a drink later that night. Yes we replied and agreed to meet him about 7.30 in the bar. Then John went off to pack his bags ready to leave early tomorrow morning.
Back in our room I said to Pam I bet John would love to see you get your tits out, I know he couldn’t keep his eyes off my tits Pam replied, so do you fancy a bit of Johns cock now I said, Pam liked John but she couldn’t have a threesome she hasn’t the nerve for that she said.
But as John has already seen her braless she may flash her tits at John for me. and if she’s had a enough to drink she may even give him a hand job and let him cum on her tits, If that’s what I really wanted. I’d love to see that I replied.
Later that night we meet John as arranged and had a few drinks, we had a great time.
About 11.30 pm Pam and I decided to retreat back to our room, and asked John if he wanted to come back with us for a farewell drink, he said yes.
On the way back to our room I quietly asked Pam if she’s had enough to drink, maybe she replied, smiling.
Back in our room, after chatting for a while we got talking about women and sex, John told us it’s been 4 years since his wife died, and has not been with another woman since, and he had forgotten what sex was like. I said to Pam remind him what real boobs look like, Pam red faced put her hands on her boobs and wobbled them about, Nice big boobs, said John, he said he couldn’t keep his eyes off them when we were sat by the pool and Pam hadn’t got a bra on, I said we did that deliberately, we thought you would like that, “Thank-you” Very nice he replied. And admitted when he got back to his room he had a wank after looking at Pam’s tits by the pool.
You should have asked Pam to wank you off, I said, After all she was teasing you by not wearing a bra, You would of given John a hand job if he asked wouldn’t you, I said to Pam, Maybe she replied, smiling,
Pam had a great big smile on her face; I think that turned her on. It turned me on thinking of another man wanking over Pam’s tits.
I said to Pam show him what your boobs really look like, Pam said no she’s shy but after a while she pulled up her top and wobbled her tits about,
You could see her nipples thou her lacy bra,
I said take your top off so we can see your tits, you still got a bra on,
Yes but my bra is see thru, Pam said, it’s to late now after going braless and flashing your tits at John, I finally got Pam removed her top,
John couldn’t take his eyes off Pam’s tits as she sat in front of him showing her huge tits and erect nipples in her see thru lacy bra, I think John would like to see a bit more, I said to Pam.
Then after a bit of encouragement from me and John she got one of her 36GGs out. John was amazed at the size; of her tits, John said His wife had small tits. Pam rubbed her tits and touched her nipple,
I could see Pam was getting turned on by me and John looking and talking about her tits and she was flirting a lot more,
when I asked Pam to take her bra off so we could get a better look at her tits, she didn’t hesitate this time, Pam removed bra, to expose her big tits, John sat and admired them, as she sat topless in front of him drinking her glass of wine.
Pam put a hand under each tit and bounced them up and down and started massaging her tits and touching her nipples I could see John liked that.
He just sat looking at them, and smiling, You’ve got a great pair boobs, John said, and you have incredible big nipples, Are they erect all the time. Pam tells John she’s always had big hard erect nipples, and they are embarrassing at times when she can’t hide them, She asked John if he would be having a wank later, now he’s seen her tits, Definitely John replied. Pam asked if she could watch him have a wank, of course he replied. And said she could do it for him if she wanted, Pam smiled,
I got up and had a feel of her tits and said they are full and firm, Pam asked John if he would like to feel her boobs, yes please he replied, Pam and I smiled at each other, John knelt on the floor in front of Pam and touched her tits one at a time gently massaging them, then both tits at the same time, he said how firm they are, And she has fantastic hard nipples they stick out well over ½ inch, he started touching her nipples Pam moaned with delight and told him she likes having her tits massaged. And that her nipples are very sensitive, and she loves her nipples sucked.
I asked John if he would like to suck on Pam’s big nipples, I would love to he replied. Pam blushing said what you waiting for, and pulled his head towards her tits, John didn’t waste anytime; he went straight to her erect nipples licking them at first before sucking them, and commenting on how big and hard they are to suck on.
Pam lay back in the arm chair to allow John to indulge himself with her tits, she moaned as John licked and flicked her very erect nipples with his tongue she said that feels good; I told you they are very sensitive,
Pam said she could feel Johns cock was hard as his crutch brushed against her thigh, can you blame me John replied.
I had a real hard on by this time watching another man sucking on my partners tits, and Pam smiling back at me, she asked me if it turned me on to see another man sucking and feeling her tits, very turned on I replied.
Pam said lets lay on the bed its more comfortable, John followed her feeling her tits he could now get a better feel of Pam’s tits, as she lay on the bed with her arms stretched out above her head, she was enjoying all the attention her tits were getting, so was I,
Pam said she could see my cock was hard now.
And I could see that John also had a real erection now.
I asked John if he minded if I took a picture or two, he said no he didn’t mind, but he didn’t want his face on the pictures, that’s fine by me I replied. John carried on sucking on Pam’s tits,
After a few minutes Pam told John he was making her wet, and she could see he was also turned on by the bulge in his trousers.
John said he will definitely have to have another wank when he gets back to his room, Why wait till then, I think Pam wants to do it for you, I said.
Pam reached down and had a feel of Johns cock through his trousers and started rubbing it up and down, all the time John was feeling Pam’s tits, Pam unzipped John’s trousers and put her hand inside still rubbing his cock. Pam said to me, his cock feels good, it’s big and he’s got a real hard on, I bet he would like to empty his balls, and cum on my tits,
I could see with the look on Pam’s face, she now wanted Johns cock. And a threesome was very likely tonight. Fantastic I thought I was really turned on.
Then Pam surprised me by asking John if he would like to get his cock out and have a wank and cum over her tits, or would he like her get his cock out and suck it until he cums,
I would love you to suck my cock, it’s been a long time since a woman sucked my cock, But he’s never had an audience before he’s only ever been with his wife, he said, it’s ok we have never done this before either, so it’s our first time I said,
Pam then asked me if I wanted her to suck Johns cock,
I was hoping you wanted to give him more than just blow job, You know I’ve always wanted to watch you with fucking another man, go for it I said.
I think Pam had lost all her inhabitations by now. She was really turned on,
Pam said to John; if I suck your cock, what you going to do for me, hope your going return the favour. John had a big smile on his face and said if she shows him her pussy he would be glad to lick it for her, Pam smiled at me, and said it’s a deal then.
I new Pam couldn’t turn back now and would definitely let John fuck her in front of me, while I watched.
I couldn’t wait to see her sucking and fucking another man. I was hoping John Had a big cock.
John moved his hand down Pam’s thighs and back up her skirt to Pam’s pussy giving it a rub, Pam unfastened her skirt and slid it down to her ankles where I removed it for her. By this time John was knelling on the bed and had got one hand between Pam’s legs rubbing her pussy and the other hand massaging her tits, Pam was enjoying every minute of it. And so was I. And took more pictures.
Pam then unfastened John’s trouser button, and put her hand inside his Boxer shorts rubbing his cock and feeling his balls. That feels good it’s been a long time since a woman’s felt my cock, John said. Pam then pulled his cock out of his pants, He had a real hard on too, John moaned as Pam slowly pulled his foreskin back to reveal the head of his cock, and started slowly wanking him off, the head of his cock was massive I’ve never seen one as big, it was great,
His cock was only about 5 inches long but the head made up the length.
After a few minutes Pam pulled Johns trousers Down to his knees then told John to take all his clothes off so she could see him naked with his big hard cock. John got up and removed his trousers pants and shirt, and stood naked in front her, with a real hard on. After feeling his balls and stroking his cock, she started wanking him off, she rubbed his cock into her nipples, at the same time, then started licking the head of his cock and down the shaft to his balls, licking and sucking on his balls,
At this point I needed to get my cock out and do some wanking myself,
Pam said she didn’t think she could get his cock in her mouth the head was so big, she slowly slipped his cock in her mouth for the first time, she could hardly get the head in her mouth it was so big, John moaned and I nearly came, watching her sucking another mans cock.
The slurping noises of my partner sucking another mans cock were fantastic, and a real turn on.
Pam held his balls in one hand and was wanking him with the other hand while sucking his cock; she sucked his cock for about 5 minutes,
Then John put his hands on her head and forced his cock deeper into her mouth as he face fucked her, while Pam squeezed his ass.
After a few minutes Pam put Johns cock between her big tits giving him a tit job then John took over and started fucking her tits,
A few minutes later Pam moved into the middle of the bed John followed feeling and touching each others bodies
John slipped his hand inside Pam’s knickers to feel her pussy; Pam moaned with pleasure, as John insert a finger into her wet pussy,
Pam still had her knickers on and I wanted a better view so I pulled her knickers down and removed them for her, Johns eyes lit up now he could see her pussy, and began to explore it with his fingers.
she was now laying naked on the bed, with John and I looking at her body, They were both naked now, Pam just lay there, arms above her head showing how big her tits really are, and her big erect nipples,
Her legs slightly spread so we could see her clit between her pussy lips,
Is this how you wanted to see me, spread naked with two men, Pam asked me? You know I’ve always wanted to watch you fucking another man, I replied, how’s it feel I replied. Strange and a little embarrassing but very nice she said.
John was all over her body Feeling and kissing her, He Knelt on the bed between her legs and pushed her legs apart and went down on her pussy, Pam gasped and spread her legs wide open so John could get his tongue deeper in to her pussy, she let out some loud moans of pleasure as John pulled her clit with his lips. I knew it wouldn’t take long before she started to cum.
Pam said she never thought she would do anything like this and told me to remove my cloths she wanted to see me naked so she can see my hard cock, and watch me wanking, while her and John are fucking each other, I didn’t hesitate.
I was having a really good wank myself, watching her with another man; I had to keep stopping myself from Cumming, I was really turned on by it all, and still trying to take pictures.
John inserted two fingers into her wet pussy, fucking her with his fingers and licking her clit.
Pam was really moaning now. Pam usually cums quite easy and quickly, and I could see she was getting ready to cum, Pam lifted her ass off the bed as John worked her pussy she told John she was getting ready to cum, Pam moaned louder as her pussy suddenly started dripping with juice,
John thought it was great how easy she cums and kissed her pussy and tummy as he worked his way up to her tits where he suckled on her nipples, as he lay beside her,
What a turn on, Pam spread naked on the bed with some guy pleasuring her pussy with his fingers, Took more pictures.
After a while Pam sat up and started wanking John as he lay beside her, a few minutes later she got up and told John to lay on his back, she wanted to suck him off, she Knelt on the bed between his legs and started wanking and sucking his cock again, she moved up and rubbed her tits all over his cock, John loved that so she did it all the more, moving up and down his body rubbing her big tits on his body and in his face so he could lick her nipples, after a while she went back to sucking his cock, From the bottom of the bed I could see Pam’s ass in the air, her pussy lips were slightly apart, so I rubbed her clit and fingered her while she sucked on Johns cock. To her moans of pleasure.
Took some great pictures with her big tits swinging about and sucking cock. John told her to turn around so he could lick her pussy at the same time,
There now in 69 position. It was fucking great watching, Pam watched as I moaned and shot my load in the air, I was so turned on.
John spread her pussy lips and started licking and sucking her clit, Pam moaned with pleasure even with his cock in her mouth,
Pam was really enjoying John’s cock, Licking all around the head of his cock then sucking and wanking him,
I asked her if she’s enjoying sucking another mans cock while I watch her?, Oh yes a real turn on she says.
She said to John tell me when you’re going to cum,
She wanted John to cum in her mouth.
John said it takes him along time to cum,
That’s good I said, to Pam, you will have cum lots of times before John cumms, my pussy will be tingling all day tomorrow she replied.
I couldn’t wait to see another man Cumming in her mouth,
Pam kept gagging on the head of John’s cock, the head was so big, she say’s she Had never seen a head that big.
After about 15 minutes in the 69 position John still not cum, and Pam couldn’t suck anymore she lay beside John Wanking him and rubbing her tits on his cock, she told John she was going to wank him off, until he cums all over her tits, And then she’s going to suck his cock dry. A few minutes later John starts moaning louder and is getting read to cum, Pam talks dirty to help him, she tells him she wants his cum all over her tits so she can lick it off her big hard nipples,
That makes John cum, four big gushes of cum over her tits, she puts his cock in her mouth and sucks every last drop of cum out of his cock,
John thought it was great when Pam sucked and licked his cock after he had cum.
The sight of Pam sucking another mans cum covered cock was fantastic.
Especially when she poses for the camera, with a wet cock in her mouth, and cum covered tits,
John and I watch as she rubs all Johns cum into her tits and hard nipples.
After a short break of about 15 minutes or so, Pam rolled onto her back and John lay beside her, they kissed Pam had her hands all over Johns body. Stroking his cock again as he rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy,
They both had there legs spread wide apart so I got a great view of them pleasuring each other, this went on for sometime.
Got some Great pictures.
Pam says she is really turned on and asks John if he wants to fuck her, she tells him she wants to feel his big cock in her pussy, and she wants him to fuck her all night, while I watch and take pictures of them fucking. I would love to fuck you all night long John said.
I could see Pam was in for a good fucking tonight.
John straddled her then lay on top of her kissing her passionately and putting his tongue in her mouth and Pam doing the same to him,
That really turned me on seeing her embraced in the arms of another man and passionately kissing him,
John moved down her body to her tits sucking her very erect nipples and massaging her tits then down her stomach to her pussy, licking and fingering, Pam lifted her knees and spread her legs so John could get his fingers in deeper,
John Spread her pussy lips wide with two fingers and fucking her pussy with two fingers with his other hand. Pam was really moaning with pleasure by this time.
John moved back up to Pam’s tits, holding one tit with two hands sucking her nipple and swapping over to her other tit, John said he could suck on her nipples all night because they are so hard and erect, I loved watching him licking and sucking her nipples, then he moved up to put his cock between her tits, Pam squeezed her tits together while John fucked her tits Pam kept having a lick of his cock as he trust forward, John moved up so Pam could have a good suck on his cock, he started fucking her mouth, Pam told John its ok for him to cum in her mouth if he wants to, and to tell her when he’s about to Cum.
After a few minutes John moved back to lay on top again and teased her pussy with his cock by rubbing it against her clit, and down to her ass, she moans as his cock slides up and down between her pussy lips and over her clit, Pam tells John she wants to feel his cock inside her and tells him to put his cock in her pussy, John slowly slipped his cock into Pam’s dripping wet pussy, Pam moaned out loud as the massive head of Johns cock slipped inside her for the first time, Just the head of his cock at first in and out, then he slowly pushes his cock all the way in her pussy.
What a fantastic site another mans cock fully inserted in my partner.
I had to cum again at this time; the excitement was too much to hold back.
Pumping her slowly at first and getting faster and harder.
I went to bottom of the bed to get a better view of Pam’s pussy getting rammed it was dripping with juice.
The sight of another naked man lying on top of my naked partner, his hands all over her body and giving her a good fucking, and his cock in and out of my partner, the moans of pleasure, and noise of Johns cock and balls as they slapped against my partners wet pussy were fantastic.
We have to do this again I said.
It’s a pity John has to leave in the morning. We could have done this again Pam said.
A few minutes later Pam was about to cum, I’m Cumming I’m Cumming Pam said which made John pump her pussy even harder and Pam moans as she cums, then she cums again then again, Pam often has multi orgasms, her pussy dripping with juice, John carries on fucking her for a few more minutes then pulls his cock out and cums on her pussy and rubs his cum into her already dripping wet clit,
Pam tells him to put his cock between her tits, she rubs his wet cock between her tits, and licks the remaining cum off the head of his cock and puts it in her mouth and sucks all the cum out of his cock again.
I tell Pam I’m getting ready to cum again, Pam puts my cock in her mouth and face fucks my cock, She tells me to cum in her mouth, I can see she is really turned on tonight, by the way she’s working my cock, John holds her tits, one in each hand, and touching her nipples with his thumbs,
I cum in her mouth and she swallows every drop and licks me clean,
Pam tells John it’s his turn next,
I can’t wait to see John Cumming in her mouth.
John and I rub all Johns cum into her tits, he massages one tit and I do the other, after all they are big enough for one each 36GG, Pam says it’s a great feeling to have her tits felt by two men at the same time,
She tells us she wants to have both her nipples sucked at the same time, so we take a tit each with both hands, and lick and suck her nipples, she really loves that, Pam says it’s nearly as good as having sex, having two men sucking both nipples at the same time, her nipples are really erect now.
After about five minutes we all need a drink, so we all sit on bed and have a glass of wine, talking about our experience.
Pam asks me what its like to see her being fucked by another man?.
Fantastic I said, we have to do this again. It’s a real turn on.
I asked her what its like to be fucked by another man? While I watch.
She says the biggest turn on is me wanting her to fuck another man, and watching her, and John has a great cock to fuck me with, But she wouldn’t do it back home. It’s a one off. After all it is sin city.
I could see Pam wanted some more of Johns cock as she keeps having a feel and stroking the head of his cock and touching her tits.
Pam goes to bathroom and washes her tits and pussy then gets back on bed, after about 20 minutes I start stroking Pam’s thighs
And she lies back on bed in between us both.
I touch and stroke her tits, John joins in, Pam’s in heaven, so John and I take a tit each sucking her nipples again and massaging her tits, she says it’s a great sensation to have a man on each nipple at the same time, and tells us not to stop.
Pam has now got a cock in each hand wanking me and John, we both move our hands down to her pussy taking turns rubbing her clit, while the other one fingers her she’s dripping wet already, all the time Pam’s moaning getting louder John puts two fingers inside her pussy and finger fucks her. While I continue to suck her tits, which makes her moan even more,
With in a few minutes Pam starts to cum again I’m cuming I’m cuming Pam says and she cums with a gush of juice, don’t stop she says I’m cuming again and she cums again, Pam tells John to put his cock inside her, she wants to cum again with his cock inside her, John slides his cock into her pussy and starts to fuck her slowly and deep, This makes her big tits bounce, we love watching her tits bouncing, Pam’s still wanking me as John fucks her, a real turn on, she cums again within seconds John carries on fucking her, now John is getting ready to cum again,
Pam tells John she wants him to cum inside her, she wants to feel his hot cum in her pussy, he holds Pam’s legs in the air, as he fucks her hard, her tits really bouncing as he slams his cock hard in and out of her pussy, John tells Pam he’s Cumming, as he explodes inside her, Pam and John moan with pleasure, and I cum in her hand, after a few seconds or so,
John sighs 4 years he’s waited for a fuck, worth every minuet John says. Then pulls his cock out of Pam, Its dripping with juice,
Pam’s pussy is dripping with Johns warm cum, so I take more pictures as John rubs and slaps his cock against Pam’s wet pussy. Great cream pie pics.
Pam and John lay out on bed. That was good, I want you to fuck me again, Pam said to John, I would love to fuck you all night John replied.
I put two fingers in her pussy and work Johns warm cum into her pussy. That’s a turn on rubbing another mans cum into my partners pussy, Especially when Pam holds her pussy lips open for me,
We need another drink,
John sits behind Pam on the bed and Pam lies back on his chest as he feels and massages her tits, and plays with her clit as we have a drink.
After a while Pam spreads her thighs and puts her hand on Johns hand as he plays with her clit and rubs his hand into her pussy,
Pam asks me to wank myself off in front of her and John, as I watch John feel her tits and play with her clit her.
Johns holding one of her tits in one hand and touching her nipple,
While masturbating her with the other hand.
What a great site to see. Got some more pictures first,
Before I knelt on bed in front of them and started wanking myself off,
Watching Pam being touched and masturbated by another man It doesn’t take me long to cum, I cum on her pussy and Johns hand as he rubs her clit, John rubs my warm cum into her very wet pussy.
Which makes Pam cum with loud moans of pleasure?
Pam then turns around and mounts Johns cock as he is still sitting against the headboard, she rubs her tits in his face as she rides his cock and John licks at her hard nipples as her tits bounce in his face, with in a few minutes John moans and cums in her pussy, I can see cum dribbling out of Pams pussy and down the shaft of Johns cock, great cream pie I tell them,
Pam says it’s a real turn on to see me wanking over her and watching her getting fucked and fingered.
Pam says it’s my early Christmas present, more like your Christmas present I reply.
After about an half an hour and a bottle of wine later John says to Pam would you like to do it again, yes please, if you got the energy, you can fuck me as many times as you want tonight, and in any position, Pam replied. Pam was really turned on tonight. She asked me if I was going to fuck her. Later, you’re all Johns tonight, so enjoy yourself. I said.
John laid on his back still, Pam starts wanking him, and sucking his cock again, Pam then straddled him and put her tits in his face so John could suck her nipples again, because he said he could suck her tits dry, then Pam moved up and sat on his face so John had to lick her pussy It was great I could see John with a mouth full of Pam’s pussy, and his tong licking her pussy lips and clit, While she played with my cock, after a few minutes she moved down giving him a big sloppy kiss and a little tongue,
Then down to his cock sucking the giant head of his cock, and licking his balls, After a few minutes Pam moves back up Johns body rubbing her tits on his chest, she sits on his cock rubbing her clit against his cock before she slips his cock into her wet pussy sliding up and down its shaft, Pam is now Sat on top of John fucking him, his hands all over her big tits he has a suck on her nipples, I’ve never seen her nipples this erect before.
They must be sticking out ¾ inch now, really erect, red and swollen with all the sucking, John did like sucking on her nipples a lot. Pam turns around and sits back on Johns cock with her back to him and facing me, she has a big smile on her face, and spreads her legs so I can see her pussy lips wide open, exposing her clit, and Johns cock sliding in and out of her, and her big tits bouncing up and down. She asked me if I can see everything. Brilliant I said. Great pics. I was sat on the end of the bed,
Her pussy lips spread wide open exposing her moist clit and showing the opening to her vagina, it’s great I said.
I took a picture or two of her rubbing John’s cock against her pussy, before she worked it back into her wet pussy, and sliding up and down on his shaft again,
John told her to knell on the bed so he can fuck her from behind,
He put his cock back in her pussy fucking doggy for a few minutes then moaning before emptying his load of hot cum inside her, We all had another glass of wine,
About half hour later Pam said she was going to finish what she started earlier and told John to lay on his back again, Pam got into 69 position sucking Johns cock While John fingered her, she then sat up and rubbed his cock against her clit before slipping it into her pussy and starts to ride his cock
What a great sight, Pam big tits bouncing, her legs spread exposing her pussy and clit, with Johns cock slipping in and out of juicy wet hole.
Kiss me and Play with my tits she tells me, I massage her tits and rub her exposed clit, we kiss passionately she puts her tongue in my mouth I do the same to her.
As we kiss I can feel her tits bounce and her body being pounded as John fucks her. Its great a sensation to watch and feel her tits bounce as they fuck each other, Pam starts to cum again, she cums twice, and carries on riding Johns cock. after a while, Pam’s legs ache so she lays back on Johns chest, he can feel her tits better now, she smiles at me before John rolls her over onto her stomach and spreads her legs so he can enter her from behind, Pam kneels up for Doggie sex, John pumping her pussy and with her big tits swinging backwards and forward, It looks great, John stands at the end of the bed and pulls Pam towards him so she can stand leaning over the bed, John enters her from behind again, I can see Pam’s love juice running down Johns balls and dripping on to the bed, after a few minutes Pam moves back onto the bed and lays on her back,
John puts his cock back inside her and lays on top of her kissing her tits and lips, Then kneels up rubbing her tits and starts to rub her clit as he fucks her, Pam moaning all the time, John pulls his cock out for a second then slides it back in and out Pam loves this, She says the sensation is fantastic as the big head of Johns cock forces her pussy lips apart as it goes in and out of her pussy, she tells John not to stop because its going to make her cum, I start rubbing her tits she starts to cum John puts his cock in and out faster, Pan now telling us she’s cuming and moaning all the time she has another multi orgasm and cums three times, then John lays on top of her while I hold her hands stretched out above her head, John sucking on her stretched tits as they bounce up and down while he fucks her, She says it turns her on even more when I hold her hands down for another man to fuck her, and she loves it when John and I watch her tits bounce, John fucks her until he cums inside her again, with a long moan. We all need another rest and a drink, as we sit on the bed we talk about our experience.
Pam keeps touching her nipples and pussy, so I ask her if she wants to masturbate for us while we watch and wank ourselves, she agrees because she says she is so turned on by having two men watching her, she lays back on the bed and starts rubbing her clit then puts two fingers deep in her pussy fingering herself and rubs her clit with the other hand, she asked if we want to see her tits bounce because she knows we both like to see them bouncing John says yes please, he loves to watch her tits bouncing, she makes her tits wobble as she masturbates, we both masturbate with her, it takes only a few minutes for Pam to cum, her juices dribble out of her pussy down to her ass and on to the bed, she takes a few seconds to get her breath back, and says she can’t believe she has just masturbated in front of two men, John says it was great to watch, I agree, John and I still not cum so I slip my cock into her pussy and start fucking her while John knells at her side watching us fuck, while feeling her tits and wanking himself, Pam says she never thought she could go naked with two men at the same time, and never thought she could ever have sex while someone else watches us, but it’s a real turn on another man watching us fucking, I’m so turned on it doesn’t take me long to cum, I cum inside her, and Pam cums a few seconds later.
Now you been fucked by two men in one night what it is like I said, very nice I can’t believe I’m doing this, Pam replied.
She then collapses stretched out on bed, so we join her for a rest.
An hour later we run out of wine, so I get dressed and go down stars for some more wine.
Laughing I tell John feel free to fuck her again while am out.
That was a turn on thinking About Pam fucking another man while I was out.
It takes me about 20 minutes to go and get more wine, when I get back to the room Pam and John are in the bathroom, Pam has washed her pussy and is washing Johns cock with a hand towel,
Yes, they fucked each other again, while I was out.
Pam said John fucked her from behind at the dressing table so they could watch each other and see her big tits bouncing in the mirror.
A bottle of wine later John says he would love to fuck Pam again, but hasn’t got the energy, and his balls are empty, Pam has sucked and fucked every drop of cum out of his balls, anyway he needs to get ready to fly home.
Is It my turn to fuck her while you watch, I said, as Pam lays on her back and spreads her legs for me, her pussy is very wet, I climb on top and push my cock in her pussy, it feels very different, her pussy feels big and loose after John’s finished fucking her, it’s warm and full of cum, after John had cum inside her a few times,
But it feels good, she smells of cum, John sits on bed wanking himself and feeling Pam’s tits as they bounce around, while watching Pam and me fucking again. I kneel so John can suck her nipples while I fuck her,
It only takes us a few minutes to cum as we both really turned on;
Pam has been well fucked tonight; we lost count of how many times Pam cum.
John takes a shower, Pam joins him, while I watch them washing and fondling each others body, taking a few more pictures
He says we must stay in touch; and exchange E-mail addresses;
It was a night to remember, we have a drink and John has a last feel of Pam’s tits before he leaves.
What a Christmas Present

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