Out Of Afrika, Chapter 39

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 39
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf and Wunderboi


Chapter 39 – The Good works of the Church


Our story thus far:

The Church of the Black Staff was established in Hawksville in parallel with the arrival of Rhino Industries to the small town on the Eastern Seaboard. The faith and philosophy is loosely based on Pentecostal beliefs but with a difference, it is all about the superiority of the Black Man over the White. With the assistance of Rhino’s technology the church promotes the belief that there is no greater love than that of a white woman for black cock. The church has many support groups to give emphasis to its teachings to members young and old alike…

To continue:


James and Jacqueline came to Hawksville from England following the recruitment drive by Rhino that sought overseas expertise to plug the skill-set gap being suffered by the electronics company. James was a software analyst; Jacqueline, his younger wife, a mainly ‘stay-at-home Mom’ (albeit that their c***dren had long flown the nest) and both were committed church-goers and keen to become involved in the life of their ‘new’ church. It took little time for them to settle into their new home and to begin assimilating into their new life and their new world included becoming regular attendees at the Church of the Black Staff (curious name, thought James).

Bishop Erasmus was delighted, as always, to see fresh faces and took no time at all to invite and involve them in as many of the various forms of worship as he considered appropriate to their needs and background. The Bishop prided himself in his pompous manner that he was a shrewd assessor of character and he recognised in Jacqueline a need for something more than her older husband could provide. He wasn’t wrong for unbeknown to the Bishop James was suffering from a condition that required strong medication which had the unfortunate side effects of making him impotent. Jacqueline loved her husband dearly but inwardly she seethed at being denied the pleasure of a stiff cock in her demanding pussy.

The Bishop through prayer and the confessional box teased out her need and assured her that she had come to the right place to find salvation. To the background hum of Rhino’s sound system he explained that the path to deliverance required that women use their unique gift of creating life and to procreate as much as their circumstances allowed. He emphasised that the black was superior to the white and it was God’s will that this be recognised; he assured her that their white partners need have no concerns should the white woman transfer her affections to the black. Finally he explained that through prayer and a little help from Rhino that her husband would be in total agreement and sympathise with her needs and would become an enthusiastic participant in the process of conversion.

Jacqueline was mesmerised by his smooth words (and the Rhino hum) and pledged herself to serve her new God.


The church was an important and integral pillar of Hawksville society and was no ‘one-day-a-week’ enterprise. Its ministry was a 7 day affair and every day of the week saw its acolytes including the laymen and women busy throughout the parish and beyond spreading the gospel in one way or another. However, Sunday was always to be special in the calendar of the church when there were three separate services held throughout the day, early morning Matins, the Morning Service and then as the sun went down, Evensong. The Morning service was the most popular given its emphasis on family and family values.

Jacqueline and James quickly focussed on this service as being their one of choice and each Sunday they could be found taking their seats in what was to become their regular pew. Everybody who attended appeared to James to be very keen and devout and it was clear that there were rules which were strictly adhered to with regard to manners and custom. Throughout the service there was great emphasis on having a consensual relationship between God and humankind and the importance of procreation and James was intrigued to learn that whilst the Ten Commandments were mainly promoted, there was one revision which was a complete about-face to that which he had signed up to back in England. Printed across the top of his hymn sheet it was clearly stated, ‘Thou shall commit adultery’.

There were other odd things that he observed and intrigued him. He saw evidence that while the church rightly condemned u******e sex, it was clear masturbation was both acceptable and encouraged, especially mutual masturbation.

From his seat he took in the sight of black and white teenagers of the town who seemed to be dressed almost in some kind of uniform, the boys in sombre black suits; the girls wearing provocative clothing which was usually a short summer dress with a low neckline that half exposed their budding breasts and had a hemline that was high enough that when they fidgeted in their seats it would reveal a glimpse of their lily white cotton knickers. James from his strategically placed seat was pleased to see that they fidgeted quite often!

Initially James was quite confused as to this provocative display being tolerated by the church but as the weeks went by he came to understand very well and accept why such behaviour was encouraged. It was all to do with the teachings that black was good and procreation should be encouraged but only within the context of a legal partnership. However it came with the understanding that the passions aroused by puberty should not be denied and it was perfectly acceptable for the youngsters to find release in helping each other. So it was that he would observe when at a particular point in the service that the preacher would exhort the congregation to be worthy participants in spreading the word of the lord and joy with each other that one girl or another would lean over toward her young male companion (revealing her white panties to James in the process) and blatantly ease out an erect cock and robotically masturbate her willing partner to the accompaniment of the music that was softly filling the air from the sound system. A spurt of spunk from a cock was usually accompanied by the onlookers with a heartfelt ‘Amen’.

The first time he had witnessed this he had nudged Jacqueline to draw her attention to the erotic sight but she had taken no great interest other than give a smile of approval before she turned her head back toward the new charismatic preacher who was wearing his signature white suit with skin tight trousers. She found his sermon so compelling and in any case she was quite sure he was making eye-contact with her! As far as she was concerned what was happening between the teenagers was quite normal and should be encouraged rather than condemned but, then again, that’s exactly what the Rhino sound system had told her during her frequent private confessions with the Bishop. After a few weeks of attendance James became much of the same mind and he looked upon the pews opposite with a different attitude and he now revelled in seeing young female hands wrapped around stiff cocks or for a young girl to sit back and spread her thighs so that her companion-in-prayer could probe and stroke her wet pussy with his exploring fingers whilst they all listened to the words being directed to them from the pulpit.

After the service as was the custom coffee would be taken by husbands and partners in the ante room whilst some of the wives went to have their special blessings bestowed upon them by the well-hung acolytes in the crypt below the church. Occasionally a husband or a partner would be invited to join the gathering below but usually only at the end of the blessings when there were clean-up duties required to be performed.

James was disappointed when one Sunday for the first time Jacqueline was selected to be blessed and he was not called to join in the ceremony. He could hear the sounds of passion drifting up the stair well and he was excited beyond measure, his mind imagining what could be taking place beneath his feet.

Jacqueline told him all about her ‘deliverance’ on the ride home afterwards, explaining it was only husbands who had shown themselves to be full converts to the church’s teachings that were allowed to join after the blessing had been given. He was confused as to how he was supposed to prove himself to be worthy but was mollified when she promised him that he could provide his own clean-up when they got to the house.


There were special interest groups which catered for any interest where the good word could be spread and if it was discovered that an area of particular concern hadn’t been addressed then Bishop Erasmus would endeavour to establish a new group with appropriate mentors which would provide the missing comfort and instruction.

For James there was no need for a new group to be formed for his curiosities were already catered for and Jacqueline, who knew of James’s inclinations and preferences, told him that she knew of the group that might cater for his interests.


Melanie Baker was a stalwart of the church and had established a reputation for being both devout and for having a preference for women’s company. It was not that she didn’t like men but she had had her disappointments over the years which had left her unsatisfied and, anyway, her female friends were so much more reliable in providing for her needs. Previously Melanie had been a High School teacher but now, having ‘seen the light’, she had answered the calling and was now a full-time employee of the Church. Her duties included seeing that the Black Brothers and Elders were allowed the delights of her rapacious pussy whenever their other duties allowed them free-time and for her to head up some of the special interest groups one of which was vaguely called the ‘Women Instruct; Men Provide Support’ (or WIMPS for short).

Melanie was assisted in running the forum by her very good friend Loretta who already had a lot of experience from her home-life of dealing with WIMPS. She regularly had to discipline her wimpy next door neighbour Gerald who was made watch her husband Able fuck Gerald’s wife, Sally. It was a totally agreeable situation; Sally loved the feel of a big black cock as opposed to the little white worm of her husband; Able enjoyed the relatively tight pussy of Sally when compared to the more accommodating cunt of his wife; Loretta delighted in masturbating at seeing her husband demonstrate his superior prowess and Gerald, who was usually on his knees with a leash around his neck and his little cock in a cage, well, who cared what wimpy Gerald thought anyway?

The forum usually met once a week either at the church or, if more convenient, at the home of one of the participants. When Jacqueline made enquiries on James’s behalf she was advised that the next meeting would be held at the Baldwin household where Herb, husband of Janice, would be delighted to welcome James into their little gathering. (Actually, Herb hadn’t been asked. It was Janice who learned of James’s ‘interest’ and Janice had told him that he would be hosting a new member. Herb was excited nonetheless.)

Jacqueline and James found the address and the door was opened by Herb who was wearing a bathrobe. He greeted them as if long-lost friends, “Come in, come in ….. Pleased to meet you …. let me take your coats … let’s go through to the lounge .. can I get you anything to drink?” He was like a puppy dog trying to please.

They were quite taken aback by the welcome from someone whom they had never met but it was clear once they had been introduced to Janice that this portly little man was completely subservient to her needs. She smiled graciously as she shook hands and then barked at him, “Herb, stop fussing about. You’re making us nervous. Take your new friend down to the basement and leave us ladies alone, will you.”

Jacqueline was both surprised and impressed at the way she treated her husband. While she had no real complaints about her relationship with James it was interesting to observe how others might live. She decided that this might well be the way forward for both of them.

Herb guided James toward the steps leading down to the basement which was not so much a cellar but almost an apartment in its own right. It had storage rooms, a utility room for laundry and a bathroom; the remainder of the area was a open floorplan lounge with sofas, chairs and a large flat-screen TV mounted on a wall. As they entered the basement lounge James saw other folks were already in attendance. Herb made the introductions.

“This is my good friend Ian; over there is Gerald who I believe you know … (James didn’t know but had been told about Gerald) … and here are our teachers for the evening Mistress Melanie and Mistress Loretta.”

Ian and Gerald, like Herb, were wearing bathrobes; Melanie and Loretta were dressed quite differently.

Melanie who was standing was wearing what could only described as a severe full length black linen dress that was buttoned down the front from her neck to her calves. It did nothing to hide the swell of her hips or the fullness of her tits that were being so effectively covered by the material, yet still revealed her stiff nipples. Loretta who was lounging on the couch was clad only in a white corset which contrasted with the black of her large breasts that were pushed upwards by the half cup bra that struggled to contain them. The only thing they shared was the stern expressions on their faces.

“Oh, here you are last. We were beginning to think that you must have gotten lost,” Melanie said. “Or that you got cold feet ….” added Loretta with a snigger, “… Come on in and sit over there and we can begin.”

James went and sat on the chair that Loretta indicated, fearful of what he had let himself in for when he had agreed to his wife’s suggestion to join the group.

“Good, I think we know everyone, so let’s get on with it.” She reached over to a control panel set in the wall and flicked a switch, instantly the room was filled with the soft sound of a soothing hum and just as quickly James felt himself overcome with a sense of ease and contentment.

“We’ll start with a small prayer that will seek to provide us with the blessing of the lord and to know that he wishes us to do good unto one another in his name.” The call to prayer was all a bit of religious mumbo-jumbo as far as James was concerned but he lowered his head as did the others and mouthed an ‘Amen’ when he realised that Loretta had finished seeking her spiritual litany and had stopped speaking.

“So, welcome to James who joins us tonight in the quest to determine what makes for the perfect husband,” she said with another snigger. “Ian, you go first. Stand up and tell us what you do to keep Simone happy.”

Ian obediently stood up, cleared his throat and began to robotically intone, “I make sure the house is tidy; I do laundry; I run errands and I make sure that I am always nicely dressed so that if ever she needs me to assist her that I am presentable.” As he finished speaking he loosened the tie of his robe and shuck it from his shoulders to reveal that he was wearing a pink satin pair of panties. “My Mistress loves to see me wearing things like these,” he added by way of explanation.

“Very good, and yes, you do look very nice. Please sit down.”

James looked upon the panties and with the soothing hum emanating from the TV crowding his concentration had the odd thought, “Yes, they do look very nice. Hmmm, I wonder …”

She turned her attention to Herb who pre-empted her question by standing up to take Ian’s place. He didn’t wait to be invited to speak, “I do all those things that Ian mentioned,” he lisped, “but I also know how my Mistress likes to have me, um, restricted so that I don’t too excited in her company.”

“How so?” asked Melanie rhetorically.

Herb did the same as Ian and quickly divested himself of his robe so that he too was standing before them unclothed … other than socks on his feet held up by suspenders and, once he had taken his hands away, revealed a chromium cock cage that enveloped his stubby little penis and balls. He stood mute and allowed the company to have a long hard look as he jiggled the device in an attempt to make it fit more comfortably. As he did so James was sure that he could detect that Herb’s caged cock was beginning to swell within the confines of the restraint. He wasn’t wrong, Herb loved to have an opportunity to show off his special toy to his friends

“Hmm, now you are being naughty Herb,” said Loretta menacingly, “that will not do. Cover yourself up. We might have to deal with you later.” She turned to Gerald who was sitting with a flush face knowing that he was going to have to confess to something which the others might not understand. Loretta already knew what it was and she couldn’t hide her delight as she said, “Now Gerald, share with us your secret of making your wife very happy.”

He rambled on and told them things of which they were all aware in pursuit of a wife’s happiness, that he knew that the others there all ‘allowed’ their wives to fuck black men; he knew that their wives liked to have them watch; he knew that these same wives liked to have their husbands ‘prepare’ them for their ultimate pleasures in various ways; he knew that most of them were eternally grateful if occasionally they were allowed to have a quick fuck after the superior black stud had finished and gone home. What they didn’t know was that Sally, his wife, had a particular demand that she insisted upon to ‘make her happy’. Loretta barked at him, “Gerald, stop wasting time and tell us what makes Sally especially happy.”

Gerald cleared his throat and said in a quiet voice, “My wife doesn’t like me to cum in her.”

Loretta snorted, “That’s not it, is it Gerald? Tell us the other bit.”

He hung his head and whispered, “She only let’s me cum if I’m wearing a condom ….”

Again Loretta goaded him, “Now then Gerald, you are not being completely honest; what else is it she wants you to do?”

“When she is entertaining she makes me stand by the bed, put on a condom and then tells me to jerk myself off so she can see me cum and fill it with my spunk. She says the more I spunk the happier she will be knowing that it’s not going in her and that I will be spent and no use to anyone afterwards, not even myself.”

“Hmm, that sounds very interesting Gerald. I’m sure we’d like to see that, wouldn’t we everyone?” said Melanie who had been getting quite excited at the picture in her mind that Gerald had painted.

James found himself nodding his head along with the others.

Loretta found her purse, rummaged inside and pulled out a foil packet and handed it to Gerald. “Put it on and show us what Sally makes you do,” she said matter-of-factly.

Gerald was mortified at the thought and wailed, “I can’t do that, not here, in front of you. Anyway, there’s no way I can get ready, the time’s not right; I can’t do it …” His voice trailed off.

“Oh yes you can,” said Melanie spitefully, “You just need a little help. Get those pants off.” She stood up and went over to the control panel and made a few adjustments which caused a change in the tone of the humming that continued to provide a background sound to their surroundings. She came back to where Gerald was standing miserably with his pants down around his ankles. “Now Gerald, Loretta and me know you are a ‘tit man’ and tonight is your lucky night,” she said sweetly. As she spoke she began to slowly undo the buttons at the neck of her dress and in the manner of a striptease she progressed down toward her waist until the front of the dress was unfastened. All the while she made sure that the edges of the dress were held together so that her charms remained covered. Gerald’s gaze was fixed on her and if anyone had cared to look they would have seen that his cock was already beginning to tent his underwear.

“Now Gerald, wouldn’t you like to have a touch of my tits?” asked Melanie as she pulled apart the dress and exposed her impressive globes supported by a black lacy half cup bra.

Gerald whimpered and reached out.

“Uh uh, I don’t think so Gerald. Whatever would Sally say if she knew you were getting familiar with other women ?” she said with a smile. “Why don’t you just imagine what it would be like to touch and to lick and maybe suckle on my nipples?” She emphasised the question by cupping her hands under her breasts and gently hefted them so that Gerald could get a greater appreciation. His cock stiffened agreeably to show just how much he appreciated what she was doing.

“Put the condom on Gerald,” she whispered.

He fumbled with the foil wrapping and hurriedly tore it open oblivious to the others who were all sitting around with their own cocks and showing their excitement at the little show. He pulled down his boxers to join the pants around his ankles and quickly stepped out of them before he rolled the condom over his by now stiff little cock. Loretta knowing his diminutive size had kindly bought what was known a ‘little boy rubber’.

“That looks lovely Gerald,” said Melanie as he proudly pushed out to show off the latex covered cock. “Now show us how you masturbate; jerk off .. or do you like to call it wanking or something else ? Do tell us Gerald, we’d love to know.”

James looked around and noted that the others all were shaven clean just like Gerald. It was a curious sight, grown men all as smooth as babies. He silently considered whether he ought do the same. He would ask Jacqueline what she thought.

Gerald had a glazed look upon his face as he focussed on Melanie who was holding and stroking her breasts. Her stiff nipples showed that she was just as aroused as he was but her excitement came from knowing that she was denying him the simple pleasure of touching her; it pleased her to know that she was in total control and that she could make him do anything she wanted. She smiled approvingly as she watched his hand grasp his cock and to see him slip sliding the latex sheath up and down his stiff little dickie.

Loretta came up and stood by Melanie’s side. She gave her a hug and then pulled down the dress that was still held around her friend’s waist. Melanie stepped out of the garment which pooled around her feet and the men in the room growled approvingly. They were presented with the sight of two big-breasted women caressing each other, one being a white woman with black underwear, the other a heavy-set black woman clad in a white corset; the contrast couldn’t have been more stark.

Gerald seemed oblivious to anything and anyone else in the room as his hand began to stroke his throbbing penis with more frantic movements. Melanie looked at him with amused approval as she pushed herself against her black friend and her sensitive breasts sent a thrill through her at the touch. “There’s a good boy Gerald, keep stroking, think how nice it would be to be touching our tits instead of playing with yourself … that’s it, keep stroking … imagine cumming on our tits.” She emphasised the suggestion by turning toward him and lifting her breasts tantalisingly close to his lips. She was gratified that her brazen action caused him to half-close and roll his eyes and to cause a muffled moan as his orgasm began to over take him. His hand was a blur and the condom swelled slightly as spurt after pathetic spurt filled the end.

“Oh, good boy .. good boy … oh, look at that cum … oh, that will make Sally very happy when I tell her what a good boy you’ve been ….” She reached forward and gently caressed his balls, “… let’s make sure that you’ve got all of your nasty little stuff out. Sally will be very cross if she thought you still had some left,” she said in a mocking tone. She deliberately let her breasts brush across his face and in response to the forbidden touch he somehow found yet another spurt of his spunk to drain his wimpy dick.

James looked on with aroused fascination. He never dreamed that he would be involved in such a situation when he had agreed to Jacqueline’s insistence that he sign up to the WIMPS group. He wasn’t sure about her motivations, but with the soothing sounds that were now filling his head, it just seemed to be so right and he knew that he wanted to be a part of their world and become just like them, becoming compliant to do whatever would make his dear wife happy. He was unsure exactly how or when it had happened but he looked down to his lap and saw that he had his fist wrapped around his own stiff cock and he felt no embarrassment whatever. He was especially pleased that he had actually achieved an erection for his medication had severely curtailed his ability to do so. “Must be something to do with the company,” he mused to himself.

The others in the basement room were not surprised to see his sudden ‘conversion’, it had been expected and they knew that the ‘Rhino effect’ was so compelling. Anyway, they had pleasures of their own to attend to and Ian after seeing that he had James’s attention leaned back in his seat and with his stiff cock standing proud tenderly put his hand behind Herb’s neck and pulled him down so that his best friend could begin to fellate him. “Hmm, Herb is so good at this ,” he murmured as he looked toward James .

Herb eagerly slurped and sucked as he had so often done before in his basement den. Usually it would be while they were supposedly looking at the Friday night football game but in truth they were more focussed on the flouncing, preening Cheerleaders at the many time-outs; it was Ian’s greatest fantasy. Herb looked out the corner of his eye and saw James stroking his cock and wondered how long it would be before he would be tasting that nice looking penis? His own cock was straining inside the cruel restraint of the chrome cock cage, but it was an exquisite pain and a constant reminder of his low worth. It was this though, coupled with the glimpses he was getting of James masturbating, that suddenly with no effort on his part his squashed knob began to shoot out his own climax. Herb was very adept at cumming without having to touch himself.

Herb was lost in ecstasy and James followed shortly thereafter.

Melanie and Loretta looked on the various pathetic males with much satisfaction. They had all demonstrated very well their total subjugation to the will of women and they had the added satisfaction of knowing that they had drawn a fresh face into the group. As they looked on James who’s hand was covered with the evidence of his ejaculation, their collective thought was that they would soon be having much more fun with their new friend.

“Right, everyone, I think we’re done here for this week,” said Melanie in her best schoolmarm fashion. “Let’s get tidied up and join the others upstairs and then we can all go home.”

She went over to the TV control panel and once again made some adjustments which caused the sounds to change once more. As she turned away she glanced toward Gerald who was still supine in his armchair as his shrinking cock flopped on his naked thigh. It was still encased in the now slimy condom and was in danger of slipping off.

“Gerald, take that thing off, tie it up and then you can show it to Sally so she can see what a good boy you have been this evening.” He struggled to his feet and did just as he had been told.

The two women left them to tidy the room, and themselves, and went up the stairs to find the lounge. Hearing their approach Simone, Janice and Jacqueline turned their attention away from Able, Loretta’s husband, who was sharing the large sofa with them.

Simone wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, “Oh, hi! Finished already? How did it go?”

Loretta smiled as she tied her robe around her ample figure knowing quite well why Simone had to clean her lips.

“Fine, actually. We had a really productive session and it was such a joy to have James join us tonight,” she said as she looked knowingly at Jacqueline, giving her a wink. Loretta then went to the coat-rack and found her husband’s jacket and handed it to him saying, “Come on big boy, we need to be getting on home. It’s a work day tomorrow.”

Able eased his pants back up, slipped his fat cock inside and then zipped up. Loretta gave him a look of approval and helped him to his feet. As they made their way to the door she turned and said, “Oh, Gerald has something to show you Sally. Good Night all.”

On their drive home it became a contest to hear each other’s account of what had occurred. James was completely candid in telling her what he had seen and what he had done. Jacqueline likewise couldn’t wait to describe what a nice man that Able had been and how all three of the wives had taken turns to experience his big black cock in one manner or another. It had all been done in such a friendly manner that no one had had the slightest sense of discomfort other than herself who had been concerned that she hadn’t been able to take much of his cock in her mouth.

“Oh, I just made pun!” she added with a soft laugh.

James then told her about Gerald and what a nice thing that he had done for his wife’s benefit. It was something Jacqueline made a mental note of. He told her about Ian and Herb and how close their friendship seemed to be; he told her about Loretta and Melanie and how they had used themselves as ‘visual aids’ to help them understand the males’ place in the grand scheme of things.

All-in-all they agreed that they had enjoyed a most agreeable evening and they both committed themselves to make attendance at such gatherings a regular event.

“I think it’s wonderful that the church is so actively involved in the community and we are going to be very happy here, ” said Jacqueline as she gave James a goodnight peck on the cheek before turning off the light and settling down to sleep.

James lay in the darkness listening to the soft sound of his wife’s breathing. What an extraordinary day he had experienced was his main thought.

“Those women; that Ian chap and his pretty pink knickers; Herb and the cock-cage; what about Gerald and him being made to keep his cum in a condom?”

Such were the thoughts swirling around in his mind as he struggled to go to sleep. Once again his cock had swelled to an agreeable stiffness, ‘the second time in a day’ he realised with satisfaction. How strange that must look he thought for another side-effect of his medication was that his testosterone levels had dipped dangerously low and over the past few months had developed a very prominent pair of breasts. He wasn’t too concerned, he thought they looked rather attractive and what a treat is was to have both a cock and a proper pair of tits.

As sleep finally overtook him he mused that perhaps he ought take a look in the Rhino Adult catalogue that he’d heard about. How nice it would be to find a matching satin bra and panty set so that he could show himself off to Jacqueline and their new friends to best advantage. Given her changing attitudes since they had come to Hawksville and now become so involved with the church and its teachings, she would surely approve.


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