panty your man

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panty your man
When I meet new women dipping their toes in the kinky lifestyle, one question I’m often asked is, “Why would you panty your husband?”

Gosh, where to start. First a disclaimer: Not all pantied men have small penises. However, the term “pantied” usually encompasses an entire set of kinky activities including adopting a more female-led relationship, submission, and erotic humiliation.

Yes, a lot of women like their guys in panties – and a big cock in panties can be sexy as hell! But a pantied husband, in my experience, is most often a husband with shortcomings … and everyone in the relationship not only acknowledges it – but celebrates it.

So the first reason to panty your man is acceptance. If his penis fits into a snug little pair of panties, he is tiny. He knows it, you know it, the question is – is anyone bringing this little fact out in the open. When you do, your man will likely feel incredible relief. He just wants to be able to talk about, and sexualize, his small penis. Give him a chance to showcase his cute little guy!

Another thing to realize is this isn’t necessarily some huge lifestyle switch (though it can be). It’s sexual play, intended to help adults have fun and grow close. Much of what you see online is extreme and exaggerated! Keep that in mind. Pantying your man does NOT mean you need to go sleeping with other guys the next day. Some couples do build on pantying; however, many keep it as a part of their sex lives.

You are always allowed to have your man take you like a wild a****l. He’s your husband, after all! Many men are extremely macho, despite being secretly pantied at home.

Pantying your man will, in my experience, cause an immediate shift in the balance of power in your home and in your relationship. Even “tough guys” often soften up, become more submissive, and willing to help.

Those are just a few of the reasons why. Let’s talk about how.

Starting out slowly is a good idea. “Honey, I had a wicked thought – try on these panties for me!” He might be reluctant, but you will know his true reaction by the reaction of his little guy. If your man has a small penis, and you have him strip and step into panties for you as you ohh and ahh, I can almost guarantee he will get hard, and instantly.

If his body is responsive, you are off and running … on the way to a sweeter, submissive husband. Isn’t that what we all want, girls? Next you can buy him panties, or even take him shopping. Have a sales girl walk him around the store if you are daring and naughty!

Give him a special panty drawer, so you don’t “get them confused.” What you are really doing is getting him very used to the idea that he now wears panties. So, do you want him in panties and a Victoria’s Secret night shirt every night? Let him know. Start to lay down ground rules.

Gradually show him the balance of power is shifting in your home. Maybe your routine becomes he gets home from work, undresses in front of you, and showers with the curtain open. There’s no need for modesty, let him know his little penis hardly shocks you. He can change in front of you, too.

Ladies, use your charms. Give his little penis a soft, warm blowjob when he listens. Or give him a tender handjob … switching to just two fingers to emphasize how tiny he is. Another common aspect of a pantied husband / female-led relationship is to switch up the way you make love. Feel free to let your special guy know it’s time for “little penis” sex, or “sissy sex.” Then after he tries to satisfy you, have him use a dildo on you.

Of course, point out the significant difference. A small penis can’t work in so many positions, such as a man sitting on the couch and a woman straddling him (facing him or facing away). Hint at how you miss real sex, and tell him his main duty is to please you orally. He’ll be an expert in no time!

Remember ladies, a pantied hubby wants to worship his wife, so give him every reason to. Dress sexy, wear stockings, garters, and let your wild side out. Couples in the hotwife or fem-led lifestyles often report better health: If your body is on display constantly, chances are you want to get and stay fit.

In short (no pun intended), pantying your man will probably bring you two closer than you’ve ever been. Take the lifestyle any direction you wish … it’s your sexlife. Read blogs, read sites such as Literotica, and keep your little man guessing with what naughty suggestion you’ll have next. Good luck, ladies!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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