Part 1 – A Journey Into Dark Pleasure

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Part 1 – A Journey Into Dark Pleasure
There was a time when I couldn’t have told this story. Everything seemed dreamlike yet there I was. A 6 foot 1 inch slender masculine and athletic heterosexual male who vigorously fought being turned into a sissy by a sexy Goddess of a woman and her averagely built but handsome male friend.

Fought as I did, they succeeded and in the end, showed me how a (still straight?) male could be transformed into a beautiful transsexual sissy against his will. I say “transsexual sissy” because even though I now have real 40 inch tits, a nice round ass, a gorgeous face and figure, and can have most any man I choose, I am submissive and not interested in women or men in a “normal” way unless ordered to be. My sexual desires have changed from wanting a woman or a man, to needing to please them. I mean really, REALLY, needing to please them. It makes me so very happy now when I have performed to their approval satisfaction!

But I’m getting ahead of myself now, so let begin at the beginning.

Life was going well. I was just promoted. Paid well. Single. All the lights were turning green. Sitting alone at the bar of a night club I went up and sat next to a really beautiful woman about my age who was eying me.

She was very sexy in a seductive way. Black haphazardly but styled hair to just below her shoulders. Tight soft black leather dress that fit like a body stocking to above her beautiful knees. Her face was sensual with shiny wet red lipstick that I wanted badly to taste. I’m sure she knew I was attracted to her now, but not at that time. She is a huntress and I was naively unaware. We chatted for a bit then I went to the restroom and when I came back she was gone. Since there was no one else remotely as exciting, I left.

It was very dark on an unpaved unlit road when I noticed a stranded motorist off to the side. I pulled over to give some aid. As I approach the motorist I noticed it was the woman from the club. She had a flat tire. Anyway, it was deflated. After replacing it I was in the process of putting the trunk back in order when someone with impressive strength grabbed me from behind and held me down while she pressed what turned out to be a rag filled with c********* over my face. When I next woke up I was naked laying face up on a mattress with my feet and arms each bound to spreader bars attached to separate mechanized hoists. A gag ball strapped to my mouth. I was terrified!

The spreaders weren’t long and not uncomfortable. I tried to make noise to get attention when she appeared. This time wearing shiny silver, tight, wet-look leggings with spiked heels that clacked on the cement floor. Her hair was the same as before and she knelt beside me as I screamed through my gag!

She put her finger to her mouth
“Shhh” She whispered as she stroked my hair softly.
“Relax my pet”.
I kept shaking my head no and trying to scream!
She softly caressed my cock and I quieted down.
“That’s much better. I like my pets to behave”.
I started to get hard against my will and tried to fight it off.
She smiled and spoke softly. Sensually.
“Don’t struggle sweetheart. It’s a waste of energy.”
I was getting very hard but kept fighting it.
“Relax darling. You can’t win this. You can be as defiant as you want, but in the end, I will own you.”
I began to calm down as she stroked my cock with one hand and my hair with the other.
“Good boy” she soothingly whispered.
“If I remove your gag will you be quiet?”
I shook my head yes.
She used both hands to remove my gag as I stared into her eyes and beautiful red wet lips.
I stayed quiet.
She went back to slowly and softly stroking my cock.
I closed my eyes and reveled in the pleasure she brought to life inside me.
“See how good it feels to obey” she insisted.
With closed eyes I shook my head yes as I could hear her smile.
I was learning.
She stroked me into a quivering mess and stopped. I was begging to have her finish me then and there. She smiled and got up. She went to a shelf and brought back a chastity cage called a CB6000.
She showed it to me.
“It’s late and you need sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day and I don’t want you touching yourself tonight.”
She slapped my cock down and put the cage on me. It felt oddly comforting and I filled it with hard cock almost immediately to her grinning satisfaction.
She released my hands one at at a time fastening them together behind my back and the freed the spreader at my feet from the hoist but kept my feet attached as she led me to my cage.
“This is your new home. Get used to it.”
She kissed me sweetly. I could finally taste her.
She patted my head and laughed
Knowing I was helpless, She gagged me again and I knelt down to crawl into the cage and onto another mattress.
She locked the cage and walked away. Her heels clacking on the floor, she turned off the light.
Tomorrow would be the begging of my new life.

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