Party girls own story

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Party girls own story

This happened a few months ago and I haven’t told anyone about it, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’m a white women in my early 30s, and I’ve been with my share of guys, but never more than one at a time, and over the past few years not so much as I have been focusing more on work and been in some steady relationships. So anyway, I had been seeing this (white) guy for about 6 months and it was going okay, but we had a fight and split up so I went out with a girl friend of mine to a club. I hadn’t been out clubbing in years.

Anyway, I drove and she ended up hooking up with some guy so she left me at the club. I wanted to stay out and was getting pretty wasted anyway. So long story short, I hooked up with this black guy on the dance floor and we hit it off a little and I went back to his table, where two of his friends were.

We talked and I told them something like I had just broken up with my fucking boyfriend and wanted to party. I basically was flirting with all of them and actually started wondering if I could get all of them to fuck me. So I ended up going with these guys. They took me back to one of their houses.

In the car I sat in the back with two of the guys and we made out on the way home. They both fingered me and I was so horny at that point. When we got to their house there were two more guys there. I was pretty wasted, but I remember thinking, oh shit what have I gotten myself into, I don’t know anything about these guys.

I was so fucking horny though, all I could think about was getting naked and fucking every one of them. So we went into the living room where the two guys were watching TV and I was just so wasted I just turned to the guy next to me and pulled down his pants and got on my knees. When I pulled out his cock he was half hard and everyone was like “Oh shit”, and I could tell the rest of the guys were getting their cocks ready.

I started sucking his cock and then two other cocks showed up in my face. My head was spinning and I just started sucking all of them. It was the weirdest sensation of nervous excitement. They were all talking shit but I didn’t even hear anything they were saying.

After a few minutes they had me stand up and I started taking my clothes off. I got up on the couch doggy style and the first guy started putting his cock in me. I was dripping wet, but his cock was so big it hurt a little going in, but it felt so good.

I have no idea how long the first guy was fucking me, but it seemed like a while and then they switched. I was just sucking cock the whole time and sort of zoning out, but it felt so good. I ended up sort of falling off the couch down onto the floor, still on my knees. They kept just rotating, and I was just like in a relaxed trance sort of being slammed forward, and then I felt a hard scratch on my back.

I turned around and a rottweiler was mounting me. I was in a state of shock. I have no idea what the look on my face was, but it must have been something. I looked up at the guy in front of me and he just smiled and said “Yeah”, I’ll never forget that. I felt the dog’s cock penetrate me and I looked back again and this big rottweiler was panting in my face, and then all the sudden he started fucking me really hard and fast.

I was still in a state of shock, but I remember just putting my head down and thrusting my hips up into the air and taking it. It was the weirdest sensation I’ve ever felt, I was completely turned on by it. All of the sudden I just got so horny and started to have an orgasm.

I looked up and just saw a room full of black guys stroking their cocks watching me get fucked hard by a huge dog and it was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced. After I came it started to hurt because I was sensitive, but the dog didn’t stop, so I just grabbed the closest guy’s cock and started sucking it.

They were saying how nasty I was, how I was a bitch, etc. They were cheering the dog on, telling him to fuck my pussy. I just kept sucking.

They started grabbing my head and taking turns fucking my mouth. The first guy that came held my head on his cock and told me to swallow it, so I did. Then the dog started to cum in me. He sort of stopped and clinched really hard and his cock swoll up. One guy kept saying Damn girl, you’re gonna have puppies. He kept going on and on about how I was going to have puppies coming out of my pussy and how I had gotten pregnant by a dog.

They all took turns cumming in my mouth and I swallowed most of it. I pretty much collapsed, and the dog got off of me and came over started licking me in the face which we all kind of laughed at. I crawled up on the couch and put a blanket on me and just laid there. One of the guys asked me if I needed a ride back to my car and I said yeah, so I just got dressed and got in the car with him and he took my back to the bar. It was like 4:00 in the morning now and I just got in my car and fell asleep.

I drove home later that morning. That evening my boyfriend called and wanted to come over and make up. He knew I went out so I didn’t want to tell him no so he wouldn’t be suspicious of anything. I told him that after my friend left I just came home. So he came over and we ended up making out and having makeup sex.

It was so awkward. We made out on the couch and he gave me oral sex and was so tender. All I could think about while we were making out was that five big black cocks had just cum in my mouth and a dog had just cum in my pussy and he was licking it all up. It was a strange turn on in a way. It was the first time I had an orgasm from him giving me oral sex, which got him really turned on. I was turned on my him licking my hole that had just been fucked by 5 black cocks and a dog, and that had been filled with dog cum. I was pressing his face into my pussy telling him how good it felt, all the while I was thinking about all the cocks that had just been inside me.

Ever since that night I can’t stop thinking about it…

If I wasn’t drunk I’m sure I wouldn’t have. I’d never even been with more than one guy at a time before, like I said, I was kind of just shocked.

I was pretty scared at first, but didn’t really know what to do. He got both of his front legs around my body and then his full weight was on me. His chest was pressing down hard on my back holding me down. I looked up at the guys to see what was going on and they were all just smiling and looking at me, so I just kind of relaxed and closed my eyes.

All I could hear was the dog panting heavily in my ear and at first he wasn’t really in me so I wasn’t sure what was happening. Then all of the sudden I could tell he got his whole cock in me and it was pretty big and he started fucking me really hard. That’s when I just gave in and put my head down and let him take me.

He felt so heavy on top of me and was just slamming me hard. Thinking about all those guys watching me get fucked by their dog just all the sudden made me have the most intense orgasm, like nothing I’d ever had before. I think I screamed out “fuck yeah!”, but then he just kept going and I was like oh god and I cried a little bit, but I don’t think they noticed. I was wishing he would stop for a few seconds. I just grabbed the closest cock I could find and pulled it into my mouth and started sucking it to distract me.

The guys just went wild at this, and the dog just kept fucking me. They started cheering him on, saying stuff like “Go Biggie” (his name was Biggie) and “Fuck that pussy Biggie, this bitch fuckin likes it”, etc. They were talking shit to me, grabbing my head and fucking my mouth. By that point I was really getting into it. I just kept saying “Fuck yeah” every time I took a breath and staring at them in the eyes while I sucked their cocks.

Then one of the guys just buried his cock deep in my throat and started to cum, telling me to “swallow it bitch.” I just about gagged and had to catch my breath. Then the dog slowed down and and like clenched me really hard. His cock left like it was exploding inside me, I wasn’t sure what was going on, its like it doubled in size and was stretching out my already stretched out pussy. I pretty much assumed he was cumming in me.

The dog just stayed there like that for a couple of minutes panting in my ear as I kept sucking cock and getting face fucked. That’s when the guy kept going on and on about me getting pregnant and having puppies.

Finally the dog started squirming around and pulled out of me and got off. By that time they had all cum in my mouth. The dog was just sort of wandering around the room and they were cheering him and petting him and I was just laying the floor and he came over and started licking my face. I laughed, but I was fuck I’ve got to get out of here.

It’s definitely not something I planned to happen and I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.

I really don’t know what to do. I haven’t told anyone else about it, and I don’t want to go out clubbing because I’d be embarrassed to see those guys again, not that I care about that, because I’m not really into clubbing anymore anyway.

Still, I can’t stop thinking about it. Sometimes I just want to drive back to their house and do it again, but I usually just masturbate and then don’t do it. It seems like a bad idea.

I’m still seeing the same boyfriend, but he has no idea and I could never tell him. He’s a good guy. I’m trying to decide if I should stay with him and forget about this, or tell him I want to have sex with black guys and see if he’s okay with it and if not then break it off.

God I’m getting so horny… I want to be gang-banged by huge black cocks right now… I want him to walk in on me getting gang-banged… I want him to see me get used by room full of huge black dicks… oh fuck… gtg…

Part 2 party girls story

Here’s an update. I didn’t want to lose my boyfriend and I also didn’t want a long-term relationship that wouldn’t be open to letting me have sex with black men, so I wasn’t sure what to do. What I ended up doing was sort of telling him what happened, but not all of it.

I told him that the night I went out when we were separated I had hooked up with a black guy and gone home with him. I just wanted to see his reaction and see what he would say. I figured I’d either lose him and have to move on, or maybe it would open the door to something.

So I told him and he was kind of okay with it and he asked me if I had been with him again or anyone else since then and I said no, and then he said, “Well that kind of explains something,” and I was like”What?”, and he said that I he noticed that I seemed different that next night when we got back together.

And I was like “Different how?”, and he kind of paused and then he was like, “Looser”.

And I was thinking, “Well that’s because it wasn’t one black dick, my pussy was stretched out by five big black cocks plus a huge dog!”

But I just said “,Well, he was pretty big,” and he said “Well, do you still think about him?” and I said, “Well honestly, yeah, but it was just sex and I love you, etc.,” but I didn’t apologize and I didn’t say it wouldn’t happen again.

He just kind of sat there and I was like, “Look, it was a one night stand, it just happened, we weren’t together…” and I just eased over to him and started kissing him etc. and rubbing his chest. We made out for a little while, and then I got on top of him and we started having sex and after a few minutes of total silence he just said, “I wish I could have been there to watch you get fucked by that big black dick,” and as soon as he said that my heart jumped and I started riding him up and down harder and I said right back, “I wish you could have too… I want you to watch me get fucked by a big black cock so bad.”

So, I was really exited and very relieved, I was like OMG this may actually happen. We talked about it some more after sex and he was like “Yeah, set something up”, so I e-mail the guy that had given me a ride home and asked him if he would come over and fuck me while my boyfriend watched and he was like yeah. I told him that I didn’t tell my boyfriend about everything that happened that night and told him that I had only hooked up with him and he was cool with that.

So the next weekend he came over and the three of us had some beers and watched a game and then after about an hour I made a move and started rubbing the cock of my black friend and my boyfriend just watched. We started kissing, then I started sucking him and my boyfriend moved over to another chair and started jacking off.

Then I stood up and took all my clothes off and got on my knees on the couch with my hands on the back of the couch and shook my ass while looking my boyfriend in the eyes. When he slid his black cock inside me I said “Oh God that black dick feels so good.” I fucked that guy so hard for about 30 minutes. It was literally the most intense and loudest sex I had ever had, because I was putting on a show.

I think my boyfriend came 3 times from jacking off.

I remember yelling out multiple times stuff like, “I love getting fucked by black dicks. My pussy loves big black cocks. I never want to stop fucking black cocks, etc.” I would just look my boyfriend straight in the eyes and say things like, “His huge black dick feels so good in me,” and he would just keep on jacking off.

Then my black lover finally came in me, and I turned around and sucked his dick a little bit, then went over and kissed my boyfriend and asked him if he was okay, and he was like “Yeah…” Then my black friend left and we went to bed and my boyfriend said it was the hottest thing he’d ever seen in his life.

We haven’t done that again yet, but a week after that he asked me to marry him and we are already planning a 5 man gang-bang for our wedding night…

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