Passion for soiled undies…part 3.

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Passion for soiled undies…part 3.
Now when me best mate tells me he wants to show me something ‘filthy’ I’m well interested,lol. Yeah,alright,it’s usually only skin flicks,blokes fucking hairy sloppy cunts & spraying spunk all over some slag’s knockers.Mags in the 70s that I’d manage to see weren’t too imaginitive.But at least it meant me mate would pull his knob out & have a good old rub-a-dub & squirt his load,& now I could spunk-off,well it’d be better.
So we arranged to meet at our regular hidey-hole which was actually a kinda den we’d made ages back from old cardboard & bits of corrugated metal sheets that people had tossed away.We’d done a pretty good job…we’d even stole some old blankets & cushions from a jumble sale…so it was well comfy,& cosy,enough room for him & me,& maybe one other k**.
Anyway,given that I’d got me dad’s dirty spunky undies on & me knob was rock hard I reckon if he’d said he wanted to piss in me mouth I’d have been up for it,hahaha.
Lucky for me mam didn’t ask any questions when I said I was off out with me mate,his name’s Stevie by the way.He’s alright,a bit of a weirdo if I’m honest.I’d say he’s about 5′ 5″ tall,skinny as fuck with skin the colour of milk.But his nipples are like cherries & they stick out like little bullets.He’s got a few straggly wiry hairs above his knob & his knackers hang pretty low.It’s his knob though which fascinates me.It aint huge or owt like that,but it’s longer & thicker than mine & his knob skin hangs a good 2 inches over his bell-end.I’m uncut too but when I get a boner my foreskin pulls back on its own…he has to peel his back it’s that long.
Anyways,lol,I set off for our den,knob leaking in me dad’s kecks & aching for a good wank.It didn’t take more than 20 minutes to get there,I walk pretty quick when I have to.Stevie was right behind me,fuck knows how he’s so quiet.I nearly shat meself when he slapped me arse!
“Hahaha,alright fuck-face,ya got here,then”
I wish he didn’t call me that…christ,he wasn’t all ‘that’ himself.I fell into the den & looked up at him,with his tongue hanging out & he was rubbing the bulge in his footy shorts.
“Jeez,don’t you ever leave that knob of yours alone?” He just stuck his tongue out further & shoved his bony hips forward at me,leering like an old perv’.
“Nah,mate,it’s me bessy mate,me knob is…well ‘cept after you & even then I aint too sure”.
I just shook me head at him & muttered ‘cunt’.Stevie chuckled & flopped down next to me nudging me with his skinny elbow,
“Fuck,I love it here,wish I could stay ‘ere all the time”
Yeah,ok it WAS a neat place to ‘escape’ to but it weren’t sodding Buckingham Palace,ffs.I gave him a nudge back,which led to a bit of to-&-fro between us.
“So what’s so good about this old piss-hole,then…I mean,it aint owt flash,is it? And it smells rank sometimes”.
Stevie gives me another push & laughs,
“WHAT? Are you fuckin’ bonkers mate? It’s OURS,that’s the thing.No-one else,just me & you,AND we can get as filthy as we like in ‘ere,no-one’s gonna find out”.
Talking of filthy,lol.
“Yeah,I guess so.So what’s this filthy stuff you got to show me…been wondering since you phoned.”
Stevie gives me a wink & tells me to ‘hold up’ & then rummages under the cushions.I heard a rustling & then he pulls out a plastic supermarket bag.
“Mate,ya gonna fucking love what’s in ‘ere,I swear”.
Well I could make out it aint more dirty mags,looked it might be clothing.Jeez,is that all? Anyway,he picks at the knot he’d made in the handles & as he opens up the bag this familiar stench drifts out! bloody hell….that deffo smells familiar.Not that me boner had gone down,maybe gone to a semi…but smelling what I was smelling in this cramped space my knob rose up like a flag,haha.Stevie’s got a pair of his navy blue running shorts in his hand.Not the shiny nylon type,these are the 100 % cotton shorts which we used at school,mainly for cross-country running.He’s grinning like an idiot as he unfolds them &,fuck me,they are absolutely covered in spunk!
“Whaddya reckon to THAT,mate,huh? Fucking’ lush aint it?.Been spunking all over ’em for the last 5 days”
Jesus Christ…all I could do was stare wide eyed.He must’ve been rubbing away at his knob 24/7 judging by the amount of boy-junk coating his shorts.
“You dirty fucker” was all I could manage.Stevie gave a throaty laugh & shoved his shorts in me face!
“You & me,both…& you fuckin’ love it,dontchya? Seen how ya lick ya lips when I toss off in front of ya,mate.And when me spunk flies out me piss-hole ya nearly go cross-eyed,hahaha”.
Jeez…he weren’t wrong about that,lol.I grabbed his bony wrist to keep his shorts under me nose & inhaled deeply.Ohhhh that ripe bleachy smell…just like me dad’s & nearly as rank.
“Yeah,I knew it…yer just a spunk loving freak,like me,aintchya?”
I didn’t need to answer ’cause the dreamy look on me face must’ve told him.Stevie pulled his hand free & he shuffled over to me & getting to his slim pale hairless knees he waggled his uncut boner in me face.
“Sniff that,mate…sniff me knob,that’s where all that spunk came out of & I aint had a wash today…wanted it to be all rank & smelly for ya”
He rubbed his uncut knob across me nose & it was sodding brilliant.The smell was ace to me…hot,ripe & beginning to drool a bit.My best mate’s knob!
“Tell ya what…slip yer tongue inside me knob skin…go on,you’ll love the taste”
Well,who could refuse? He held his rigid boner steady & I stuck me tongue out & then slid it inside his puckered knob skin.Ah,fuck me,it was as good as he said it was.And he gave a low moan as me wet tongue reached his slimy bell-end.I swirled me tong round & licked his salty juices.Stevie hissed through his teeth,
“Oooooooooh fuck yeah…keep doing that mate,hell YESSSSSSSSSS”.
He started stroking up & down his shaft,grunting & groaning & speeding up & as my spit & his slime filled me mouth & dribbled down me chin & the small space we were in heated up the smells were increasing & I was in heaven.
“Fuck,fuck,fuck….ooooooooh that’s it,bitch….gonna fuckin’ spunk me load right down yer filthy throat,aaaaaaagh fuck yessssss”.
And he DID…seconds later,a growl & the he shoved his boney hips forward & started pumping his boy-spunk against the back of me throat! I was gagging & tears come to me eyes as he juddered against me.
“Oh FUCK…ya dirty little fucker,ya swallowed it”.
Er,WHAT the hell else could I do? What the hell else would I want to do,more like it,hahaha.
Giving a huge sigh Stevie leaned back on his thighs & his boy-knob deflated a bit,a thin drool hanging off his piss-hole.His normally milky pale chest was a deep pink colour & he was panting & grinning like no-one’s business.
“Waddya reckon then mate? Ya like me nasty spunk,yeah?”
Oh DID I,lol.I was in spunk heaven.I leered at him & bent me head down & licked his slime off his knob.
“Yeah,too frigging right I do mate…you’s the best”.

And THAT is how me & me best mate discovered our mutual love of filthy boy stuff…especially nasty spunk & nasty,dirty undies.In the next part Stevie gets the tables turned on him! 😉

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