Pauline and Me – A True Story

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Pauline and Me – A True Story
This happened about 15 years ago.

I was in my late-20s at the time when Pauline got a job in the place I worked. She was in her early to mid 40s and quite plump, with short fair hair – the lady in the picture at the bottom of this post is a fairly good comparison as to what Pauline’s body was like.

We got on well, although we weren’t best friends or anything, and she told me how her husband had left her the previous year. Someone else in our work left to go to a job elsewhere and Pauline and I were among the 12 or so who went on their leaving night. In the pub that night, as some people were starting to go home, Pauline asked if she could ask me something. Yeah, I said. She told me she’d always wanted to go to a gay club and would I go with her. Sure I would. We went to a local gay club, Pauline chatted to a few ladies, we danced a bit and drank a bit too.

About 2am, Pauline said she was ready to go, which suited me, we left and got a night bus (we lived in roughly the same area). On the bus journey, Pauline told me I could go to her house for a drink and to phone a taxi home. I thought she meant exactly that and really just wanted to get home and said I’d just go straight home, but she asked me again. This time though she leaned in close and whispered something into my ear that changed my mind – ‘I’ve never been licked out before’.

Suddenly I didn’t feel quite so tired and I agreed.

We went into her flat – her (adult) son and daughter were both out for the night, and we sat on the living room couch, Pauline got us both a drink but neither of us were really interested in drinking – we kissed passionately and held each other close, her tongue darting around inside my mouth as I ran my hand up her chubby thigh. We stood up and stumbled into the bedroom still kissing, and Pauline pulled my shirt open, rubbing her hand over my chest and unbuttoning my jeans. I kicked my shoes off while pulling her black vest top over her head, revealing a greying white bra holding up her large breasts. She pulled my jeans down to my knees and I bent down to remove them, pulling my underwear off at the same time. I stood back up straight, letting Pauline see my naked body, my semi-erect cock getting harder with every moment.

Pauline made a squealing noise and launched herself at me, flinging her tongue into my mouth again while rubbing my penis to full erection. I clumsily undid the back of her bra and it slipped off, showing her large saggy tits, the fat nipples set in pale areolas which pointed toward the floor. Pauline yanked off her trousers and white panties and stood back, gazing at me and gasping. Her boobs sat on top of a large stretch-marked stomach, and the top of her legs was simply a mass of thick, dark pubic hair. Pauline may not have been the best looking woman ever but right then she was the sexiest, most desirable woman I’d ever seen, and I held her close, kissing her and feeling the heat of her huge tits pressed against my chest, my hardon pressed up against her belly.

We found our way to the bed where I sucked at her boobs and worked my way downward. I pushed her legs open and started licking the hairy fanny in front of me, sucking at the protruding lips and nibbling at her clit, sending her writhing and gasping. Her pussy had a musky taste, strong but not unpleasant and I slid my tongue inside her, before settling into a rhythm using my mouth on her clit area til she came, suddenly arching her back and screeching. I slid a couple of finger inside her sopping wet minge and gently moved them back and forward til she dragged me back up the bed. I sat up and she took my cock in her mouth, sucking and flicking her tongue around my bellend til I shot huge strings of gloopy cum. Pauline licked some cum off my dick then scooped up the rest in one hand, flopped onto her back and rubbed it into her cunt, which got me almost instantly hard.

I got a condom from my wallet, slid it on and fucked her, my cock pounding at her hot wet hairiness til we both came again almost at the same time, Pauline groaned and gasped as more semen jetted from my dick. We lay there for ages afterwards, naked and exhausted.

We did get together a few more times after that until Pauline also moved to another job and we lost touch.

I did bump into her in a supermarket a few years back, as she was with her adult daughter we ended up talking in a kind of code, saying things like ‘we should meet up’ or ‘it’d be nice to see you again’ when really we we both thinking I want to fuck your brains out (well, I was certainly thinking that). She still looked much the same, but unfortunately we never met up again. Maybe someday though!

The pic below isn’t her, but it is someone with a very similar body, which will give you an idea what she looked like.

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