Pavitra Incest Saga – Part 6

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Pavitra Incest Saga – Part 6
Next day Suajta went on the terrace to dry the cloths. Rohit accompanied her to help her. As she bent to take cloths from bucket her splendid boobs almost popped out. She saw Rohit staring, laughed and shook boobs provocatively. Within seconds, he was behind her, rubbing his cock on her buttocks and squeezing her tits. Through the material of her nighty and his shorts, she could feel the hardness and heat of his cock and her cunt flowed.

“Mom… I want to lick you” he said, pinching her nipples.

Sujata pushed him” Are you mad? Anyone might come. Leave me ….” she protested.

“No Problem Mom, you can hear footsteps, then we will move out” Rohit pleaded, lifted her nighty , parted her legs and clamped mouth on her wet cunt.

“Hm … Ahhhh ..” Sujata moaned softly as she spread legs wider and bent further, taking more weight on bucket.

They were so immersed and lost in their world that they didn’t hear footsteps until too late.

Sujata came into this world with a start when she heard a sound and saw Nandini, who stayed on 3rd floor and her 16 year old son,Vishal, staring at them wide eyed. Nandini dropped her bucket of cloths in shock.

Sujata dropped her nighty, gave a murderous look at Rohit and silently left. Rohit also was red faced as he came behind her. She fired him and warned him not to touch her any more.

She was scared, she did not know whom Nandini would tell.

Prema also fired her brother” Why you had to be so stupid? Mom and I are opening and giving all holes to you all the time, why couldn’t you wait till you came back home?”

Rohit had no answer, except that he could not control.

They completed dinner silently, when door bell chimed. Sujata opened the door.

It was Nandini. Rohit and Prema vanished into bedroom when they saw who it was.

Sujata asked her to be seated. They were silent for several minutes. Sujata was wondering what Nandini had to say.

Finally Nandini cleared her throat and said “ Sujata, I don’t know how to start. But you are the only person I can confide in, after seeing you on terrace”

Sujata was curious” Tell me, what is it?”

Nandini lowered her eyes” It is about Vishal. He is just 16 but for last few months he is masturbating in my bra cups and panties. I tried indirectly to make him stop but he steals my bras and panties from my cupboard. When I sleep, many times I saw him try to look at my nipples by lifting nighty.”

Sujata laughed “I am the last person you should seek advise after what you saw on terrace”

Nandini also laughed” But strangely, I am also getting excited. I am controlling, I want him to turn 18 before proceeding. But after your terrace show, both he and I are on fire. He gives normal hugs and kiss on cheeks. But today, he hugged me tight and kissed me on lips and squeezed my tits and buttocks, When I shouted at him, he was scared and ran away. I called his friend, he is at his friend’s house. When did you start fucking your son? What is your advice?” Nandini asked her.

“I don’t blame Vishal. You are so sexy and provocative. Moreover, I am sure you must have been generous in flashing cleavage and flesh” Sujata told her.

And it was true. Nandini was slim like a ramp walking model, tall, with long shapely legs…and unlike, those pencil thin models, she was endowed with very generous, tight tits and had shiny thick, silky hair. She was dark but it had a shiny, glowing texture…overall effect was awesome.

Nandini blushed and said” It is a great compliment, coming from a sex goddess like you. Thanks but tell me what should I do? Is he too young? Should we put him in a hostel until he completes inter exams?”

Suajata asked her “ How are his grades?”

Nandini sighed and said” Sliding. From 1st rank he is sliding down. Why do you ask?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He is unable to study because he is seeing your boobs and ass in the pages of book. He is masturbating imagining you and in unable to concentrate. I have seen him, he looks like a fully grown teenager. I think he is ready to fuck you” Sujata said.

Nandini was silent and was studying her nail polish.

“Your husband is at home?” Sujata asked.

“No. He went to attend his cousin’s marriage and will return after 3 days” Nandini said.

“Call Vishal and ask him to come over to my house and tell him not to worry, Sujata aunty will give counseling” Sujata said.

Nandini called from her mobile but Vishal’s mobile was switched off. Then she called Vishal’s friend and told him “ I know Vishal is there. Just pass on a message, Mom says everything is OK and come to Sujata Aunty’s house, tell him I am waiting for him”. His friend said, ok Aunty and disconnected.

Sujata told her k**s to stay in their room she was helping Nandini and Vishal. They said ok.

After 10 minutes there was a timid knock, Sujata welcomed him with a big smile. He smiled nervously, twiddling fingers and stole a glance at his mom, expecting her to breath fire but sighed with relief when she smiled at him.

He ran and sat beside his Mom, hugged her like he normally did and kissed her on cheek and blurted out “ Mom, I am very sorry, I will never do it again, don’t be angry…”

Sujata smiled and said” Your Mom will be angry if you don’t obey my commands. Follow me” and led the way to her bedroom. Vishal realized that she was wearing a very flimsy nighty with nothing underneath. He had an instant hard on as he watched her swaying hips. They followed her into bed room.

“Do you want to squeeze Mom’s boobs?” Sujata asked him. Vishal was stunned and looked at Mom. He expected Nandini to shout at her. Instead, she was smiling.

‘Y,,,yes…. Aunty” he stammered.

“Then what are you waiting for? Pull her boobs out of blouse and start” she pushed him.

Vishal was shaking and Nadini was also nervous and looked undecided.

“Hmm.ok. You need some push, Rohit, come here for a minute. Ask Prema to study” she called Rohit on mobile.

Rohit was there in few seconds with a hard, throbbing cock which was jumping in his shorts.

“Nandini, Vishal. I know you are shy. We will assume we are alone and we will start fucking. This should make you lose inhibition. We will not look in your direction. Rohit, come darling, fuck your momma” Sujata said and hugged her son.

Rohit lost no time in pulling out her nighty and getting out of his cloths. He did not expect his Mom to cool down so fast and the way he pushed Sujata on to bed and jumped on her reminded Nandini of a tiger jumping on a prey in Discovery channel. But here, the prey, Sujata, was moaning and groaning seductively “ Hmmm…my darling….. suck momma’s tits…. bite and chew my nipples… hmm.. love you baby…”

Vishal also was mesmerized but was getting hornier by the second. As he saw wide eyed, Rohit spreading his Mom’s cunt lips and shoving and burying his cock in her cunt in one stroke, he lost control. Viahal hugged Nandini and kissed her, he was half expecting her to slap him but she hugged back and kissed him deeply, taking his hand and placing on her tit.
Within seconds he disrobed her and she pulled his shorts and T shirt and the naked couple joined the others on bed.

Nandini’s tits were really awesome, Rohit looked at her tits being mauled and sucked by Vishal and his strokes had become faster, harder and Sujata was gasping for air as his cock seemed to expel air from her lungs.

Nandini’s cunt was overflowing, she impatiently pulled Vishal by hair and told him “Dear, you can suck tits while fucking also… fuck me …now”

Vishal got up and Nandini spread her legs wide and opened her cunt lips and rubbed his throbbing virgin cock on her lips.

“Hmmm.. push it…” He slowly pushed as if his cock was entering a mine field and Nandini peaked and felt orgasms flooding and rocking her body as her son’s hot cock went in rubbing her cunt walls. Vishal thought he would faint with pleasure.

On his fifth stroke, he gave a loud cry and filled his Mom’s cunt with hot liquid, Nandini felt his pulsations and loads of cum flooding her in seemingly nonstop jerks.

Sujata pushed Rohit away and reached Vishal in two strides.

‘Take it out” She ordered him. Vishal was unhappy that he came so fast and removed his tool, crestfallen.

Sujata hugged him and told him” Don’t worry. You did great. I was watching your Mom. She had multiple orgasms. Now give your cock to her, she will suck and make it ready for next fuck”

Before Nandini could protest, Sujata clamped her mouth on Nadini’s cunt and started lapping juices. Rohit started fucking Sujata in doggy and told Nandini “ Don’t worry, Aunty. Mom is crazy about virgin boy’s sperm. She won’t let a drop go waste”

Nandini was in seventh heaven as she was licking and sucking her son’s cock, the heady mixture of her and his juices and Sujata’s expert licking was driving her crazy. Within seconds, Vishal was ready and Sujata left the cunt to him and Rohit continued fucking Sujata in doggy.

This time, Vishal was in better control and fucked nicely, stopping in between for a short while to suck and maul her tits.

Prema was feeling dejected, being left out. Though she was getting fucked by brothers of her friends and other boys on college terrace, she was sorely missing her brother’s daily hot fucks. Rohit was totally hooked to Sujata.

As she was watching TV with unseeing eyes, Vishal came out of bed room naked and was startled to see her and was about to rush back.

“Vishal, come here, don’t feel shy, did you enjoy?” she asked him.

“Yes, Didi. They asked me to bring sweets, samosas, milk and fruit juice” he said shyly, trying to shield his cock with hands.

“Come, I will give you” she led him to kitchen.

“Now what is happening? She asked him as she arranged all items in a tray.

“ Bhai is fucking both moms in doggy alternately” he told her.

He had to remove his hands to hold the tray. Prema exclaimed when she saw his tool.

“Wow. Vishal, I thought you were a small boy. You have a good cock, it has become red, are you having pain?” she ran her hands on his cock and balls and asked. He shuddered as if electric shocks passed through his body as her warm hands massaged his cock.

“Hmm, didi, little pain but feeling great” he murmured.

Prema took tray from his hands put it on table, removed her nighty and bent on the kitchen platform.

“Now fuck me fast, they will not miss you” she said parting her buttocks and showing a very wet cunt. He needed no invitation. He held her waist and buried his cock in one shot and fucked hard and fast, her ankles were shifting in air with each blow. He fucked her tight cunt and as he filled her hole with hot cum, he wondered if he was dreaming or he actually fucked 3 cunts in 3 hours…

Prema looked at Riya curiously. They were seated in college canteen.

“What is wrong with you? Last two days you are not coming on terrace for fucking?” Prema asked.

“Your Mom told me not to fuck for 5 days” Riya said.

“My Mom? Why? Your periods are not due for 2 weeks?” Prema asked.

“My mom and your Mom are training me and preparing me to get fucked by my dad. Dads always want their daughters to be virgins and innocent. Do you remember your grandmother filled your Mom’s cunt with a herbal paste before marriage to make it virginal like?’ Riya asked.

Prema was shocked.

“My God, don’t tell me my Mom is putting that stuff in your cunt. My dad tried two days to fuck mom and cunt was not opening. My dad panicked and was about to take her to a hospital, when Grandma told Mom to bear pain and ask hubby to fuck. She bled a lot. So don’t try that. Instead act as if it is paining” Prema pleaded with Riya, clutching her hand.

Riya laughed and said” Don’t worry, your Mom put only a layer. It will give little resistance to convince dad. They taught me how to act coy and what to say and what not to say or do”

Prema felt a pang of jealousy” You lucky bitch, My Mom is arranging your fuck with your dad but is ignoring me” she said, sadly.

“No. Your dad will come only after 10 days. But she told me already she has plans and will start implementing. Don’t worry dear, my dad will fuck you” Riya told her friend.

“Hmm. When is it planned? Your Suhaagraat with dad?” Prema asked.

“Tonight. Mom told Dad that she was going to Chennai for her best friend’s daughter’s wedding for 3 days and Brother told that he is going on a picnic trip with friends for 4 days, both will come and stay with you. I and Dad will be alone and free for 3 days.” Riya said excitedly.

“Wow. Great, I hope they will fuck me also, I don’t know why these boys are mad after Moms?” Prema asked, puzzled.

“Hmm.. I will be able to tell you tomorrow if we daughters also will be crazy about Dads” Prema told naughtily…

Sudhir was unable to concentrate on his work. His mind kept on replaying images of his daughter Riya’s curvy structure and the soft feeling of her buttocks on his thighs and warmth of her cunt mound on his cock when daily she sits on his lap when he watches TV in evenings.

Right from her c***dhood that had been the routine, she would sit in his lap, kiss him and hug him and tell about the events of the day. After her puberty, his wife admonished him and her for that and Riya confined to light hugs and pecks on cheek.

But about a month back, he playfully pulled her onto his lap and ticked her in the ribs. She giggled and squirmed in his lap, rubbing her warm buttocks on his lap, causing an embarrassing erection. She didn’t seem to notice and when she heard her Mom’s footsteps, she jumped up, kissed him on the cheek and said” You naughty daddy, I love you”.

Since then, it has become a routine, when they were alone, either he would pull her or she would sit in his lap. He would kiss nape of her neck and rub sides of her thighs and ask her about studies and friends. She also replied normally but all the time rubbing his crotch with her buttocks. She would get up instantly if she spotted her Mom.

To his discomfort and pleasure her dresses was getting skimpier and her acts bolder. He could make out that she was not wearing bra or panty. He could sometimes feel her wetness and heat through clothing.

He was restless because his wife was going to Chennai for 3 days and son to Picnic for 4 days with friends, leaving him 3 full days with Riya. He called wife, she told that train had just left platform and son had left much earlier.

Sudhir got up, told his colleagues that some urgent matter had come up and he had to leave. He drove very fast, in fact, recklessly, and reached home in record time. With thudding heart, he opened front door and entered. He felt like a deflated balloon when he saw Riya was not at home.

He changed into shorts and T shirt and switched on the TV.

After 10 minutes, key turned in lock and there was his precious Riya came in, panting and gasping, it was obvious she came in a rush and running. She screamed and hugged him.

“Dad, when I called your office, they told me you left on an urgent work. I knew what it was, I skipped classes and rushed home. I love you. Dad. I will change up and come” She kissed him full on lips and ran into her room.

She came out after few minutes, wearing a very thin sleeveless nighty, outlines of her splendid boobs and curves were tantalizingly visible. It was apparent she was not wearing bra or panty.

She walked to the door seductively shaking her hips, engaged cross bolt to Main door so that no one could open from outside, came back, smiled at his massive hard on and sat in his lap. Before she used to sit in his lap with her back to him but now she sat across, with legs stretched out on sofa and hugged him, pressing her boob on his chest.

He kissed her and with shaking hands gripped her boobs.

“Hmmm …Riya.. I love you darling” he whispered as he felt her squirm to allow his cock to rub her cunt.

“I love you dad. Hmm… you are driving me crazy, dad….can I ask you something?’ she said, acting shy.

“Anything, my love” Sudhir said, he was in seventh heaven.

“Dad, will you teach me sex? I have difficulty in pushing even a finger in my pussy, how does a thick cock enter? I won’t die with pain?” She whispered shyly in his ear, as he was mauling her tits.

“No, baby, your pussy is very elastic, shall I show you? Come, let us go to bedroom” he said.

“Dad. I am afraid” she clutched him tighter.

“Don’t worry, honey. Your dad loves more than anything. Will I do anything to hurt my little darling?” he said pinching nipple.

“Ouch, dad, you are very naughty. Ok, then carry me” she said.

Sudhir carried her to their bed room and gently lowered her. She covered her eyes with palms.

“Dad, please switch off lights and draw curtains” she told him, shyly.

He switched off the lights and room was plunged into darkness as he drew thick curtains also.

He lay beside her and removed her nighty while kissing. He removed his cloths while switching off lights. Riya’s cunt opened tap as soon as her dad’s warm body pressed on hers and his hands squeezed her breasts.

“Hmm … daddy… I love you…” she purred, as she kissed him. His hands hungrily groped her, feeling all her body. When his fingers rubbed her cunt mound and rubbed on cunt lips, her body shivered.

She remembered Sujata Aunty’s warning “Don’t let him lick you. That herbal paste has a pungent taste”

Sudhir sucked her tits and as he was about to travel down to devour her cunt, she pulled him by hair.

“Daddy… please…put your thing in me… I am very nervous and scared….if you delay, I may run away” she told huskily.

Sudhir laughed and said “ Ok, my love”, got up and applied gel liberally on his cock and in her cunt, he used the gel while fucking his wife in ass and kept it handy near bed.

He kissed her and talked soothingly as he parted her cunt lips and pushed gently. Herbal paste which glued her cunt walls refused entry to his cock. Riya did not have to act, it did cause pain and she shrieked “ Daddy, please remove, it is too painful”

“It is ok, darling. Bear it for few minutes” He soothed her and pushed more firmly. It yielded and reluctantly gave way. He slowly pushed until it went in full, lay on top of her and kissed.
“How is it?’ Are you ok? My love” he asked.

“Hmm…daddy..It is paining… but it also feels good. Dad, be gentle… please..” she kissed him.

In answer, he gently pulled out and slowly pushed in. After 10 strokes, her cunt became ok and she wanted hard fucking.

But she remembered her Mom’s warning, to be patient and act innocent and let dad teach everything. So she kept purring, moaning and sighing as he steadily pounded.

“Darling, I have to fuck you fast now, can you take it?” he asked her.

“Dad, I came from your cock, my body is yours, you do as you please, yes, fuck me hard now…” she whispered.

Sudhir was also excited by the tight, hot, wet feel of his daughter’s cunt and by the feeling that he was fucking her and started pounding really hard.. and suddenly shouted” Baby… I am cumming ….. ahhhh”

Riya also moaned” Hmm .. darling daddy…. I don’t know if this is cumming….I must have cum million times ….. ahhhh.. daddy … cum inside me….fill me …”

Suddenly Sudhir realized he was fucking her without a condom and tried to remove cock in a panic but Riya clamped her ankles around his back and pulled him with force, the sudden thrust buried his cock and he spurted thick wads of cum in jerks and collapsed on her.

As soon as she released grip, he took out cock and asked her in an anxious tone” Dear, Why did you ask me to cum inside you? It can be dangerous”

Riya giggled and pulled his mouth on to her tit and told him” Dad, I may be innocent but am not a fool. I know how to count and when is safe period. Don’t worry, for next 5 days you can fuck me without condom”

He winked at her and said in awe” My God, my baby is grown up” and after five minutes felt his cock becoming hard again…..

When Riya told her Mom and Sujata later, both were thrilled.

“Great, but don’t forget what we taught you. Act innocent and let him guide you, don’t suck cock and show initiative. Wait for me to come back” Aarti told her daughter as both boys were fucking her both holes.

Sujata warned her” A lot depends on you. You have to do exactly as we taught you. If you don’t it will back fire”

Riya said Ok and disconnected and looked at her dad. He was sleeping peacefully after a hard fuck. She logged on to net and found Raj on line. She told him about her fuck with dad.

Raj: Woow. Perfect, everything went according to plan.

Riya: Hmm, thanks to you. Dad is fucking like a man possessed, he applied for 5 days leave and I have bunked college, we are doing nothing but fucking, eating and sleeping. I don’t think he fucked Mom as much in their honey moon. In fact, she told me so.

Raj: Great. I was just a match stick, I ignited fires in Sujata and your Mom’s cunts. I didn’t expect this large scale fucking.

Riya: Hahaha. This is just tip of ice berg. After Mom comes back, Sujata aunty wants me to persuade Dad to force Mom and Bro to fuck and then group. Later Mom and Sujata aunty are planning for a grand 5 mom and 5 son group.

Raj: My God, it looks like any man’s dream paradise. 5 Moms and 5 daughters, 10 different cunts, tits and asses.

Riya told him her dad was getting up and had to go. She promised him that she would update and said bye.

After Aarti and Vijay returned, Sudhir and Riya’s freedom was curtailed, they had to steal moments and be content with quickies. Sudhir was getting hornier and would take Riya in car and fuck her in secluded places.

Next Sunday, Aarti said that she wanted to visit her sister and would come back in the evening and Vijay went to play cricket match. As soon as she left, Sudhir and Riya started fucking on the bed. It was a luxury they were missing, a leisurely fuck.

Riya was riding him hard and fast and he was mauling her tits, when suddenly bed room opened and Aarti walked in saying “Riya, did you see my mobile charger? I forgot and came back….” and stood stunned and shocked like a deer caught in car lights. Her jaw fell open and eyes were like saucers as she looked disbelievingly at them.

Then she blew her top, as Riya and Sudhir hurriedly got up and put on cloths.

“You shameless whore, how could you do this? And you, Sudhir, are you not ashamed to call yourself a father…..” she blasted them for 10 minutes and left, banging the door.

Sudhir’s meek rejoinders that it happened by accident and Riya’s promises that it would not be repeated were washed away in her onslaught.

There was an uneasy silence when she returned in the evening and prepared dinner. Vijay tried to find out what was the problem but no one talked to him. He finished his dinner and went to his room.

Dad, daughter and Mom finished dinner in silence. Aarti cleared table with Riya helping her. As Sudhir was getting up, Aarti told them “I gave a lot of thought. If both of you really like and want, go ahead but I have some conditions”.

Riya shrieked in joy and hugged her Mom” Mom, you are the best Mom in the world. Anything you say, we will do”

Sudhir also was beaming ear to ear as he also hugged Aarti and covered her face with kisses, thanking her.

She pushed him away and told them “ Rule one, Riya should not get pregnant. Two, fuck in moderation, I don’t want her cunt to be loose like a Randi’s at time of marriage. Three, I want best marks and grades from Riya, I don’t want her to be a doctorate in fucking and a failure in academics”

They assured, promised her and went into bedroom and closed the door. Aarti slept on the sette in the hall. Before that, Aarti arranged hot Milk, sweets, savouries and decorated the bed room with flowers, incense sticks like a suhaag raat. She dressed Riya like a bride and sent her with a glass of milk.

Sudhir became emotional, he hugged Aarti and almost cried, he thanked her for being such an understanding wife. She just smiled and pushed him into the bed room.

That whole night Riya was fucked many times by her insatiable dad. When he was about to fall off asleep at 4 AM, Riya told him “ Dad, I have something interesting to show you”

He yawned “ Sweety pie, can’t it wait till morning?” he complained.

“No, it can’t” she told firmly, went into bathroom and returned with a bra and gave him.

“It is your Mom’s bra, so what about it?” he asked puzzled.

“Look into the cup” she asked him and showed him the wet patches.

“That is bro’s sperm in Mom’s bra cup. He masturbates imagining fucking her. Since you are fucking me, why can’t bro fuck Mom?” Riya asked fondling his cock and playing with his balls.

The way his cock became rigid, she knew he was getting excited. He was shocked.

“Your Mom will kill us both if we even mention” he said, after recovering.

“I think Mom also lusts for him. The minute you go, she will change into transparent sleeveless nighties, and shows lot of skin. Poor bro, he just pretends he is not watching and masturbates in her bra cups and panties.” Riya told him and yawned.

“What should we do?” he asked, puzzled.

“I don’t know. You leave for office and come back after an hour and see if what I tell you is true or not. Then you decide. Now, let me sleep for few hours. I have an important class” she told him and went to sleep.

Sudhir’s sleep evaporated. Complex emotions, lust, guilt, excitement and little anger ran through him.

When he went into the hall, Aarti naughtily smiled at him and gave his morning coffee and news paper. She was neatly dressed, not an inch of skin showing, even wearing bra and panty. Riya got up after an hour and ran out saying she has an important class. Vijay wanted to bunk classes that day as he was very tired after a hard day’s cricket match and wanted to sleep off.

Sudhir kissed Aarti and left for office and whiled away time for an hour in shopping mall, purchased sexy bras and panties and returned. He didn’t press buzzer, but silently opened the front door with key and entered and though Riya prepared him, he was shocked and rooted to the spot.

His wife has changed into a sleeveless nighty, it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra since her long nipples raised small tents. She was serving to Vijay, bending forward and showing ample cleavage to son. He was staring into his plate, fighting the urge to peep.

They also saw him and both were paralyzed. Aarti recovered first, sat in a dining chair and crossed her arms across boobs.

“Ohh, you didn’t go to office? Your health is ok?” she asked, concerned.

“I just felt like taking off for a day. Can you give me a cup of tea?” he asked her as he sat in the sofa.

He watched as she went into kitchen, her seductively swaying hips told him she was not wearing a panty and a wet patch that she was horny.

Until she came back, he talked to Vijay about his picnic, studies. Aarti gave him tea and sat beside him, again crossing arms across her chest.

He finished tea and stood up and walked to Vijay and placed his palm on his shoulder.

“Vijay, do you love your Mom?” he asked.

“Of course dad, do you have to ask?” Vijay asked, puzzled.

Sudhir asked him to get up, Vijay was reluctant since he still had a hard on. Sudhir acted as if he didn’t notice and with his arm around his son’s shoulder walked to Aarti. He asked her to get up.

Both Mom and son were puzzled as Sudhir put his other arm around her shoulder and hugged them both.

“Then why are you hesitating to show her your love? She is screaming for your attention, showing cleavage, nipples and ass….and darling, are you blind not to see his massive erections and his cum in your bra cups?” he asked them, as he led them to the bed room.

“What are you talking about? Are you mad?’ Aarti screamed.

“Dad, please, Mom will kill us both” Vijay said in a shaking voice, frightened.

He pushed them both into bedroom and closed the door firmly, saying “ I am bolting the door from outside , I will open only after you have finished fucking” They feebly banged the door for few minutes and then it stopped.

Sudhir sat in the hall, watching cricket. After 2 hours, there was a mild knock on the door. He opened the bolt. Aarti came out, her face was flushed and she hid her face in both hands.

“How was it? Did he fuck well?”he asked her.

“How shameless can you be? Asking a Mom about her son?” she murmured as he hugged her.

He forcibly removed her hands and looked fascinated at her flushed face.

“Hmmm, darling, it is ages since I saw you blushing, my son must be really great” he exclaimed, kissing her.

She pushed him away.” You go out and come after a couple of hours. He says he can’t face you” she told him.

Sudhir laughed and went away. Aarti immediately called Sujata and told her excitedly everything went according to plan.

That was the beginning, they were fucking behind closed doors. After 2 weeks, slowly they opened up, overcame shyness and started fucking on the same bed.

Sujata took a longer time, she took out a print out of ‘Sandhya’s i****t invasions” and asked Prema to write on top “ How lucky Sandhya is? Wish my Dad also seduced me “ .

She scanned the story and sent to her husband and he was very upset when she talked to him.

She told him” I think it would be a good idea if you fucked her before she goes out and fucks all the cocks in the neighbourhood and college”

“Are you insane?” he asked.

“OK,.don’t blame me later” she told and disconnected.

He cut short his trip and came back in two days. Sujata didn’t have time to make her daughter’s cunt tight like Riya’s.

Sujata made phone calls to Riya, Aarti, Sudhir and made plans hurriedly.

“Dad, can you take me to Riya’s house for few minutes? I have to collect notes” Riya asked her dad.

‘Sure , let us go” he took out car and drove her. He wanted to talk to her but found he was tongue tied. He had a hard on as he watched her heaving bosom through corners of his eyes.

Aarti opened the door and welcomed them.

“Dear, I have to rush. Riya is in her room, her dad is teaching her statistics. Please don’t mind, I have to go to my sister’s place” she said and rushed out.

Prema and her dad opened Riya’s door, looked inside and were stunned.

Sudhir was lying flat on his back with head towards door. Riya was riding his cock, her back also was to the door. They did not notice the door was opened.

Prema stepped back as if in shock and her dad’s hot, throbbing cock pressed warmly on her buttocks. She pressed harder and felt his hands cupping her tits. She closed the door silently and led him to the second bed room.

Needless to say, Sujata’s family also ended up on same bed within days.

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