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By: Dana15.22

My name is Dana and I am a 36 year old lesbian, personal trainer and sports psychologists in Baltimore, MD. I have known I was a lesbian since I was 15. I am a very self-confident person and always have been so, I am not looking for a life partner or to same sex marry. I quickly tire of any kind of routine, especially having sex with the same partner over a long period of time. Some may say I am a predator of mature women, but I consider myself more of an opportunist. I like my lovers to be mature, over 40, and divorced or widowed. I have always found these women to be a little vulnerable and are easily seduced. These older women usually decide at some point to go to the gym and get in shape as they move to the next stage of their lives and I am eager to help.
I am no raving beauty, but as you can imagine I take good care of my body. I am 5’5” weigh 118 pounds, 32 b, have very short dark brown hair and prefer to keep my pubic hair trimmed rather short. I stay tan and wear very little make up, dress mostly in shorts/slacks and a blouse in the summer and athletic attire in the winter. In other words, I do not try to hide who or what I am. I know that many of my clients in my younger years have wonder if I am a lesbian, therefore I let them know in the initial interview that I am. If it bothers them I never hear from them again. I have determined that the others are either open minded or curious. Either way, it is actually helpful in the seduction because no one has to guess if I will or I won’t.

As a personal Trainer I only work for one gym. However, some clients aren’t ready for the rigors of the gym, so we begin with in home workouts. I post my credentials and photo on line letting potential clients know that I only work with females over forty. My background enables me to assist in both physical and emotional improvement.

In early 2017 a 59 year old woman who was recently widowed emailed me and told me that she had read my profile and would like to meet with me to discuss some of her fitness goals. Her name was Pat, she was 5’7”, weighed 155 pounds, had 3 adult c***dren and 1 grandc***d that lived in Florida with her daughter. Within 5 minutes I had determined that she had really let herself go. She was as soft as a marshmallow, didn’t color her hair and was very soft spoken and timid, but she did make an attempt at applying her makeup and in her youth was probably a very attractive woman.

After a 1 hour interview, Pat decided that I was the right personal trainer for her. We established a 2 hour 2 days a week in home beginners program that involved a lot of stretching exercises, light cardio and ending with a deep tissue massage. Pat selected Monday and Thursday for her sessions.
I arrived at her upscale gated community but not luxury homes promptly at 9 AM as she had requested. Pat was originally from Georgia and was your typical polite southern lady. She showed me her entire home which included a modest workout room / man cave in the basement. We sat and talked for another 15 minutes before I let her know that time was wasting and we needed to get started.

She was dressed like she had just walked out of a sporting goods store, black leotards and a bright green pair of shorts. I stood in front of her and told her to just do as I do. We went through all of my stretching routine without any problems. I was surprised at how limber she was, she handled everything with ease. We had about 45 minutes left when I told her that it was time for her massage. I asked her if this was where she wanted her massage and informed her that many women like it in their bedrooms so that they could jump in the shower right after and wash off the massage oils. She decided that was a good idea and we went to her rather large bedroom. I opened up my portable massage table with the scented and unscented oils.

I could tell by the look on her face that things just got awkward and she didn’t know what came next. I just smiled and told her that she would need to undress for the massage. She froze for a second before sitting down in a chair to remove her shoes. It was plain to see that she was in uncharted territory and a bit nervous. I told her that if she wanted that I could step out of the room.

I am guessing that she didn’t want to sound rude so she mumbled, “No it’s ok.” I thought to myself, mmmmmmmmm I am going to get to see her naked on the very first day.

That sent a jolt of energy directly to my clit and that is all it takes for me to get wet. I intentionally always wore light blue stretch shorts without any panties. I did that so that my clients would know two things, I didn’t wear panties and if I became sexually aroused the dampness would be obvious. When I get wet I produce a prenominal amount of lubrication and not only can you see it, my pheromones have an intoxicating aroma. Or so I’ve been told.
Pat stood and removed those ugly bright green shorts then she removed her top of the leotard and let he breast swing free. Beautiful, I thought, probably a 34 c with large brown areolas and big erect nipples.
Another jolt of electricity hit my clit and the juices began to flow.

Pat sneaked a peek to see if I was watching before she pulled the leotards over her hips. I was eagerly anticipating my first glimpse of her pubic hair. She sat down in a chair and began removing her leotards.
This is why I like having sex with new people. It’s the anticipation of seeing them naked for the first time. Seeing how they react to that first intimate touch and most of all the excitement of making them cum. Giving them pleasure and tasting the unique flavor of their orgasmic juices is what it’s all about for me.
And there is was, her slightly thinning brownish gray pubic hair. She struggled slightly getting the leotards off of her feet which caused her legs to part. Her labia was brownish in color which only accentuated her beautiful pink vagina.
Pat caught me staring between her legs and took her time before and allowed me a long peek before standing. I handed her a terry towel and told her to lay down on the massage table. She sat down on the edge of the massage table, paused for a moment before swinging her right leg up onto the table, which gave me a totally unobstructed view of her freshly trimmed and moist pussy, she paused and looked at my face and noticed where my eyes were focused before slowly placing her left leg on the table.

Many messages had been sent and received in those last few moments. The most important for me was that she had obviously come to terms with where she wanted this to go. This wasn’t my first rodeo so I quickly read the signs and decided to let her know that I got the signal.

Her slightly parted thighs gave me a clear view of her glistening pink slit. Looking directly at her vagina I said, “Very nice Pat, are you sure you want me to proceed?”

She smiled at me and nodded her head yes.

I asked her to roll over on her stomach and spread her legs to the edge of the table and put her arms to her sides.
I couldn’t resist taking a long look at Pat lying there waiting for my touch. I felt confident that this was more than likely the first time she had ever been touched by another woman. And I smiled to myself knowing that my seduction technique had only gotten better over the years, because Pat was the f******nth woman I had seduced in this manner.
One of the many things I have learned about seduction is that women who are widowed or divorced and over forty years old love even the slightest compliments, as long as they are genuine. I have always loved the moments just prior to the first touch. The anticipation is so arousing knowing that you are about give someone totally unselfish orgasmic pleasure. Standing at the bottom of the massage table I took a long look at Pats fanny and vagina.

Most women when asked if they enjoy anal sex are quick to say NO! However, it is my experience that while very few women desire anal sex with a man; I have never found one that doesn’t enjoy gentle erotic anal play. I find that when I pay attention to a woman’s sensitive rosebud they are very receptive. Most enjoy tender, gentle touching, even kissing and tongue probing as long it is not aggressive.

I started the massage by applying warm oil to Pat’s feet before working up the ankles, calves and outer thighs. Before touching the inner thighs I ask her, “How we doing sweetie,” I asked?
“Feels great,” she said.

I applied a more slippery oil to her inner thighs, starting with her knees. As I worked my way up her inner thighs, I felt her begin to tense. It’s always the same reaction, she was probably wondering, “Is she going to touch my pussy?”
I stopped about two inches shy of her now well lubricated pussy and went to the head of the table. I stood there, inches away from her head and masturbated myself through my shorts. My pussy was completely soaked as were my fingers and shorts. I could smell my juices and I hoped Pat could as well. One of the major pieces to any seduction is that the other person has to know that you want them.

I poured a small amount of oil on her spine and began to work toward her sides being careful not to touch her breasts. Once her back massage was complete I gently massage Pat’s buttocks. Then I selected one of my favorite oils that has a slight tingling sensation, and told her that the next oil would have a slight warming sensation. I then ask her to use her hands and part her butt cheeks.

This was a major step in her seduction. If she did as I asked, I knew that she would be inclined to follow my instructions. If not, it meant she wasn’t ready to move forward and I would slow the entire process and try again on our next workout. However, I had a feeling about Pat. She knew I was a lesbian, she was totally nude and her vaginal juices were flowing.

Without hesitating her hands moved and she spread her cheeks, not just a little, a lot. I was surprised at how wide she had spread them. I quickly poured a generous amount on the top of her crack and watched as it meandered down her crack until it reached her rather beautiful rosebud. It was quite pretty and a gorgeous shade of pink. As with most women, when the stimulating oil reached her rosebud it opened just enough for most of the oil to find its way inside her pretty hole.

“Oh wow,” Pat mumbled.

I leaned down to her ear and softly said, “Doesn’t that feel amazing?” She shook her head yes. Then I waited until her rosebud opened again and I poured another generous amount. Most of which went into her anal canal while the remainder found its way to her waiting pussy.

It was time for the final test. If she let me touch her rosebud, she was ready for me to make love to her. “Sweetie, it looks like I poured a little too much, would it be ok to gently massage it in?” No answer. I repeated the question, because I would never touch her rosebud without getting permission.

“Sure, I guess so,” Pat answered softly.

I softly spread her cheeks with one hand and began to lightly touch her rosebud. I gently ran my finger from the top of her crack to the very bottom of her pussy always taking time to linger on her rosebud. Finally, her gorgeous rosebud did what I was hoping for, it opened wide and allowed my finger to slide in up to the first knuckle. I held it very still for a while before slowly moving it. Pat didn’t move or say a word. “How we doing sweetie,” I whispered?

“Fine, I’m fine,” she managed to say.

With that response I slid my finger in another inch and just held it there. Pat’s rosebud began to squeeze my finger and then she raised her ass suggesting she wanted more.

I leaned close to her face and noticed she was looking directly at my crotch and my wet shorts. “More,” I asked?
“Yessss,” she whispered.

I slid the remainder of my finger in her glorious rosebud just she was raising her ass to meet the welcome intruder. She shuttered a few times and went limp. Holy shit, she had an anal orgasm. I slowly removed my finger and enjoyed watching her loving rosebud opening and closing. When I could stand it no longer I bent down and tenderly kissed it making sure she felt my tongue enter her most private place.

When I stopped kissing her rosebud she sat up on the table, one leg on each side with her pussy spread as wide as possible and just stared at me, first at my face and then at my wet crotch. Pat’s face turned red, she didn’t know what to say. She was happy, horny and embarrassed all at the same time.

I felt a little comic relief was in order so, I smiled real big and told her, “Heck, we have a whole other side to do.” That did the trick. We both laughed and she said, “Lady if it gets any better than that I don’t know if I can stand it. I have never felt anything like that before in my life.”

Pat took a quick shower while I went to the bathroom and washed my face and hands. We talked while she was in the shower. She commented on how wet my shorts were and wanted to know if I had an orgasm. I explained to her that no, I hadn’t but I just get extremely wet. When she stepped out of the shower I asked her if she wanted me to leave or finish the massage. She smiled and told me that she didn’t want me to go.

We had a cup of coffee and she stayed nude the entire time. Then she told me that I didn’t have to keep my clothing on if I didn’t want to. They were off in a flash and we headed back to her bedroom.

I asked her if she would be more comfortable on the table or in her bed. She turned down her king size bed and laid on her side. She told me that her sexual experiences were limited and she had never done anything like we had done earlier, but she loved it. She became very talkative and told me that since her husband had died she had been reading a lot of online erotica and masturbating a lot. The entire time we were lying there talking I was spooning her and softly stroking her breasts.

I told her that I wanted her to understand that I derived a great deal of satisfaction from giving others pleasure and that I expected nothing in return.

“Hardly seems fair,” she whispered.

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, then bent down and softly sucked her nipple. Pat asked me, when I first knew that I liked anal play. I told her it was my first time with a mature married woman. I was 17 and she was 43. I explained that she was gentle and tender and had been with many women and girls but, she loved anal play more than anything and considered it extremely intimate foreplay.

Pat went on to tell me that she had never dreamed that “the private place” could ever be so erotic, it was such an amazing experience and she hoped that wasn’t the last time I would do that for her. I promised it wouldn’t be.
Still sucking her breast I let my fingertips glide down her stomach and rest just above her clitoris. I was lightly touching her labia when I felt her legs spreading, giving me full access to her wetness. When my middle finger touched her pussy, her whole body jerked as she relaxed I felt a flood of her sticky nectar ooze from her tunnel of love. I dipped my finger deep into her pussy and raised it to my mouth and sucked it like a candy cane. “MMmmmmm,” sweetie, you taste wonderful.” Looking into her eyes I asked her, “Have you ever tasted you’re your love juice?”

Her face turned flush, “Yes,” she said.

“Every time, always, since I was 12.”

“I want you Pat, I want to orally please you. Would you like that?”

”Oh God yes she panted.”

I told her that we could either do the 69 position with me on top and she could watch me masturbate as I ate her or you can sit on my face and watch me eat her. She thought for a moment before answering. “How about 69 so I can watch you?

I swung my leg over her head and positioned myself directly over her eager pussy. My pussy was 4 or 5 inches over her face, giving her optimal view of my inner workings.
I heard her say, “Dana, your vagina is beautiful.”

Pat’s pussy was dark pink and gaping open, she was clearly aroused by the amount of honey she had produced. Her small but erect clitoris was clearly needing attention. I made one long lick from her clit to the bottom of her pussy then I planted a long but gentle kiss directly on her clitoris. Her pussy was arching and had adopted a fucking motion with each lick of my tongue. I felt her hands encircle my thighs as she pulled my cunt closer to her face. I could feel her warm breath on my throbbing clit.

Pat began hunching my lips and I felt her start to tremble. I knew it wouldn’t be long before her orgasm. I was so wet that I knew my juices were probably dripping on Pat’s face.
“Oh God Dana, you taste wonderful, I’m gonna cum soon,” she gasp.
Then I felt her soft lips on my throbbing cunt and I started slowly gyrating my clit on her mouth. It was a little bit embarrassing to hear how much noise my extremely wet cunt made as she slurped and swallowed my love juice. It felt as if she were trying to talk with a mouth of syrup. “Ooooooooooo I’mmmmmm cummmmmmmmming,” she groaned into my slippery cunt.

Her deprived pussy was arching high into the air and her clitoris was throbbing like it was its own separate organ. I continued to lick, kiss and her pussy juice until her orgasm subsided. Then I felt a wet finger touch my rosebud.
I thought to myself, she is just repeating the little she knows about lesbian love making. I felt her finger slide in just a little, then I pushed back on it and made the remainder slide all the way in. I gave her clitoris a big kiss “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” to let her know I liked what she was doing. With her finger deep in my anal canal and her lips locked onto my clit I knew that I was going to have a huge orgasm. My orgasms weren’t like hers, I took weekly testosterone (steroid) shots to maintain the muscle mass that I had spent hours in the gym developing. The side effects of the shots greatly enhanced the size and sensitivity of my clitoris and added to the volume of my already abnormal orgasmic juices. If you have ever heard of female ejaculation, that is what I am describing.

I knew that Pat had no idea what she was about to experience. I wish I could have explained it to her but, at that moment all I was focused on was reaching my orgasm. I was sure that her intense clit sucking and deep anal probing would create a monumental orgasm within seconds. I lifted my hear from her pussy, spread my legs even farther apart forcing my erect clit on her lips and fucked her mouth hard and fast. Then my orgasm hit like a bolt of lightning I slammed my clit down hard and started grinding her face. She started fucking my rosebud and I felt my cunt start to contract and ejaculate. “Aaaagggggggg, Daaaaaaammnn Baby, Oooooooooo Shhhhhhhit!!!!

I could hear the slurping sounds she was making as she swallowed my love juices. I collapsed and fell on the bed at her side. I laid there with my feet by her head and noticed that she was staring at my cunt. I looked between my breasts, down my flat belly and saw what she was staring at. I could see my clit. It was purple and throbbing like a heartbeat. Pat reversed her position and got between my legs, looked up at me and purring like a kitten and gingerly stuck her tongue in my rosebud and kissed it like it was her first long kiss, then devoured the still remaining love juice flowing from my cunt before flicking her tongue like a snake on my clit.
“I love the way you taste Dana and the way your pussy smells is intoxicating. And that amazing finger of yours is one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. I promise you I had no idea that I would love everything about this.” Then Pat placed a long lesbian kiss on my still erect clit. “Dana, I love the way your clitoris grows so much, just look at it, it’s big and beautiful and where does all that cum come from?”
I told her that she was pretty amazing herself and that she was a quick learner. She told me that she just did what I did because it felt amazing when I did it to her. We laid there talking and looking at each other’s cunts and every now and again she would insert her finger in my still wet cunt and swirl her finger over my still erect clit.
“Dana, your clitoris reminds me of my little boy when he was a baby, it’s so cute but very sexy. Does it ever go down?”
I laughed and told her NO, not as long as someone is playing with it. We both chuckled a little and then she asked if I could spend the day with her. I told her that I had a scheduled workout with another client but I would see her bright and early on Thursday.
She was obviously disappointed, but understood and ten minutes later I was on my way home to shower and remove the obvious sex smell. I thought about Pat and how easy the seduction was and started to wonder, who seduced who.
At 6 am Thursday I received a text from Pat saying she was sorry but something had come up and that she would have to cancel the workout, TTYL. The weekend passed and still no contact from Pat. Then late Monday afternoon I received a text from her, “I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to our workout tomorrow. Nothing like a Dana workout to make u cum to life ( ; ) I got a manicure today.

It sounded like Pat was in good spirits and was ready to play. My mind was in overdrive all night long, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I wanted to do with her sexually.

I had already soaked my light blue Lycra shorts on the drive to her house. I held my large massage in front of me just in case a neighbor saw me. Pat opened the door, gave me a big smile and was dressed in a robe and flip flops. “Oh I am so happy to see you, come in here I have a million questions.”

We sat down at the kitchen table (typical in the south), “coffee or orange juice?”

Health nut that I am I took orange juice asked her what kind of questions do you have? She wanted to know if she did ok last Monday. I told her that she was amazing and that I never expected anything in return from her and that just because she did that for me one time, it didn’t mean that I would expect it each time we had sex.

She held my hand in both or hers and told me that experience was the most exhilarating
sexual experiences of her life and that ever since I left that day, that she had relived it over and over in her mind and that she hadn’t masturbated since we were together in hopes that she would produce as much cum as I had given her.
Pat said, “I have a lot of questions. Like how big does your clitoris get?”

“About 2 ½ inches long and 2 inches thick.”

“The other day you said something about steroid shots, what all do they do sexually?”

“Well they tighten and build vaginal and anal muscles, they over time increase the size and sensitivity of clit, essentially turning it into a small cock, As far as the amount of cum, well I have always been able to squirt, but after the steroids my orgasms became more intense and now as you know, I produce an ungodly amount of cum.”

“Yes you do, and I loved every drop,” Pat smiled.

“I noticed that your cum isn’t clear like mine, it’s thicker and sort of milky looking, is that because of the steroids,” she asked?


“Tell me how you want me to play with your rosebud.”

“I like soft and gentle touching, long tender French kisses with lots of tongue play, I love the way a finger feels as it slowly slides all the way in. Then I like to feel the finger moving around, not in and out but around. I love it so much it drives me crazy hot.”

Pat told me that she went online to a sex toy store and purchased some anal sex toys for us to play with.
I was a little shocked, what happened to timid Pat? Pat told me that she didn’t want to work out today, she just wanted for us to make love. We went into her bedroom and laying on the bed were three anal toys along with some lubricant. The first was a standard but plug about 4 inches long, 3 inches wide at the top, the next was a vibrating egg with a string on the fat end of it and the last was a strange contraption in the shape of a cock, maybe 12 inches long, a slender 2 inches around, made of very soft silicone and had something like an enema bottle at the base. Pat picked up the anal dildo and squeezed the big black base and the head of the dildo increased in size.

“Huuummmm,” very interesting I said just as I felt a huge contraction in my cunt. My cunt always did this before releasing a huge amount of cunt honey. I saw Pat looking at my crotch as the wet spot on my shorts grew larger. She leaned close and whispered in my ear, “I want you so badly.” We undressed and Pat paused a second after I had laid down told me the she just wanted to look at me for a second. Then she spread my legs and started kissing my inner thighs, one then the other. I put a pillow under my ass so that she would have easy access to my rosebud. I felt a soft wet kiss right on my sensitive back door. She licked softly and then gave it a long French kiss. I could feel her tongue probing my and then I felt her finger at the opening, toying and playing before starting its 3 inch decent into my secret pleasure spot. Once her finger had reached its limit I felt her hot breath on my cunt. She licked all around her implanted finger before I felt her tongue sink into my honey maker.

“God Dana, you taste so goooood, I could eat you for hours and still not get enough. Which anal toy do you want?”
“You choose sweetie, anything you want me to have.”
Out of the corner of my eye I saw her pick up the long black one. She removed her finger and I felt the head of the slender dildo slip past my anal ring. I wasn’t really into anal dildos but I didn’t want to do anything that would ruin this for Pat. It was clear that this was something she wanted to do to me so I was going to let here have her fun. The feeling intensified as each additional inch snaked it way deeper and deeper until I felt the big bulb touch my rosebud.
“Like it,” Pat asked?

It was definitely different, a strange new sensation and then she started pumping the bulb and I could feel the head of the slender dildo start to expand. I said, “Oh my god Pat that feels amazing.” The pleasure was so intense that I almost passed out. I didn’t know what pleasure spot she had found, but I can tell you it was uniquely wonderful.
Pat continued inflating and deflating the bulb until I ended up in a state of perpetual bliss, constantly on the verge or orgasm. Then I felt the swollen ball being pulled from my bowels in a steady decent until my slippery cunt spit it out.
“You liked it didn’t you,” she said.

“Liked It! Dang Pat, I don’t know what you just did, but feel free do it again.”

“Dana, your clit is so swollen that it looks just like a little cock. Will you screw me with it?”

Pat laid on her back with her legs bent toward her chest, legs spread wide and her erect clitoris throbbing. I bent down and kissed her rosebud and sank my tongue deep into her anal canal, then I savored her sweet honey from her precious vagina before kissing and licking her clitoris. I got on top of her and placed my fully extended clit on hers. I hunched her pussy and let my little cock slide in her love canal. I fucked Pat’s cunt just like and man would. I could feel our clits as we would grind on each other. We were both grunting and grinding as our orgasms built. Just before we reached our climax Pat looked up at me and said, “I want it, I want to suck you Dana.” I stopped fucking and straddled her face. He puffy red lips looked just like her rosebud as I lowered myself. Her lips locked on to my clitoris, it felt so good I thought I would scream. My orgasm was thunderous, I shook from head to toe. I had been with a lot of women but none had ever produced an orgasm like that one. One orgasm after another until after the third one I collapsed. I was lying there on my back seemingly void of life when I felt her cuddle up beside me.

I have always loved the moments following orgasm. Just you and your lover lying there in sexual bliss. The emotional warmth, the tenderness and the aroma of sex in the air was as sensual as things could be between two humans.
“Did you like it Dana,” she asked?

I told her that no one had ever made my clit feel so good. “No not just that, I meant all of it, did you like the dildo that deep in you, all the anal kissing, you know, the whole thing?”

I explained to her that she was not only an amazing lover, but she was extremely creative. I also told her that I typically didn’t like deep anal play but the inflatable dildo felt absolutely incredible, a feeling I had never felt before and it was so intense I actually thought I was going to have an anal climax. We laid there naked and cuddling for most of the morning. I brought her to 2 orgasms one orally and the other with my finger.
Our relationship lasted for six months. As always once there was nothing new to do sexually I started to lose interest and moved on to my next encounter.

I hope you enjoyed this True Story.

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