Pool Party In Victorville

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Pool Party In Victorville
Pool Party in Victorville
By Victor Lima
(MMF, wife sharing, slut wife)

After my assignment in Ankara, Turkey came to a conclusion, the company asked me if I’d like to take a VP position in one of the regional centers in Victorville, California. Having never been to California, we jumped at the promotion opportunity and the chance to get back into sunny weather. While England is home for Linda, she still likes the weather in the southern US a lot better. Packing up things in England was hectic, but once we departed, the journey was a great adventure.

We arrived in Victorville which is in the high desert along I-15 about halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Victorville turned out to be a blessing in disguise because there was no smog in the high desert although you could see smog laying nestled in the mountains between Victorville and San Bernardino. The sun shines 360 days a year, the schools have a great reputation, and the crime rate is very low compared to the rest of southern California. While the population of the high desert communities continues to grow, it is still not as crowded as the LA basin. We bought a nice yet modest ranch style house with a swimming pool in Apple Valley while waiting for our furniture to arrive from Europe. Once our furniture and belongings were delivered to our new house, I left the job of sorting and unpacking to Linda while I began transitioning into my new job.

After a few months, we decided to host a backyard barbecue and pool party for the office team so that we could get better acquainted in a less formal setting. It was also the chance for Linda to meet the other wives and form friendships for shopping and day trips down to San Bernardino or LA. The excruciating summer heat had abated to very comfortable fall temperatures that were still in the upper 80s with almost no humidity. Shorts, Hawaiian shirts and swimwear were the order of the day, and about 50 people and their significant others showed up. Lee, who was another VP at the company, offered to handle the bar while Linda did her hostess things and I got the grill going. Lee was divorced and had become a good friend since our arrival.

Linda was wearing a small bikini with a wrap-around skirt. In the little while we had lived here, she had managed to convert her pale white skin into a golden bronze by spending idle time sitting beside our pool and reading. The one thing that always made me take notice was when she stripped at night and each of her bronze breasts had a white patch punctuated by her light brown nipple and areola. While most of the women wore shorts and summer tops, a handful of the women wore bathing suits or bikinis providing tantalizing views for all the men milling between the house and the pool. With a wall of glass separating the kitchen and living room from the pool area, it was easy to be in one area and still see everything going on in the other area.

The party was going great and people seemed to be having a good time eating, drinking, and some jumping into the pool. As the sun went down around 6:30PM, people began leaving. By 8PM, there was just Lee standing beside us as we bid the last remaining guests farewell.

“Okay you two, that was a fabulous party! Time to relax and unwind,” Lee declared and handed me a large 7-7 and Linda a large gin and tonic. With just a few sips, I knew mine was at least a double and welcomed the buzz that began to work on my brain.

“Why don’t we relax in the Jacuzzi,” Linda suggested, and headed through the glass doors towards the back patio. Lee and I exchanged glances and followed her outside. Linda removed her wrap, hopped over the edge and slid into the bubbles. I dropped my shorts and pulled off my shirt. Standing in just my underwear, I thought about stripping them off and jumping in naked.

Lee was following my lead and was down to his underwear too when he stopped and advised, “Didn’t bring anything to wear for this.”

Not wanting Lee to be in an awkward position, I responded, “Underwear is as good as a swim suit,” and, keeping my underwear on, hopped over the edge and slid down to Linda’s right.

Linda patted the spot to her left and said, “Come on, Lee, we’re all friends here.” That was enough to get him into the Jacuzzi.

Our Jacuzzi is not very large, so most movements resulted in contact with others. I became increasingly aware of the silky smoothness of Linda’s leg against mine, and since Lee was on the other side of Linda, I was sure he would be quite aware of the same. Linda, like me, was obviously feeling the effects of her drinks and the conversation moved to flirtations and sexual topics. When Linda made comments about being with two good looking men who weren’t wearing much at all, I immediately got aroused thinking about getting her to take off her bikini. Seeing other men checking out my wife was always a turn-on, and Linda having sex with me and another man had long been my fantasy. It dawned on me that Lee represented a great opportunity.

Linda’s letters to me while I was in Turkey detailing the attention she was receiving from men in the pubs always aroused me. And when she wrote telling me the details of her incredible evening with another man, I had a hard-on that would not quit. That letter provided masturbation fuel until I got home.

Suddenly, Lee stood up to get out of the Jacuzzi saying, “Let me refill those drinks.”

“Make mine a double,” she said while handing Lee her empty glass.

I noticed that Linda’s eyes remained glued to Lee’s soaking wet and virtually transparent underwear which barely concealed a semi-hard cock. Lee’s cockhead was distinctive in its shape and size and was slightly thicker than his shaft. It was easy to see that his cock was bigger and thicker than mine. Lee’s cock moved slightly under her stare.

As Lee walked back over the bar, she looked at me and breathed, “Oh my God, I want that.” Linda was already feeling no pain from all her previous drinks, and one thing I learned early in our relationship was that she gets pretty horny when she’s under the influence. Lee’s strong drinks were working on her libido for sure.

“Let’s stoke the fire then,” I whispered back. “When he comes back with the drinks, let’s all get naked.”

Within minutes, Lee was back with three drinks. As he crossed over the top and slid into the water beside her, Linda’s gaze, once again, fixated on his cock then quickly looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Don’t know about you guys, but the water is getting me hot,” Linda announced. After setting her drink behind Lee on the ledge, she leaned forward to pull the strings of her bikini top letting it fall in the hot tub. “Oh yeah, that’s better,” she said grinning knowing the immediate effect on both of us men. Lee couldn’t take his eyes off her boobs and was grinning from ear to ear. Linda leaned back, turned towards Lee to reach for her drink allowing him a close-up inspection of her D-cups. When she turned back, I reached over to caress the breast closest to me and my cock was rock hard. It’s not entirely rational, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of other men showing appreciation for my prize – and Lee was certainly showing that appreciation. Linda downed the rest of her gin and tonic and put the glass back on the ledge.

“Lee, this one feels so good, why don’t you check out the other one,” I suggested while nodding my head towards Linda’s left breast. Without hesitation, Lee slid his hand over her breast and began squeezing and rolling her nipple between his fingers. With no hestitation, Linda’s hands reached left and right as she found and began to fondle my hardness through my underwear. I could tell she was doing the same to Lee, and then she pushed my underwear down a bit and took hold of my naked cock. I lifted my ass a bit and pushed my underwear off my legs to join Linda’s bikini top at the bottom of the hot tub. “Might as well go all the way,” I declared with a smile. Linda and Lee immediately followed suit, and we returned to fondling each other.

“Whoa, boy, this is incredible – a hard hot cock in each hand and two men feeling me up at the same time.” She was rubbing the head of my cock with her thumb stimulating the nerve just under the head at the top of the shaft. My cock was starting to tingle already under her touch and I was pretty sure by the look on Lee’s face that her touch was having the same effect on him. Instinctively, I leaned toward her and began kissing her neck and nibbling her ears. She turned towards Lee and lifted her lips to meet his.

Lee dropped his hand from her breast down over Linda’s stomach to her mound. Linda’s breathing instantly became irregular as Lee found his target and began massaging her love button. I reached down to Linda’s right leg and pulled it towards me lifting it over my leg and providing better access for Lee. The passion continued to increase when Lee pulled Linda’s left leg towards him and returned his hand sliding up her thigh to take full possession of her sex. Linda let go of my cock and turned slightly towards Lee and reached for the top of his shoulder to pull him closer in their heated embrace. I let go of Linda and slid to the right so that I could have a better view of them enjoying each other’s bodies. It was so erotic seeing my naked wife press her breasts into Lee’s chest and seeing both getting turned on while exploring each other’s bodies.

In an instant, Lee and Linda were devouring each other with kisses while pawing at each other’s sex. For them, I wasn’t there anymore. Linda’s breathing had changed to a continuous panting as her passion and a****l lust escalated. Suddenly she broke off her tongue battle with Lee and pushed back.

“Let’s go inside,” she breathed lustfully looking straight into Lee’s eyes. Lee looked over at me to see my reaction which was a single slow blink and nod indicating my approval. All three of us stood up. My cock was pulsing from the excitement and manipulation, and Lee’s was fully erect showing why women always pursued him. His circumcised cock was really impressive in its size, proportions and symmetry. Linda reached out to fondle it again, then stepped out of the hot tub and headed naked into the house with Lee and me only a few steps behind admiring her beautiful curves, great legs and lovely ass.

Lee and I followed Linda into the living room where she grabbed the throw blanket from the back of the sofa and spread it out on the carpeted floor. Linda turned and wrapped her arms around me while feeling my hardness against her stomach. Her face was flushed and her nipples were hard indicating the urgency of her need.

“You know I love you, don’t you?” she quietly asked.

“And I love you and want you to have this.”

Without answering, she turned and stepped over to Lee and took him into her arms holding her full body against his while locking her lips to his. Lee’s cock grew vertically between them pressing into her belly and reaching up to the bottom of her breasts. The two rapidly began continuously kissing and feeling each other’s backs and asses. Seeing their urgency, I knew it was their time now, and moved to the overstuffed recliner to watch the fulfillment of a long held fantasy.

Linda broke off the kissing and pulled Lee into the center of the throw blanket. They both descended to the floor while neither let go of the other. The a****l passion continued to build and the lust was clearly evident in each of their eyes and flushed faces. Linda continued to lead as she pushed Lee over onto his back and followed by covering his body with hers on top. After exploring each others’ mouth with their tongues, Linda pushed herself down Lee’s body until his cock slid between her breasts and emerged in front of her face. She wrapped his cock with her hand and held it vertical in front of her. Slowly, she began feeling all of its texture from the base to head while her gaze remained fixed on the darkening mushroom shaped top. A bead of precum emerged from the slit, and Linda used her index finger to spread the goo around the head of Lee’s cock. More of the sticky sweet lubricant emerged and Linda spread it to the top of the shaft in small circular movements. The effect on Lee was exquisite pleasure as he began to moan and raise his hips with each of her moves stimulating that nerve.

My cock was pure concrete in my hand and I slowly started spreading my own precum around the head of my cock. I didn’t want to cum, but knew full well the pleasure Linda was delivering to Lee by taking things very slowly.

Lee reached down to caress Linda’s head while she continued using a single finger to tantalize and tease his throbbing member. Lee’s caress turned into pulling her head towards his cock and her lips parted as she rubbed his cock against both of her cheeks feeling his heat and smelling the musky scent of his man meat. As she guided his cockhead across her lips, her tongue emerged to spread the precum around his cock and down the bulging shaft. Licking slowly, tasting and feeling, Linda sucked his cock into her mouth and held it still while I could see her tongue moving and circling the object of her lust. Lee was moaning audibly and I knew he was approaching the point of no return. Linda knew that too and released his cock from her mouth and gently kissed the underside of the shaft.

Suddenly, Linda turned her head to look at me and raised her hand beckoning me to join her on the floor beside her. Immediately, I got out of the chair and slid down on her left and began kissing the side of her face while she continued savoring Lee. Her face was flushed and her eyes glazed as she turned her face towards me without releasing Lee’s cock from her grip. In another surprise move, she leaned towards me and kissed me with her tongue spreading my lips. I was kissing and tasting her mouth which had just been sucking another man’s cock a few inches away, and my mind was racing trying to sort out whether it was good or bad or what – this was completely new territory for both of us. Her mouth tasted the same as when she provides the same oral pleasure to me. There is something so incredibly erotic when I eat her pussy and she sucks my cock, and then we go up and taste our own sexual juices mixed with each other. God, this was so fucking mind-blowing! I pulled back away from her and returned to my chair while watching her go back to slowly sucking Lee.

After a minute, she crawled back on top up to Lee’s face. More kissing and feeling, and then Linda spread her legs bringing her knees up beside Lee’s waist. She starting rocking and sliding her slippery pussy against his cock, then raising slightly, she reached in between her legs to position the bulbous head against the entrance of her love canal.

From my position in the chair behind Linda, I watched entranced as the purple crown of Lee’s engorged cock slid into my wife, stopped and receded displaying the wetness of Linda’s lust. Without breaking contact, again the cockhead split her entrance and disappeared into Linda’s cunt followed by the entire shaft until Lee’s balls were against her smoldering pussy. Linda’s breathing was more of a panting and I saw her pussy contract and release as she savored the sexual sensations of being joined completely. Linda slowly raised and lowered and raised and lowered herself feeling the exquisite pleasure of being filled. Momentarily, she stopped again and propped herself up with her hands to force Lee deeply into her. Lee immediately began fondling her breasts and raised his head to take alternating nipples into his mouth and feeling her boobs with his face and lips. Linda leaned back some more and began rocking on Lee’s cock forcing it against her G-spot while rubbing Lee’s chest and shoulders.

“Oh God, Linda, this feels sooo good!” Lee moaned aloud while trying to raise his torso against hers. Circling Linda’s body with his arms, he pulled her to him and fell back to the floor. Linda’s undulating hips continued to work Lee’s slippery cock inside her vagina scratching that eternal itch with greater urgency. The rhythm was accelerating and Lee’s strokes were becoming more powerful as he raised his ass from the floor with each penetrating thrust into Linda. Their breathing was becoming louder and labored with shorter pants and gasps.

“Oh fuck, oh God, ooohhhh,” Linda groaned as her body visibly tightened and contracted again and again. Lee pushed his heels into the carpet and elevated his hips. His cock disappeared fully into Linda raising Linda off the floor and stopped.

“I’m cumming, oh fuck…” Lee growled while grabbing Linda tightly against him. I could see his cock pulsing repeatedly as his hot seed shot into my wife. Linda’s cunt was tightly gripping his cock as he emptied his balls filling her with his salty cream. They stayed locked in their embrace, suspended and seemingly not breathing while the ecstasy of the moment consumed them. And then, Lee lowered them both to the floor and straightened his legs as his body began to relax.

Linda took a deep breath after what seemed like an eternity of not breathing and lay restfully on Lee’s chest. As Lee’s cock softened, Linda moved up to hold Lee’s head and gave him a long loving kiss. When she moved up, Lee’s cock slipped out of her pussy and I watched the stream of cum start leaking out from her. Globs of cum forming strings fell out of her pussy onto Lee’s lower torso. Finally, I could hear the breathing of both return to a normal rhythm and Linda dismounted.

At first, they both lay on their backs staring at the ceiling – each with a hand over on the other. Lee lightly caressed Linda’s breast while Linda’s finger tips traced outlines around Lee’s nipple. Another deep breath and then Linda looked at me.

Seeing me sitting there with a loving smile on my face was all she needed to know this was a great day. Linda got up and came over to sit on my lap in the chair. I pulled her close and began to kiss her gently.

“That was incredibly sexy to watch,” I said softly while continuing to kiss her neck, face and lips.

“That was awesome,” she replied looking into my eyes with an expression of love that told me I had not risked anything by allowing this fantasy to become reality. But my cock was still rock hard and needing relief, so I pushed it up between her silky thighs and guided her hand.

As Lee watched us begin caressing each other and kissing passionately, his cock started showing signs of recovery. “Let’s go down on the blanket,” I suggested to Linda and we moved down beside Lee.
Linda was on her hands and knees facing Lee. She felt Lee’s thighs and reached towards his growing member. It was still glistening from the mix of both their love juices and his cream. I was behind her seeing her lovely ass high in the air just waiting for me. As I reached to feel her slit, she lowered her head to Lee’s cock and began cleaning his shaft. Her slit was so slick and sloppy, and moved closer and rubbed my cockhead up and down to get it lubricated. That wasn’t actually necessary as I slid into my wife completely. I could feel her vagina contracting to grip me as I started to slowly go deep and retreat, go deep and retreat. Linda sucked Lee’s cock into her mouth and revived him to full stature. As her lips moved down his shaft taking his helmeted warrior deeper down her throat, Lee responded as if her throat was her vagina. I’m sure his hardness could not tell the difference.

“Oh baby, my cock is tingling,” I moaned as the head of my cock was signaling the pleasure her pussy was delivering while pumping in and out of her. It wouldn’t be long for me to cum at this rate.

Linda’s sucking became more intense on Lee and he was showing his growing sense of urgency. “Oh my God, Linda, I’m getting close…I’m gonna cum,” Lee warned as both his hands went to the back of her head. “Oh…argghh…” he growled while holding her head firmly on his cock as he pulsed repeatedly shooting his hot load into her mouth. Linda gulped and then gulped again as she attempted to swallow all of Lee’s seed.

I pumped her cunt from behind, and her tits swung back and forth over Lee’s thighs. I reached around to hold her breasts in my hands as I moved deeper into her from behind. My cock was growing harder and I squeezed as hard as I could to delay the eruption, but the sensations overtook me as my whole body contracted and shot squirt after squirt of my sperm deep into her womb. Linda pushed back onto my cock while moaning. Her orgasm took over her body and her vagina gripped and released my cock repeatedly. She continued to hold Lee’s cock tightly as the crescendo of this experience overwhelmed her.

We all stayed still until the intensity of the moment subsided. I slowly pulled out of Linda, and watched my creampie ooze out of her love tunnel to run down her thigh to the blanket on the floor as I returned to the chair. She crawled up to Lee on hands and knees and gave him an open-mouthed tongue-dualing kiss for Lee to taste his own salty cum in her mouth and then sat down on the floor beside Lee.

“Holy cow, that was amazing,” Linda sighed aloud with sweat beading on her flushed face and chest. Her breasts shone in the light and a smile emerged across her face to light up the room.

“I have never done anything like this before,” Lee said while taking a big gasp of air. “Oh my God, Linda, you are fucking awesome!”

“Well, Lee, this wasn’t planned…none of it. I’ve never done anything quite like this before either, but hope we can keep this private,” I offered hoping he would be discrete about both my sharing Linda and my tasting his cock. I still had not fully comprehended what all happened.

“I have to tell you guys that every woman should experience what I just had,” Linda mused aloud. “Having two gorgeous men at the same time for just raw a****l sex was absolutely amazing.”

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