Prequel to 5 women

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Prequel to 5 women

Andy and Jack where too good friends of mine Andy’s wife was a total slut and my kind of women didn’t mind how she got cock as long as it was cock and had to be big and thick nothing less would do. Andy’s wife Jenny was also a good friends with my wife Tanya, and Jack’s wife Pam who herself was a bit of a tart but didn’t care what size the cock was as long as she had a good fuck and got totally satisfied.
Tanya was always having coffee mornings but it was more like a slating session for Jenny and Pam to slag of their old men in bed, Tanya was always bragging how good I was and always had multiple orgasms and always have a smug grin on her face when she said it, I had to admit our sex life was fantastic 4 or 5 times a week twice a night most nights, we were very compatible in that way a very huge sex drive and always grabbed oral sex if we had 5 minutes Tanya also loved to give me head if it risky of being caught as well and would whisper that she had no panties on, if we where shopping she would say how horny she would be dying to suck my cock and getting close to me in the supermarket rubbing my trouser front until I was hard walking away after.
I would get back to the car after and unzip myself wanking my cock until I shot my load usually in Tanya’s mouth and then all the way home finger her pussy, as soon as we got through the door I would bend her over a chair and ram my cock in her until she was totally satisfied, but one day I was in the garden doing stuff when Jenny came home and started to chat, no doubt she had just been totally fucked by some black cock that was her favourite, and has been in a 4 way once or twice (3 men & her), I joked saying had she been fed beef today and laughed she knew what I meant, she replied “no but would love a nice juicy pork joint with extra creamy filling” licking her lips, then invited me in for a coffee.

As we sat at the kitchen table Jenny said “Tanya always bragged at how good you are in bed” I smirked and said “well never had a complaint how good I am how big and thick now that a different story” Jenny looked at me and said “well how big and thick is it” I was shocked and knew if I told her she would want to see and possibly have it, I had heard rumours’ that she was a terrific lay and a demon in bed and always had her men gagging for more being able to pick and choose what cock to have. Jenny waited to hear what I had to say and said again “well tell me” I looked at her and said “well how big is Jack” Jenny said average size 6” or 7” but not thick at all gives me an orgasm but nothing like I really like. I stood up and pulled down my trousers as it hung down Jenny shrieked saying “fucking hell that’s massive” she stared at it hanging down my huge balls either side she reached out stroking it saying she had never seen a white cock so thick before.

She wrapped her fingers round it slowly rubbing it I was getting hard and she was hungry, I took my shirt off to reveal a six pack that I was very proud of I worked out every day to get a ripped body, as Jenny started to take her clothes off, as she undone her bra her tits fell out they where big, bigger than the wife’s and pierced nipples too, nice dark nipples and big as well, just how I like them, she removed her thong as well to reveal a shaved pussy and a pierced clit that was so frigging horny, I as now as hard as a pole and Jenny was busy sucking my cock taking a good length down her throat she was rubbing her clit at the same time as sucking me off Cumming a few times before saying” she needed my cock in her tight hole”.

She bent over the kitchen table as I stood behind her, she opened her legs slightly as I slipped my cock into her pussy I was surprised how tight she was as I had heard she had big cock on a regular basis. I had slid all the way in and started to thrust back and forth grabbing her hips as I did, Jenny begged like mad begging me to treat her like the slut she was, it was turning me on and making my cock thicker at the words of her begging I slammed in and out my cock soaking with her juices as she cum screaming and gripping the table as they ripped through her body. I carried on thrusting my rod in and out of her soaking wet hole as I got close I pulled out rubbing my cock in short, sharp jerks controlling the flow of cum over her shapely arse.

Jenny gasped for air breathing heavy saying “ that was a good fuck and wanted it some other time” I had to admit I found it awesome and was convinced she sure knew how to fuck, we got sorted and I left totally satisfied and couldn’t wait until the next time I had her but would make her wait as I knew she was wanting it, I went back to what I was doing in the garden and noticed the wife was home from shopping, I went in and said hi as she asked where I had been, I joked saying “Jenny needed a good fucking and I was the only one available so I had to feed her pussy” Tanya said “well it don’t surprise me I told Jenny how big your cock was and she told me she would be dying to even see it” and smiled I said “ I was only joking” lying through my back teeth Tanya said “I wasn’t she does want you and so does Jack’s wife as well. I was surprised to hear that Pam needed it as well as she was more Sunday school teacher than Friday night shag against the wall then ask what her name was person.

That evening I sat watching television thinking of Pam bent over and my cock in her pussy, I turned to the wife and said” how you feel about 3 in a bed “the wife said “ I have a confession to make I have fantasised about being had by 2 women whilst you watched” and smiled I was shocked because I had never even thought the wife was like that; I knew she loved to fuck at any opportunity or even fuck another bloke but 3 women in a bed was really turning me on at the sight of Tanya being licked out by a women is something else, my cock was getting firm at the thought and Tanya could see that.
She reached out and gently rubbed my bulge I lay back closing my eye’s whilst she took care of my hard on, Tanya pulled my cock out and started to suck it deep into her mouth teasing the cock slit with her tongue then slowly suck the huge purple cock head like a lolly, Tanya started to wank me off as my mind drifted back to the afternoon I spent with Jenny, Tanya started to fondle my huge balls that hung down trying to encourage me to shoot my load, but I was going to make her work for my cream, she was sucking me like a Hoover and she knew if this carried on I would shoot my load.

I tried to hold on as long as possible but it was pointless and I exploded down her throat Tanya swallowed hard drinking all the goodness not spilling a drop, she sat up licking her lips and said well would you allow me to have my fantasy I said of cause I’m looking forward to it, Tanya said “ what would be your fantasy” I said” wouldn’t mind a 3 way with 2 women as long as one was you” well Tanya said “ how does Jenny & Pam sound and I spied on you” again I was shocked at the suggestion but agreed to it really looking forward to fucking 2 women that wanted to satisfied by my cock.
That night we fucked like 2 wild rabbits making Tanya cum, more times than I could count she screamed the house down, the following morning I brought up the suggestion about Tanya’s fantasy and told her to make the arrangements for that weekend. I went off to work only having to stop half way because I was still fantasying about the wife and 2 women giving me a huge hard on and had to get rid before I walked in the office, I pulled into a country lane and got my cock out wanking it nice and hard and shooting a huge stream of cum. That weekend couldn’t come quick enough as I had the image in my mind of my wife on her back whilst being pleased by 2 women.

Saturday evening came and I had prepared the meal as usual and Jenny and Pam arrived, Jenny looked at me as my mind went back to the fucking she got the week before, we finished dinner and sat having drinks, chatting about the night ahead, Jenny got up and walked over and kissed Tanya their tongues twisting round each other’s mouths, as Pam and I watched they started to take each other’s clothes off I was getting horny and my cock was hard I unzipped my trousers releasing the b**st from its cage as I slowly wanked whilst watching the 2 of them naked playing with each other’s body. Pam laid back opening her legs and rubbed her pussy over her panties she pulled her panties to one side to reveal a hairy pussy as her fingers slipped in between her lips rubbing her clit Pam looked at me playing with my cock and licked her lips as though she was hungry for my meat, she undone her blouse and pulled her bra down to reveal a nice pair of tit’s with huge nipples that looked like thumb’s I was dying to get over there and suck them as teased me.

I was not going to be able to hold out as I stripped completely Pam gasped at the sight of my muscle’s, I walked over my cock sticking out like a pole as I rubbed it slowly I know this was supposed to be Tanya’s night but I was a horny bastered and needed pussy badly. I looked across and Jenny was licking Tanya’s pussy and rubbing her nipples. I stood in front of Pam as she lay back opening her legs fingering her hairy snatch, I wanted her badly and bent down pushing her hand away and leaning forward pushing my cock into her wet hole, Pam groaned as I started to move in and out as we kissed I pushed my full length in as Pam wrapped her legs around my waist not allowing me to pull out she cum groaning loudly, as Jenny and Tanya stopped to watch.

Tanya shouted” she’s mine tonight get your cock out of her cunt you greedy bastered” laughing as she said it I carried on ramming in and out of her; Jenny & Tanya came over sitting either side of Pam and started to play with her tits, Jenny fondled my ball sack encouraging me to shoot my load, I didn’t need telling twice, as I groaned and exploded my full load into her, Pam screamed out with a huge orgasm as both women sucked on Pam’s nipples I pulled out as my cock hung down, Jenny got off the sofa dropping to her knee’s sucking my limp cock of its cum and Pam’s pussy juices, Tanya got in between Pam’s legs and licked the cum out of her pussy giving Pam a string of orgasms.
We went upstairs as the 3 women got on the bed whilst I sat and watched they started kissing and playing with each other Jenny was busy playing with Pam’s pussy as Tanya was behind Jenny licking her ring and pussy I could see the wife running her fingers over her slit every so often slipping her fingers into her soaking wet hole. I just sat mesmerised by the view of women on women having the time of their lives, I was getting hard again and started to rub my cock hoping it will go, hard again I wasn’t disappointed as it slowly firmed up until it was standing up to attention I grabbed the shaft, and rubbed slowly.

Tanya stopped and went to her side cabinet and pulled out a brand new toy I had never seen before, it was massive as she got behind Jenny slowly pushing it in, I could see Jenny’s pussy lips split wide open as she moaned begging for more, it was huge more like a tree trunk than a vibrator, Tanya turned it on as a low buzz came from the toy , Jenny cried out as she buried her face into Pam’s pussy making her cum Pam arched her back pulling at her hard nipples this made Pam shudder with the pleasure of a awesome orgasm.

I was as hard as a rock my cock was so thick if I had fucked a virgin it would of split her in two, Tanya was busy fucking Jenny with the toy as Pam took over Tanya got off the bed and came over to me and taking over whilst I sat back and watched the lesbian show and the wife wanking and sucking my cock, my cock was still sensitive from fucking Pam and wasn’t long in Cumming as I shot my load over the wife’s face and tit’s, she was soaked with my cum she got up and went back to the bed where the other two licked the cum making Tanya clean.
I really did enjoy the weekend watching the wife get totally used and abused by her 2 friends, I went back of to work on the Monday morning, sitting at my desk the phone rang I answered it was Pam asking if I was up for more fucking she said” she had never had a cock so big and was up for second’s” I arranged for her and Jenny to come round the following weekend as Tanya was away at her mum’s (not really but if I turned and said she wanted to spy they wouldn’t come round), the weekend approached and made all the arrangements the wife was nowhere to be see when the 2 turned up little did they know she was in a secret hiding place with a video camera, so she could see me fucking both of them to my pleasure.

We had a few drinks and Jenny said” she wanted to suck my cock whilst Pam helped I sat on the sofa and laid back whilst they helped their selves, Jenny wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft slowly licking the head whilst Pam massaged my huge hung balls, Jenny commented about how I had shaved she was turned on by a shaved cock as, she rubbed and sucked my now hard cock, Pam & Jenny where both now playing with their pussies whilst playing with my cock, I started to help both out of their clothes so we all were naked, I played with their ample tit’s I loved big boobs as Jenny started to nibble the under part of my shaft I groaned and cum pouring a stream of cum everywhere as both licked up my spilt load.

I sat up and told both to lay back I got in between Jenny’s legs and licked her total smooth pussy she was soaking and didn’t take long before she cum Pam laid slowly rubbing her pussy I was looking forward to this as the last time I found Pam’s pussy as sweet as sugar. I pushed her legs apart and started to lick the hairy snatch as her pubic hair was getting wet I slipped 3 fingers into her finger fucking her hard whilst I licked her clit that was now standing up like a button, Pam moaned and begged for more as she started to swear begging “get your fingers in my cunt you bastered fuck me hard make me cum” so much for the Sunday school teacher I thought! Pam groaned out a orgasm as her juices dribbled from her pussy.
We decided to go to the bedroom as I walked up the stairs behind Jenny I watched her firm backside in front of me, we lay on the bed and fondled each other I could see where Tanya had stuck herself the other 2 totally un aware they were being seen and filmed, Pam moved down the bed and started to suck my cock she slurped on the rod until I was hard again then she started to rub it before she got up and lowered herself all the way down grinding her hips to make sure it was all in, Jenny straddled my face and made me lick her pussy, my tongue slid all the way in as she grabbed her tit’s moving back and forth as I made her wetter and wetter, Pam groaned having a orgasm her pussy muscles gripped my shaft like a vice not bad for a women that had, had 3 k**s, Jenny was different no k**s as she wasn’t the mothering type only wanting plenty of cock.

Jenny had been a porn star years ago in a few low budget blue movies I came across them in a shop, I bought them for a laugh and was surprised at the main star she must have been 18 or 19 at the time. I did ask her how she came across being a porn star and found out it was a ex boyfriend and had convinced her to do it, I felt my cock throb and all of a sudden it exploded in Pam’s pussy filling it to the brim, she screamed a huge orgasm as Jenny cum as well the dirty bitches, Pam got off my cock and sucked me dry then lay on the bed whilst Jenny ate Pam’s pussy licking some of the cum out, I watched as Jenny licked Pam’s pussy I reached out and played with Jenny’s ring slowly pushing my finger into her arse she gasped and pushed back making my finger go further in my thumb started to massage her clit as both women cum at the same time again.

We rested for a while before I got Pam on her knees and fucked her up the arse as she played and ate Jenny’s sweet pussy, that night was fantastic as the following morning they both left after sharing my load one last time, after they had gone the wife came out of hiding and sat talking about the night before, Tanya said “she didn’t count how many orgasms she had as she watched me fucking both women but there was a huge puddle where she had, been standing and couldn’t believe she had kept so quiet when finger fucking herself, we settled down and watched the video whilst the wife sucked my cock making me cum in her mouth after a while, she also finished watching the video whilst fingering herself and squirting a huge stream when I cum in Jenny’s pussy.
The following day I got a phone call from Pam asking for me to come over I made my excuses to Tanya saying” Pam wanted me to fix something for her” I arrived at the door to be greeted by Pam stark naked and a shaven pussy she had just done for me, I went rigid straight away and as I closed the door behind me dropped to the floor and fucked her stupid making her faint with one almighty orgasm as she lost all water control soaking both of us and the carpet I just fucked her on, when she came round she gave me her panties she had taken off before answering the door.

She got dressed and said she was going panty shopping for some new stuff just for me and what was my favourite type, I told her black French silk or white and always keep that pussy shaved, as I thought it looked better, and to tell Jack that you fancied a change that would throw him of the thought you was being fucked by another bloke, he knew I fancied his and Andy’s wives and knew if I had the chance I would of fucked them, little did he know I had; had both and Jack’s on the hall carpet no less than 10 minutes earlier, Pam kissed me goodbye as I left, I walked back home totally satisfied and a bit tired, I rested for the day and now have at least 15 pair of Pam’s panties all types thong, G string’s and of cause French knickers in a variety of colours all silk, the odd occasion I take them out of my secret hiding place and jack off over them and always smell them when I take them off Pam before fucking her hard. Jenny and I have the odd fuck but she is more into beef than pork, the last I heard she had been fucked by 5 black guys one after each other and had trouble walking for at least a week after, Tanya teased her about it saying she always had the same trouble after a night of sex with me.

Tanya and I watch the video of myself with Pam & Jenny whilst Tanya sucks me off.

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