Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 1)

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Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 1)
“Did you want to grab something to eat this afternoon? My treat?” I said, eagerly awaiting Sar’s response.
“Sure thing, Bianca! I have a lunch break at one. Wanna meet up?”
“There’s a great Italian place not far from your office. Paradise Restaurant I think it’s called. I’ve been thinking of trying it for a while.” I lied. I had been there before, but I wanted her to feel like we were experiencing something new together.
“I think I know the place. I’ll see you there soon.”
“Sounds good!” I hung up the phone and let out a deep breath. Sara was gorgeous, with long brown hair and stunning green eyes. Her body was the definition of perfection, with thick thighs and a thin waist, large, round breasts the pressed against her shirt. The though of her made me so wet. And hard.
I had a big secret, one I kept from almost everyone; I was a Futa Girl. I had the body of a woman, down to every detail and anatomical feature, but in addition to the womanhood between my legs, I had a long, throbbing cock right above my pussy. My cock and pussy were both fully functional in every way and I longed for a sexual partner who could appreciate both sex organs. And I had a sinking suspicion that Sara shared my unique…situation.

One o’clock came around and I stood across the street from the restaurant. I watched Sara from a distance, and slid a hand down my skirt, which fit tight around my curvy frame. I wrapped my fingers around my swelling cock and stroked it slightly, hiding alongside a building to stay out of sight. I imagined her soft lips caressing my shaft, sliding up towards the head of my cock to take it into her mouth. I imagined her hands, one working my shaft and the other gently teasing my clit. I brought myself so close to orgasm that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop myself, but I did. My hand, covered in precum, moved further down towards my hungry snatch. I was dripping wet from both the head of my cock and the lips of my love hole, and I hoped that Sara wouldn’t notice. My precum has a habit of seeping through my clothes when I’m really wet.
I licked my fingers clean of my juices and casually walked across the street to greet Sara. She smiled and waved when she saw me approach, and we hugged. I could have sworn I felt a bulge in the front of her sexy work pants, but I tried to put the thought out of my mind. I didn’t want to get more worked up than I already was.
“I’m so happy we’re getting lunch!” Sara said, leaving my embrace. “I had such a good time last week at the bar with all the girls, and I think the two of us should do this kind of thing more often!”
“Oh, absolutely! We have so much in common. More than we probably realize…” My words trailed off as I cast a glance at her crotch. I could make out the faint outline of something snaking slightly down her pant leg, but I couldn’t get as long of a look as I would have liked. “Let’s go in, I’m starving!”

The restaurant was fairly busy during the lunch time rush, but we managed to get a table fairly quickly. We chatted about her job and mine, about the weather, and about a few of our mutual friends. We laughed together and were all smiles. Even if she wasn’t a Futa Girl like me, I would love to keep seeing her like this. I never liked men much, preferring the look of a woman’s body, but I always loved the way cocks looked, especially on a slender, female body.
“So, are you seeing anyone?” Sara asked, blushing slightly. I could tell she was anxious to know but afraid to ask.
“No, not right now. But I have been getting close with someone,” I said, giving a playful wink. Sara blushed more and smiled coyly.
I slid one of my shoes off under the table and decided to get a little adventurous. Either she would be receptive or she wouldn’t, and I wanted to take the chance. I slowly slid my foot over towards her leg, and playfully ran my toes across her voluptuous thigh. She bit the bottom of her lip and looked me in the eyes. She wanted me bad, but I wondered if she expected what I was packing. I hoped she wouldn’t mind.
I worked my foot across her thigh and towards her crotch. Nothing yet, but the bulge I saw earlier was on the left side, not the right. Maybe I hadn’t found it yet. She spread her legs as I got closer to her crotch, and I could tell she was enjoying my exploratory moves. I moved my toes across the place in her pants where her pussy would be and felt an unmistakable wetness. She was turned on, and so was I. I rubbed my toes across her covered twat and Sara let out a soft moan. And then I felt it.
My toes brushed across something above her pussy region and I knew it had to be her futa ball sack. She pulled away when I discovered it, seeming embarrassed.
“I really don’t think this is a good idea,” Sara said, looking flustered. “I mean, we’re in public and we barely know each other.”
“Relax, babe. It’s okay. Your secret is safe with me.” I reached across the table and gently grabbed her hand. “I have one too.”
“You…you do?” She looked surprised and intrigued at the same time. “I thought I was the only one.”
“And so did I. Until today,” I said, smiling mischievously at her. “I need to use the restroom before we leave. Would you like to join me?”
“Of course I would,” Sara said, standing up. I could see now the futa cock she had tried to keep me from. It looked so much longer and thicker than I could have imagined, and it worked its way far down her pant leg. At the tip, almost by her knee, I saw a huge wet spot. I wanted to taste that precum so badly.

In the bathroom, I pushed her into a stall, kissing her deeply on the mouth the entire time. She moaned hotly into my mouth as she reciprocated the kissing, and her hands explored my body. I yanked at her pants button and zipper, eager to unleash the monster cock she hid inside them. She closed the stall door behind us as I managed to pull her pants down from her waist. Her girly panties did little to contain her b**st of an erection, and it sprang up from her pants once I fully removed them, pushing her panties to the side. It must have been over a foot long, and thicker than my wrist. I was in heaven.
“I’m always so embarrassed by it,” Sara said, looking down at her cock. I always wished I could just have a pussy like all the other girls.”
“Oh, babe, this is nothing to be embarrassed about.” I grabbed the throbbing member near the head, squeezing more precum from it. She moaned lightly at my touch. “I’ll show you how much fun being a Futa Girl can be.”
“Please do,” Sara said, biting her lip again.
I stroked her love rod slowly, working my hand from the base back up to her swollen mushroom head. I could feel the blood throbbing into her member, making it even bigger and harder. She was already on the brink of orgasm, and I had barely begun to pleasure her. I smiled up at her as I brought my face closer to her cock. She thrusted her hips slightly, eager to have my mouth around her. I teased her with my tongue, sliding it around the head of her dick, tasting her precum. I loved the way mine tasted, but her’s was delicious. She thrusted more, begging to have her member swallowed, and I finally obliged. I took her head into my mouth, still working her shaft with my hands. I could feel her precum pulsing out of her rod, and I loved it. I worked my mouth as far down on her as I could, and I slid my right hand down towards her womanhood. Her pussy was soaking wet, and it took no effort at all to slide two fingers into her aching twat. She moaned louder and louder as I pleased both of her love organs.
I could feel her cock hardening and throbbing, and she pulled on my hair. She was close to cumming, and it wouldn’t take much more. I slid another finger into her snatch and took as much of her dick into my mouth as I could. She yanked at my hair and screamed in pleasure. With one final pulse, she climaxed.
Hot, sticky girl cum sprayed into my mouth and down my throat as I continued to slurp and suck on her Futa cock. I started to moan myself as hot torrents of her cum streamed from her swollen cock, and I could feel some of it spill out and onto my chin and chest. She grabbed my head and shoved it down further onto her behemoth cock, and I had no choice but to take her spunk straight down my throat. I didn’t think my throat could handle it, but I must have had most of her inside of my mouth, as my chin brushed against her draining balls.
Finally she relented, and the last hot spurt of cum trickled from her cock. She pulled back, and I took my mouth off of her. I wiped my chin off and smiled.
“See how much fun that cock can be?”
“Oh, God! I never felt that way before!” Sara looked absolutely stunning with her cock flopped against her belly and her face flushed from her intense orgasm. “I need more!”
“You’ll get more, babe, believe me. But first…” I slid my skirt up, working it past my nearly exploding erection. My cock, not quite as large as her’s, bounced as I pulled it free from my skirt. Precum dripped from the tip and splashed on the tile floor. “…I want to fuck that pussy of yours!”


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