Rich Bitch in INDIA

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Rich Bitch in INDIA

was a fun loving rich girl. My father have his own business in INDIA so have nothing to worry about money. My parents gave me all freedom and there was no one to stop me from doing anything. This story starts when I was in my 12th standard in DPS. Back then I had my personal iPhone which my father gave me as my birthday gift. Due to some anger issue one day I throw it on a wall and it broke.

I was worried that this was a gift from my father, so somehow I repaired it but everything I had in it was lost. The repair shop completely flashed it and even I was not able to access the internet. I called customer care and ask them for settings, after some tries, I didn’t receive any settings so called up again. The guy on the other side was very helpful and he guided me to how to do manual setting to run the internet.

He then asked me to reboot my mobile to check the working of the internet, I did the same and call was disconnected. But even after that, my internet was not working. I was frustrated and gave up.

Later that day, after some hours I received a text message with an apology. The message was from the guy whom I talked for the setting. He said that he was sorry and by mistake, he did some wrong settings, due to that internet may be not working on my phone. And in the message he sent me some guidance to do correct things. I follow those and my internet starts working. I was like on the seventh cloud. After all these many days it finally starts working. I was busy in surfing internet and time passed. Suddenly I realized my ethics and I texted that guy thanks. I was the girl who never leaves any chance to thanks, anyone if they deserve. Though I texted him.

It was late in the night and I finished my studies and surfing the internet with some stories and porns. In the morning when I checked my mobile, it was his message saying “your welcome. I knew your problem was resolved, that’s why you replied so late. ” I was shocked at first by his reply but sent a message to him. And for next some days that chaining of messages started.

I was like attracted to this guy and ask his pic. He sent his pic in a mail and he looked like a hunk. He is about 6 feet and a muscular body but dark in color and I was kinda like an average girl with straight long black hairs, a good round of assets but had some fat around my tummy with a height of 5’1” and dark brownish in color.

We then continued talking via text messages. When my half yearly exams were finished and I was bored at my home using the internet. I decided to call him in the night. It was around 12 am when everyone was sleeping but he didn’t lift my call. I tried to or three more times but no response. I thought he was sleeping. Later that night I phone buzzed when I was sleeping at around 2. It was his call. I picked it and respond in a sleepy voice. He said he was on night shift and it ended just 5 minutes ago and we are not allowed to take phones with us. And our talk continues till I realized it’s almost morning.

I asked him to put it down and took some rest. He said I am ok with it and we continued but after an hour the call was dropped and he didn’t call then.

I woke up and felt too fresh that day, did my daily routines and called him at around 11 am when mom and dad were out of the house. We talked and talked for almost 4 hours and our talks were more intimidated sexually. He turned me so on and fucked me on phone, I masturbated twice during the talk and so did he. We continued talking on the phone for some more days.

It was December, and everyone knows the winter of NCR. He decided to come to Noida. I agreed. Very next day he reached Noida and called me. We met at the preset place in a mall. We watched the movie and roam there for some hours.

He caught me in arms several times because I was feeling cold and sometimes he kissed me while there were no one. We then decided to go to his hotel room. I already told my parents that I am going on a tour with my friends, so there was no worry. I booked a good 4-star hotel for him and planned to stay with him there for three days.

It was almost evening and we went to the hotel and check in. Once we entered the room, I quickly jumped on him and started kissing him. He too responded aggressively and locked my lips with his. I put my legs around his waist and he holds me just like that while biting my lips.

He moved and stick my back to the walls, pull my hair and started kissing me on my neck, I too with much aggression removed his jacket and t-shirt. The environment was amazing both outside and inside and the hunger inside us made it more comfortable. I was starving for a first real fuck of my life, I used to masturbate many times with fingers and other stuff but was never fucked before by a real cock. The feeling of first real sex making me more aroused.

He then holds my hair in his one hand and pull them back and started licking my neck with his tongue, it was a great feeling. Then he took me to the bed and throw me over there and jumped on me, removed my cardigan and my top.

He started pressing my boobs and biting them over my black push-up bra. He slides down my bra and takes out my boob hold it in his hand while biting my ear and lips. I was on the seventh cloud of enjoyment. I never thought that it feel so good.

He then moves me over and unhook my bra, and started kissing my back all over. He again moves me over sucking and licking my boobs and nipples. I started moaning. By listening to my moan he turned on the LCD in the room in a loud voice.

He continued kissing and biting my boobs. In some minutes they were red and I was burning like hell. As I watched a lot of porn movie, I want to experience all those things.

So I sat down on him and started kissing his lips while moving my hands all over his back. I slowly remove his belt and pants. His cock was like to tear his underwear and the view was amazing. I insert my one hand in his pants, it was bloody hot.

I push him with my both hands on the bed and take out his cock from his pants and plant a kiss on it, he moaned with that. His dick looks like the dicks in the porn movies. Its foreskin was already removed. I put my tongue on it and it smells bad at first but anyhow I want to give it a try.

So I grabbed his whole cock in my mouth and started moving it in and out. I put some of my saliva on it and rub it hard. My boyfriend was feeling the pain n pleasure, I guess the same due to his moans. I took it deep it till throat and hit on my inner chicks. His cock tastes delicious at that time and I forgot that bad smell of his cock. His precum was spreading in my mouth with the mix of my saliva. I simultaneously massaging his balls. All those movie scenes were flashing in my mind.

He then sat up and hold me in his hands and started kissing me, I was sleeping on the bed and he unbuttons my skirt and removed my panty. My clean shaved panty was clearly visible to him.

He spread my legs apart and started licking my inner thighs. The sensations were really enjoyable. He slowly moved to my pussy, it was already leaking its juices. He opens up walls of my pussy with his fingers and put his tongue in between them, and started sucking it and slowly reached my g spot. I was moaning louder like hell. Yes, this is it, suck it more make me cum, yesssss ohhhm ohhhh mann yesssss. With my moans, he was sucking it like a dog.

My moans were increasing with each suck. I was enjoying it too much that I started moving my bumps with it.Electric waves were traveling in my body in some minutes and my body was kind of tight. He knew that I was about to cum and continued with the same passion, now his hands were rolling all over my body and sometimes pinching my nipples too. My nipples went rock hard. I was near my first orgasm but he stopped and came near me and ask to suck his cock more. I did the same.

I started sucking his cock hard and he was holding my head and pushing me towards his dick. He then came to my legs and hold my legs up. Put his dick on my pussy walls and hit a stroke his half of the dick go inside my pussy. My breath stops for a while because my pussy was not infiltrated such deeply.

He then came over me and start kissing me and eating my lips, I responded, in the same manner, to forgot that little pain of mine. Sooner we were exchanging our saliva and both were enjoying. In between, he pushed his dick again and it went all the way in.

I closed my eyes for a moment. My nails were scratching on his back. I was saying in his ears, you b**st, you tear it apart. And he was responding with, baby you are damn hot that no one can hold their monster back. He knew that I totally surrendered myself to him.

He started moving his hips up and down and deeper and I was enjoying it much better than ever. That day he was good for everything. He filled my whole pussy with his dick strokes. We both were moaning. Ohhh baby yessss fuckkkkk meeee fuckkkk me hard harder… fuckkkkk meee… fuckk meeee like you neverrr fucked before. Yesssss yessss ahhh ahhhhh ohhhhnh….

I was already near my orgasm earlier so didn’t take much time and came within 5 minutes. He stopped and look me into my eyes and I was feeling happy and grabbed his lips between mine and bite them and we lip locked for some time. And he removed his dick. I was not aware at that time that a man normally can’t hold that much longer, only saw in movies. He then asks me to sit on my knees and push up my bumps and hold the bed with his hands, I was in the same position.

And he came behind me and put his dick in my pussy. It now infiltrated my pussy more. He held my waist with his hands and started pumping my pussy hard, with each stroke my moans came out of my mouth ohhh yaaa ohhh yessss ohhhh come onnn do it hardddd. He continued fucking me like that and after a while he held my both boobs with his nipples and I can’t hold my hands like that much longer.

Now my back was touching his chest and my boobs were cupped in his hands, he was rolling his hips and his dick was making his way in my pussy in round robin fashion. I had shortness of breath and was sweating. So was he. But he didn’t stop. I ask him, how do you get that much stamina, he said I love the workout.

He got off to the bed and pull my legs near him, held one leg in one hand and pushed his dick in me again with his other hand. I was feeling all the porn scenes of the movie in real life. He started stroking my pussy hard while licking my toe. I was moaning in great pleasure. Ohhh babyy you made my dayy yess giveeee ittt to meee..

In some 10 minutes, he was near his first orgasm. And his speed was increased, he put my legs down and came over me and stroke hard for 10 or 12 times. We both came at the same time and he unloaded his all cum inside me. We both felt relaxed and slept there for a couple of hours.

It was 3 days vacation for me. He fucked me daily 3 or 4 times. In those three days, my pussy was wider than before.He enjoyed my whole body for three full days and nights. I tasted a great cock for the same time. Later he told me that every time he took pills.

Those days were amazing. I feel to share with you and hope you liked the sex story.

Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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