Round 2

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Round 2
After spending a couple of months chatting with Rick about our last encounter we worked out a date he could come by the house for round 2
We’ve had several one on one conversations over the last get together and he expressed repeatedly how much he enjoyed the experience and how much Mary excited him.
He was worried that he might have been too rough with her and I let him know she preferred it.
He was a bit amused by that saying how other woman he’s been with weren’t so keen
He shared with me a fantasy he was having and it sounded interesting and after further discussion I decided to make it a reality.

While Mary was at the gym for her weekly Saturday workout Rick rode to our place
We wheeled his motorcycle into our garage as so not to be seen And knowing how my wife is had him take a shower and hang out in our finished basement until she got home.
Mary pulled up to the driveway stepping out of the SUV looking sweet in her Lycra hair still wet from bathing at the gym
I was fresh from washing up myself in my robe giving her a passionate kiss at the door.
Meet me in the basement I say with a smile knowing how much she loves having sex after working out.
She smiled and ran upstairs telling me she had to freshen up and change first
Ok I replied making my way down the stairs.
In the basement Rick was lounging on the sofa wearing a black Tee and charcoal colored jogging pants, the TV on low
I give him a grin and raise my eyebrows and he smiles back
Openly excited
He makes his way into the laundry room off to the side of out basement living space while I pour myself a glass of Merlot from the bar set the Alexa to slow jazz station and proceed to my favorite recliner.
Moments later Mary comes down with her ponytail flowing over her plush red robe and a smile and I’m thinking to myself “ oh baby you have no idea”
Just as she gets to the curve of the bar right next to the laundry room door I tell her to stop
She does
Looking at me sitting there legs crossed in my own robe and glass of wine in hand
Lights giving the room a soft orange glow she gives me a lip sided smirk.
Loose the robe I tell her
She smiles untying the rope that holds it closed removing the enveloping garment and tossing it onto the couch close by
She looks amazing, small tits with her brown perky nipples standing at attention
Slightly rounded belly and thick thighs
Freshly shaven mound the color of light coffee
Silently Rick steps from the back room wearing a domino mask I lent him for the occasion no grin but a slight raise of the mouth like a big cat ready to pounce
I do the circling motion with my finger and Mary obeys
A quarter turn before she realizes someone’s there
Oh Huh!?!
She says startled as he steps into her grabbing her by both shoulders
Without a word he spins her back towards him forcing her to grab the bar and using his foot to kick open her legs like he’s going to frisk her
“Wait” she says as his hand goes between her asscheeks and into her beautiful pussy, she gasps
Turning her head to me looking pleadingly as she whimpers
“what’s happeningggg, oooohhhhhhh”

Her back is arched and ass high as she’s standing on her tippy toes and rick has her ponytail in one hand and the other is working two fingers furiously in and out of her already wet vagina and I can hear the sound of damp suction coming from it.
She’s looking at me in confusion, excitement and shock asking over and over between moans
“What’s going on? What is this? Ohooohhhh!
And then she cums
Not her usual kind of cumming where she screams to god but a low moan that starts deep and gets higher as it goes
A couple of quick pants catching her breath was all that he gave her as he pulled her hair back and she turned to face him
On your knees slut
Show Jack how you suck my dick
She whimpers a little and drops quickly
Pulling the sweats around his waist and taking his throbbing cock on her mouth
She swallows his erection whole his hand pushing her head back and forth pointing his chin up to the ceiling and grunting as she works his cock with fever.
I’m sipping my wine as watching and my view is spectacular.
I see the side of her face go back and forth lips securely around his pipe gurgling and whimpering simultaneously his tattooed arm guiding her and his bold scalp gleaming in the dim light.
She breaks away gasping for air like she was underwater and Rick guides her up
Spins her around and bends her towards the bar rail again
She grabs hold spreading her legs not ready for Rick’s maneuver
He takes grip of her thighs and forcefully lifts her up with his powerful arms she instinctively lifts her body wrapping her legs around his waist as she adjust her grip.
Rick thrusts every inch of his manhood deep inside her with no gentleness
Her knees gripping his waist as he keeps going her moans resinating throughout the basement the muscles in her arm twitching from the strain of holding on her eyes closed panting as he repeatedly pounds her dripping wet pussy
Finally he let’s go of her legs grabs her by the arms and spins her to me
“Suck him” He growls
Obediently she drops in front of me eye gleaming opening my robe she takes my raging hard on out and gulps down on top of it
Working it with vigor.
Rick stands behind her watching, his man hood purple and throbbing his cheeks red and flushed under the mask
Mary knows he’s behind her and arches her back offering that hot ass of hers to him taking my cock in one hand she removes her mouth turns her head slightly and says it an almost whisper “fuck meee” her pinoy accent noticeable
Rick straddles her from behind without a moments hesitation and again thrusts his manhood into her from behind she lets out a squeal and continues to suck me off her drool running down my balls.
Rick keeps asking her
You like this slut?
She mumbles uh uh as she continues pleasuring me
I pull her hair back
The man asked you a question I tell her
Give him an answer
I love it I love your cocks she whimpers in between thrusts moaning and swearing to god
Drool running down her chin as she takes me in her mouth again.
Rick continues to grunt as he drills his tool deeper into her waiting pussy
I see him lick his thumb and press it against her tight asshole
Her eyes go wide
Although it’s clear I’m the only man allowed to fuck her ass no one said anything about a finger
She lets out a squeal as he goes knuckle deep wincing at the pain as her hole gets ever so stretched.
After a few more moments rick grabs her around her waist swings her over to the couch and takes her from behind again pinning her head down on the back rest with his hand facing me as he drives his manhood deeper into her waiting pussy
His other hand once again working his thumb into her slick asshole.
My view of her looking at me whimpering, drool and precum running down from mouth to cheek and suddenly without warning screams as a powerful orgasam takes her.
“Stop please take a break” she begged
Rick grinned and growled
Shut up slut
Lifting her up again he turned her around laid down on the couch and threw her on top of his massive cock without mercy
She let out a small cry as he rocked her up and down then grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her to bend down to his shoulder
“Now your going to take your mans cock in your ass”
Huh? She says
I’m not ready…
I’m behind her my meat rock hard in my hand
Shut up fucktoy I say as I work my cock into her ever so tight brown hole
She lets out
Ohhhhhh gggoooooooddddd
She whimpers as i push my full shaft into her
The three of us are moving in unison grunting and groaning
Mary whining and whimpering as she cums repeatedly
Rick starts screaming
Oh shit
Lifts her off of him and moves up grabbing her from the back of her head and forcing his slick cock in her mouth as I still ass fuck her.
Within moments he lets out a groan and I hear my wife gurgle and gag as this man shoots his load down her throat
She lets out as I pull out her ass stroking my own shaft
She sits up looks at me her face flush
Juices glazed over her face and body
We make eye contact as we both grin at each other
And I discharge
Covering her with my hot cum
The three of us sit back on the couch
She looks at the two of us and says she’s not cooking dinner so we better figure it out.

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