Rubber Restriction (Part 3)

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Rubber Restriction (Part 3)
Miranda finished putting the books away on the shelves in the library, as she did she pondered what Vanessa had said to her as she left herself, she had told Miranda with a rather wry smile “Don’t forget to bring the book tomorrow, and don’t get tempted to look through it tonight while it is in your hands !”, She said this with a glint in her eyes as if to say “But I bet you will!”
Suddenly Patricia was calling after her “Aah there you are Miranda , I’ve been waiting for you for the last 10 minutes or so, I’ve got to lock up ” Patricia sounded a bit flustered but still managed to question the package Miranda had in her hands , “That’s a bit wieghty my dear, for some documents you’re sending off? , just what is it you’re sending ?!”
“O-Oh” Miranda said hastily ” um I’m just borrowing a couple of books on Vintage fashion aswell , I hope you don’t mind I just want to get some ideas”
“Hmmmmm I see, ever the forefront of Fashion, I can tell Miranda!” Patricia said teasingly ” i’m sure you’ll find plenty to your taste in those books !” she smiled sardonically Now lets get a move on , you’re working tomorrow aren’t you?” Patricia said converstionally. Miranda was glad of this because it took Patricias mind off the package she had and stopped the questions.
“Yes I’m working ’till noon then Sally is taking over” Miranda left through the library double doors clutching the packaged book to her chest “Well bye for now Patricia I’ll see you on Monday”
“Yes my dear, I hope you get some goood tips from the books , never know we might find you’ve changed somewhat in the fashion stakes” Patricia smiled again with that slight dig at the way in which Miranda dressed, as she finally locked up the library and said her final goodbyes until Monday.
Miranda headed for the carpark where her car was, it was a turquiose mini clubman that her father , who was a mechanic, had done up for her, it was quite an old car but faithful. Miranda dropped the package into the back seat and got into her car and set off out of the carpark towards home, where she shared a three bedroom house with two other girls. It was a steady half hour drive back to the mid terraced house and the traffic wasn’t too ba concidering it was a friday afternoon.
miranda was driving along with the thought of what was in the book the pictures she saw of the girl having her arms tightly laced behind her back into ….what was it Vanessa called it again , Ah yes a monoglove ……All of a sudden there was a long HONNNK of a horn as Miranda suddenly realised she was heading straight for another car coming the other way , luckily she managed to swereve in time, but the driver of the other car shook his fist at her and wound down his window shouting ‘WHY DON’T YOU LOOK WHERE YOU’RE GOING, YOU STUPID BITCH !!!’ ….. Mirandas face reddened as she realised that she had gotten distracted
“I-I’m terribly Sorry” she shouted above the honking of horns behind her. Slighly shaken Miranda drove on determind to get home without causing anymore mishaps or Accidents for that matter …. She eventually pulled up outside the three bedroom mid terrace house ,where her and her friends shared, grabbing the book from the back of the car she enterd through the front door.
Inside Dionne one of the girls sharing the house was wandering around, as usual in black lacey , very skimpy underwear ” Oh Hello Babe !” Dionne said brightly with a big grin “Have a good day at the library?” Miranda nodded “Oh what’s that you’ve got clutched in your hands Miranda?” Dionne was a very lithe stunning looking Half Jamacian half British girl with olive skin and long legs and a full bust and a typical bum that most ethnic girls had. she was born in England to a Jamacian father and a british mother
“O-Oh” Miranda said shyly ” it’s just some books I brought back from the library on Vintage Fashion!”
“Hmmmm yeah I know the sort of thing you like Babe,your sketches are all over your room, Hey did you know that you’ve gotten me started on the vintage craze girfriend?” Dionne pronouced with smile “Yeh well the maxi skirt is back in fashion babe and I took a leaf out your book and bought myself one today , wanna see me try it on ?”, Miranda nodded shyly as she always did when Dionne flaunted herself around the house in her underwear. Dionne pulled the garment out of the bag she’d purchased it in and stepped into the floor length maxi dress, it was tiered with a ruffled hem right down to the floor. “Hey babe would you mind helping me with the Halter neck?, my hair gets in the way”
“Um not at all” , Miranda replied tying the halter part of the dress around dionnes neck while dione lifted her long black curls up out of the way for Miranda to do so, with that Dionne spun around and the hem of the dress swirled around her long legs brushing the floor as she did so “Well what d’you think?” Dionne asked with a smile, Miranda was transfixed by the swirling pattern of purple and violet and mave patterns that gave the dress such beauty against the lovely Olive skin of her friend “You know Miranda you inspired me to buy this dress!”
“I-I Did ?” miranda said in surprise
“Well yeah Girlfriend , you wear those long skirts all the time and, O.K you might look a bit of a frump at times”Dionne teased with a smile “Awwww I’m just k**ding babe, I just saw this dress in a shop today and thought i just got to have it and I thought to myself actually wearing a dress like this is very sexy, so I’m going to wear it clubbing tonight, why don’t you come out with me and Tereasa? we’ll have some fun in town !”
“W-Well I was going to have a night in tonight” Miranda said shyly “Plus I got to go to work tomorrow so I can’t go out drinking.
“Awww babe you always put off a good night out with me and Tereasa, surely one night wouldn’t be wrong girlfriend ?!!”
“W-well I relly just want to stay in if it’s….” With that Tareasa entred the door. Tereasa was slim short blonde choppy hir medium size breast,very sure of herself she looked Dionne up and down
“Hey you got a new purchase eh Dionne,Taking a leaf from Ol’ Miranda Frumps book eh ?!” she laughed
“Hey don’t you go dissing my friend here” Dionne replied half deffencively half mockingly “She gave me the inspiration to by this dress !”
“Really”Tereasa replied “Well I love it babe but I don’t think miranda would ever wear anything as sexy as that, what you say Miranda ?!” Tereasa said teasingly , she had a habit of making jibes at Miranda, where as Dionee meant it more in fun , Tereasa could be quite cutting at times
“Awww leave her alone will ya you ol’ Tart” Dionne said in a protective joking kind of fashion “Anyway are we going out on the town tonight?”
“Yeah too right!” Tereasa Exclaimed ” I’ve had a reall shit day at work I could do with a good night out , what about you Miranda? , wanna get dolled up and hit the town with us?” Tereasa put a friendly arm around her and sqeezed her.
“look you two go ahead I just need some rest”
“I already asked her, Tereasa she want to be left alone , looks like it’s just the two of us babe !”
“Awww such a shame …..Hey Dionne you’re not wearing that dress out tonight?!” Teraesa said abrubtly changing the subject
“And why not?!” Dionne retorted “Maxi dresses and skirts are all the fashion at the moment, aren’t they Miranda , you tell her babe!”
“It’s not that Babe it’s just that your tits are nealry falling out of that dress” Tareasa giggled
“Just ’cause you ain’t got enough to fill this dress !” Dionne retorted teasingly “Anyway , what you wearing tonight babe ?!
“Oh i got a nice lycra minidress for tonight”
“Not with the white stilletos again!” Dionne Laughed
“Well I got to keep up my appearance , just as well start where I left off!” Tareasa Laughed and giggled
Miranda laughed aswell, even though the girls teased her quite alot they were always good friends, they never tried to fall out with each other, though sometimes Tareasa thought Miranda was a bit of an oddball with the way she dressed.
After some failed persuassions by the other girls, they decided to leave Miranda to her own devices at the house on her own. Dionne did wear her long Maxi dress with some strappy high heeled sandals , while Tereasa wore a pale blue lycra minidress and black patent heels and hold up stockings in sheer black nylon ” Not wearing your white stilletos I see tonight Tareasa?!” Dionne laughed jokingly
“I thoughtI ‘d give ’em a miss”,Tereasa giggled “What is our little wall flower going to be doing tonight ?! Tereasa asked with a wry grin
“Oh I’m just going to stay in, get an early night , I got to work tomorrow, you guys have a good time you don’t need to worry about me !”
“Well we do you know , they alway say the quiet ones are the worst , isn’t that right Dionne ?!” Tereas Mocked jokingly
“Heh-heh Yeah ….Come on Tereasa our taxi’s here , see you laters babe !….well maybe in the morning !” Dionne laughed
With that the girls left . It was 7.30 p.m Miranda looked at the pakage then tried to take her mind of it by watching some tele. It was no good she just couldn’t concentrate , even when she did some doodling in her pad she ended up drawing a girl in a really tight skirt with her hands tied behind her back. Miranda went into the kitchen and took the package into her bedroom. She was all alone so what difference could it be , the other girls wouldn’t be back for ages. She decided do have a flick through the book. Carefully she took it out of the cover and layed it on the bed. She took her every day clothes off and changed into her long night dress, it was white and vintage style like most of her clothes. She grabbed the book and knelt by the side of her bed and opened it looking through the pages. the illustrations were wonderfully presented and the photos were erotic and in some cases very pornographic and explicit.
Miranda came across some pictures of Bondage females tied in different ways, some were hogtied some were hanging by their wrist , one lady in particular was standing on a Barrel in wht looked like a basement or something , her arms were tied tightly behind her back and her knees and thighs and ankles were bound tightly together, what Miranda noticed more than anything though was that her arms were pulled up almost verticaly behind her back in, what was called a strappado position, the text was very descriptive and told of how this was used as a form of torture in the 14-1600s to women to confess if they were branded witches, nowadays though it was a form of sexual Bondage activity , done in a controlled inviroment, to inflict a certain amount of discomfort to a ‘submissive or slave’ , miranda was feeling aroused by the pictures in the book, she knew from her own experiences that bondage did this to her , she found her hand slipping to the hem of her nightie as she turned the pages of the book. She came across the section on self bondage that Vanessa had deliberately shown her, the photos depicting a girl in the act of self bondage , even to the extent of binding her own wrist behind her back with cord. Mirandas hand was on her sex now and she was slowly Masturbating herself , gradually she let a couple of fingers entre her sodden slit and finding the nub at the hood of her cliterous she rubbed and squeezed it while her other hand went to her small but well formed breast, she read out each section of the self bondage and slowly began the manipulation of her sex sliding her fingers of her right hand deep into the sticky slit of her cunt while twisting and pinching her nipples simutaniously, as she read each paragraph she intensified the stimulation of her dripping engorged libia while torturing her nipples, her breathing was heavy and hoarse as she took her left hand and flicked the pages to where the photos of the girl having her arms tightly laced behind her back into the leather confines of the Monoglove . Mirandas hand became more vigorous now and she was whimpering while her breathing became ever more rapid , she was rubbing with the thumb of her right hand at the nub , forcing three then four fingers intothat deliciouly wet place. she pushed the book to one side then arched her back as she climbed up onto the bed , her eyes scrunched up tight as erotic thoughts flowed through her mind . She lost herslf in a fantasy so intense where she was a submissive slave being bound and tortured, kept in the tight confines of bondage, being forced to wear what ever person who was dominating her desried her to, she had NO control…… Miranda was prespiring and convulsing on her bed her fantasy deeply embedded in her mind , suddenly a cruscendo of an orgasm ripped through her body she clenched the head board of the bed with her left hand eyes staring wildly, bucking another wave washed over her,the intensity was unreal nothing like she’d experienced before and withthe ending of one , then two , then three orgasms blistering through her body like tremors of an earthquake , they slowly subsided into smaller less inttense but still shuddering through her body. Slowly Miranda gasping for air in her lungs,Miranda made it to the toilet, dripping from her sodden vagina she held on to the sink as she peed. she was a little bit delerious as she got back to her room and she just stared down at the book on the floor . She must have kicked it down there in the throws of her extacy. she picked it up and sat down looking at some of the other pictures. though she was exausted she just couldn’t resist seeing what else was there that fuelled her imagination. there she found a section on rubber, she looked at the illustrations of a girl trying to walk in a long tight hobble skirt in perilously high heels , she also looked at a section on corsetts and other restrictive clothing and attire , there were so many illustrations and photos to see and all very much explained in detail.
Miranda regained some of her strength back from the last orgasms she had gone through then got thinking ….. To be coninued

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