Sara becomes The Bride

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Sara becomes The Bride

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Becoming Sara has been the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. Between the clothes and living as her all the time, to becoming the thing men fantasize, it has been an amazing transition.

While I had some good friends, girls like myself that I met at one of the trans bars in town, I did lack male friends. I was never a sociable person, very much an introvert but since I have dressed, that has allowed me to get out of my shell.

T was a guy that hung out at one of the bars every Friday and Saturday night. He knew most of the girls and those same girls all called him an amazing friend. As I started going there from time to time, we started hanging out outside of the bar every once in a while. He would have small get togethers and all of us would come over for dinner and drinks.

While we fooled around a couple of times, usually either a handjob or a blow job, I considered him a friend more than anything else. While we never became, as he called it, sexy fuck friends, he did introduce me to a friend of his that would come to town once a month to get away.

Shane was cute and had this hilarious southern drawl that would make me giggle when ever he tried to talk to me. I felt like I was Scarlett from Gone with the Wind and he was Rhett. I would even call him Rhett sometimes.

We exchanged phone numbers a while ago and I’m the span of a few months, when I completely forgot he had my number, I got a text message from him.

At first it was innocent, mostly just jovial banter about each other’s days and what not. Very trivial to be honest, but eventually he hit me with the good, old fashioned dick pic.

At first I didn’t understand why he sent it in the first place. He was about 15 years older than I was and up until he sent it to me, most of our conversations were in the friend zone. He would tell me I was cute and such, but nothing led to him thinking I wanted to have him send me that pic.

Don’t get me wrong. I love men’s dicks. I adore them for what they are. They are what makes me feel like a woman and gives me this insatiable amount of power when I have one. It’s the ultimate thrill knowing that not only can I make one hard just by the way I dress but also how I work one.

I let a whole day go before I thought of responding but he beat me to it. First he told me it was a joke. We bantered a little bit then he asked me about what I thought. He pretty much found a not so subtle way to ask me a subtle question. I played aloof, told him it was cute. It was short but thicker than most. While I pretended to not take his advances serious, the thought of playing with it crossed my mind a few times.

Eventually our friendly banter became far more heated. He told me about how he found me beautiful, sexy and the only girl he would think of when he jerked off. I took it as a compliment. I never had a man say that before. There’s something to be said when a man tells you he jerks off to just the mere thought of you.

We texted back and forth for a couple of weeks, each message hotter and hotter. While I may not have considered him a viable option as either a guy I would date or have sex with, the more we texted back and forth, the more I desired him.

He was going to be in town for a few days in a week or so and I held my breath in hopes that he would ask to spend a night with me. He teased me for days until he asked the question. For some reason, my knees felt weak and told him I was all his Friday night. So for the next couple of weeks, I anticipated his arrival. I craved to have him and when the Thursday before we would have our night together, I could barely keep it together. All I could think of was him and his thick cock.

He sent me a text early Friday morning and told me to come to his hotel room promptly at 5:30. I asked him what he wanted me to wear for him and he told me to wear what I wore to wore to work. I of course worried because I actually wore just a cute pair of Capri khakis and a golf shirt, since I thought I would have time to change. He said that he didn’t care and I would look sexy in sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt.

So here I was at the check in desk of a really nice hotel and while the guy at the front desk gave me the dirtiest of looks, the key already had my name on it so all I did was give him a smile and headed to his room.

He had the suite that overlooked part of the city skyline and there was a bottle of wine on the coffee table. Attached was a note.

‘Have a glass of wine, pamper yourself and there is a surprise for you in the bedroom. I’ll see you at 9.’

I opened the bottle and poured me a glass, opening the curtain and looking out over the city. I couldn’t believe that not only was I in this nice room but there were more surprises to be had. So as I finished my glass of wine, I headed to the bedroom.

The room was beautiful but the surprise was even better. Laying on the bed were two big boxes. My imagination soared, trying to guess what he had for me. It could be anything and everything. My mind wandered and was trying to figure out what this guy did for a living, the money he spent for just one night with me. It didn’t matter because after our texting, I would have let him fuck me in a Super 8 after he bought me a happy meal. Money never impressed me but this did put a smile on my face.

I decided to not waste anymore time and went right to the boxes. One of them had another note so immediate I read it.

‘I have never been so lucky to have met a woman I wanted to marry. So maybe you would like to make this our wedding night and be my bride for the evening.’

I was stunned. My heart raced. When I was with Steve, the thought had crossed my mind of becoming his wife. I loved him and loved him hard but I wasn’t done with becoming who I wanted to be. Now this man wanted his fantasy to be me as his bride. Millions of thought ran through my mind and most of them were what if he wanted a relationship? What if he was in love with me?

I had to overcome this fear I was having. He wanted me to pretend to be his new bride. That was all. So I tossed all of my hesitations aside and went diving into the boxes.

The first one was my bridal dress. Actually it was not a wedding gown but was white and would serve as one. It had a faux corset with a billowy skirt attached to it. It had lace with cotton underneath and came to my knees. It was simple and beautiful. It also came with these amazingly cute boots/shoes. They came above my ankles, had a 4 inch heel I think and laced with little eyelets. He also included a cute little veil.

It made me flushed with emotions. I felt so amazingly wonderful at this very moment. He hand picked this outfit for me and me alone.

The second box had my bridal lingerie. He had amazing taste and it was not just sexy but innocent. All white. Sheer white stockings, white lace garter and very thin mesh white g-string with lace inlays. Super skimpy and I was worried if it would cover my cute little clit.

At this point, I took advantage of the time alone to pamper and prep for my wedding night, so to speak. I took a nice warm bath, did a little shaving and made sure I was fresh and clean. Then, in my towel I did my hair and makeup. Then I took the most time to get ready for my wedding night.

I slid on the garter first and then slowly slid each stocking up my freshly shaved leg. The feel of the high quality, fully fashioned stockings felt sexy. Felt amazing. I slid up my panties and made sure that the back didn’t go too far up my ass.

The dress was a bit snug. I made sure the front ribbons were laced and perfect and looking at my watch, my heart practically leaped out of my chest as he was going to be here soon. I finished lacing my cute boots and decided to greet my husband for the night by sitting on the foot of the bed. I wanted to make sure I looked desirable for him.

As he came in my nerves took over and my mouth started to get dry. I’ve been with a few men, so I wasn’t sure why I was getting nervous but I was. As he entered the living room he turned and looked right into the bedroom.

I sat still and smiled, waving my finger for him to come to me. As he entered I finally stood up and at that moment, everything was perfection. Our kiss was sweet and romantic. This wasn’t my night but his night. Whatever he wanted to do, I was more than willing.

We sat on the foot of the bed and he look at me and smiled. “You look absolutely breathtaking.”

I smiled. “Thank you.”

He then kissed me again. I was breathless. “I’m glad you’re back, my husband.”

Our kissing went for minutes and I couldn’t hold back. My hands went from his hips to his crotch, my hands running over the smooth fabric of his suit. I could feel that thick cock swelling from my touch. His kisses on my neck drove me insane with lust. I’m craving this man like I never have craved another.

I unzipped his pants and didn’t want to wait. My hand dove in like I’m searching a bag of Halloween candy for my favorite. I wrestled for his cock through the small zipper and his boxers but eventually I found what I was looking for.

I stroked him but the angle we sat at made it hard to really work my magic. He could tell I was struggling and finally he broke our kiss and stood up.

As I sat on the bed, he removed his clothes in a very slow manner. He wanted this night to last as long as possible and I was ready to take the ride.

He finally slid his boxers off and I sat in wonderment. His cock was not very long but was nice and thick. I bit the bottom lip in anticipation of having this man enter me.

I started to stand up, to also take off my clothes but he stopped me. He made me scoot back a bit before he made me lay on my back and he took no time as he slid my legs up and over his shoulders as he kneeled on the floor and went right up my dress.

His warm mouth and very wet tongue found my pantied covered ass and clit. He slowly licked and kissed the inside of my thighs, running up to my now stiffening clit.

His mouth was masterful and commanding. His tongue ran over the mesh of my panties and the rising bulge in them. I felt his tongue bathe my clit and as his hands ran up my thighs, he slid my panties over and sprung my throbbing clit.

He was no stranger to working a girls clit. He swallowed and consumed my clit. He wanted to make his wife cum that night and as his tongue swirled over my head and shaft, his finger found my tight and wet hole.

His head went up and down. I fed him my clit and he fed my ass his fingers, working out my hole. He made me hot and wet and my hips moved up and down with his mouth. It didn’t take long for his sissy bride to shoot her load into his mouth and I slowly oozed my cum and he slurped it all.

As he slid back out from under my dress I could barely hold it together. I was wet with the few drops of cum he didn’t swallow and now I wanted him. I sat up and then stood up as I ordered my husband for the night to the bed.

I unbuttoned my dress and let it fall to the ground. I got on the bed and slowly crawled to the head of the bed and took him in my mouth. I wanted this cock more than anything I ever wanted in my life and I was determined to take my time.

I enjoyed but better yet worshipped this mans thick cock. As I wrapped my ruby red lips around his head and slid him deep into my mouth, my own fingers served my ass. As my head went down his thick shaft, my fingers would go deep in my sissy ass.

My tongue ran over every single inch of his cock. I wanted to taste it all and everything from his taint to the tip of his cock had my mouth on it. I worked his cock and savored it fully.

As much as I would love to have this man unload his cum deep into my mouth, I wanted him to feed his cock into my ass. I wanted to so called consummate this marriage and have him breed me like no one else ever has.

As I slid my tongue off of his cock, I wasted no time in straddling him and once I found my lube, I coated his cock and sat down on it, not wasting any time in taking his thick and hard cock.

With his hands on my waist, I slid up and down Shane’s cock, feeling his girth fill up my moist hole and moaned loudly as I started going harder and faster. I couldn’t get enough of this mans cock. Maybe it was the weeks leading up to this or how it felt inside of me, but I couldn’t hold back.

He rolled me off of him and put me on my side, lifted one leg in the air and while he was behind me, slammed his meaty dick right into my well used ass and fucked me in a way that I’ve never been fucked before. At times I though I would have passed out with how he was doing me.

With every thrust I screamed in pure ecstasy. As he massaged my prostate with his bulging head, my limp sissy clit sprung back to life and I oozed several times my clear cum. I was intoxicated by the way this man masterfully entered and used me as his own fuck doll.

As it became certain he was going to explode in me, Shane pulled out and rolled me over on my back. He furiously stroked his raging hard cock and with in seconds he exploded all over my face, still covered by my lace veil.

His cum coated the veil and some made its way passed it and onto my face. Rope after rope of this mans cum splashed on my face and I beamed. For the first time, I had a man give me a full on facial and I completely enjoyed.

As he finished, I removed my veil and licked it thoroughly clean. His cum was thicker than other men I have been with and was sweet. I sucked as much as I could and when I was done, tossed it to the side and laid next to him.

We were both spent, both of our breathing labored and I could feel the soreness setting in my ass. At some point, I fell asleep and then was awoken by the feeling of his hard cock sliding up and down my ass crack.

I was still in a dream like state, exhausted by his love making but I reached over to the night stand, squirted some lube on my hand and slid my finger in my ass. He then spent the next hour slowly sliding inside of me. My ass was still sore, so he promised this time he would be gentle. Then he finally cummed in his wife for the nights ass. We consummated our make believe marriage.

He left that morning before I work up and it made me sad. I was hoping for a third time with this man but as I slipped on my regular clothes and boxed my sexy wedding clothes, my ass would remember for the next few days how I had a husband and I had the little cum in my ass to prove it.

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